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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

14 online business ideas without investing - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 05, 2019 0
14 online business ideas without investing - Tech Teacher Debashree
In this era of information technology, there is no point in living unemployed living in the hope of getting a job. What to do? Business? Do not need capital? No, there is a computer and internet connection in this online era, without capital, you can enter the business today. Let's take a look at 14 online business ideas.

online business ideas without investing
Online business ideas without investing

1. SEO Consultant: Are you experienced in search engine optimization? That means know about search engine optimization; But there is no chance to work anywhere. Do not sit in the hope of getting the company started online and advise about SEO. There will be many organizations who are waiting for your advice. You will find work on different freelance sites. If you do not go straight to Google search.

2. Business training: There may be a good idea about your business. But due to lack of money, one can not establish an institution according to his dream. There is no reason to waste your experience sitting there.
Find many online people who want to start a new business. Visit LinkedIn, where you can write business related articles. By there you will find many clients there. With the help of their advice, you can absorb your talents and experiences. There are also two-way income.

3. Specialised retailer: In keeping with the world, online products have become very popular in Bangladesh. Now there is a special shop or supermarket in all major cities of the country. Many of them are small organizations that are willing to start their business online and start their business. By contracting one of those organizations, you can start an online shop with their cargo. Retailer Shopar at home.

4. Social media consultant: In this era of information technology, social sites have achieved great excellence. The solution to all the problems of life is becoming like Facebook. In addition to the ever new features, there is a growing use of social sites that can be used for criminal offenses. If you are aware of the use of social sites, safety and friend-follower tricks, you may become a social media consultant. Many people and organizations can get the job done by doing so.

5. Web Design: The most discussed business of the current time. Now a small organization needs to think that they have a website. If you know web design then there is no point in sitting. Post your portfolio to freelance sites. Put a link to a sample website. Please consider the cost-effective consideration of the market. Who are you to stop?

6. Writing Application Form / Cover Letter: Surprisingly, many educated people do not know how to write a job application beautifully. But a nice acceptable application or cover letter can make a difference to others in the service sector. If you have experience on this, you can search for clients on LinkedIn or Social Sites. There is no doubt that the client will receive it.

7. Task Manager / Assistant: If you have good organizing skills then you are eligible for this business. Can you solve the online problems quickly? However, you can use this skill as a personal assistant or online task manager. Companies like TaskRabbit or Zirtual find people like you in return for money. On these sites, you can perform the role of Assistant in various activities including Data Research, Virtual Assistant.

8. Professional freelancers: Freelancing means we usually understand leisure activities. But over time the ideas have changed. Now, many unemployed young people are taking Freelancing as their main occupation. You can also work part-time if you want. Do not sit unemployed, join today's freelancing sites.

9. Online marketing: If you are used to writing product reviews on sites like Amazon, then close it now. Why do you do any product marketing because of free? There are many companies like Ward of Mouth who will pay you for promoting their products online. If you have a lot of followers or social accounts, then Sona Sohaga. Get engaged in today's work.

10. E-Book Writer: If you have good writing skills, language skills, and typing speed, you can be an e-book writer effortlessly. This is a very easy task. The demand for e-books is increasing so much that publishers are stumbling to find eBook writers. You can easily find such customers online.

11. Providing technical support: There are many small companies with no IT specialist. If there is a technical problem, then the people are called out. You can start using this opportunity to sit online and provide technical advice. They will tell you when the problem is over and you will get the solution in the house. What do you want?
12. Virtual shipment: Even if you are curious to hear it, you do it yourself in the bank or financial institution. If you own a website, you can handle transactions such as Google Checkout. Different brands will find you to organize their online invoices. Bring your website to your website by copying the details of product pictures from their site. Then take the exchange of certain financial contracts to sell products.
13. Handicraft Dealers: In the Automated Machine Period, the handicrafts have not been reduced. But due to lack of publicity this ancient industry can not stand high. You can contract with an organization. Their products will sell you online. You can deliver products through a courier to your customers with a specific service charge.

14. App Developer: In the era of smartphones, the app racket People are now comfortable to work in a smartphone app rather than browsing the site on a computer. So different organizations are now interested in app development. If you know better about coding, then read App Developing. Can deal with different organizations. Other software developers also want online developers. First create an interesting app by yourself and show it as a sample and claim a reasonable fee. Sure to get your work done.

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Monday, 11 February 2019

How to make a career as a commercial pilot? - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 11, 2019 0
How to make a career as a commercial pilot? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Are you thinking of building a carrier? But do you want to do something different? If you are studying to build a career as an aeronautic, then you can build a career as a commercial pilot on airplane. Let's see how it is possible to build a career as a commercial pilot.

commercial pilot

What is the commercial pilot term for you?
A commercial pilot can also be described as a cargo pilot, tour pilot or a back country pilot. He is distributing various types of documents and accessories of any person or company through various flight instructions. The annual salary of a commercial pilot can be from 50 lakh taka to a maximum of 90 lakh taka. But in contrast, you have to do a lot of trouble. One commercial pilot has the right to communicate documents and accessories, to know about the different types of routes of any place, and to do any other thing at any time, including a commercial pilot.
So think about whether you can build a career in this post. Think carefully about how appropriate this post is to your passion and skill.

How can a commercial pilot carrier be?
Before you build a career as a commercial pilot, you can start your career by employing aerospace engineer, cargo pilot, manufacturer, aviation inspector, mechanical engineer or electrical engineer. After getting experience from the above mentioned positions, you can build a career as a commercial engineer or an aircraft hardware engineer.
If you want to build a career as a commercial pilot, you need to be skilled in the subject,

1. Be experienced about technical and non-technical issues.

2. Must have analytical skills.

3. Must have good skills on engineering.

4. Must be skilled on various hardware management software and hardware.

5. Be expert on computer and IT ethics.

6. The ability to have creative thinking will remain.

7. Must be updated with the latest technology.

8. Must have excellent strategic and planning skills.

9. Must be proficient on electronic circuit analysis, digital signal processing, electromagnetic equipment.

10. Need to know about Floyd Route.

11. There should be skill to create equipment for different devices immediately.

12. Be experienced on computer hardware and embedded systems of software.

In addition to the above skills, a commercial pilot should have some common skills. Those are,

1. Must have skills to think about complex issues.

2. Must have the ability to solve a variety of problems.

3. There should be mind-mentality to trust in any matter.

4. There should be adaptability in various circumstances.

5. Have great communication skills.

6. Have the ability to negotiate wisely with regard to any topic.

7. Must have excellent interpersonal skills.

Find jobs in a large company as a commercial pilot,
After working in small companies, move to big companies. But keep in mind that both work skills and qualifications are maintained. It is often seen that the skills required for working in small companies require a few times more efficiency than the big company. The reason is that the fields of work in big companies are also bigger.
You can find jobs in websites like In did, LinkedIn, Monster, Glasdore, for large companies to work. They can find professional jobs. But remember, to get jobs in big companies, you need to know more. Be more skilled in the methodology and techniques.
Join different professional organizations and communities
There are many types of professional organizations, communities and forums online for commercial pilots. You can join them. If ever there is a problem with the route, hardware management rules, flipping system, payment method or anything else, then you can get help from those forums. Apart from joining the online forum and community meetup, many education and skills can be achieved.
What kind of work experience should a commercial pilot have?
Before starting your career as a commercial pilot, you will have to experience at least 2 to 4 years of experience on different topics in different sectors including Computer Science, Hardware Development and Design, Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering.
Make a career as a commercial pilot
Many companies rely on commercial pilots in this era of technology. And so, the companies are constantly creating opportunities for carrier jobs in the aeronautical sector, including commercial pilots, cargo pilots, back country pilots, aerospace engineers etc. Make a career as a commercial pilot for the reasons,

1. Almost every major company requires the commercial air service to send different content, including documents.

2. No work in this sector.

3. In this work, you can learn new things and keep in touch with new people.

4. You will be able to decorate your own work.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

5 best jobs in the fashion industry - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 06, 2019 0
5 best jobs in the fashion industry - Tech Teacher Debashree
We know that modern people of modern times are much more fashion conscious. As a modern workplace, the demand and importance of the fashion industry is increasing day by day. At one time people were involved in the fashion industry. But at present, people have been focusing on building their own career in the fashion industry and taking the fashion industry's work as a profession. Different types of courses and training have also been started to develop skilled manpower for the fashion industry. Now there are different types of jobs in the fashion industry.
It is possible to start a career in high salaries in terms of skills and qualifications. If you want to know about jobs in the fashion industry, then read this article. Because in this article I will discuss in detail about one of the top five jobs in the fashion industry.

fashion industry

1. Visual Merchandiser:
A visual merchandise is basically designed to showcase a fashion company's store. How to decorate a store, how to attract customers, and above all, how to improve business image. They take various activities and steps in that regard. If you have experience working in retail stores in an exhibition or on a large street. But you can start a career as a visual merchandiseer in any fashion company. You do not need any educational degree for this reason. However, it is necessary to have the ability to present products and shops in front of consumers, creative, attractive and attractive.
That's why you first get experience through working in small scale shops and establishments. If you can easily create a career as a visual merchandise in the fashion industry. Highly-paid salaries are also given in this post. The annual salary of a visual merchandiser is approximately 15 thousand pounds (16 lakhs). And later, if the experience increases, the salary increases to about 24 thousand pounds or 25 lakh taka per annum.

2. Sales Representative:
Sales agents usually play a leading role in the delivery of product products of the fashion company to the consumer. To be a Sales Representative, it is very important to have good communication skills.
Although there is no need for educational qualifications, if there is a fashion industry course, it is easy to start a career as a sales agent in good fashion companies. The average annual income of a sales representative is about 19 thousand pounds, which is approximately 20 lacs according to the currency of Bangladesh.

3. Fashion Designer:
Fashion design is an industry that allows a designer to make a costume attractive to his handsome hands. Fashion Design is a creative career. If you want to start your career in this position, you need to have the skills and experience of making a right decision about the type of dress, color, design, print, tailoring, etc. If you have a diploma or bachelor's degree on fashion design and have basic knowledge about computer software, then the career is very easy to build.
In addition to the design of the designer, the designer introduced her patience and creativity. So if you have taken the challenge of creative and innovation, you can take this profession as a career. Fashion designer's wages mainly depend on work experience. However, you will get the salary of approximately 24 thousand pounds or 25 lakhs in the primary level, starting from the job. If you increase the experience, you will be able to earn more than 50,000 pounds a year, which is more than 5 million taka as per Bangladesh's currency calculation.

4. Fashion Stylist:
Fashion stylist is a new job in the fashion industry. Stylists work in a variety of fashion houses, shops and exhibitions. Apart from this, stylists have the opportunity to work with different popular stars. Fashion styledists take responsibility in any outfit to look at the client, how to wear clothes, fits for any design, color and model customer.
To work in this position, you must have the ability to select good communication skills and preferences and make immediate decisions. Also, if you have any course in fashion and design, it is very easy to start a career in this profession. As a fashion stylist, it can earn up to £ 15,000 a year to 24 thousand pounds, which is about 16 lakh taka to 25 lakhs as per Bangladesh's currency.

5. Fashion Journalist :
Fashion journalists usually do various writing activities, including fashion designing, writing product reviews, interviewing different designers. And they publish these texts on fashion magazines, fashion features and websites of different organizations. This job can also be done as freelancing. To be able to work in this position you must be skilled in writing. Career can not be formed when journalists are not creative and have excellent writing skills.
If you take any course, degree and training on journalism, it is easy to start a career as a journalist in the fashion industry. The annual average revenue of a fashion journalist is about 15 thousand pounds to 20 thousand pounds, which is about 16 lac to Tk 20 lac as the currency of Bangladesh. Journalists' rewards are largely dependent on publication. Working as a freelancer, you will be able to earn good quality. Basically those who like to write and write, whose career and passion should start their career in this job.

If you have a desire to form a career in fashion industry, you can choose any one of these jobs as a career by using your skills and qualifications.

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Monday, 4 February 2019

Choose your career in Media - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 04, 2019 0
Choose your career in Media  - Tech Teacher Debashree
Media is the medium of all types of collective media, which are used technically in the mass contact program. Broadcast Media, which is known as Electronic Media, sends their information with the help of electrical equipment. Television, film, radio,CD, DVD and other convenient small and handy tools such as camera or video are stored. As well as printed media, external content is displayed in newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, books, leaflets, pamphlets. Photographs or photographs also play an important role in visual representation.

Television stations or publishing companies, which are identified as media, use and control modern technology as an organization.  Mobile or cell phones, computers and the Internet are many The time was termed as a new-era media. The internet has already gained widespread recognition as one of the mass media in its power. Through this, many types of services - especially e-mails, web sites, blogging, internet and television publicity campaigns. That is why many media footage is seen on the web site. Television advertisements have been added to the website or sports-based organizations publish addresses for inspiring viewers to visit their website. Billboards, signs, placards as external media are presented in the commercial and commercial buildings of more commercial and commercial buildings. Events organized in the presence of public assemblies and special events are also a type of media. 

mass communication

By the end of the 20th century, the media was divided into main sections. They are - books, newspapers, magazines, holding equipment, radio, movies, television and the Internet. In the late 20th and early twentieth century, questions about the type of media have arisen. It is assumed that the division of the media will definitely increase further. Already there is a debate on cell phones, video games and computer games as a media presentation. In the twentieth century, the media was known as Seven month media.
The current 7 media in that section is -

  • Printed (books, pamphlets or small books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) is the medium that has been introduced since the fifteenth century.
  • Holding instruments or recordings (gramophone records, magnetic tapes, cassettes, cartridges, CDs, DVDs etc.) are in the middle of the nineteenth century.
  • The movie which is popular from the nineteenth century.
  • The radio broadcast which has been in use since 1910.
  • Television broadcasting system that has been introduced since 1950.
  • Internet system that has been in use since 1990.
  • Mobile phone has been recognized as the media since 2000.

Each media has applied its own business importance and application, including their uniqueness, creativity, technicolysis. For example, with the use of many other techniques including website, blog, podcast in the Internet system, it has occupied the top position in the networking world in general.

As the 6th and 7th media, the Internet and mobile are often termed as digital media. As the 4th and 5th medium, respectively, radio and television are considered as broadcast media or broadcast medium. Some are trying to describe the video games as mass media.
The history of the Internet began in the sixties. But the real internet technology has improved in the eighties. Now the situation has happened that many people have life without internet, meaningless. So, the internet, like food, clothes, shelter, education and medicine, has become the basic need of people now, experts say. With the improvement of information-technology around the world, the diverse activities of business and market economies, including personal and social contacts, have increased greatly through online or internet. In this context, the online newsportal or online media has become very popular due to instant communication to the public. All other types of daily, weekly and monthly journals have been added to the online edition by opening or opening their own websites, even if they are not removed from the print.
Because there was a time when the details of the events of the previous day were found, in the day's newspaper. Now, for the sake of information technology people are getting almost immediately news and abroad news. I do not have to wait as before. The online news portal of the country is playing an important role in providing immediate and fresh news. Because of the sound as well as the necessary video footage, online newspapers can work on broadcast and print media simultaneously. So this media is called multimedia. If there is only an internet connection, mobile or computer can be found anywhere in the home and abroad.
Another great feature of online media - it can bloom with the character of radio, television and newspaper news stories together. Here hearing, philosophy and print can become barky together. After listening to radio or television, there is no chance to hear for a second time. But here it is heard repeatedly, seen, reads. Small text can be enlarged, big text can be shortened. Already this powerful media has taken part in the media, newspapers, radio and television. All the mediums now have 'online version'. However, there is no separate radio, television or newspaper online. Probably not necessary. Online itself can appear on three features.
And so, due to the online news facility future newspapers printed in the world are skeptical. In fact, with the existence of the newspaper, the situation of radio and television is also compromised. According to the survey, online decades of television due to decrease. Especially due to the video sharing site (YouTube, Facebook Video, Dailyization) and multimedia media, young generation is required to meet these television instead of visiting the site. As a result, the audience of television is connecting them through these things. However, in the newspaper, several daily newspapers of the Western world, including the influential British daily Guardian and New York Times, have been completely removed from their print media by online media. But initially, the cost of economic expenditure was a major factor in the decline of the magazine. But according to experts, there is still time left for this condition of television.
Now the question is, the radio, the television could not leave the newspaper. Can the newspaper protect its kingdom by facing online threats? World debate over this There is also debate in our country. The elders say that the newspaper is not dead. The new ones say, what is the harm if the newspaper is displaced? There is no obstacle in getting news online. Environmentalists have voiced their voices. They are anti-clogging to destroy trees for newspapers. There are visually different differences between the old and the new. Desperate to read the news of the elderly on the digital wall. The new generation is technologically friendly. They are reading all the newspaper articles from the book, entering the big library, finding the books that are preferred. The book is also buying books. There is no need for hand-in-hand newspapers in the new generation. When a family's parents visit their child's new story of news paper, then the child says that he is online that night. Technologies are interested in sending books online in the digital library more than the new generation libraries, online news from the newspaper. Experts say that emerging new generation as the main reader of online, due to which they will become very strong will become very strong.This will cause online news for daily newspapers to be challenging.
In the face of strong dominance in the online world, newspapers have been facing crisis. Once, the American News News Week has gone on for 80 years, now it has been forced to stop its print. News Week is meant to refer only to online versions. The newspaper in the western world is shrinking day by day. Now there are new publications available online. That is comfortable. The young generation of Bangladesh is watching the news online now. But the newspapers of Bangladesh did not come at risk, the reason is obvious. The computer has not yet reached the general level. Those who have computers at home have not been computer-friendly. On the other hand, the expansion of the communication structure in rural Bangladesh, where the newspapers are entering. For that reason the newspaper market is inaccessible. But due to the wide spread of mobile phones and its advanced networking technologies, the Internet is more dynamic and expanded. It has been developed online to provide quick and instant news to the people. As a result, leaving the newspaper in the Western world, there will be an exception. The longevity can be long. So it is very well said that the future media will be multimedia online portal .

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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Disk Jockey | Do you want to be a DJ ? - Tech Teacher Debashree

January 30, 2019 0
 Disk Jockey | Do you want to be a DJ ? - Tech Teacher Debashree
A disc jockey, short known as DJ, plays live record music for live listeners. Most DJs include DJ, Radio DJ, Club DJ, who play nightclubs or music, and turntableists who use record players. Basically, disc jockey disc refers to gramophone records, but now DJ is used as a universal term for describing a person who mixes music recorded from a source with a cassette, CD or digital audio file on a CD or laptop. The DJ title is used by the name of their name or pseudonym.

Choose your carrer as a DJ,dj

DJs or disc jockeys working on any event to entertain guests. They have been mixing local and foreign songs with their own preferences

Now DJ has emerged as a new craze among youngsters. There was a time when DJ Party was organized only on special days. But now it is being organized in the corporate world from family social programs such as Gahihlud, marriage, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, DJ Party's. DJs or disc jockeys working on any event to entertain guests. They have been mixing local and foreign songs with their own preferences.

The popularity of the DJs in our country is increasing. As a result, many young people are trying to build a career in this profession. To be a DJ, there will be some special qualities, said DJ Babu Chang. If you want to be a DJ, you must have good possession of music. Besides keeping knowledge about noise and voice, listen to music by collecting popular music from home and abroad.

Regarding this, DJ Miraz said, "In the context of Bangladesh, there is a matter of family support in coming to this profession. So I think those who want to come to this profession, they must be over eighteen. There must be knowledge about pop, metal, jazz, hip-hop music. If you want to enrich yourself, then it is possible to get the idea of ​​doing a little bundle with different music players of the mobile. If you do not have any idea about music, then this task is a bit difficult. Alongside this idea, taking practical training in hand-to-hand training makes it easier.

Asked about the income in this profession, he said that earning in the DJ profession is not less than the income. But the income depends entirely on yourself. However, according to the eligibility a DJ can charge a minimum of 10 thousand rupees for a corporate show. And there is only Instrumental cost. So, the income is quite big in all.

Playing a Druze Music Special is a disc player. If you want to be a professional DJ, then you will need the instrument. The price will be Tk 1 lakh to 7 lakh. Bashundhara City shopping mall can be purchased from the World Music or Melody Showroom from the DJ's disc play.

Besides, in our country, DJs, garage, ice gear, MNR, and many other institutions are training DJs. You can contact these organizations if you wish. There are different courses for learning DJ at Garage. It costs 15 to 50 thousand taka. The MNR will take a three-month course of Tk 15,000. To learn two months basic courses, the cost will be 12 thousand rupees.
Suppose, working on disc jockey in one of the events. But the guests of the ceremony were sitting on the back. Is this scene like a nightmare to a DJ? I asked D.J. Sonica said, 'No nightmares. To me it is ominous. ... no, no, no. It's impossible! The way we give pleasure to man, it is not possible to sit on the ground.

The work of a dj is done by taking guests to any event. Disk jockeys or dishes do this by mixing or mixing different songs. Presently various concerts, events and even domestic events are being mailed to the DJs Bangladesh's DESA is working outside the country. According to disc jockeys, if you want to be a DJ, there must be a very good idea about music. If there is any musical playing experience it will be useful.

DJ Rahat said, "There is now a lot of opportunities for the work of the DJs in Bangladesh. Many people have been successful in this profession. "The DJ has become very popular in this country for a long time. Does this trend of Western culture still look bored? DJ Rahat took the question, 'It will be. Those who used to sing the band early in Bangladesh, they also heard many things. It takes a while to accept something new. Those who know well about this trend of culture, I believe they will accept it. '

DJs use tools that can play at least two sources of recorded music simultaneously and mix together in recording to create odd conversions and to create unique mix of songs. Often, these music sources involve aligning beats so that their rhythms play together when the clash does not make or enable a smooth change from one song to the other. DJ often uses special DJ mixers, mix other songs from one song to small audio mixers with crossfader and cue function or Change mixers are used to listen to recorded music sources in headphones and match music playing That is to adjust the upcoming tracks. DJ software can be used to combine audio files on a computer instead of a console mixer with a DG controller device. DJ can use a microphone to talk with viewers; Reverb to create effects such as sound effects and electronic musical instruments such as drum machines and synthesizers.
A person who is an recreational facility that uses radio broadcasts or music as a component.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

What is multimedia? What kind of works can you get by learning Multimedia? - Tech Teacher Debashree

January 29, 2019 0
What is multimedia? What kind of works can you get by learning Multimedia? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Multimedia  is a medium that is presented to viewers / users in a variety of information (such as script, sound, image, animation, video etc.). Multimedia can also be interpreted as an electronic medium through which information about multimedia is captured, stored and used. Multimedia has many similarities with the art of mixed arts. Another name for "Rich Media" or self-contained Media Interactive Multimedia. Multimedia means to say that computer information can be published by adding audio, graphics, pictures, videos and animations, along with writing.

multimedia works

Multimedia is the sum of some media:

  • Writing / script
  • Audio / sound
  • Fixed image
  • Animation
  • Video / moving image
  • Interactivity
  • Linear
  • Presentation
  • Non-linear
  • Interactive

Multimedia can be broadly divided into linear and non-linear classes. Linear things can be seen by viewers without any direction, such as movies. Non-linear issues allow the user to be guided, so that users can use their favorite subjects, such as computer games, computer based training etc. Non-linear multimedia is known as Hypermedia.
The multimedia presentation can be directly or retained. The topics covered can be expressed interactively through a special direction software system. Direct presentations can be interactive with the presenter.
Multimedia can be created / recorded using different electronic devices. Such as a microphone, video camera, speaker, image editing software, scanner etc. Multimedia presentation can be shown on stage through a projector or in the home media player. Broadcasting is a form of multimedia where locally held or directly a program is promoted. Broadcast and incorporated programs can be used in both analog or digital technologies. Digital online multimedia can be seen from online or seen online directly. The last method is called streaming media. Streaming media can be captured or direct.
Multimedia games play privately online or networking can be connected to online games on the Internet or on local area networks.
Various formats of multimedia technology have been discovered to meet users' needs.
Laser Light Show, also a multimedia presentation
It is possible to show high level interactive multimedia through the medium of different formats. Online Media Media is currently more object-oriented and data-controlled. As a result, multimedia is being presented in a variety of ways and easy to user by various software. Examples of this are the gallery created by the users on the website, in order to make arrangements to update the pictures in the context of various events.
What work is available to learn multimedia?

Freelancers can go to work in any company. You can work as a Video Producer / Editor, Software Editor / Mixer, Audio / Video Specialist, Animator, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Creative / Artmanager, Studio Manager etc.
Training and Qualifications :
Many institutes do  offer the short term Certificate Course,long term certificate course etc.
Must be SSC Pass or Graduation or Arts, Design, Engineering Degree as a qualification.If you have the knowledge of computer, expressing power and creative power Priority is available .
Course Cost of up to 5 thousand to 2 lakh rupees till. 2D and 3D animation ,graphics, making film, Game Design, web design etc are given training. 

Starting salary  from 10000 to 15000 rupees per month .It may be increase up to  4 to 8 million rupees. IT companies salary is better.  The entertainment industry is being growing rapidly using advertising agency, Graphic Design, Animation Character modeling and animation such as gaming and e-learning .

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Saturday, 29 December 2018

What Is Animation?What kind of work you can get by learning animation? - Tech Teacher Debashree

December 29, 2018 0
What Is Animation?What kind of work you can get by learning animation? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Today I will talk about Creative Careers. Creative Career is a career that has its own creativity, such as Animation, Multimedia ,Computer Games etc. If you want to take those  as a profession then you must have your own creativity.Animation is a method by which many static images are made consistently in video form.

3D animation,animation tutorial

Animation can be of many types. Such as: Traditional, 2D, 3D, Stop Motion etc. But now we usually see two types of animations on television, in the movies or on the Internet - 2D and 3D. We have seen cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Tarzan, Meena, as well as the little ones that are made in to-d animation. Generally, these animations are made by hand drawing. Currently the animation that is most commonly used is the 3D computer animation. It is created by following several steps with many software. In recent times, we see the most popular Hollywood cinemas, including Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, all of which are created in Computer 3D Animation. There is another topic in addition to 2D and 3D animation. That is Cgi (Computer Graphics) or VSX (Visual Effects). It is closely associated with 3D animation. 

As we watch Hollywood's action, super heroic movies, 50% of them are through Cgi or VSX. And 70% of the work done by CGI is through three-D computer animation. This means that the computer animation can work as well as the VFX sector can work. Although two sectors are very big. Cgi or VSX is the only way to create a set or animation made on a computer with a realistic view. Suppose, in the film, that Superman leapt over the 100th floor and the flight was flying down. Now the question is, how was this video created? He really jumped from the 100th floor? Not at all, In reality, superman chops or leaps up a little high. And the rest of the parts, such as 100-storey building, surroundings, everything from Superman's spiritual super-power are all made through 3D. Then the video clip of the computer that is connected to the 3D and the real Superman video is what the VSX's creativity is. Hundreds of VSX artists working in the role of the hero, all blockbuster blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Since the discovery of animation, its demand was always, now and there will be future. Considering the demand of computer animation abroad, the income and expenditure of animation films are available. And the demand for online marketplace places is also widespread. And there is a great demand for motion graphics in the TV industry in our country.

There are plenty of titles in different channels. There is also a lot of animation in advertising. But animation animation or animation is not in our country. Because it takes a lot of time to learn character animations, it is also very difficult to create an animation film without team. However, it is expected that in our country, the introduction of Character Animation Cinema will start soon. Besides, the government also gave special attention to the games, animations. 

It is very easy to get great budget work. Architectural visualization work is very much in our country. So if someone is skilled in animation then nobody will be left unemployed. Hopefully, many international standards are currently being done in our country. Many people are working outside the country to study computer animation and work in our country.

Animation world is big. So, to come to this sector, there must be some basic idea about a few things. Good idea about computers and the Internet is essential for animations such as other work in the IT sector. Cognitive drawing senses, cinematic techniques, software skills, good knowledge in English. From Google or from YouTube, you should have the skills to learn writing or tutorials from related websites and learn them.The issue of earning in animation will depend on qualifications, hard work and proper platform. Since skilled animeter is low in demand quantity in the country, it can be possible to earn a lot if it is proficient in this sector. It may be over a million rupees a month. And if working with online market place or any major company or organization in the world, it is possible to earn from the lowest amount of thousands of dollars to ten thousand dollars or more per month. It is not very difficult to earn a good income from the person or the team but it works well. But considering the income, it is not possible to do very well in this artistic work. These things have to be done since I feel good. When working well then it will be earning, it does not say.Talk to those who are working in this sector. Read many more articles on Google. If you do not already have a computer running experience then you should first learn the computer. Then learn different software work, such as Photoshop, Illustrate, Maya etc. Also do not forget to practice hand paintings. If you are really interested, then get a lot of education on this topic. Prepare yourself in the field and get ready. It is possible not to do this if there is a strong desire and strength to work, it is possible to succeed by doing any work.

The youngsters have to decide first, really they want to learn animation? Can he give time for that? After the goal is set, he must start his pursuit. It is not possible to do well overnight in this sector. So the foundation must be built in the same way. If you want to do well, you have to pursue years of practice. This does not mean that he will be pursuing for years, but he can not earn any money. Earnings will begin to come from roughly after learning. 

However, it is a time-consuming process to be fully successful. Another thing to say is that there is no shortcut way of learning animation or a short road. You have to learn all the hardships. In this case, any college or university will be easy to study if it is studied over arts, or multimedia. Combination of words and pictures  create  Animation. 

You have seen many fun stories  of the cartoon on TV  .
If you learn the animation,You  also create such cartoon.
After being training, willing students can go cartoon animations, film animations, advertisements, gaming, etc. Anyway, 10 to 20 thousand rupees can be earned at the beginning.Gaming companies have the opportunity to choose their own choice for various type works.  Animatores can work  graphics designing website design and can start with freelancing and start own studio with jobs, foreign companies are now outsourcing. Has productive modeling capabilities, there are plenty of opportunities to have creative power.

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