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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

How to send a suitable buyer request? Tech Teacher Debashree

October 23, 2019 0
How to send a suitable buyer request?  Tech Teacher Debashree
How to send a suitable buyer request?  Tech Teacher Debashree
How to send a suitable buyer request?  Tech Teacher Debashree

1) Choose the right offer: Only send requests in the request for the request and the subject matter for which you are fully scaled.

2) Take your time to read the description : Many people send offers without fully understanding everything! Avoid it completely.
All you have to do is take the time to read the complete request from Bayer. First, understand what Buyer is asking for, then you will be able to do the job 5% correctly. You can then click on "send offer".

3) Keep your description clear, concise and to the point : Your offer must be written professionally.
 "Hello SIR / MADAM"
"Good morning / evening / other greetings"
"How are you?"
Avoid such unprofessional and irrelevant writing.

4) Copy pasted request to Everyone : There are many new people who have made a specific message ready, copy and paste the same message to your category if you get a request.
Are you a member of that group? So avoid it today. That way it is never possible to get an order, because different clients will want different things, how will the same thing be sent to everyone !? Yes, you can send a few things together, but if you think about sending the same ready-made item to everyone, then you lose the hope of getting the order.

You are sending a Buyer request, not Eid wishes, that everyone will copy and paste the same thing.

5) Short and Sweet : Always try to write offers as briefly as possible. Because you get lots of requests in addition to that, all the requests are a lot of trouble to read, so it is much more likely to avoid extra large requests.
Therefore, always keep in mind that the offer does not become too big of a subscription requirement.

6) Proper Pricing : Please do not send chicken purchase offer to the person who has come up with a budget to buy a cow! Remember, most clients want good quality, not low price.
If you think you have not yet been able to work at higher prices - so to make it work in this situation, make it low price, then quickly close the Fiber tab and go to YouTube / Google and focus on increasing your skill. Will definitely come back to Fiverr when able to work at a reasonable price.

7) Include the keyword : Buyer should use the keywords properly used in the offer. Bayer can understand that you are well aware of what he wants and that you understand all his requirements properly.

8) Proofread offers : Before submitting an offer, take a look at everything else like a test account, no mistakes.

9) Others : Sending a proper buy request cannot be learned suddenly in one day, after many experiments you will gradually understand how to send a suitable offer. So follow the above rules, be patient, send a regular request.
Many people who sit down to give their jobs to Skilled, patiently keep trying - you'll get it.

Watch Video about Buyer Request

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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Some exclusive tips for getting lots of work done in the Fiverr Marketplace- Tech Teacher Debashree

September 01, 2019 0
Some exclusive tips for getting lots of work done in the Fiverr Marketplace- Tech Teacher Debashree
Some exclusive tips for getting lots of work done in the Fiverr Marketplace

Fiverr ( has already become known as the most popular marketplace. Many people are less inclined to work at the gig rate 5 dollars in this marketplace. That's not really the case. Many who work in this marketplace are earning an average of $ 5 per month.

What kind of gigs are sold more in Fiverr?
Generally creative types of gigs are over-sold. Examples of creative gigs. For example:

animation video, video making, vector tracing, bizarre services, proofreading, content creation like blog posts, artwork creation like sketches or logos, book cover, 3D product design, business card design, website speed optimization, web traffic, web development etc.
How to put a gig in search results first?

When a buyer needs a service, he searches on Fiverr. If you find your gig early in the search then your sales potential increases. I teach tips on getting the gig to search results first.

Step 1:
Optimize Gig:

1) Make the title of the gig interesting. So that anyone who is attracted to go inside to see the title. Make sure to use the search keywords in the title.

2) Use related keywords for tags.

3) Use something like this to suddenly catch someone's attention when using a picture. Going beyond the traditional, doing something exceptionally appeals to people. So try that.

4) If you use video at a gig, then the sales potential increases by 5%. It's said from the Fever Authority. So try, following the rules of Fever, making a video to use in a gig. According to statistics from last year, the Fiverr blog revealed that the gigs that went to video had a huge increase in sales. Not only that, all the cellars who have presented their work in the video have increased their sales by 5% and those who have expressed their videos through video effects, animation, writing, still images, etc. have increased by 5%. The music and audio category of those who had a video cell grew by an incredible 5%. So the importance of video at the gig is clear, hopefully.

Now let's talk about Fiverr's rules about video

1. Video must be 5 minutes or less

2. The phrase "Exclusivehievement:

If you can bring a lot of people inside the gig, that is, you can read a lot of people to the gig, then the popularity of that gig is achieved. A lot of people have to use some SEO tips to click on the link in the gig.

1.Campaigns on social media:
Exclusively on Fiverr" is a must have at the gig. Write it down, say it face to face, or do it with pictures.

 2.You can never add a video to a gig if the video is rejected three times in a row. So be careful. The video above is usually rejuvenated by doing the above 1,2.

3. The video must be based on the gig.

4. You can add the same video to multiple gigs.

5. Gigs usually show within 24 hours of the video being added.

6. You can change the video as often as you like after the video is published. Thumbnail can also be customized.
ep 2:
7.Once the gig is optimized, it depends on two factors to stay on top of the search. These two things are: gig populity, gig reviews.

Topic 1: Gig Populity Ac
Share the gig on popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, etc.).

Gig Link Promotion via Gig Related Blogpost:

If the gig is related to logo design, you can write a blogpost with tips on interesting logo design. This post will be read by a lot of people, it will attract a lot of people writing. If you come to the gig link in the post, you can bring many visitors to the gig.

Increase the popularity of the gig using these two methods.

Topic 2: Increasing Gig Review:
If you do the above, you can expect to get some gig sale orders very quickly. Get good feedback from Bayer on how the gig works and deliver timely work. As soon as you get good feedback, your gig will continue to rise above search.

If the whole post works, you can definitely sell a lot of gigs in Fiverr. Hope you will let me know on Facebook if this post is successful. Good preparation, work without planned preparation will not succeed, but it will be too late. So do it right, or else fail if you don't get the blame for luck.

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Sunday, 9 June 2019

What are the two biggest advantages of Freelancer?Tech Teacher Debashree

June 09, 2019 0
What are the two biggest advantages of Freelancer?Tech Teacher Debashree
What are the two biggest advantages of Freelancer
What are the two biggest advantages of Freelancer?

From 9 am to 5 pm work in offices, or office politics, can become an uncomfortable job of crossing unbearable jams. If you want to do something on your own outside the office's tied rules, then freelancing can be the best choice for you.

But will freelancing just give you freedom to do something for yourself or much more?
A freelancer is independent in his work. This does not mean that it will not work. Instead of an office your place of work will be your laptop or computer. Instead of working for specific people, you will work for different clients. A freelancer is also free to pay for his fee. Depending on the skill you can earn. So to be a successful freelancer, first of all you need your skills. Keep in mind that freelancers are earning in the same way as income but not always the same. So to be a freelancer, you have to prepare for these issues as well as these skills. So let's see what the three biggest benefits to being a freelancer

What are the three biggest benefits to Freelancer?

  • Freedom
  • The certainty of income according to efficiency
  • The pleasure of doing something himself

Freedom is the biggest asset of a freelancer. You can work happily from wherever you want. Wherever your computer or laptop and internet connection will be your office. You do not even have to wear formal dresses to work. At the end of the work, the determination will be within your reach so you can do arbitrary work. Under whom you work, you decide on yourself.

To become a freelancer requires the skills first. If you are capable of doing what you want or want to do then you can claim a fee according to your qualifications. And do not work if you do not like the remuneration.

The biggest advantage of being a freelancer is the pleasure of doing something himself. Your boss yourself You will do the best to do the job. You can be one of the few fortunate people who could take their passion as a profession.

Earn skills for your successful career not to run behind the job skills. Because only the expert can keep you one step ahead of others. Come to CodersTrust for the skill of world-class training.

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Friday, 7 June 2019

Why choose freelancing as well as job?Tech Teacher Debashree

June 07, 2019 0
Why choose freelancing as well as job?Tech Teacher Debashree
Why choose freelancing as well as job
Why choose freelancing as well as job

Getting a job in the current competitive era is very difficult and it becomes more fortunate if a job is available which you love to do. Some of the things you can express your skills, you will never have to bother doing the day after day. But that fortune does not happen most of us, and by ending the graduation, you may be doing less pay work, where there is no chance to prove the skill, nor the joy of learning something new. Doing something annoying, you may have lost the joy of doing work. Here's the fun of freelancing, a freelancer is different from any other professional and independent.
There is no limit on the work in freelancing marketplaces. 
There are almost all types of work, and many obsolete works are also found here. The fact is that you do not have any expertise on anything, you can earn by using it here.


The interesting thing is that in the job you have already acquired a skill in one of the subjects. Why not earn extra income by utilizing those skills? Even if you want to earn your skills as well as education, you can bear the cost of your own studies or earn extra income. Freelancing does not require much time. Just the skills required and the humanity to stay in the leg.Why lose the opportunity of a little more income at the present time? Along with employment, many people choose freelancing because they are,

The scope of acquiring skills
Better career guarantees
Since income is based on efficiency, you can increase your income
Freedom to work, you will work like your time
Work can be done from anywhere, so there is no difficulty in reaching the office on time
Since the deadlines to finish the work you can give yourself, the job's orientation will depend on you
Not the educational qualifications but the most important ones. So there is no subject matter in your result freelancing.
The most important thing is to gain skills. If you can gain skills, it will be very easy for you to achieve success in freelancing. So you should be the first target to achieve your skills. If your study is not over yet, you should also pursue a course to improve skills as well as study. You can increase your skills without doing the course. And work as well as you can work for achieving more efficiency on the same thing as well as the time when it is good for the job.

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Monday, 20 May 2019

Easy Tips for Getting Fiverr Marketplace? - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 20, 2019 0
Easy Tips for Getting Fiverr Marketplace?  - Tech Teacher Debashree
Easy Tips for Getting Fiverr Marketplace?

Fiverr is a marketplace that has many types of work. It is available in almost all types of fiverr work online. This marketplace has many clients. But working here in a new situation is a great deal. It is possible to get work faster if working in compliance with some rules to get quick work in a new situation here.

1 / profile: First, set up your account's profile. Write down what you write about yourself or your qualifications so that someone can be attracted. But of course, keep in mind that always give the right information in the profile settings, do not give any wrong information. It's harmful for your account. Of course, add your skills.

2 / Serving prize: Since working in a new situation is a little difficult, so at the first stage the prize is less good. It will help you get to work quickly. Extra Delivery Search and Extra Job Prize will all be limited to Limited as we get new work faster.

3 / Gig DESCRIPTION: Write a good post about the service you want to give to your gig. Write about the services you want to give to this gig. Write the post very beautifully so that it can attract others. You must give the gig description very well. Because, seeing this, a client will be attracted to work for you.

                         Watch the video

4 / Gig search tags: Search tags are very important a topic. A person can search your gig by searching through. You can use 5 search tags in one gig. The search tag must give gig relativity. In other words, you will find some words in the search tag that if you search for a buyer, then find your gigabyte.
And  Gig will definitely give the title and if you can try to use keywords in titles.

5 / Photo and Video: Gig must upload the work of gig relative work. Best of all, if you upload one video to Gig. This will give you more importance of the client and the trust will be more.

6 / Social Media: After a gig publication there are many gigs in your relation there. So to keep your gig in front of the clients and to bring Gagi on the fast page, you have to do social media marketing.

To publish Gig link in social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc. As a result, the visitor of Gig will increase, the clicks will increase, the impressions will increase, which will increase your fiber and increase your work. As a result, your gigabyte will be on the fast page. This will be very easy to get your client.

Because the clients choose most people from the fast page. So to get quick work, social media marketing is the most needed.

7 / Buyer Requests:  There are many clients who do not have the time to offer work to many people by gig, and they work to buy a buyer for quick work. If you have a buyer request request, you can go to your profile and go to the buyer request option. However, do not send SMS to any buyer request without your gig related services.
If you have a Gig related buyer request, you will offer them an offer. The SMS replays will be done in such a way that the buyer can tell you that he has done his job and he can do it. Replay a pretty nice one so that the buyer is attracted to you. However, you will have to be active more time to get a buyer's request.

Especially the buyer's request is available at RAE. But there is no specific time to get a buyer's request. Anytime you have to be active, you also need to be active.

By following all the rules, you will get a good result and you can build a good career with the Marketplace. However, after gig is complete, social media marketing and buyer request will help you get the most out of work. If you can do these two jobs, you will get a job very quickly.

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Sunday, 28 April 2019

For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer! - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 28, 2019 0
For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer! - Tech Teacher Debashree
For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer!
For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer

Dear reader! Many people think I might underestimate others by seeing the title of my tune. If you have such thoughts about my post title then the remaining ones are not for you. I'm basically writing posts for those who see something good before their eyes but can not own them. Or can not understand how they can actually establish themselves as a successful freelancer.

There are some things you can do to help you fulfill your dreams of becoming a freelancer. See, because of the things I neglect here, you do not have to do more than just look at yourself, and if you can, make those things positive yourself. Then maybe you will not have to look back. So let's not see the reasons why you can not be a successful freelancer due to the reasons-
Persistence degradation:
The origin of the freelancer! This quality is not within you. You can not be perseverant or never tried Think of one thing, you might think, "I'll be successful either" or "I'll be the same as that brother, that'll be," if you see all other successful freelancers earning through freelancing. There are many things to see, this is true in many cases. But only what you want to do is because you do not shout because it does not make any sense. Your success will never come. Because the brother you want to be like a brother is a lot of persuasive but what are you doing? You do not need to do more if you want success or to succeed! Just need to "intensify" your choice about your choice! Once you start perseverance. Thank you, your success will see the hand of cataracts!
Those who are not perseverant can never assess the time. Because when you start perseverance, you have to think a lot about time. Many people who have come to freelance with this thought that "money flies in the sky" are seen. In fact- Eeto money fly! What! Do not you believe? Once in Freelance sites, millions of dollars are posted daily. Of which 50% of the work is completed and the remainder were canceled due to lack of staff. You never believe in it because you do not have time to visit these sites. Because you're busy with timelessness !!!
3. Unexpectedly running behind the money:
Come again "take the money in the sky". At present, there are some freelancers in our country. Those who do not really know the meaning of "freelance" or "freelancing". Let's say a little brief for them.
What is outsourcing or phrilling?
Outsourcing or freelancing is the most serious foundation of the economic driving force in many countries of the world including Bangladesh. Especially for youths who want to run their pocket expenses as well as study. One time they got involved in this profession in such a way that their future income becomes a permanent way of progress.
Outsourcing and Freelancing We both understand the same thing. They differ from fundamentally, I am briefly saying their fundamental differences. Outsourcing means bringing out any work or information from external media or sending your own work or information to others. In this case, only freelancing can not be called outsourcing alone. Any topic can be associated with it. In this case, the work of local / country is not known as outsourcing.

And freelancing means, means to work freely or independently. In this case, freelancers are said to be neither collective nor ever, nor can they ever be. Freelancers work with everyone from abroad to complete independence in their own country. Nobody can interrupt or obstruct him. But yes, in this case, if someone does not work on his / her own efforts, then he or she can not be called free or independent freelancer. In this case, it is good to say that the freelance is covered under the full registration and the bureaucratic work is made to make a small amount from the freelance company.

See you work you know it will work, but it's okay. However, if you are silent, will anyone know you? Will you work? If you want to make money, you will need to know your quality. Need to prove that you do best! If you do not do this way, you will just leave behind the money, the money will not be filled by freelance money.
Absence of learning to work:
The newcomers most respected in this matter. Many people ask, "Brother, what is the easiest job? That does not have to learn anything ". Phrilansim who says that is not for them! Because, if you want to earn income even by doing simple writing, you need to know how to write a job or write how much beauty you can write, buyer will pick you up from everybody! Many people say, brother I want to learn graphics or web design but where to learn, I do not know who to learn. For them, the Creator has not sent you blindly, is not it? You can at least browse / run the net. Do not Google then you are looking for that matter. If you are looking for web design tutorial, then enter the keyword "Free Web Design Tutorials" or "Free Web Design Video Tutorials". I'm 100% sure you can get your desired object. Remember one thing, you can now find things in Bangla in 2012, but there were not a few years ago in Bangla. Those who are successful today, but at one time you were just like them. They are today's successful personality by making a lot of battles from this huge field on the Internet. If you do not like them or do not, will you try to find yourself? If you do not get it, then take it. Use your thoughts and intellectual strength. Otherwise, you can not find anything from your own time!
Start freelancing from wrong ideas:
What is the wrong idea of ​​freelancing, it may not be said at this time. Writing above is "Outsourcing or Freelancing What?" If you understand this fact well then nobody will mislead you. Even then, suppose you came to freelancing yourself by seeing those who were frustrated at freelancing. But, you did not know exactly what your brother or sister did in the service of the freelancer. And because of knowing your name, some Koolangars will take the opportunity to grab your valuable time, labor, and money in the present society. Actually, I have seen many people now seeing that some people invest their money by selling their property and they are worthless jobs. Once you were thinking or looking, you got to see the success of the brother or sister next to you and asked to freelancing. It may be that he has invested money to learn the job but not getting the job. 🙂

Tune's main discussion ends here! See your way again. If you have any one of the above five reasons, you will never be successful freelancer. Do you find any similarity for yourself with the above ones? If you have found a match and dreams are successful, then you are walking in the wrong way!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Fulfilling your dreams - Freelance outsourcing - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 16, 2019 0
Fulfilling your dreams - Freelance outsourcing - Tech Teacher Debashree
Fulfilling your dreams - Freelance outsourcing
Fulfilling your dreams - Freelance outsourcing

Many people want to make money  from freelancing outsourcing. Because there is a rumor that there are thousands of dollars online. Now the pockets just left. But the rumor is really true. The only problem is finding you the right road. The first time, when the Internet has the idea of ​​preparing the money, many mothers are doing PTC adfly etc. (I am not saying bad to worry about raising money, carrying out my own expenses, how good a job it carries, it does not understand why it does not, it can not even explain why it is irritating to seek money from my family again and again. ) But it can be seen that after a few days, all of them followed a false commentary. 
Those who have a little patience and know the right path, they should not have problems. Because the position of Bangladesh at Freelance Market Place proves that.Freelancing is easy and easy to use. Even without making any changes in your daily routine, freelancing can be good money.

If you do not know any work, just knowing basic computing, word processing, web surfing, then freelancing can make a good money from a general employer. And if you know how to work, you can earn more than a banker. The banker's point of view is that in Bangladesh or in the bank, the job salaries are much more. I can give many examples, which are more than $ 100 per hour salary. Now calculate one day if he works for 5 hours then how much money does the month? The more interesting thing is that he can work his / her dash for 5 hours a day.
Now it is necessary that the correct guide line or the correct path. There is no lack of way. Ask yourself what you can do. And with that you can work. You can only afford 1-5 dollars per hour by just browsing. How to ask if there is a lot of work to do in search of where the data is stored by the buyer in Excel or ward, the buyer has to give or converts from the word processor to the spreadsheet. A beautiful name is a data entry. And it seems like a simple job is not there in the world. And if you have a better sense of computing, waiting for you is a better job, better money. There is a simple task to check out the web site. The small description is that new sites are created to be checked with different web browsers. If there is a problem, make a report of it. And such a rigor is around a Bigener Web developer.
If you can not do anything then there is no problem. You have information store - internet. If you ask me what the question is, then in English I can not find anything in Bengali. Nah! The day has really changed now. Now you get all in bangladesh.
Thousands of information are waiting for you. English is not so difficult You will be able to understand yourself. And if you do not like to read English, you can see the video tutorial. YouTube is no longer a subject that has no video tutorial. Really acharya matter. I would like to tell everyone about what to do first search for YouTube. If YouTube is not available then get help from Google

Who knows freelancing? Yes, for those who can dream. And for those who are lazy, or those who do not want to stay tied in 10-5 ghee. Freelancing will get lots of fun. Why do not you have fun? You want to go to Cox's Bazar today. You said to your friend come today a little bit. Many days have passed away in Dhaka from the mind. The friend said, "I have a lot of work in my office." If you go now, you will hear the boss. But you're a little crazy type, so that's what. So you are running with your favorite laptop and modem to Cox's Bazar. Here you are hiring a freelancing site for a job. So sitting on the bus, doing some work, the rest of the rest at Sea Beach. The money is also deposited in your account. Do fun, work and turn together. Oh!! If the value of work is more than your friend then there is no word. Peace and peace Actually it's a story but it's also real. Those who freelancing can do such fun.
I have seen many people who have started freelancing from leaving their favorite jobs or there are some people who will start within a few days.There is a lot of fun. Actually, working on the internet can be much better. Much better Writing this post is just for writing a few short stories.

For those who want to start freelancing, there will be a lot of trouble for many to choose. Because there are many good freelancing spots. ODesk is the newest ones who are good for them. Another one is Illance. I have so much to say about it because I myself. Because on other sites I did not get a response by bidding many things. But here's a few bids I got the job with the response. oDesk has beautiful navigation. Not so difficult. It can easily be done to save your own choice. If you work, payment is not a problem. The best skill test on it is the best. It is easy to find work that proves your eligibility. Where other sites have to pay a fee for the test.
And if you think about honoring your job, then the honor of freelancing is not low. A few days ago, on the way to the university, I saw a private car written by the freelance banker. Perhaps a few more days after the freelance programmer, Freelance Web Developer And yet the position of the freelance marketing managers is very strong. Because marketing is the best and the latest tool is the Internet. And the search engine offtimers have to take their place here very well.
Hopefully those who are interested in freelancing will start with no eyes. It's going to start. And if you think that getting work is hard, I do not know how to start, without knowing. Those who do not know if they are regularly visiting the freelance site then you can understand what you want to learn. There will be an interest in learning from yourself, and you can start working after learning. It's hard to find the first job first. But if you sit still, then it will not be. Those who are new to us today are old by working. So you start to bid for work and see how easy it is to work and you can become a successful freelancer.

Best wishes for everyone. Everyone can fulfill their dreams. And if you want to be a freelancer then pray that you can be a successful freelancer.

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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Apart from getting jobs,You can starting an online home based independent business - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 02, 2019 0
Apart from getting jobs,You can starting an online home based independent business - Tech Teacher Debashree
Apart from getting jobs,You can starting an online home based independent business
Apart from getting jobs,You can starting an online home based independent business 

After doing the graduation, our first aim is to find a job. Many people started searching for jobs before graduation. The need to enter the job before the completion of the reading. And the name continues to sell invaluable times of his life at just the price.Common questions are available from known strangers to everyone. What are you doing? If I was admitted to an institution, I would say, study. Although the Institute does not need to be written to read.

If I do not read anything, then I do not say anything. Then the question of the master does not look good.  if the answer is the job, in that company, then surely the suggestion looks great. But there is a lot better to do than get jobs. If the job means to make money, then there are many beautiful ways to earn money honestly.

As long as the job is done, money is still there. Work is closed and money is closed. And at the end of the month an AMOUNT. Which ended in the first week. The rest of the month have to be done again and again.
What happens if you earn money all the time? Even if you did not work? Is it impossible to make money? Of course not. There are many beautiful paths. Doing business, investing, doing creative work such as designing, developing, writing / blogging, photography, and more. From these, royalty income continues to come. The first time is to give first time. After that, there is no time to spare. The first time you have to give, it is less than the time of finding a job. Much less trouble

If you work, your salary will not increase. Two times a year, a little something is raised. But if you do your own work, then the salary can be increased. It's only a little bit of effort.

Many people take a lot of training for job search, or read many books. But if we did not take that book or training to increase our skills, we would have learned a lot. Those things can be used to do better.If people are employed, the experience of the people is on one subject. Everything is changing day by day. Once upon a time to work on a new topic, it can not adapt itself. Many of them have to quit the job.

There is always a thought in mind, is everything right? The job will not go away. Boss will not be angry. Etc. But there is no point in thinking about these things.

Well, the job does not help to make the person inelastic? At the end of the month, you get a little bit of money. Many of them may have been in that little amount.. Those who can be honest, they try to do extra work. And no, many sell their honesty. Destruction of human freedom The most worthwhile thing.

Apart from this, you can not spend the holiday as you wish. Many times the holidays are not available during the time of need. In these cases, freelancers get a good advantage. Vacations can be done when needed. But the freelancers have to work all the time. If you do not work for a week, you do not have the money to spend the next week, unless you save it before. And the best way is to create a passive income path. An income will come even when not working. But he must work harder.

Not neglected to work. But many people do a lot to get jobs. It gets frustrated without getting a job. To waste the time, give an offer to submit the CV from one offshore to another. Even the evil ways also follow. But to write about something that can be done better than doing this job.

I am writing about many ways, besides being employed, write about them. At first I was writing about business. I have no business experience. Business is certainly better than employing. If you do not have the experience of doing business, those who have sufficient knowledge can be invented with partner.

If there is no money to invest? There are many more ways. There might be a lot of ways to do offline. I do not write because I do not know. Writing about the things that can be done online. Among them one of the designing.


Designing your own designs can be uploaded on many sites online. If you later sell the money in your account, then the money is being deposited. At first there may not be much money, but once a month, a good revenue will come. Which will continue to grow slowly.

Web development:

Web sites can be created when web development is known. Creating a web site on a particular topic can easily be earned from it. Through advertise or affiliate Here is a good time after a certain time after the first few days have come good revenues.

If web development is well-known, then templates can be created for web site. You will get A good royalty income can be generated by selling those.

Make video:

If a person is able to learn something else, then learn how to do another, create videos and easily generate revenue. YouTube is a beautiful place There are also many web sites like Coursera. Where to create a tutorial on any topic. Making videos is not a difficult task.

Besides, there is also a video of a place to earn from it also. You can create video on any place in your area. Not everyone can go there. But many people want to go or see or want to see. So, making such a video can be something better done. Simple, but good revenues.

Software development:

Software development can be made if you know the development. If you have good ideas and  you can create a good software, there will be enough revenue from a software. It is not always possible to do any big project, it is possible to do something good with something but simple but effective. Creating a small but shoddy work software is not so difficult.

Mobile App Development:

Besides,in mobile markets, now there are good career . An app for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone can be made. In the short period of time, these development skills can be learned from the time people search for jobs. One night, there are many beautiful stories like Millionaires, mobile apps. App selling for royalty income is a nice and good way. It is very easy to learn and earn quickly.

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