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Saturday, 29 December 2018

What Is Animation?What kind of work you can get by learning animation? - Tech Teacher Debashree

December 29, 2018 0
What Is Animation?What kind of work you can get by learning animation? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Today I will talk about Creative Careers. Creative Career is a career that has its own creativity, such as Animation, Multimedia ,Computer Games etc. If you want to take those  as a profession then you must have your own creativity.Animation is a method by which many static images are made consistently in video form.

3D animation,animation tutorial

Animation can be of many types. Such as: Traditional, 2D, 3D, Stop Motion etc. But now we usually see two types of animations on television, in the movies or on the Internet - 2D and 3D. We have seen cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Tarzan, Meena, as well as the little ones that are made in to-d animation. Generally, these animations are made by hand drawing. Currently the animation that is most commonly used is the 3D computer animation. It is created by following several steps with many software. In recent times, we see the most popular Hollywood cinemas, including Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, all of which are created in Computer 3D Animation. There is another topic in addition to 2D and 3D animation. That is Cgi (Computer Graphics) or VSX (Visual Effects). It is closely associated with 3D animation. 

As we watch Hollywood's action, super heroic movies, 50% of them are through Cgi or VSX. And 70% of the work done by CGI is through three-D computer animation. This means that the computer animation can work as well as the VFX sector can work. Although two sectors are very big. Cgi or VSX is the only way to create a set or animation made on a computer with a realistic view. Suppose, in the film, that Superman leapt over the 100th floor and the flight was flying down. Now the question is, how was this video created? He really jumped from the 100th floor? Not at all, In reality, superman chops or leaps up a little high. And the rest of the parts, such as 100-storey building, surroundings, everything from Superman's spiritual super-power are all made through 3D. Then the video clip of the computer that is connected to the 3D and the real Superman video is what the VSX's creativity is. Hundreds of VSX artists working in the role of the hero, all blockbuster blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Since the discovery of animation, its demand was always, now and there will be future. Considering the demand of computer animation abroad, the income and expenditure of animation films are available. And the demand for online marketplace places is also widespread. And there is a great demand for motion graphics in the TV industry in our country.

There are plenty of titles in different channels. There is also a lot of animation in advertising. But animation animation or animation is not in our country. Because it takes a lot of time to learn character animations, it is also very difficult to create an animation film without team. However, it is expected that in our country, the introduction of Character Animation Cinema will start soon. Besides, the government also gave special attention to the games, animations. 

It is very easy to get great budget work. Architectural visualization work is very much in our country. So if someone is skilled in animation then nobody will be left unemployed. Hopefully, many international standards are currently being done in our country. Many people are working outside the country to study computer animation and work in our country.

Animation world is big. So, to come to this sector, there must be some basic idea about a few things. Good idea about computers and the Internet is essential for animations such as other work in the IT sector. Cognitive drawing senses, cinematic techniques, software skills, good knowledge in English. From Google or from YouTube, you should have the skills to learn writing or tutorials from related websites and learn them.The issue of earning in animation will depend on qualifications, hard work and proper platform. Since skilled animeter is low in demand quantity in the country, it can be possible to earn a lot if it is proficient in this sector. It may be over a million rupees a month. And if working with online market place or any major company or organization in the world, it is possible to earn from the lowest amount of thousands of dollars to ten thousand dollars or more per month. It is not very difficult to earn a good income from the person or the team but it works well. But considering the income, it is not possible to do very well in this artistic work. These things have to be done since I feel good. When working well then it will be earning, it does not say.Talk to those who are working in this sector. Read many more articles on Google. If you do not already have a computer running experience then you should first learn the computer. Then learn different software work, such as Photoshop, Illustrate, Maya etc. Also do not forget to practice hand paintings. If you are really interested, then get a lot of education on this topic. Prepare yourself in the field and get ready. It is possible not to do this if there is a strong desire and strength to work, it is possible to succeed by doing any work.

The youngsters have to decide first, really they want to learn animation? Can he give time for that? After the goal is set, he must start his pursuit. It is not possible to do well overnight in this sector. So the foundation must be built in the same way. If you want to do well, you have to pursue years of practice. This does not mean that he will be pursuing for years, but he can not earn any money. Earnings will begin to come from roughly after learning. 

However, it is a time-consuming process to be fully successful. Another thing to say is that there is no shortcut way of learning animation or a short road. You have to learn all the hardships. In this case, any college or university will be easy to study if it is studied over arts, or multimedia. Combination of words and pictures  create  Animation. 

You have seen many fun stories  of the cartoon on TV  .
If you learn the animation,You  also create such cartoon.
After being training, willing students can go cartoon animations, film animations, advertisements, gaming, etc. Anyway, 10 to 20 thousand rupees can be earned at the beginning.Gaming companies have the opportunity to choose their own choice for various type works.  Animatores can work  graphics designing website design and can start with freelancing and start own studio with jobs, foreign companies are now outsourcing. Has productive modeling capabilities, there are plenty of opportunities to have creative power.

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Monday, 24 December 2018

Govt Scheme, Submit 25 Rupees Monthly And Get Double Money With Interest. How to fill up Samajik Surakhsha Yojona? - Tech Teacher Debashree

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Govt Scheme, Submit 25 Rupees Monthly And Get Double Money With Interest. How to fill up Samajik Surakhsha Yojona? - Tech Teacher Debashree
I will discuss a government project called the State Government-assisted Future Program for unorganized workers.This is my writing for those who do not know.The registered workers will have to submit   25 rupees,  monthly ie the amount of Rs 300 will be deposited in a year, the money due for a financial year can not be deposited in the next financial year.
The State Government will give the equivalent amount, ie, if the registered workers deposit 25 rupees, the state government  will be deposited  25 rupees in the account of the workers.

Samajik Surakhsha Yojona.SSY

Interest will be paid at a fixed rate on the total deposits.Registered workers can be withdrawn only once for one time if they have 2500 rupees in their account.
  • If you are 60 years old, you will get all the money, including registered workers.
  • When you will be 60 years old, you will get all the money,
  •  If the worker dies before the age of 60, then all the money that has been nominated will be received
  • .If you do not want to continue the account, all the money will be refunded with the interest.
  • If no money is deposited in the next three financial years, the account will be closed and  doposited  money will be returned with the interest.If someone thinks that he will start an account again, he can do
Application qualification:
  • .Applicants of the applicant must be employed in the listed industries or self-employment profession in West Bengal.
  • Workers must be between 18 and 60 years of age.
  • The family monthly income of the workers will be  6,500 rupees.
  • To enroll in this project, contact the panchayat office or municipality office
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Samajik Suraksha Yojana: 
In order to ensure the income of unorganized workers, in order to enable the age-related suffering, life struggle, physical disability and disability, responsibility for childbirth, health care for patients with sickness and recuperation, and to ensure their income for these purposes, the West Bengal government provides current social protection A mother bringing together projects Into all aspects of the project, with the aim to make it easier for all workers equal to 01042017 "from the social security scheme, 017" has been introduced in the West.

Who can participate in Samajik Suraksha Yojana:

1. (A) 46 unconstitutional industries (b) 15 workers in self-employed occupation can apply.
2. "Building and Other Construction Workers (Conditions of Employment, Regulation and Employment) Act, 1996" - According to the designated workers and workers who are involved in this law, brick  workers, stone breakers and stone powders.
3. The scheme will be included in registered workers registered and registered in West Bengal Transport Worker Protection Scheme, 2010.
4. Also, workers who are already enrolled in the Future Program, they can also join the project.
5. Apart from this, any unorganized worker who is willing to be a member who lives in West Bengal is 18 to 60 and does not exceed 6500 / - in family income, he can enroll in the project online.
B: - Those old futures projects, under-construction projects and transport workers, they can enroll in a social security project by entering a specific form-1, but in this case, the government fund is deposited at 25 rupees per month in the fund for the futuristic project. have to do.
How to apply for Samajik Suraksha Yojana?

In order to apply for Social Protection, you need to contact the Information Center or Online Center, because you will have to go to apply for the online application in the  SSY website. 
See the following video: You will understand the application process in full.

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Friday, 21 December 2018

What is DTP( Desktop Publishing)?What is the work of DTP operator? - Tech Teacher Debashree

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What is DTP( Desktop Publishing)?What is the work of DTP operator? - Tech Teacher Debashree

Adventage of DTP

Desktop publishing is the creation of documents that using page layout skill on a personal computer .Desktop publishing software can generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and image comparable to traditional typography and printing. 

This technology gives permission individuals business and other organisations to self publish a wide range of printed matter.desktop publishing methods provide more control over designs layout and topography ,then word processing software has resulted to include some ,though by no means all .capabilities previously available only with professional  painting or desktop publishing.

If you want to be successful in this work, you need to  your own creativity. With the help of desktop publishing, Magazine ,News Paper, Handbill, Banner, Photo etc can be created.  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,corel  Draw, Page Maker etc software are use to  create different design  documents.

Current printing techniques are deeply related to our life. We use different printing materials daily. We are involved in various print media such as newspapers, letters, bills etc. The DTP software is designed to design these printed items. All types of documents can be created with DTP software. The format of each type is different. The size of the book is different, the browser size of the page differs. Generally, the following documents are designed.

DTP is mainly required to do three articles: a personal computer, a laser printer and DTP software, a personal RAM of sufficient power on the computer and a hard hard disk and mouse to make sure, the laser printer for better printing, anyway Is proof printing, etc. Also simple dot matrix printro, dtp real work for this work Yabahara may be done by a special software package is.
A special advantage of DTP is that it can be stored off hard disk, floppy, cd, magnetic tapes, such as a storage medium, ready to release completely, such as when necessary or any part of the parts can be printed again or as a conventional method.

We can get DTP from anyone found on any computerized system.DTP is a computer software that comes in the use of publishing, through which you use to create quality printed material for a business and organization! Most of desktop publishing (DTP) is used for the publication of magazines, books, newspapers, comics, etc. DTP controls more in design and layout than word processor.

Advantages of DTP (Desktop Release Facility):

The main task of DTP software is to set desired and fast printing work on the computer. Some software is used for single page designs, such as designing a poster, or designing stylus designs etc. Some software is used for multi-page document settings such as setting a book etc. There are many software to work with DTP, from which we can create a document, images quickly and easily.Like -

  • Adobe PageMaker :

Adobe InDesign is currently an industry standard publishing software. But its price is so much that many can not afford to buy. You can also use another software as well. It is almost equivalent to insignanate, and some fields are better than Indijine (not in all cases, because Adobe is the best)

The software is called Sheriff Paz Plus. The current version is X6 (16.0)

We are giving you some specializations of this today.

1. Very simple and simple interface.

2. Large billboards can be designed from the book as canvas size.

3. I can import the best PDF viewer (page maker, indispensable, illustrator, and any application in the PDF format editable mode I have seen.

4. Ebooks can be made.
5. It can import almost all kinds of graphics formats.
6. CMYK can export TIF, JPEG, PDF
7. Indexing can be done.

  • Adobe Photoshop:
We've heard about Adobe Photoshop's name. But most of the people do not know its exact work or use. When you do graphics designs on the Internet, Adobe Photoshop will help you to work in a graphic design. 
    What you can do with Adobe Photoshop:
      • Different types of pictures are designed
      • Web page creation
      • Advertisements, posters, leaflets, etc can be made beautifully
      • Publication
      • Multimedia
      • Create graphics online
      • It is very much needed for multimedia, webpage, online graphics design
                • Coral draw :
                Corel Draw is a vector based graphics software. Use of IBM PC as an alternative to Illustrator. Currently available for Mac. The printing media is widely used. Illustrator / Corel is used for final output in case of printing. Photoshop or image editing Graphics software is designed only for graphics or graphics, Corel is used for printing text and final prints or film.
                • Adobe Design
                • Adobe Frame Maker
                • Page plus
                To know how to repair laptop  Click Here

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                Thursday, 20 December 2018

                What is Blog? How To Create a Blog?How to increase viewers on Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree

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                What is Blog? How To Create a Blog?How to increase viewers on Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree
       is a website where you can earn good money by writing on any topic.Passive income can be made from the blog .Passive income  means that you have to write the blog once you suffer and you will earn money repeatedly.Blogger can be compared to the authors, as the authors earn money by publishing a book once or twice a year, and bloggers can earn money by repeatedly writing content.If you do copy by searching from Google and post to your blog, then your Google Adsense account will be disable. You can not earn money. You should not copy the issue that you want to write about.

                How to get traffic on blog

                * What is the blog?
                 A blog is usually a medium of writing online. Bloggers write photos, videos, and pictures with photos or videos in the blog.

                  * Identity of the blog site-
                Many blog sites are among the most popular and trustworthy.The blog site is This is a site of Google L, L. C, Company. And all bloggers who register at give free domains and hosting opportunities.

                 * Who is the blogger?
                The bloggers are those who post in the blog.

                 * What is blogger's work?
                 You can upload images, videos and blogs to Blogger. You can post new and share it and share it with everyone.

                 * How do you become a blogger?
                It's easy to say, register with Google at Then you create a domain or blog at Then follow the policy on your domain or blog and you become a blogger.

                  *How to do new posts?
                Insert viewers by posting new ones by clicking on New Post.

                  *Blog Tips:
                You can not post another copy of the blog and posted on the blog. If you do this, you will not subscribe to google adsense in the future. If you do not get membership then do not wear to earn money. It takes hard work and time to be a member of google adsense.

                  * Blog Tips 2:
                 If you want to get government or non-government jobs, you have to be B, C, S cadre. And how long does this B, C, S cadre take you to think once from the child S, S, C then inter, then honors in a topic, after the Honors Masters then B, C, S. Again, government or non-government can work for 15-20 years of education and offer different interviews but no jobs or many get jobs, but you can work at leisure time. Outsourcing is the reason to say these things in the world of outsourcing and you have to work hard, as well as how to work in the field of study. Because income is not possible without hard work.

                  * Blog Tips 3:
                Everyone stay away from doing bad things. You can easily earn a living in the house, work a little on the site.

                 * Special message:
                The more visitors, the better the income will be. So your visitors will have to raise.

                * Hosting blogger
                You will be able to host blogger dot com free of charge. And through this hosting you can find lots of post types, theme designs, layouts, and more.

                 * Theme Options
                You can change the theme through Blogger. Use the theme that you like the theme.

                 * What is the layout?

                With the layout you can add more favicon to blogs, blog site names, blog post, information on the site bar and many more information.To know how to create a blog, Follow the steps :
                •   First you have to open a Gmail account .Then go to '' website.
                •  Then click on" Create a blog" option
                •  Next write the blog title, that you want to create 
                • Then post your blog URL
                • Then choose theme and click on create blog
                • Then you have to go to the theme option .
                • Then  click on the backup option.
                •  Click here to select the file from here and select the theme  and  click  OK button, 
                • Then it will be upload, 
                • Then go to the post option
                • Click on New Post and type  the topic you want to write.
                •  Then clicking on the publish option above will send the post to the public. 
                • Then go to the setting option and set the setting that will be shown in the video below.

                Click Below

                2)How to increase viewers on Blog?

                To earn money from Blog or website, viewers are needed.If you want to be blogger, then your main goal should be to increase the visitor.Making blog is meaningless without visitors.So you have to know how to increase your blog's viewers.

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                Subscribers Decrease? Sad news For You Tubers.What you need to know before you start YouTube? -Tech Teacher Debashree

                December 20, 2018 0
                Subscribers Decrease? Sad news For You Tubers.What you need to know before you start YouTube? -Tech Teacher Debashree
                Many have noticed that subscribers of YouTube has reduced .Youtube will remove spam subscribers in December.Those  subscribers comes from the fake profile.Fack profile means Those who subscribe to your channel, but not active and not watch your video. Those profile has no update.Youtube decided to remove these subscribers .Many people have increased the subscription by giving money .You must have 4000 hours watch time and 1 thousand subscribers according to the new rules in YouTube .If the subscriber has less than one thousand and watch time is more than 4000 hours, your monitization will become disable.Even  If the subscriber has more than one thousand and watch time is less than 4000 hours, your monitor will become disable.If you want to work on YouTube,  then work legally .If you use wrong path and shortcut method ,then you will not be successful . If you do not have good knowledge about the channel that you open, you will not be able to make  good quality videos .As a result your channel subscription will continue to grow.

                There is no reason to think of those whose subscribers have decreased. Try your best,You will get success.

                To watch video Click below:

                What you need to know before you start YouTube :
                Uploading any content on YouTube does not bring success. You always have to work with fancy and specific content ideas, and keep an eye on the specific audience.So if you still can not develop specific content ideas for your YouTube channel, it's very hard to get success for you. So, set up your own channel content today, and create all content keeping in mind the specific category audience.Of course, at the beginning you have to overcome difficult times. Because at first you will not get the desired visitors and subscribers. But do not lose patience at this time.
                Remember, you want to create a specific audience, who will subscribe to your channel knowingly, and be interested in seeing all your updates. You can quickly see the success face if you are able to cross the initial difficult situation. Because the algorithm of YouTube is arranged in such a way that specific category video suggestions are given to the specific audience. So if you are continuously working on specific topics, you will soon receive a large number of visitors who will subscribe to your channel. Once the subscriber starts acquiring, it will be increasing at a faster rate of compounding.
                Sorting channels with specific content:

                Earlier it was better to work on a specific topic in a channel for success on YouTube. But there are many people who upload channels by uploading channels. If you have already uploaded different types of videos to the same channel, then remove videos that are inappropriate with the video and the videos that are incompatible with the huge video of the channel. You can make unnecessary videos private, or delete it entirely from the channel. This will not affect your channel's subscriber or SEO. Rather, the acceptance of your channel will increase to new viewers. Moreover, all the hassle of your subscribing to your previous subscribers will be removed.

                Subscribing strategy:

                There are many strategies to increase the number of subscriptions on YouTube. However, the number of subscribers on YouTube can be increased using various features with a published video. For example, you can share channel subscriptions links in the video description and description boxes at the time of publication. Even just subscribe links are not shared, Certain links can be used to subscribe. When someone enters this link, YouTube will show you a special notification to confirm the instant subscription. For this, first copy the link to the address bar. Then, by linking the View Edge Subscriber (? View_as = subscriber) to the link? Sub_confirmation = 1 fill part. You can also share subscription links through a pin comment in the first comment room below the video, not just in the video description.
                You can also share 'End Screen & Annotations' and Cards Subscription Links at the end of the video. In this way, you can increase the number of channel subscribers by using all the possible benefits of a video. However, the best way to increase the channel's subscription is by continuously uploading the same category video in a channel with patience. If you do this then success will come.
                YouTube is one of the most popular media for eager and active young people to work online. To upload videos to YouTube, you do not have to make any server Maintain. Private websites do not have to. Do not require domain and hosting bills at the end of the year. However, the video can be uploaded as much as you wish and always earn from all the videos.If you can give good content on YouTube, earning lasting income, fame, goodwill can be achieved all at once. So YouTube is now named as a Passion for Youth. But you can not start YouTube just from Passion. Before you get to work, you need to know some things well. But at the beginning of all the words, it is to say that no work is achieved without work on the earth. So you have to work hard to get success in any business online or offline. YouTube is no exception.
                Today, some basic topics are discussed in order to start YouTube. Today's article for those who want to get inspired from others, or start your own passion from YouTube.

                  Setting goals :
                To start with any startup, such as to set goals, so to be successful on YouTube you have to set a goal. Because a new YouTube channel is no less than starting a new startup. So, set your goals on youtube. If you want to do YouTube, and where you want to reach the end, make these points clear. Just get enough subscribers and views, and it's not your main purpose to earn from it.
                Of course, many have been confused by this? Think, the main purpose of watching, subscribing and earning for success on YouTube! Surely so. But if you are just following the view, subscribing and earning, you will fail to meet specific goals. Because to get enough view, create low quality content, and you will be busy getting quick success, which is not a good sign in any way. So we have to leave this trend, and have to set specific goals.That means seeing the success of others, you should refrain from uploading different types of content to the same YouTube channel, and be constantly working to achieve your individual goals. Only then will success be achieved.

                The success of the subscription is considered to be your overall success on YouTube. Because getting enough subscribers means that they all like your content, and want to see it regularly. But you can not earn more subscribers in a short time. More subscribers can not earn more subscribers again in a channel.
                So slowly but continuously create the same content, and create a subscribe. Keep in mind, if the number of your channel's subscribers is upwards, then it will gradually increase in compounding rates. So there is nothing to be upset about. You just keep focus and constantly upload videos. Do not forget to upload different types of content and bring more subscribers to the same channel. It does not last long.


                After opening a new channel, YouTube needs to fulfill some of the requirements to monetize the channel. This means that for any new channel, minimum 1,000 subscribers and four thousand hours can be applied for monitization after having watch time. Then YouTube authorities allow monitization by reviewing your application according to copyright law and community guidelines within seven days to one month.
                Before to this the rules were very easy. Since the first day after any channel was opened two years ago, the channel could be monitized. Then the YouTube authorities changed the rule to introduce minimum 10 thousand views. In the last 2017, this rule changed and introduced the rule of having 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time.

                Youtube success depends on luck?

                Many online analysts say that YouTube's success is completely fateful. But not really at all. Proper planning and hard work can make any startup successful, but why not YouTube? The main two considerations for success on YouTube are patience and concentration.
                To be successful on YouTube, you have to be patient and continually develop continuous content. However, the exact time of the content is determined on YouTube by understanding the type of content. That is, due to the usefulness of content, some channels take more time to succeed, and some channels quickly achieve success. It depends on how much attention you can attract to the audience.

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                Modi Govt Bekar Bhata 2018 ?For the youth scheme Bekar Vata under the state government of West Bengal? -Tech Teacher Debashree

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                Modi Govt Bekar Bhata 2018 ?For the youth scheme Bekar Vata under the state government of West Bengal? -Tech Teacher Debashree
                Like the West Bengal government,the central govt has also launched allowance for unemployment youth. There are some conditions, 
                1)Your name have to registered at the exchange office. 
                2)You must be 20 years to 25 years of age. 
                3)Minimam will have to pass the Higher Secondary.
                 Higher Secondary pass 1000 will be available, Graduate pass will get 1200 rupees and Master Degree pass for 1500 rupees will be available. This project has started in different states of the country. West Bengal is not yet effective. You can apply online or offline. If you are receiving money from Youth Project, you can not apply. After 7 days of application, you will receive an SMS, then submit your documents to the office and your money will go directly to your bank, whether it is to start in West Bengal or not, but the next year may be operational.

                                           Click below to watch the video

                 For the youth scheme Bekar Vata under the state government of West Bengal :

                Today, one of the biggest problems in West Bengal is unemployment. Surveys have found that the number of unemployed people in West Bengal has exceeded one crore. In the last year, the state government has been promoted to the Jubilee Project under the leadership of the Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to free unemployment in West Bengal. 

                For the youth scheme Bekar Vata  under the state government of West Bengal

                The youth covered under this project will get one and a half thousand rupees per month from the state government and not only for the job, they also get priority for this project.Meanwhile, a notice has been issued to the state government on which is very necessary for you to know.
                You have to open the account in a particular bank.

                2) In order to prove your unemployment, you have to fill and submit a declaration form.

                3) The whole process will be made in the online application form, online.

                4) You must be between 18 and 45 years old.

                5) You have to pass the eighth grade in terms of educational qualification.

                6) If you have taken a loan, then this project can not be covered.

                So, you can go to the Employment Bank website to know more about something else. And if you have not yet applied for it then you can go to this website and submit your application.
                Website is as follows: -
                If you love the news, do not forget to share it with your loved ones.

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