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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Important three ways to keep on the freelancing work - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 31, 2019 0
Important three ways to keep on the freelancing work - Tech Teacher Debashree
Important three ways to keep on the freelancing work
Important three ways to keep on the freelancing work

Three things are very important for freelancing to be good and keep good. They are:

# Skill 
# Communication 
# Complete Commitment / Promise / Project

It is not okay to start freelancing without skill. At least one thing needs to be self-skilled, start working. To work on a topic, you need to know about new topics. If you do not have the skill, you have to do the same thing throughout life. Boring! At the beginning, such payment could be found in every project, and if there is no skill, same payment will be available. Never grow up. Increasing the skill is important.
Regular communication with the client, updating the work, what the client wants is important. It is better if the client can respond immediately. Generally, Skype and Mail are more contactable. If the marketplace is done again, the clients contact the marketplace's own message system.

If the client gives a message after applying for work, the answer can be easily found in most cases if the answer is answered with that message. Email Notifier can be used for quick communication. The Chrome browser has desktop notifications for e-mails. If you do it on the e-mail will immediately give notifications. Or the extension can be used in Checker Plus for Gmail . If the client wants an update, if it is quick to try, then the relationship is good. There is a possibility of hiring for a new project later on.

The most important thing is the pledge If you work in a client, you can finish it anyway. Do not leave half of it. It may be seen as simple as the beginning, it is not as easy as getting started after starting. Difficult It is difficult to see that many freelancers do not complete the job. Since the client has given you the job depending on you, you should finish the job anyway. Even if it is a loss of itself. Maybe it's going to hurt yourself, it will not really be. If the client understands that the work was difficult, then there would be a better relationship between you. And then the client will have the courage to do a lot of work depending on you. Which will be good for your freelancing carrier.

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Sunday, 24 March 2019

What is CPA Marketing? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 24, 2019 0
What is CPA Marketing? - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is CPA Marketing
What is CPA Marketing?

C. P. A marketing is such a type of affiliate marketing that allows you to sell a product as well as earn small jobs, such as email submissions, zip code submission, downloads, etc. That is why it is called Cost Per Action that means you get commission if any action is full. You all know that promoting Amazon or's products can earn money through revenue shares. But c. P. At Marketing is much easier and much less work than that.

If you read  the article, you can find out
  • What is CPA marketing?
  • Why everyone  likes so much 
  • How C. P. A Market places account acupulble is available
  • How to promote the offer can be found?
  • What is the importance of traffic and convergence?

Many of you may not know well what action is the key. For them again, buying an offer, downloading something or downloading something, signing up on a romantic site, opening an account for a game online, giving an email ID, subscribing, and even posting a post code on a site.
Say more easily - Suppose I have a restaurant. I'm looking for some people who will be marketing my restaurant. If you have a contract with me or you have bought a product through them, then I will give you a commission from every customer or seller. When you bring a customer to my restaurant, this customer is an action. Hope to understand. For more details, see Why CPA Marketing?

All these things are very easy to say, which means that many big companies take these leads on their site and give you money in the commission or in a single word. All the benefits here is that they do not need to sell anything to get the money, you can only increase the traffic. On the other hand, the company also has the advantage because they have some strategies to master some of their own leads through which when someone is a paid member / member or a lead improvement, they take 100% commission.

So long as we know the basics of CPA marketing. Now let's go to the little advances. We know all that is said to be raised at all. Now let's do CPA marketing only to understand small tasks? The question was really very important before we thought that the small job that CPA marketing is If you know about Affiliate Marketing, you know that when you sell a product, you get commission. My question now is that if I sell a product, is not it an action? Hopefully yes the answer will come. You're right because when I'm selling a product, action is also going on. The CPA means that no action is going to be full. And even after affiliate marketing, under CPA marketing.

What can be done under CPA marketing?
Affiliate Marketing / Pay Per Sale (PPS / CPS)
Pay Per Lead (PPL)
Pay Per Download (PPD)
Revenue Share
There can be a lot more.

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

What is Facebook Ads? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 21, 2019 0
What is Facebook Ads? - Tech Teacher Debashree

What is Facebook Ads
What is Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Ads?
In a word, Facebook is advertising, sending or promoting your product or service through Facebook to your current and potential target customers. That is, Facebook ads are promoting any business, product or any kind of service campaign on Facebook. Generally, you can see that sponsored posts of various products come to your Facebook wallet or Newsfeed, and when you get photos or offers of various products on your right side of your Facebook or Newsfeed, you see that these are Facebook ads.

Why is advertising on Facebook important?
Today, Facebook ads are becoming more and more popular due to banners, cyberboards, billboards, or TV ads because they are more likely to result in lower costs. Because of the widespread expansion of social media, especially Facebook, almost all people are connected to each other, so there has been a change in marketing strategy. Online presence and campaign for public, private or small startup organizations is very important for business success at this time. Advertising or advertising tend to be increasing day by day because Facebook has been selling a lot of products in the low cost to promote the product to the desired person.
Facebook, like newspapers, TVs, radio and other media, is a medium that allows you to reach your ad to millions of people in the moment by advertising your company / page / website / product.

Why do advertising on Facebook?
In Bangladesh, opportunities like other advanced countries have increased, even today a few years ago people did not have much mobile phones. At present, at least one mobile phone is found in the hands of the poor. Nowadays many people understand the meaning of internet that Facebook. Thinks Facebook is the Internet The subject may seem ridiculous to the winners. But this is the truth.
And now there are many people who spend 10 rupees on paper and do not read the news, because the age has changed, now in just a minute, if you enter Facebook, then all the newspapers of Bangladesh get together, and the easiest way to communicate, and access to Facebook is very easy. You can contact all the friends. If you do not do any work or at least check it for at least 1 time.

And our traditional custom is added in the paper, which is not possible to reach people of a particular class or age.

You will surely want to add when you add.

When you advertise your business / product, you should definitely target that specific person.

It sure becomes a lot of your attention.

And it's just possible on Facebook. Category can be shared on Facebook according to the profession, language, interest, etc. of all.

So that you can deliver your ad to your specific customers.

So you can deliver your ad to millions of people in the moment by advertising your company / page / website / product.
01. Like Facebook page to grow

0. Many people will be involved with your page by increasing the like

03. If you post any post, users will be able to see it

04. Many users will download applications when they advertise the application

05. Many users will participate in the event when the event is advertised

06. Visitors or readers will increase the website if you advertise any news.

What you need to do to add to Facebook:

1. Title to enter will be 25 characters with spaces

2. Whatever you write in body, there will be 90 characters with spaces

3. The image must be 600 × 225 pixel

4. You can offer up to 6 images for the page's add

5. You have to say Location, Age, Gender (target audience)

You can take any package mentioned above for promoting your pages.

How Facebook Charges
Facebook basically charges three ways

1. Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM): Based on the 1,000 impressions of your ad, Facebook charges one.

2. Cost Per 1000 People Reached: Based on the fact that every 1000 people have seen the ad in your advertisement, Facebook charges one

3. Cost Per Click (CPC): Facebook charges a charge based on how many people are clicking on your ad or how many likes are coming in.
You do not have a card. How to Boost?
It's important to have a card for Facebook Boost. But there are many formalities to get cards and use of time. I do not have peonier cards. But using the gift card, I am boasting on my page. If you do not have a card, you can use another card. But it is not safe at all. If you want to safely boost, use your card, or use gift card.

To get wordpress wiz ebook guide Click here

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Monday, 18 March 2019

What is drop shipping? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 18, 2019 0
What is drop shipping? - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is drop shipping
What is drop shipping?

What is drop shipping?
Drop shipping is the name given to the customer directly from the wholesale dealer. With Drop Shipping, a partner can easily sell your product easily.After receiving an order for Drop Shipping, you can send it to the supplier to fill it out. This supplier will mainly deliver your products directly to the customer. Only when the customer gets the product, only the price of the product will be paid.
Benefits of Drop Shipping:
There are several benefits to the drop shipping system:

Short-capital: Do not need to invest thousands of dollars in drop shipping. Instead of ordering purchase orders that are in place, you can only buy one product.
More Product Selection Options: You do not have to buy all the products for sale before, so you can offer a significant number of products to your customers.

Reduces Risk: If you do not invest more in inventory, the risks associated with starting an online shop can be reduced. If you do not, you will not have to sell your product with losses.
Freedom of Position: Since there is no thought to finish your work or to run a wage, it is possible to run drop shipping business from anywhere, with only a laptop and internet connection.
More changeable: Because each order is not filled separately, it is easy to change the drop shipping business method.

Is Drop Shipping Profitable Business Process?
Like all other businesses, success and profitability also depends on some variable factors. But working correctly, it is possible to get more profit in online business through drop shipping. Drop Shipping is not a magic formula - it is possible to achieve major success through significant work and time. But this is a durable and risky online business.

How much income can be made through drop shipping?
Like all other businesses, profits and success levels depend on some things - the most striking observation of the trader in terms of product selection. But through a long-term plan, it is possible to build a drop shipping business that is about six times the income of hard work and proper work.
It takes at least a year to build such business. Although it is a matter of time, it is certainly possible. After a drop shipping business was started, it continued to grow.

What kind of profit can I expect from drop shipping?
The level of profit depends on the products you sell. For expensive electronics, it will have a level of 5% to 10%. But for the small goods, it will have a level of 100%. Your levels will depend more on your ability to present your product to customers, which will help you get more rewards than your competitors. There is a detailed description of how to achieve success in the drop shipping business in an online store book.

 Where are Drop Shipped products sold?
Drop shipped products that people can sell in any place. Many sell on ebay and also full of Amazon and drop shippers. Like there are thousands of e-commerce sites, especially on small e-commerce sites.Even big sites use Drop Shipping to increase their product listings and offers. Large companies like Sears and Home Depot have used drop shipping techniques for some of their non-popular products. This helps in the selection of their product list.

If you can sell drop shipped products, it will be possible to run a long-term, successful and profitable drop shipping business by creating your own e-commerce site.

The drop-shipping method works in a few steps, the steps are:

Customer's Seller's Website (Ecommerce Site) Product Order
Handover to the seller's order wholesaler or supplier
Reach products to customers through Wholesaler or Supplier.
In the chain method, the drop-shipping business is operated.
Manufacturers: Manufactures products, they do not sell products directly to customers, they sell the products they sell in bulk to the wholesale or supplier.

Wholesalers: Buying goods and stocking of goods from Wholesalers or Supplier Manufacturers.

Retailers: Ecommerce sites sell directly online to customers.

Remember, you order a t-shirt at Ebay-online store, you pay with the information you need.

Now Ebay authorities will send the order to their Supplier. Because, the Supplier is in charge of the product.Then the supplier will reach those specific products directly to your address.At the top of the popular drop-shipping business, there are some convenient reasons for this popularity. Generally drop-shipping business is easier and hassle free than other businesses. Since the drop shipper is the product to store, maintain and deliver the product to the customer, these tasks are not to be done, but there is no cost to the business, the risk is less. Selling products at low prices can be sold at a higher price. The biggest advantage is to maintain the online store from anywhere, there is a computer with internet only. For this reason the number of drop shippers is increasing day by day, in our country, many have become interested in the business, they have also got success.

Cost Less: The cost of building an online store is very low. If you have IT Knowledge, you can easily start this business. In the drop-shipping, the warehouse is not required to rent houses, make furniture, and spend more on electricity bills.
Product Store: There is no need to store a Drop Shipper's product. So do not worry about the cost of warehousing.

Improvement of the product: The online fast-growing product can pick up products like drop-shipper demand.

Manage: You can manage it from anywhere, wherever you live, only a computer with internet.

Number of customers: A drop shipper can sell products worldwide, ie, the market is big, if they want to increase the number of customers, and if they can make the customer happy, then they will buy the product again from the store.

First of all, the problem faced is finding out a profitable product, the job is very difficult. There are thousands of products in the market, many of the same products are sold, out of which the right products should be found.

Supplier has a shortage of products, many times the product that your customer has ordered is not available in your Supplier's stock, often delaying sending the product to the Supplier customer, your business relationship with the customer will be bad ie the cell will be lost.

You must master some of the issues, especially on the maintenance of your online store and the ability of customers to collect.

Do not just sell products online, you will have many competitors. It's a challenge to compete with competitors, it's a challenge. Since there is little investment required to start, there are so many competitions. Drop-shipping companies offer products at a very low price. In order to compete, you often need to lower the price of the product.Because you do not have the opportunity to produce products, because the manufacturer is in charge, you have no control over the product quality.The drop-shipping business is big enough, to be successful in business, a drop-shipper has to be carefully reviewed on some topics.

How to start:
There is a need for some precautions to start with the drop-shipping business. This preparation will help you make things easier in the future.

Products / Niche Selection:
First of all, you have to decide whether you want to sell the product, ie, what is nis? Notice the following NICE listings:

  • Body Weight Fitness

  • Novelty Socks

  • Yoga

  • Performance Clothing

  • Travel Backpacks

  • Roller Derby
In case of product selection, you have to keep in mind that,

For who is the product - that is, who needs the product, who is your customer? For example, Ladies handbags, Ladies handbags are customers, girls.

What's the demand for online - "Body Weight" This keyword is what people need to know about how much Google searches every day or every month. There are several types of tools to know about, which can help you find the value of the search. Google Keyword Planner is a Keyword Research Tool.
How to Pick NICE
Google Keyword Planner Search is a tool for Google Keyword Planner, which can tell you how many keywords are being searched each month. Although this tool is used by most SEO professionals and by Google AdWords experts, Google Keyword Planner Tool is a great way to find out what your potential customers are looking for online. At this time, the information you are looking for is how many times a particular keyword search provider and bid This number will tell you how popular and profitable this keyword is.
AMAZON SEARCH Google search box like Google Keyword Planner can also search and see what types of products are more cell phones.

RESEARCH SOCIAL MEDIA: You can also search social media. Those who already do this business, check out their social media sites, what are they doing cell phones, who are their audiences? If you search on these, you will find the best option.

Try to sell products that are less than the amount of commodities and competitors online. Select some products that do not look like a customer brand to buy. If you want to buy a TV, you want to buy (Sony, Panasonics, LGs, etc.) brand products, the price of the brand is worth the price, it is impossible to get more than this. Select a product that can be bought by all types of income people, without thinking about the brand, just need to meet the needs. Novelty Socks are socks, no one wants to know whether the stock is on the brand.

When you select a product, remember one more thing - to work as much as to make $ 10 worth of products, it takes the hard work to sell $ 1000 worth of products. So try to sell more expensive products. Because Profit Margin earns 20% but $ 10 worth product sale will get $ 2, $ 1000 worth of product sales, $ 200, hard work to do.

Fix the time to select the nose and fix it properly. Choosing a good Niche is very important, because your future depends on it.
Identify Competitors / Contestants
You will work with Niche, it is normal for another job to do the same thing, those who work with the same thing are called each other's competitors / competitors. Competitors research is very urgent in online business. Find out your competitors when you are selected in Niche, see what kind of products they are selling more, see their product prices, sales volume, reviews. Try to lower prices than their products. Find their customers, watch Competitors like Like Follower in Social Media.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

How to make a good upwork profile? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 12, 2019 0
How to make a good upwork profile?  - Tech Teacher Debashree
The World's Largest Online Marketplace In 2013, ODesk and Ilysses have been working together. If you want to earn online, then you can work on the job. But your success here will depend on how much work you get or how many of your buyers have. And to get that buyer, you need to create a nice profile. 
UpWork is a web site that organizes work in different categories, and there are two types of people registering there.
1. The client will do the job 
2. The contractor will work

Client: Anyone who needs jobs or wants to work or is willing to pay for work, right after registering with UpWork, make a profile and select the category that works, post his job, and post one or more jobs. However, the client must pay the work on payment in UpWork for his work on the profiles, the job is simple 2 Way post,
  •  Fixed Price Work: Specific Price for a Job
Example: I need a logo and I'll give $ 40 for it,

How to make a good upwork profile?

Our work: To give a specific time to work and to finish the work in that time.
Example: A logo is required and the client will have to give it 5 hours, and the client will pay $ 8 per hour.

2. Contractor: The person who wishes to work and work in the work order, should have his / her skills and experience in the work that is arranged in Upward class in UpWork, and will have a profile in UpWork according to his experience, skills, according to UpWork rules 100% must be done, then clayty's posterity will be executed on fixed price or hourly, but before the implementation Of course, the client's profiles, such as whether the client's payment system has verified, how many people have worked before, how much dollars have been spent, how many dollars per hour are given to others, and other contractors, their feedback scooters, if everything is good There is no restriction on implementing the work, but a job can be done by 100 people, in which case the client will work with whom he likes. 100 before proceeding minimal Why does it work? Then the profile will be well-arranged and the client wants to be satisfied while doing the application, so that you have got the job, you have to get the job done, you will try your best, be able to work, be sure that the job is successful and get the first payment: D for Up Under the rules, wait for some days, your payment will be paid right away, and then you can take the payment as per the medium, Sync, Scroll, Payone Master Card.Sharing some tips for you, through which you can create a good profile.

Things to know before opening an account:
If you want to freelancing the workbook or any other freelance marketplace, you have to be skilled at any one of the tasks (such as web design, web development, graphics design, article writing, SEO, affiliate marketing, Android apps development, software development etc.). Generally all categories of these freelance marketplaces are available. You can freelancing yourself if you can get the right skills in any one of these tasks.

Then you open your account with your valid email account. After opening the account, which is the most important profile overview. But there is no conviction for this. If you are good at English, you can easily do it. But do not copy some of the others.

How to decorate?
1. Set up an overview of the work account so that the client can easily get ideas about you or your skill.
2. Add a beautiful picture to profile so that you need to be smiling, smart and professional.
3. Add a good job description, your type of style / style, etc. That is, write your skills nicely.
4. Do not show your profile if an exception test score of the work is not Top 10% or 20%. If needed, again the test will be top 10% or 20%. It is best to stay in the first place.
5. If you have any extra-curricular activities such as: Volunteering in a local organization, enthusiast about sports or painting. You can add these and prove that you do more than just work and it will bring you a different level on your profile.
6. You can select job categories in such a way that you can answer as well as asking questions and client inquiries. Do not select anything that does not know you work in the category.
7. If you have a certification that supports the job, then you must attach it to the profile. This certificate is a big plus point for your profile. Write some information related to your course in 1-2 lines.
8. Link your social media sites to your profile. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance, Google Plus etc.
9. Create a one-minute video about yourself or your type of work. This will add a new level to your profile. But in this case, you have to focus on the quality of the video, the type of speech and the pronunciation.

Those whose profiles are not approved, then submit the profiles according to the points mentioned above and then submit them. Recently, some of our country have spread rumors that the closure of India is closed. So they are not applying new accounts. The fact is not the case. You must give proper name, email, experience, portfolios and educational qualifications. Profile must be completed (100%). Only then can you apply for job.
And those who are new but do not get the job, find out where there are deficiencies in the profiles according to the points mentioned above.
Stay with techteacherdebashree to know more about freelancing.

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Sunday, 10 March 2019

What are backlinks and why are they important? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 10, 2019 0
What are backlinks and why are they important? - Tech Teacher Debashree
A rich man is rich because of his money . Now if you tell him to give me some money I'll be beggar. The money here is the backlink and the big money is coming to Google's search rank.If you want to build a new web site and want to rank that site, backlinks are needed. From backlinks, you can not just get a visitor, but instead Google crawls your site and helps you rank the site. When you backlink your site with a good page rank site Google thinks your site is good.

What are backlinks
What are backlinks and why are they important?

Now let's say backlink what?
Backlink is a link to your website that is located in another website and is expected to provide traffic to your website via that link. You can also take backlinks as an incoming and outgoing relationship. Having a link to your site on another site, and then linking to another's website in your site. Establishing relationships with each other, and this relationship is as good as the better. You can expect to rank as fast as the site has the higher Quality Backlink in your web site.
Backlinks are usually two types:

  • · Do Follow Backlinks
  • · No Follow Backlinks

How to do quality backlinks: Always try to back up quality Quality 1 quality backlink is a lot better than today's bad thousand backlinks. Therefore, the site's Rank Rank Minimam 7/8 backlink with it, but your site must be backlink with similar sites. And definitely try Do Follow Backlinks, either by commenting or by invitation post author. If you can publish your own written post on a good site, you will find many visitors from there, such as:

Go to all those sites and you can write a nice post and keep your web site's URL.Of course, between the backlinks. The site's backlink is very important but sadly, these sites can not be commented on these sites, especially in Bangladesh. That is why this expensive backlink is not possible. So you. Gov: You can do a little trick to backlink with the site. You write a post about the subject matter and place links in the same way:

Required web of  Education and Governance Site:

I hope the matter has been understood that although the incoming backlinks are not there but the outgoing backlinks have become.Lastly, without making thousands of backlinks, make a few quality flower backlinks and write good posting. Be patient and work with patience. Success will come.Let us talk about dofollow so we'll come to dofollow work.
Dofollow backlinks can be built in a number of ways. And depending on the website where you will create a backlink for your website. The link will not only be for the website but also for the post of your website, the Facebook profile for youtube video can be backlink and it is important. Say the medium. For example: Give your profile information on any website It is a backlink to link your website to the time that it is a backlink to many websites to give a link to your website, it is a backlink and the best backlink is to post on another's website and bring traffic to your website from there. If you can visit the website, then your website will rank on Google.
How much backlinks will you come to Google's search rank?
If you want to know, you can use the aref tool. Through this, you can learn how much backlinks your opponents and where the backlinks have been created.

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