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Monday, 22 April 2019

What is Google AdSense and its use? - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 22, 2019 0
What is Google AdSense and its use? - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is Google AdSense and its use?
What is Google AdSense and its use?

With the term AdSense, we are more familiar to each other. Many people think a question is really what can earn from Adsense? The answer is, yes you can earn income from AdSense. Due to the lack of proper guideline, many people are unable to work in AdSense.Google adsense is one of the ways to earn online. Everyone likes it because of ad size and design. Google also paid the money earned from Google AdSense very loyally. Because of this Google AdSense is the top of all.

Let's not know first what is AdSense?
Before earning from Google Adsense, let's not know anything about AdSense. Everyone knows that Google Adsense is an Internet-based advertising agency, which Google itself is operating. Google earns several companies by displaying advertisements on their websites in exchange for the money they have. Google Adsense earns 68 paisa of the money earned by the publishers and the other 32 percent of the money themselves. Google Adsense usually displays advertisements on various types of text, images and video formats. Per-Click and Per-Impression calculate the amount paid to the publishers in all these advertisements. Hope you understand what AdSense is.

How does Google AdSense work?
There is a large section of Google AdSense and a team of developers, who are working to get it to a good position every day. Google usually collects all the information and cookies on a site first. Then display advertisements by dividing on content through special podging and javascript. These advertisements give publishers the opportunity to earn two ways. For some websites only those who open the site and view advertisements and click on an advertisement on some websites, rate-based payments. However, there are different ads and click rates based on the ranking of each blog / website. Also, the ad click rate is different according to the size and type of ad.

How to start Google Adsense? How to earn?
Google Adsense, a digital marketing system that started 14 years ago, has become an acceptable topic for many of our countries since the beginning. Nothing has changed over time. Now the acceptance of Bengali language has increased to many internet users. The issue has caught the attention of Google AdSense authorities. In view of this, Google Adsense has changed its previous policy last year and allowed the Bengali language website to work well with Google Adsense ads. Those who are working on Google AdSense, those who are interested in this, are more interested in both these issues than ever before. * The article is published as a Computer Diversion cover report.
Google Adsense is working on a large part of our country or those who work online with the help of a computer and internet line, they are involved in earning foreign currency earnings. Google Adsense, a digital marketing system that started 14 years ago, has been an acceptable topic to many of our people since the beginning. Among the policies of Google AdSense, one of the policies was quite restrictive for our country's Google AdSense earners. It is not able to work in Google Adsense by creating a website in Bangla. The Google Adsense Authority of the siege used to make clear that Google Adsense does not understand the Bengali language. So they do not even support Bengali language. Nevertheless, those who worked well were working in a website or blog in English. Nothing has changed over time. Now the acceptance of Bengali language has increased to many internet users. Google AdSense caught the attention of the matter His retrospective Google AdSense last year changed its previous policy and allowed the Bengali language website to work well with Google Adsense advertising. Those who are working on Google AdSense, those who are interested in this, both of them are increasingly more than ever before. With the importance of time, we prepared the cover report for those who are now very interested in Google Adsense.
Why Google AdSense:
Google AdSense is a digital marketing method known around the world. Marketing is done online through advertising online. It can be easily trusted in this marketing method. If you have a website you can earn through Google Adsense. Google Adsense does not have to start work by paying a certain amount of money to Google AdSense. Actually Google AdSense is a web application that Google has created. Through this application, digital marketing is effective in a special way.
How to earn in Google Adsense?

Google Adsense will determine how much you earn by advertising Google Adsense on your website in CPC or Cost Per Click Method. If you click on the ads placed on the webpage in this method, then the specific amount of dollars or cents will come to your account. However, if you get a click on the ad, how much money will you get, depending on the CTR or the click thru rate of your web page. Now let's go to an example to make the whole thing easy. Take a look at your web page, you get a Google Adsense advertisement ad and get it. Now your click thro rate is 1% because every day the page is viewed 400 times and 4 clicks in the ad. It earns 25 cents per click. Your income is 1 dollar. Here you will get more than 255 clicks per click, when your page will be seen more than 4 clicks on advertising every time 400 views per day or the click through rate will increase by 1%. As you see, if you see that page goes up 4000 times every day, you will earn 10 dollars per day because of 40 clicks on the advertisement. Similarly, if the page is seen 40,000 times daily and gets 400 clicks on the ad every day, you will earn 100 dollars a day. Lastly, if your CTR or click thro rate is 1% correct, if the number of page views increases and the number of clicks on the ads increases in the same ratio, then your daily earnings will increase.

Now let's give you a more interesting information. You think, visitors to your web page are coming good every day and showing interest. But Google Adsense is not interested in clicking on the ads to be placed on the page. So earning Google Adsense is really a difficult thing for you. No, you do not have to worry. Google AdSense has made arrangements here. You can now earn CPM i.e. Cost Per Impression Method. If you are interested in viewing this web page 1000 times every day 1000 pages are visited only, then you can earn $ 1 without clicking on any type of ad. Thus, you will earn 30 dollars in the month. And if the visitor is 40,000, then you can earn $ 100 per month for $ 120 a month.
Get paid Google AdSense

The money earned through Google AdSense will be credited to your Google AdSense account. You will be able to see it when you go to that account. However, this earnings will come to you in Bangladesh via check or in your bank account. When the amount of money earned through Google AdSense becomes $ 10 or more, you will be able to bring it into your country's bank account. There is nothing to fear of excess. The matter is very simple. In the Google Adsense Account, you will have to give your bank's bank name and bank account number in My Option. Then order willdro. The money will come to your bank account within 15 days of the order.

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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Follow these tips to protect against the suspension of Adsense account - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 06, 2019 0
Follow these tips to protect against the suspension of Adsense account - Tech Teacher Debashree
Follow these tips to protect against the suspension of Adsense account.

Follow these tips to protect against the suspension of Adsense account
We all know very well that the main way to earn money from any website or blog is to display advertisements and the company that is most likely to do so, Google Google can offer this opportunity to any website or blog owner through their adsense. (If it is appropriate) but Google Adsense is approved for your site, then there are some restrictions that will be prohibited. You can earn money from the money and if you do not eat the ban. There are many reasons for eating bananas, among which I am sharing some tips with you today that can be used to protect you from being a Google Adsense banner. So let's look at the tips without delay.

1. You never use PTC related ad websites or blogs.

2. Never hide the Adsense ad-on, below your site menu, the slider or the image. Because the account will be banned by clicking on Visitor Accidental Ad.

3. Do not tell anyone on a social network to click on your ad because AdSense always tracks where the click comes from.

4. At least 70% of visitors visit your blog or web site or search engine or organic. If your visitor comes from social sites, then the account is likely to close.

5. Never copy and post a post from another web site or blog.

6. Never use AdSense Add Page on page, contact page, About us / me page, Privacy policy, etc.

7. Try using good quality keywords Hacking or Drugs Do not use keywords in this type because they are not acceptable to Google.

8. Do not try Black Hat SEO.

9. Do not exchange linked links without the related sites. This means that you can share links to those sites that match the content of your site.

10. Do not place adult content or pornography on the site.

11. Do not use any other low-quality advertising network with Adsense.

12. Do not write anything that indicates visitors are adcycled.

13. Never try to edit the add code. You will use the way Adsense will give you the same way.

14. AdSense hates spam, so do not keep your link in any sites spammed.

15. Do not use pop-ups on your blog or site because AdSense hate it.

16. Posting on your blog or on the website of the web site, the post that each of the posts will be of value. Just like Edsens was before.

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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Google AdSense Tutorial - What is the CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR in AdSense? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 03, 2019 0
Google AdSense Tutorial - What is the CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR in AdSense? - Tech Teacher Debashree
The topic I am discussing today is very simple but an important issue for Adsense Publishers. Many people can not increase their earnings from their AdSense account because they do not know clearly about this simple matter. Adsense publishers pay for ads by Google, largely based on CPC and RPM. In that case the higher the website's CPC and the higher the RPM rate, the higher the income of the website. Those three people who are heading around with this easy three things will be clear if they read this post carefully.

Google AdSense Tutorial - What is the CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR in AdSense
Google AdSense Tutorial - What is the CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR in AdSense

The main and only way to increase revenue from Google Adsense is to increase blog traffic. The more visitors who will be able to earn more from the adsense they will be in the blog. Prior to discussing the key point of the post, it is a matter of fact that the basic idea of ​​our today's post is not to increase CPC and RPM, but to take basic ideas about Google AdSense CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR. Later, we will share a post about CPC and RPM increase.
What is CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR?
Today we will discuss and discuss these three topics in a different way. But before that there are some other issues related to them that if you do not know or do not clearly understand your concept will not be cleared.
Click key: Click Ads for Google adsense means click only. This page does not indicate how many pages of your website are clicked.
Impression Key: This is interpreted by every page view on your blog. The law also indicates an Individual Ad View with Page View, Ad View, on your blog. Generally Impression is of three types, namely- Page views, Page impressions, and Ad impression.
Pageviews are meant by how many ads the visitor saw on your desired blog page. Suppose your blog has a total of 3 ads on a page, but the visitor did not see all the advertisements on that page ie, because of an advertisement, it did not go above the browser. In that case, your page views will be counted as 2.
Page impression: Page views and Page impression are the same thing. The two meanings are almost the same type.
Ad impression: It calculates the number of ads displayed on each page of your blog. Suppose your blog has 3 ads in a post and the post has been visited 5 times in total. In this case, Ad impression will be calculated as 3x5 = 15 which means 15 ad impressions of the desired post will be calculated.
What is CTR (Click Through Rate)?
CTR is used to explain how many times an advertisement has been clicked on a blog or a total view of the advertisement on the website. For example - Suppose many pages of your blog have been 100 views and only 10 visitors clicked on Add. In that case your CTR will be 10%. If the page view of your blog is 100 and 50 times clicked on the ad, then your CTR will be 50%. This CTR is calculated only by the number of clicks on the viewer's view of your advertisement.
What is CPC (Cost Per Click)?
There is no need to say anything more about Cost Per Click. Because you understand yourself what it means. Understanding Adsense How much you will pay for clicks on your ads. In this case, the higher the clit rate, the greater the income. Suppose - your CPC rate is 0.03 $, in which case you get $ 0.03 per ad click.
What is Revenue Per Mile?
It is calculated by calculating how many dollars will be given per 1000 page views without clicking on a blog's ad. Suppose - your blog's advertising RPM 1.25 $, Google will pay $ 1.25 for 1000 views of your blog's ads.
Total calculation of CTR, CPC, and RPM:
In the past, you have got clear ideas from the three things that how Google AdSense calculates how you pay for advertising, and how your AdSense revenue reduces and increases. Now I will try to give clear ideas about three things by example.
Examples - Think your blog is one million page views per month and your blog's CTR is 3%. That means just three out of every 100 page view ads on your blog. In this case, your net CTR (total view x CTR ÷ 100) means (100000x3 ÷ 100) = 3000 times. Click on 3000 ads in your blog's 100,000 page views. If your blog's CPC rate is $ 0.03 then the total click rate (3000x0.3) = $ 900 That is, because of 3000 clicks of one million viewers, Google will pay you 900 dollars.
On the other hand, if your blog's advertising RPM is 1.25 $ then you calculate the total view (total view ÷ 1000 x 1.25) that means (100000 ÷ 1000 x 1.25) = $ 125 Except for CTR, Google will pay you more than $ 125 for the ad view only. As a result, if one gets a million views of the above mentioned blog, then he will be able to earn 900 + 125 = 1025 dollars per month from Google Adsense.
Lastly, from the above given accounting and AdSense CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR, you understand why you are earning less than you are earning less than Google Adsense or getting fewer visitors. The higher your blog's CPC, Page RPM and Page CTR, the more you can earn from adsense. Generally, CPC and RPM are less than the basis of blog content, ranking and location of advertising. In this case, if you target the ads of the developed country in combination with good quality content, Adsense CPC and RPM can increase the revenue of the blog.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Answers to some questions related to Google Adsense - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 20, 2019 0
Answers to some questions related to Google Adsense - Tech Teacher Debashree
We hear a few common questions about Google Adsense. Today I will answer the questions and solve some problems. So let's get started.
What should be the size or size of Google Adsense ads?
Placement of advertisement on the website is really the main thing. However, it is found that 336 * 280 and 300 * 250 are the most effective. Adjustments in this size are compatible with most screens and rates are fairly good.
What is the best placements in Google AdSense?
It completely depends on the layout of your website. If you want to get more clicks on the ad, you must place the ad in the most important places on the website. We found that the ads on top of the post content are the most available clicks.
We are firmly saying that it should not be done. Because it is not approved by Google Terms of Service. If you violate their policies, Google authorities may ban you from their AdSense program.


Can I click on my Google Adsense ads?
There are many new developers who are clicking themselves on their AdSense ads and have been tempted to click on other members of the family with friends and friends. Please do not do this work. Because Google's algorithm is smart enough and very strong. For this reason they can easily capture that you are clicking on your own ads. As a result, you can get banned from their AdSense program.
What is Google AdSense Page RPM?

Replication of RPM is Revenue per Mille. This means that the number of dollars per page page views will be calculated only on the click of an advertisement on a blog or website. This estimate is mainly divided by the total number of ads viewed by the number of clicks per page (CPC) multiplied by the total number of ads. That's why RPMs are not equal to everyone.

Blogger or YouTube Adsense account can be used for WordPress?

Yes, it can be done. If you use Google Adsense on Google-managed platforms such as YouTube, Blogger, then the type of account change can be easily used in WordPress. In this case, you have to fill in an application form that you want to monetize the site, with the URL link Google AdSense.

For this reason, log in to your AdSense account and click on the 'Other Products' option under 'My Ads'. Now you have to complete the application by clicking on the 'Upgrade Now' button.

What is the CTR in Google Adsense?

CTR is full of Click Through Rate. It is different for different websites. Your ad clicks will depend on a number of factors, such as the topic of your website, the type of your visitor, the ad placement on your site, and more. It is very difficult to set an ideal CTR for Google AdSense, because you do not have access to click rates on other websites like your own site.

If your site does not get a good CTR, then Google AdSense built-in tools will start showing you different messages. To maximize revenue, you can follow the Optimization Guide shown within the Google AdSense Dashboard.Google AdSense payment is made once per month. After one month your income is being credited, then your total income is calculated at the beginning of next month and they are shown on your 'Transactions' page. 
If you do not have a payment hold, you will be issued a payment by the 21st of the month. Remember that when you get the payment, depending on the exact time, depending on the type of payment you choose.

There are several methods for payment. For example - Direct electronic transfer, wire transfer, check, Western Union, and there are several more payment methods.

Why Google AdSense rejects application?
If your website does not meet the AdSense program policy or their terms, then Google AdSense can cancel your application.

What is the need to get approval for Google Adsense?

There are few things to get Google AdSense approved. 
The website and all its contents must be Adsense programe policies And it must be conditional.
The website should be at least 6 months old.
Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Note: Even if your application meets all the above conditions, Google AdSense reserves the right to cancel your application at any time.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

10 Important Tips and Tricks for Increasing Google AdSense Income - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 19, 2019 0
10 Important Tips and Tricks for Increasing Google AdSense Income - Tech Teacher Debashree
One of the most popular means of earning money online is by following all the rules of Google AdSense and Adsense is the best way to earn money easily. If you follow all of the guidelines of Google Adsense, then you will be able to earn a lot of money from your blog by making Adsense Approved properly and advertising properly.
Although many have been able to get approval from Adsense because of long efforts, but are disappointed to not be able to increase their revenue. It is not true at all. The main reason Google Adsense does not increase revenue is that it can not be used properly. If you can use Google AdSense Ads correctly in the right place, then you can easily get the good value from your blog. If you follow the following tips correctly, Google Adsense will increase your revenue.01. Follow Google's AdSense policy.

Google adsense

Most publishers never think of this. They think it will not have any impact on blogs. Before applying to Google Adsense and after installing code, they will have to follow everything correctly after reading their full Adsense Guideline. Doing Google Adsense Guideline Doing Any Thing You can get your Google Adsense account banned at any time instead of increasing your income. 
Below we highlight some of the main topics of Google Adsense.

  • Do not click on the ads of your blog.
  • Do not use Paid Traffic or Clicking.
  • Do not encourage otherspeople to click on an ad.
  • Do Change the IP address and do not click on the ad.
  • Do not share anything in Adult Content and Alcohol on the blog.
  • Advertising code is not available anywhere in the content.
  • Advertising is not available in blogs that do not support languages.

  Using Response Adsense Add Units:
Currently, Responsive Adsense Units plays the most important role in increasing Google Adsense revenue. If you survey, you can see that more than 50% of the total visitors on a daily basis can be found on your blog from various types of devices, such as mobile, smartphones and tablets. In this case if your blog is not responsive and does not use Responsive Adsense Units, more than 50% of visitors are avoiding the advertisement, meaning that you are not able to earn any profit from those 50% visitor. Therefore, to increase the income of blogs, blogging will be Responsive Design.
. Place the ad code in the right place
Google Adsense ad code should be placed in such a place so that visitors can easily see it. This will make your blog more likely to click on the ad. Google Adsense always displays content related ads, so when the reader can easily see the ad, that thing can be needed. In this case, he must click on the ad for his needs. However, you will not be allowed to advertise more advertisements than the content of blog content area.

  Regular content publishing

Content is the main subject and only medium of traffic to a blog and revenue growth. If you want to get  new unique visitors on your blog then definitely post new articles regularly. When you follow SEO and share the good content of the blog, both visitors and income will be growing. But remember one thing when you do not share any content copied while sharing more content. You can lose an Adsense account instead of increasing income.

05. Increase the load time of the blog:

It is sure that a quick past blog visitor and advertisements will be able to increase both clicks.You will not get  visitor and page view , If your blog is very slow .if the blog takes long time to load , the visitors will feel annoyed and get out of your blog. According to the condition of the Internet speed , it can understand what happens if the blog is slow.
 Removing other ads:
To increase income from Google Adsense ads, remove all ads that are of less importance . Load Time will increase significantly on your blog.  Google Adsense does not like to display advertisements as well as other advertisements. If you use any type of advertising before applying for Google Adsense, then remove it. Otherwise,   your application will not approve by the Adsense team.

Using Google Adsense References:

You can easily find out more about the daily income levels If you add your Google Adsense account to Google Analytics Account. Moreover, through some sites, you can also know how much income is earned. For example, you will also see the details of how much you earn by promoting blog links on Facebook or other such sites. So you have to know what to do to increase your blog income.
Google Product Management Usage:
Using Google Products Monitization to earn some extra revenue from Google Adsense, you can display advertisements on Google's other different products. Below I am presenting some of these important products -
Youtube Monitization: If you have a good video on your Youtbe Channel, you can increase your source of income easily by using Adsense videos through Youtube Partner. It is to be noted that the easiest way to earn money from online media is to monitize the video on YouTube.

RSS Feed Use Adsense: If you are using FeedBurner or have a lot of subscribers, you can also increase your revenue by displaying Adsense Account with RSS Feed.

Google Custom Search: Most of us use Google's Custom Search Box on our blog. Perhaps You do not know that adsense ads can also be displayed with this Google Custom Search Box. When someone searches for something using Google Custom Search on your blog, then display some ads above and to the right of search results. This will also play a role in increasing ad revenue.

 Google Adwords Standard Ad Size Usage:

There are different click rates and demand in the sizes of the ads. UsefulFor example, the value of ads -790 × 90, 728 × 90, 336 × 280, 300 × 250, 300 × 600 and 468 × 60 size is much higher than the others. Advertise on the side of the advertisement such as Image and Text are of two types.

10. High Paying Adds and Keywords:
Adsense always shows related ads with the post. For example, if you write a post about a cricket game, then most of those posts will display the game of cricket. Similarly, if you post a topic in the US, then you will display the ads in that country. In this case you can use the Keyword Tool to share the good post using High Label. Adsense will display good ads on your blog. This will be more than double your blog income. Moreover  Developed countries advertising rates are higher  . So if you can target visitors to USA, UK, Indonesia, Australia, then with few visitors, you will be able to easily earn good money.

Lastly, we raised the most important tips in posting to increase revenue from Google Adsense. I can challenge any blogger and say that if anyone can follow these 10 tips perfectly, then he can earn a good amount of money (Smart Amount) using Google Adsense on his blog.

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