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Monday, 2 December 2019

Best Online Jobs from Home – No Investment (Earn 40,000 Per Month) - Tech Teacher Debashree

December 02, 2019 0
 Best Online Jobs from Home – No Investment (Earn 40,000 Per Month) - Tech Teacher Debashree
Best Online Jobs from Home – No Investment (Earn 40,000 Per Month)

Best Online Jobs from Home – No Investment (Earn 40,000 Per Month)

Would you like to profit with online employments that pay 1000 every day gaining. I will give you the absolute best online occupations that you can begin from home and with no speculation. I will show you not 1 or 2 but rather in excess of 10 distinctive online employments. I give you just best, veritable and tried online work. All these online occupations are Free and without Investment. 

No Qualification, Experience or Technical Knowledge required for any online activity. 

10 Best Online Jobs from Home :

If it's not too much trouble go through your 10 minutes to see each and every online employments given beneath with the goal that it will be simple for you to begin and profit. On the off chance that you have any inquiry regarding any of the online occupations, at that point compose your question in detail through remark at the base and we will attempt to help you as quickly as time permits. 

So lets start profiting from online employments… 

1. Blogging and Affiliate :

I began blogging in 2018 and made my fortune with this. It's a full time profession for me.Blogging is incredible online occupation who need to rake in tons of cash. You can make a free or paid blog (prescribed) and profit from your blog. 

There are 3 stages to begin this- 

          Make a blog (It's basic) 
          Distribute quality substance once in seven days 
          Advance your blog 

Be that as it may, I have composed a brilliant post for tech teacher debashree perusers so they can begin a similar blog for practically free. Indeed, even a tenth disappointment can make a blog utilizing the above bit by bit direct. There are number of approaches to profit from your blog. My preferred way is Google AdSense on the grounds that you get paid each time a guest on your blog taps on any AdSense advertisement. 

Advancing subsidiary items from your blog are another approach to make some extraordinary pay, at some point far superior to Google AdSense. Blogging is my full-time online occupation. In any case, you can procure fantastic pay regardless of whether you work low maintenance. 

2. Simple Online Jobs :

This is one of my preferred online employments and a simple method to acquire cash on the web. There are barely any sites where you can make cash by finishing basic offers and undertakings like watching recordings, composing short articles, assessing an item chip away at taking short studies, as or remark a video, social profile or item and composing a short article. 

It takes 10-20 minutes day by day to deal with such online employments. You can procure $0.5 to $5 for finishing each undertaking. 

You have to join some great and genuine sites. 

3. Online Survey Jobs:

Online overviews are another most ideal approach to win cash on web. In online studies, various organizations request your sentiment for their item or administrations, with the goal that they can expand their deals. 

Here you can information exchange with various organizations who give this online activity. When you get together with online review organizations, they will send you the studies in your email. You can finish them and get paid. The serious issue here is, there are not many bunch of organizations who are veritable, give reviews and pay to them. 

On the off chance that you search on the web, you will discover several online study destinations yet just a couple are real study locales. You will get free access to every one of the locales and guidelines to take a shot at these destinations. 

Google is one of the most trusted and regarded organization on web. I have been profiting from Google from the most recent 10 years and I have made my fortune with Google. I will give you 3 online employments from Google where you can make brilliant salary. Initial one is identified with Google Ads, second is identified with the YouTube and the last one is connected with the cell phone. There is no venture to be made anyplace and anybody can begin taking a shot at these projects. Google pays you on month to month premise straightforwardly to your ledger. 

Amazon is one of the most regarded shopping gateway. Alongside shopping, you can likewise make extraordinary pay with AmazonThe vast majority of the online employments are straightforward and anybody with fundamental information on web and English can do this. You can even make a great many dollars month to month with a portion of the alternatives. You can see the total rundown and choose which online employment is appropriate for you.

Outsourcing implies give your administrations to your customers. The majority of your customers are transitory. You can leave them as and when you need. You can deal with your very own terms and still profit. 

Genuinely, outsourcing work is outstanding amongst other work from home occupations to make enormous salary. All you need in this business is a few aptitudes. It tends to be anything. On the off chance that you realize something generally requesting, you will get more cash-flow. Aptitudes like composition, online advancement, website architecture, coding, singing, exhorting, making recordings, photography, picture altering and many. 

There are different independent sites where you can information exchange and get heaps of independent work on the web. 

7. Data Entry Jobs:

There are different sorts of information passage employments accessible in India and comprehensively. You can locate some great organizations that can pay you cash for filling in as information section administrator for them. By and large individuals can win Rs 15000 to Rs 25000 every month through information passage occupations. You have to have great composing expertise for this. You can discover 6 best places to secure certified information section positions here. 

8. Web based Writing Job :

On the off chance that you have enthusiasm for composing, at that point this online activity is best for you. Web based composing employments are turning out to be prominent in light of the fact that every single site on web requests normal substance to refresh their site. You can get paid $5 to $20 per article contingent upon the substance length. 
There are numerous sites where you can secure web based composing positions and not many of them are Fiverr,upwork,people per hour, Elance, and so forth. 

Regardless of whether you don't have any thought of composing yet need to procure cash through this online activity, at that point you can learn and begin rehearsing and pursue the web journals like CopyBlogger to turn into a decent author. When you are a great idea to compose, you can join the previously mentioned locales, land the composing positions and start profiting.

9. Online Micro Jobs :

Smaller scale occupations essentially implies little employments (or undertakings) which takes few moments or few moments to finish. There are many locales like Amazon Turk, MicroWorkers which give online small scale occupations. You can procure 5 pennies to $1 for finishing each undertaking (contingent upon the time term of the errands). 

There are several little errands like sharing a page, giving audit or rating for an item or page, composing a short article, looking through something from Google, making a tribute or numerous other basic and simple assignments. 

On the off chance that you work 1-2 hours every day, at that point you can gain $500 to $1000 on the off chance that you live in USA, UK, Canada and so forth and Rs 6,000 to Rs 15,000 in the event that you are from India or other nation. Information exchange here for Micro Jobs and every other activity. Completely FREE. 

10. Online Tutor Jobs:
In the event that you love educating and searching for something that should be possible from home, at that point online mentor employments are best for you. 

Online guide occupations are progressively sought after and you can make incredible cash instructing on the web to understudies in India, USA, UK and everywhere throughout the world. There are numerous sites where you can join as a mentor and gain $20 or more every hour. 

You can peruse this definite guide on internet mentoring employments. I have recorded 20 sites where you can join as an online mentor. 

Billions of individuals use Facebook for sharing pictures and visiting with companions however there are a huge number of individuals who are profiting from Facebook. There are numerous ways that you can use on Facebook and procure great pay. 

You can acquire cash through your profile or by making a page. You can even get paid for likes. Another alternatives where can utilize are Facebook Business, FB Marketplace, FB bunches and so forth. 

So you can see, there are various methods for winning cash from online occupations sitting at home. You should simply survey them altogether and then spotlight on at least one that fits to your greatest advantage.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Fiverr clone – double your income from top 27 sites like fiverr -Tech Teacher Debashree

November 27, 2019 0
Fiverr clone – double your income from top 27 sites like fiverr -Tech Teacher Debashree
fiverr clone – double your income from top 27 sites like fiverr -Tech Teacher Debashree
fiverr clone – double your income from top 27 sites like fiverr -Tech Teacher Debashree

I am purchasing and selling on Fiverr from the most recent 2 years. I am in contact with many top Fiverr merchants. At the point when I inquired as to whether they have joined any Fiverr clone destinations then I find just a single solution, 'NO'. 

Indeed, why they have to get occupied with different locales like Fiverr when they profit from Fiverr alone. 

However, not every person is profiting on Fiverr. There are numerous individuals who joined Fiverr long back, made gigs yet didn't get a solitary request. 

They began searching for some Fiverr option and a considerable lot of them got fruitful in other Fiverr clone destinations. 

So on the off chance that you are one of the those individual, who isn't profiting from Fiverr, at that point read this article to discover top 27 locales like Fiverr and I am certain you can discover great open door on these destinations.

Everybody saw the enormous accomplishment of Fiverr on web. Individuals felt that its the idea of 'selling everything for $5' behind the accomplishment of Fiverr and with in a limited ability to focus time, they made their very own Fiverr like locales. 

A portion of the destinations picked up the ubiquity however some of them couldn't produce any business in light of the reasons surely understood to them. 

In any case, we are speaking here about the well known Fiverr clone destinations. So we should examine about them and perceive the amount you can win from these Fiverr like destinations. 

This table gave underneath will clarify you pretty much all the Fiverr clone destinations with their Alexa rank, PageRank and Description so you can without much of a stretch separate the ubiquity of these locales.

Top 27 Fiverr Clone Sites :

  1. SEO Clerks
  2. Gig Bucks
  3. Fourerr
  4. Geniuzz
  5. Micro Workers
  6. Five Squid
  7. TenBux
  8. Fivers World
  9. Redlr
  10. Goferr
  11. Dollar3
  12. Task Army
  13. Tenrr
  14. GigMe5
  15. Justa Five
  16. Fitty Town
  17. Gig blasters
  18. IMGiGz
  19. TwentyVille
  20. Tenyt
  21. NetTradr
  22. FiverUp
  23. OutSourcerr
  24. Bounty It
  25. PopleStox
  26. One Dollar Gigs
  27. Five Bucks Deals
                    Simply attempt at least one these Fiverr like locales and keep in touch with me your experience of profiting from them. On the off chance that you are now working with any of the Fiverr other options, at that point share your experience so other could gain from this.

                    Saturday, 23 November 2019

                    Upwork Cover Letter Sample - Tech Teacher debashree

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                    Upwork Cover Letter Sample  - Tech Teacher debashree
                    Upwork Cover Letter Sample  - Tech Teacher debashree
                    Upwork Cover Letter Sample  - Tech Teacher debashree

                    Before finding out about the tips of composing an introductory letter particularly for SEO, you should know from the start what SEO really implies. There are numerous new consultants who have scarcely any information about the Search engine optimization, yet they start composing an introductory letter for it. It is constantly neglected and they never be prevail in their motivation as well. In this way, on the off chance that you need to be fruitful with your introductory letter for Search engine optimization, at that point we should think about some significant data about it before we start with the equation of composing an introductory letter for SEO.

                    SEO is a web showcasing procedure. It is structured so that it causes you to support your data in the web crawlers with the goal that your website may show up in the main arrangement of a hunt. You should likewise realize that SEO has become extremely intense nowadays. There are two sorts of Website design enhancement – "on page" and "off page". Both of these are similarly significant for outsourcing. In this way, when you are composing an introductory letter for SEO, you should comprehend which sort of SEO your customer is searching for-on page or off page. What's more, as per the sorts you should accumulate some information about it. 

                    Important things to know for “off page” SEO:

                    Okay, if your client is looking for ‘of page” SEO you cannot help knowing the following terms deeply.
                    1. Forum Posting
                    2. Article back linking
                    3. Quality Link Building
                    4. Authority Link Creation
                    5. Link Wheel Creation
                    6. Forum Posting
                    7. Blog Link Creating
                    8. Quality Social BookMarketing
                    9. Google Panda and
                    10. Penguin Friendly Link etc.

                    Motivation behind Working with Website design enhancement 

                    Website improvement is important to make an organization increasingly promoted and for higher benefit. Your organization will be profited extraordinarily by you if your site can rank so high that it shows up first on the primary page of most extreme web crawler. What's more, along these lines your organization will get an astounding acknowledgment through you. Hence you might be demonstrated to be a benefit of your organization. In any case, you should recollect that the perceivability of your site legitimately relies on your capacity to assist it with being seen. Other than these, your profound information on Search engine optimization encourages you with openings for work identified with such things. In the event that you want to be independently employed likewise utilizing it.

                    Need of an Introductory Letter for Website design enhancement .

                    Your introductory letter consistently speaks to the very you. In this way, when you are composing an introductory letter your peruser is imagining you through your discourse. It makes a sketch of you to your peruser. Your chance for the most part relies upon your introductory letter. Furthermore, for Website design enhancement introductory letter is particularly significant, in light of the fact that the activity of Search engine optimization is connected with your discourse, your language and your style of portrayal. Thus, your introductory letter will decide the amount you are reasonable for work with Search engine optimization. That is the reason we are here to help you composing a stellar introductory letter for Website design enhancement. Pursue our tips and you will have the option to compose a successful Website optimization introductory letter your own. 

                    Tips to Compose an Executioner SEO Introductory Letter :

                    Presently prepare to compose a stunning introductory letter for Site design improvement. Here are a few hints for you. Tail it and be an amazing expert of composing an introductory letter for Website design enhancement and pull in your peruser effectively. 

                    Research your boss: Make an examination of your boss and the organization and utilize your information persuade your peruser. It will enable you to comprehend what your organization really needs from you. Your examination will turn your introductory letter to the way with the goal that it can guarantee your manager that you are the most reasonable individual for the activity. 

                    Language portrayal: Utilize your language so that it centers around what you can accomplish for the organization. Try not to concentrate on what your organization can accomplish for you. Clarify with your words how you can be a resource for your organization, why the organization needs precisely you. 

                    Length: Don't make your letter excessively long. It will harm your style. Or maybe make a brief and instructive vital introductory letter that may cause you reader to notice your productivity. Make it straightforward and speaking to your peruser. 

                    Feature your future inclination: Your past experience is constantly critical to your peruser. Be that as it may, what is progressively significant is that what you can accomplish for them in future. Along these lines, feature your future reason, intrigue and anticipated work. Cause your peruser to accept the amount you are committed to your work. 

                    Compose your Own: Never duplicate some others' composition. On the off chance that your manager understands that your introductory letter is a replicated thing, you are most likely to lose the chance. In this way, compose your very own words. Simply pursue our tips to improve it. 

                    Genuine Proclamation: Give all the genuine data of yours. Never lie in the introductory letter. It will hamper your extent of landing the position. Regardless of whether your manager gives the chance, you won't have the option to satisfy their request and lose the employment along these lines. In this way, apply just on the off chance that you are extremely reasonable for the post and put all the genuine data in your introductory letter. 

                    Update and Alter: In the wake of wrapping up your introductory letter, remember to make a modify of it. Your rechecking will assist you with finding the blunders of your letter. Along these lines, reconsider the letter, right the missteps and improve your words to invigorate it more. 

                     We are giving you an example introductory letter beneath which will help you more to outfit your letter in a successful manner. On the off chance that you keep up every one of these tips you will be enormously profited and trust me your normal employment is just one hand away to contact. Presently how about we see an example:

                    Hiring manager, 

                    Wish you a generally excellent day, sir. 

                    I am here in light of your activity posting for a dynamic Website design enhancement Expert. I've painstakingly experienced the each detail of your post. As per your interest and my abilities, I trust myself to be the most fitting contender for the post. I have an extraordinary encounter of seven years as a fruitful Search engine optimization Expert. Besides, my instructive capability is additionally identified with it as I am an alum of ICT. I have made a proposition additionally based on "Site improvement for business reason" 

                    I have an extraordinary information and involvement with Search engine optimization, Page Advancement via Web-based networking media Destinations, Duplicate composition, Catchphrase improvement, Investigating, Free ordered Sites, Article Composing, Turning and Accommodation to Article Catalogs, You Cylinder Video Advancement and such other related employment. I have a high desire to go long as a Web optimization expert. I have an incredible energy for working with these destinations as I appreciate it a great deal. To include more, I am fearless, logical and influential enough to deal with the customers. I additionally have a solid introduction expertise which is significant for an effective Search engine optimization Investigator. 

                    My experience, ability, proficiency and enthusiasm for work will assist me with being an advantage of your organization. I am prepared to work 50 hours out of each week for you and considerably more if essential. 

                    Much obliged to you for thinking about my letter. I will anticipate got notification from you for further procedure. I am constantly accessible in my skype and email. 

                    Genuinely Yours 

                    Your Name

                    #02. Search engine optimization Introductory Letter Test for Association :

                    For this situation you should adhere to some customary guidelines and configuration for your introductory letter. For the most part, a little, straightforward yet successful introductory letter is required in such stage. Thus, you should make it brief and go with just the necessary data similarly as your customer request like the arrangement underneath of an authoritative employments' introductory letter: 

                    Your Name: 

                    Your Location: 

                    Your Email: 

                    Your Telephone: 

                    Boss' Name: 

                    Boss' Location: 

                    Date: 01-01-2020 

                    Dear [Client Name] 

                    first Para: The activity name you are going after, work source, your advantage, and so forth 

                    second Para: Your abilities, work encounters, instruction, and achievement synopsis 

                    third Para: Your objective in this task, your assurance, genuineness, work process and time plan 

                    fourth Para: Thanks the customer, correspondence Medias, prepared to work 

                    Yours Earnestly 

                    [Your Name]

                    Monday, 18 November 2019

                    YouTube monetization - Tech Teacher Debashree

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                     YouTube monetization - Tech Teacher Debashree
                    All information on YouTube monetization - Tech Teacher Debashree
                     YouTube monetization -
                    Tech Teacher Debashree

                    As we all know about YouTube, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing social platform. Where there are billions of videos and thousands of new videos are being added every minute. Google's YouTube is most popular for easy uploading, sharing and viewing videos from all over the world.

                    Videos are shared on YouTube for thousands of reasons. Many are using the hobby, some to help others, many are using YouTube for official work and many have taken to YouTube as their own career. In fact, they have taken more seriously than any other job or business, they are giving regular videos on various topics or niches, and many are making billions of income.

                    This is how many of us have heard about how money can be earned from YouTube but not exactly how it works or how this total mechanism works. Let's find out today - What and how does YouTube Monetization work?
                    Simply put, YouTube videos play different types of ads before, after, and in the middle. The advertiser advertises on YouTube with the money, they are called an advertiser or advertiser. Depending on the content of the video (publisher or content creator) in which the ad is displayed (publisher or content creator), the ad (publisher or content creator) is credited to the account based on various factors like bid rate, viewer's country, number of clicks on the video etc. It is initially credited to the YouTube account and submitted to the Google Adsense account at the end of the month. From there, the publisher ie the YouTube channel owner's bank account money is deposited.

                    In a nutshell, the only way you can earn by showing ads on your YouTube videos is through YouTube Monetization.
                    This topic is involved in many things so I am writing this article as a small paragraph to help you understand.

                    What do I need to do to get YouTube Monetisation?
                    You need to create a channel before you can receive YouTube monetization. If you don't have a channel yet, check out "How to Create a YouTube Channel"

                    And if you have a YouTube channel, then some conditions must be met before applying for monetization. Here you can see if your YouTube channel meets the conditions, then you can apply for monetization - New Condition of the Monetization Application Once these conditions are met, some basic information should be checked again, such as the channel logo, Channel Cover Photo, About section and more.

                    Remember, YouTube now manually reviews each channel for monetization. If Shiva is right, that is, if they are within the rules and regulations and the quality of the content is good, the advertiser is friendly then you will get quick monetization.
                    How many videos must be uploaded to get monetization?
                    How many videos in a channel can monetization get the right answer is difficult. However, channels that provide videos on a regular basis get faster monetization. This does not mean that you are regularly referred to with one video after 6 months; as a best practice, giving a minimum of two videos a week or monthly can be called regular video upload. There are many channels that have 20/4 video but no video has the same view. In all these cases, YouTube assumes that your video does not have that much value or does not have the same effect. In some cases, videos of many channels rank very late, this does not mean that it is not like YouTube.

                    Usually one channel has at least 20/4 videos and other conditions can be applied for monetization. Many people think that the condition is full-blown with 1/4 of the video, so I apply. As I said earlier, YouTube now reviews every channel manually, and in those cases who do reviews, in many cases, it is unclear what category the channel actually belongs to. Because there are many of us who give that kind of video to one channel. Therefore, in order to make YouTube easily understand the category of your video, one must first try to create a specific category of video. For example - if there is a channel for such a funny video it does not have the reviews provided. On the cooking channel so that there is no video on how to install a software, etc.

                    •  What is YouTube's relationship with Subscriber?
                    •  How to do a monetization application?
                    •  How to enable monetization on a video?
                    •  How long will I get the money after monetization on?
                    •  How do I get YouTube Monetisation money at the bank?
                    •  How long does it take to get money from YouTube to the bank?
                    •  Which bank is easy to bring money from YouTube?
                    Do you want 100% instant commission?

                                         Register Now

                    Monday, 4 November 2019

                    How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree

                    November 04, 2019 0
                    How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree
                    How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree
                    How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree

                    There are many links building work available in Marketplace. Link building or backlinking is very important in the steps of off-page SEO.Backlink means getting a link to your site from one site. Suppose you have a web site and you put the link to that site on another site. Then you get a backlink to your site from the site where you provided the link to your site. If your site is A and the site you link to your site is B, then as a backlinking, you get a backlink from the site B. That is, we can say in one word that 'the incoming link we receive from our own site to another site is called backlink'.

                    Why this backlink?
                    When I remember the backlink, I remember the big leaders of our country, I was surprised to hear about it.

                    Manpower is the biggest ball. Suppose you have a lot of money, but if you can't find any people to work with, is it worth the money? By the way, an influential leader is also of no value at all. Notice that he always wants a lot of people. Because the higher the manpower, the greater the impact of his power will be. If he goes to work, he will be able to maximize his influence. He will backlink to the search engine as a power full man in the forest and so on. Increase the backlink to increase the importance and acceptability of a site. There is no alternative. A backlink is a vote for you. Search engines are always looking for a backlink to a site. The importance of backlinks.
                    Link building or back link can be created in different ways.

                    Ex: Blog Comment, Forum Posting, Guest Blogging, etc.

                    What is Do follow Backlink?

                    Do follow backlinks are a simple HTML link. Through which the link will directly refer to your site and the blog or post will support this link. The most powerful link is the Do follow Backlink. Depending on what kind of blog you get Do follow backlinks from, you will get a rank. For example, I am presenting a Duflo backlink to a site through a link to a simple HTML source code. / "Target =" _ blank "rel =" dofollow "> Google Website </a>

                    What is a no-follow backlink?

                    No-follow backlinks are the types of links that allow websites to search / crawl / index their published backlinks. However, you can get some visitors. Popular sites in the world use nofollow backlinks such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and so on. Nofollow backlinks are associated with the rel = "nofollow" code which prevents search engines from indexing. For example, I am presenting a nofollow backlink to a site through a link to a simple HTML source code.
                    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Google website </a>

                    No matter how you backlink, the mail address will be required when you open the Unlimited Email Address.

                     Whatever you do, you may need a new mail address. So we need to find a mail opening system that can open mail easily.

                    Where do I get that mail?

                    This link can easily open mail without any kind of mobile verification. All you have to do is pay a security inquiry and answer.

                    Blog comment is commenting on a site that can be commented on. For those who work with SEO, blog comment is a part of off-page SEO. This is an acceptable way to create backlinks. You can create backlinks for your site by commenting on the content of your other blogs in conjunction with the content of your site. You can easily create a connection with another site through blog comment and increase the number of backlinks to your site.

                    How to find a good blog for blog commenting?

                    • The first thing you need to do is find a good quality blog. Good quality blog to say:
                    • Must be active blog.
                    • Must be popular.
                    • Some good quality writers should be there.
                    • The page rank of the blog has to be good.
                    • If Do follow is, well, good. However, if you have the above qualities you can do noflo.

                    You will search Google and find blogs. In this case you can use these commands for easy searching.
                    site: .com inurl: blog "niche" "leave a comment"
                    "Add comment" Your Keywords
                    "Post comment" Your Keywords
                    “Write comment” Your Keywords
                    Your keywords "leave a comment" / "leave comment"

                    If the above system seems difficult then you can use the following tool

                    2500+ do-follow comment enable bloglist

                    Now you find your desired category or topic or topic related to Nice, but whether these are high quality PhDs? How do you know? The following tool will help you with this.

                    Domain Authority & Page Authority Cheaker-

                    With this you can collect the site according to your needs and start commenting. But how to comment? Remember the tips below.

                    In this case you can use this tool:


                    What is the way to comment easily?

                    You will find that many of you have already commented there. You can rewrite some of their comments and post them.

                    What tool do you comment with?


                    How to easily comment?
                    You must have a gravatar account
                    Please do like shit comment (hello, thanks, keep posting, nice, visit my blog etc.)
                    Give your thoughts on the post that must be related with the post.

                    If you do these three points correctly enough damn sure your comment should be approved easily.

                    Readymade Auto Comment Approval Site: Besides, you can use some sites that make Auto Approved. Visit this link at 
                    2.Profile Backlink (Very Easy Method - It's very easy, those who are weak in English can)

                    For those of us who want to do link building in freelancing, profile backlinks are an important factor. A profile is backlinking, registering on a specific site and going to its own profile settings and entering the URL of the website. This is an easy way to get instant backlinks to a high PR site. Well, no matter what job you get on the freelancing site, you need to create a backlink to the high PR site. Bayer did not mention any specific method for creating backlinks, such as comments on blogs, postings on forums, etc. You will be able to do this in less time by creating a profile backlink.

                    The following is a list of 5 sites that can be created on the profile backlinks. Remember, the process of creating backlinks to one site is the same. On a site you may get a direct link to the site, some will have the Add Link button, some will have to enter the URL of the site in the About Me field. After all, this is the only way to give your site a URL. 



                    You can use this tool to find out their PA & DA.

                    You can find many if you search on Google. Profile Back Link After creating the backlink, save the link in the appropriate location for the link to be delivered to the buyer. In this case, Excel Sheet is more efficient. See a sample format

                    Backlink Generator Tool:


                    There are 3 backlinks available through this tool. I got 5

                    About a thousand links can be created with this tool. However, that positive link is dead. Only those that will be sucked or written will count. Copy those succesful links into Excel. So on average we got 5 links from this tool

           With this tool you will get 5 Edu & Gov backlinks in seconds. I got 5.
                    This tool gives about 5 like but it is difficult to copy. Then I got 5

                    This tool provides about 5 like follow links. Those are good quality then I got 5

                    Let's index these links.

                    How to index?

                    Search Google.

                    How to submit work?

                     After backlinking you will see that all the links will be good or some will be error links. Eliminate those links. Then, submit them to Excel and then submit them.

                    2.Forum Posting: -

                    Step 1: Posting a forum is to sign up for the required information by going to various forum sites and sharing the link to your site there. This will be the back link to your site. 

                    Step 2: To get the site required for forum posting, enter the link below and search for your topic related keywords.
                    Here are some High Quality forum sites :

                    Step 3: Create a backlink with the correct information and store the link in the right place for the buyer.

                    3. Guest blogging: -
                    Step 1: Wear this post to get detailed ideas about guest blogging - Watch the video below to get the necessary ideas on 

                    Step 2: Once you have the necessary ideas, start working.
                    Guest Blog Site List -
                    Links to some of the Best Guest Blogging Site Listings -

                    Step 3: After creating the back link, preserve the link in the right place for the Bayer #. Some of the essential tools for backlinks: 

                    Do you want 100% instant commission?

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