What is 25 dollar 1 up platform? Get 100% Commission.

What is  25 dollar 1 up platform

25 dollar 1 up is an affiliate marketing programme.
Affiliate marketing is a type of business.The main purpose of this business is to get commissions by selling a product.The affiliate marketing that I will discuss today is digital educational software, where there are various courses on digital marketing and  Make Money Online.

You have to buy this software for $ 35, and if you can sell one ,you will get $ 25 commission.whom you sold,when he sell second time,you will get $25 dollar commission.That means you're getting  $ 50 commission from one person.Within a month you will receive more money than you are investing.Once you make the payment, you will receive the Lifetime Service. you Can sell software to people from any part of the world using Facebook or any other social media.You can save money by doing this without wasting time on Facebook.If you can earn 20,000 rupees by investing 2000 rupees then it is your profit.One thing to keep in mind  that without invest you will never be success in any business.So do not delay go to my description box  and click on the link for registration.If you have any questions, please comment.

25 Dollar 1Up claim to be a digital franchise.

They offer different marketing tools for each product.

Each level gives you the opportunity to make money with the package of products you buy.

  • Gold: $ 25
  • Platinum: $ 100
  • Diamond: $ 250
  • Enterprise: $ 500

Note: There may be new packages in the future!

If you had to buy the Gold package, you get!

  • 100 pre-written ads, scripts, and follow-up messages
  • Facebook group checklist
  • Mindset Training Videos
  • Step-by-step system tutorials

As prices rise, each package offers more marketing strategies to help you recruit more people.

Plan Comp 25 Dollar 1Up
They call it the inverted 1Up comp plan.

You make 100 percent commissions on your first sale. Then, during your second sale, they use a compensation plan.

The way their preparation plan works is that during your second sale, she lets you go and goes to your sponsor. At your third sale, there is no pass-up, 100% commissions are paid to you and from future sales.

More on the $ 25 Dollar 1Up Comp plan
25D1UP offers three different composition plans.

Direct sales?
Ups Pass
Above, I explain pretty much how their formula works for every package you buy.

You pay other fees and you can override if you had to buy one of the higher rates.

I want to start by saying that there is no monthly fee, all fees are a one-time fee.

Once you buy in a package, you're done! Unless you want to update your package. You will have to buy this package and pay the accommodation fees. However, once you buy it, there is no monthly fee, you are done.

25 dollars 1Up fees and waivers
For Gold and Platinum sites, an additional one-time hosting fee of $ 10 is charged for your website.
Diamond once extra hosting fee of $ 25
One-time hosting fee of $ 50 for the company
As I said above, direct sales and overruns all apply, no matter what package you buy.

The substitutions are for the Diamond and Enterprise packages.

The way overtaking works ...!

Say you bought the $ 500 Enterprise package and brought someone who bought the $ 25 Gold package.

The person who bought the Gold package brought someone who bought it for $ 500.

Since the Gold Member did not purchase the highest level, substitutions occur.

For example, the Gold member earns $ 25 on their first sale, but the remaining $ 475 goes to you. Then, if this Gold member gets a second sale, the package that the second sale will decide will come back to you.

Then the third sale, say a $ 100 Platinum Sale, replaces the $ 75 Sale.

So when you look at their readiness plan, it's your top line, you and your course of action. 

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