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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Mobile app development is a brilliant career - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 23, 2019 0
Mobile app development is a brilliant career   - Tech Teacher Debashree

Mobile app development is a brilliant career!
Mobile app development is a brilliant career!

1. What is Mobile App Development?
Originally, we are commonly referred to as mobile apps, for the software used for mobile handsets. And the method of creating it is Mobile App Development.

2. How many mobile app development is happening in the world? And all of them can be developed on the same flat platform or environment?
The two popular mobile operating systems in the world are Android and iOS mobile respectively, which we call as iphone. And for the sake of both these mobile apps are being developed. To create an app for each of these platforms, different programming languages ??have to be used. For example, switches for iOS or Objective C, Android requires Java language. To create such apps, you have to live in different environments. For example, an Android app is required to create an iOS app and Android studio for Android apps. Both of them use their own platform programming language, using the created apps as a native app.
3. Native applications have been explored, but without localization, is the development of mobile applications not possible?
Yes In addition to the application, you can create another application. In which we call the development of cross-platform applications. Generally a cross-platform application is created using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS. This is called hybrid application. Hybrid is basically responsive as a framework, such as Native, False Native JavaScript, and then the pavement framework is created with Google's darts.

4. What is the difference between hybrid apps and native apps?
Hybrid application frameworks will give you a great advantage even when you do not have much difference, and when you develop an application development platform, it supports all platforms simultaneously. And it will save both your time and money. And so hybrid applications are becoming very popular now.

5. What is the power of a mobile application developer?
To be an application developer, you have to study computer science, not subject. The subject is a bit easier for them. However, anyone can be an application developer. Full development of web development technical work. So, firstly, there should be a good idea about computer science with basic knowledge. Then the application development will be well learned. After learning app development, the main design is the design of your application. What is the creation of an application, its clear idea If you have an idea about algorithm, data structure, database then you can create great applications. There should be creative mindset, strong will, attention to work, sincerity and patience. Those who want to create an application in the Play Store, they should be able to create an application on any topic. In this case, there is a need to know all the relevant topics. If you want to prepare for the clients, you will have to work carefully with them and study them.

6. Suppose I learned the best. Where and how do I work?
In a word, opportunity to get jobs in different software and web development companies. Currently, every software and web development company has a mobile application version of their software and website or web-based software. Currently the demand for mobile applications has increased. According to a statistic, the number of mobile phone users in the country is 15 million and the number of Internet users is more than 7 million. Of these, 95 percent of internet users use mobile internet. Smartphone users use at least one application on average. Using the application, spend more than two hours a day. Smartphone users spend 86 percent of their time using smartphones. So if a developer application is developed and uploaded to the Play Store, then it can earn great without doing any work. If you can create a popular app, you do not have to do anything else for the rest of your life. Does that mean any?  For those who want to get app development for their career, the future is also a great way for those who want to sit in their pockets for the future. Because a passive income can easily be made from mobile applications. According to Market Research Institute, according to Gartner, currently the mobile apps market is around $ 50 billion. By 2020, it would be approximately $ 54.8 billion. It is possible to bring India up to 10% of the market value, but it is possible to make India a better country.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Some effective ways to increase smartphone battery backup - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 15, 2019 0
Some effective ways to increase smartphone battery backup - Tech Teacher Debashree
Some effective ways to increase smartphone battery backup

General method *

1) Do not keep your Android device WiFi / Bluetooth / 3G / 4G / 5G / GPS connectivity for free without needing it. WiFi / Blutooth, 3G / 4G / 5G GPS has plenty of battery usage.
2) If your device supports Auto Brightness, then it is good to keep Auto Auto. If you do not have Auto Brightness, then manually set up is available.. By setting the brightness according to the data below, we have seen significant changes in battery backup.
During the day
Inside the house: 30-40%
Outside the house: 50-70%
Street: 90-100%
At night
Inside the house: 05-30%
Outside the house: 15-40%
Street: 20-40%

In total, try to use time-wise brightness without using excessive brightness. It will be as good as your eyesight, battery backup will increase many times.
3) It is best not to use the live wallpaper, because it is a good battery. You can use it to attract the attention of friends in a special way, but after coming to your own, set the normal wallpaper. According to some, using black-colored wallpaper can provide better results.

4) by using a sensor If you want to stop any apps that work, just do not minimize completely. In ice cream sandwiches and the next Android versions, you can easily close the app by pressing the Home button to swipe left to the right. Use a good Task Manager for other versions.

5) Do not use more than one antivirus or battery saver apps. Juice Defender apps have a lot of work as battery saver. From the Google Play Store.
 It can be collected free

6) For runtime management rooted device users can use the Greenify app. By doing this unwanted, unnecessary apps can not run on your device's background, so the battery will increase too. This app can also be downloaded from the Play Store for free.
Many of the tactics we have been asked to follow so far. Now let's look at some advanced strategies.

*** Advanced methods ***

Strategies apply only to Li-ion batteries. in Li-ion batteries nowadays almost all phones are used . Many people can disagree with these procedures. But we got good results in this method from the Internet and our experience. Hope you will also benefit from this.

Do not allow the battery to drain easily below 15-20%, so that if the battery is 15-20%, then charge it without delay.
while charging do not call the phone  If you are not forced to do so .
Try to charge the charge continuously. Keep in mind that at a charge of charging at least 35% of the charge is at once. And if you can not do it all there is nothing.

Do not charge a second after charging the battery 100%. Unplug it immediately after charging 100%. Remember, do not sleep by phone at night and never sleep.
Do not charge your phone frequently. If the charge is above 50% then there is no need to charge for unnecessary charges. It will be given a charge after going down 35-30% .

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

What is Google Admob? How to earn? How much money can you earn? - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 24, 2019 0
What is Google Admob? How to earn? How much money can you earn? - Tech Teacher Debashree

What is Google Admob How to earn How much money can you earn
What is Google Admob?
 How to earn?
 How much money can you earn ?

Android App Development is one of the most popular topics. There has been a lot of response to app development at all levels of public and private sectors in the country. Many of the interested in technology are at risk. However, without knowing all things, many people are leaving the job frustrating because of the middle.
For this reason, before developing the app, it will also know its marketing aspect. Otherwise, long working hard work can be futile. If it is not promoted, income will not be done. It is discussed in this tutorial on how to get good income from an app.

After developing the app, developers are worried about how to customize it. Google Adsense is quite popular among Bangladeshi web designers. That's the mobile version of Google Adsense.

Developers will be able to easily earn from the app by installing AdMob in Android apps.

Two types of add-ons are the most popular Banner Add and Interactive Add-ons Take everyone's attention. The banner ads appear on the screen of the application. The size of which is usually more than 320 * 50 banners used.

On the other hand, interstitial add apps come from one page to another page or to the fullscreen when leaving the app. These add-ons can be made in different sizes of devices.

Such as:
- 320 * 50 Mobile Leaderboard
- 468 * 60 banner
- 480 × 320 Smartphone Interstitial
- 768 * 1024 tablet interstitial

After setting an ad in a developer app, ads are shown when the user is connected to the internet. The ad is shown based on several parameters. For example, what is the content of the app, where the app user lives, the company's advertising in those places, the user searches Google.

Once the add-set is set it will be able to set the view count from the developer admin console panel. Normally a view count is between 30 and 60 seconds.

That is, if the user sees the 2 minute add-on and the developer sets a view every 30 seconds, then the total view will be four in two minutes. Thus Google will pay developers according to every 1000 views.

Google has paid up to $ 10 to $ 10 in locations per 1000 views. For example, if a user performs 1000 views in Bangladesh and a Canadian user sees the same amount - then Google pays 3/3 times more for Canada's 1000 views. If the views are considered Google Invalidade, then you can not make any payments.

Geographic location is a matter of urgency. It is also important to develop an app for people in a place.

In addition, advertisements are paid on click. If the user clicks on the advertisement, then developer can get 0-10 cents to 10/20 dollars. However, if the developer himself clicks, then the account is likely to be banned. Google tracks these behaviors, so take precautions.

Generally, Bangladesh has to carry out verification by administering Admab.

Money can be withdrawn after verification. If you give bank information with SwiftCode in the admin account, then the money goes straight to the bank. However, some banks want invoices and payment history while withdrawing money, which release the money when deposited.

In order to withdraw money, the minimum stay in the account is 100 dollars. If there is more than $ 100 in any month, then the money is sent to the bank between next 22 to 24 of the next month. For the British pound, the minimum payment is 60 pounds. If someone earns $ 200 in the month of February, Google will send Google to his bank on March 22 through 24. In Bangladesh, payments are made by printing print out of payment, payment invoice and payment history.

Admob's add-ons and apps on Windows Phone are also using developers.

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Monday, 22 April 2019

What is Android?How to download Android apps? - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 22, 2019 0
What is Android?How to download Android apps?  - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is Android ?How to download Android apps
What is Android ?How to download Android apps?

Android is a kind of operating system designed for smartphones. In this operating system, Middleware (middleware is used for easy communication between multiple applications) and some built-in applications.
It is to be remembered that, without any operating system, no application software (writing software, photography, etc.) can be used as a software application for everyday purposes. Application software is based on the operating system. An application software is based on specific operating systems. But nowadays, application software is created in such a way that it has the best operating system.
A desktop or a laptop computer, such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux operating system, similar to smart mobile phone (smartphone) Android operating system. Google brings this Android operating system to the market. Some other smartphones operating systems, Nokia Symbian, Apple's iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone etc.

Android Apps :
We use different software on computer. The software that we do with practical work. Application software is built according to each separate operating system platform. For example, software created for Windows will not work on Mac or Linux operating system. Similarly, the software for iPhone will not run on Android. Android phone or Android operating system software, games, widgets or apps are Android applications or short Android apps.
How to download Android apps?

There are many Android apps download links coming to Google for "Search for Android Apps". But downloading apps from all the places and installing it on your phone can be a lot of trouble, even if your smartphone can be dead (damaged) for life. So knowing that you do not download apps from any website or link, it is better to install directly from Google Play. To download Android free apps, you need to first Gmail or GoogleLog-in. After that go to Google dot com and select Google Play. From there select the category and click the Top Free button. Only those apps can be downloaded for free. However, this can be downloaded from Android phones only. It's not just download, apps will be installed directly on your phone.
How to install Android apps from a computer?

First take the Internet connection and computer internet connection to your phone. It is compulsory for both to have internet connection. There may be internet connection via mobile network or Wi-Fi on the phone. However, it is good to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi zone).
After that you have to log in to Gmail or Google from your phone. Do not exit when you are logged in (or not if you do not have to do any other work on the phone).
After that, Gmail or Google will need to log in with the computer. It is noteworthy that you have to log in to the computer with the same account that you logged into the phone with Google or Gmail account.
From the browser that has logged into Google from the browser, enter from that browser and click on the play.
Select the category here and click on Top Free. At the time you click on the app that you like, the text of the green box will be installed. Click the install button to see the window that appears below the device will be written - Phone. By clicking Confirm / Install button, the text will be "Congratulations! 'The name of the app is' Will be installed on your diva sune'. If you want to 'OK' here then you will see apps installed on your phone after a few moments.
Here's a point to note that if your selected apps are not running on your phone or those apps do not support your Android version, but when you select apps, then "This app is incompatible with your device" below the install button. You can see the text.
By installing apps in such a way, your phone's battery will save a bit and your internet browsing costs will be saved.

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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Passwords that should never be used ..& How to Convert any text to the audio ? - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 13, 2019 0
Passwords that should never be used ..& How to Convert any text to the audio ?  - Tech Teacher Debashree
Passwords that should never be used ..& How to Convert any text to the audio
Passwords that should never be used ..
How to Convert any text to the audio

Starting from computer to smartphone, all the devices have to use the password for security. Passwords need to be used to access various services on the Internet. But for the convenience of remembering we use some simple passwords most of the time. But it is very easy to break these simple passwords.
A few days ago, Splashadata publishes a list of 25 common passwords annually. These passwords are used by users. And so many people are victims of the hack. In other words these passwords are the best friends of hackers.
In 2014, 3.3 million password leaks are only '123456' due to this lazy password. Strong passwords require a combination of letters and numbers.
The following listed password should never be used -

.Convert any text to the audio ...

Ever wondered if you wrote a text and it was changed to an audio file!

And this task can be easily done using a web tool. Using this tool called vozme, you can listen to any of your text or articles online by changing it to the audio. You can also download this audio file if you want.

How to change any text in an audio file:

Go to this site at first

Its interface is very easy to login even though it is not necessary. Just type in the text (English, Spanish or Italian) or paste and click on the "Create MP3" button.

1) Click the green play button to listen to the audio.

2) To download the file, click on the "Download mp3" link.

What to do if you forget the lock pattern on Android phone?

Everyone may notice that Google's Android is very smart. And the Android phone has a pattern lock for privacy. Due to this lock the user can not access without knowing the pattern lock on the phone itself. And if you forget yourself this pattern, then there is no limit to suffering.

Without such a problem, you have no choice but to reset the mobile phone to get rid of such problems. Some people call it hard reset because it brings back factory settings. Let's see how Samsung Galaxy Y Reset -

The phone must be shut down first.
Now you have to remove the battery.
You have to put the battery again.
Together with 'up volume key', 'power button' and 'home button' you will be able to capture until the Recovery Mode Screen arrives.
Using the volume key, you will need to bring down the cursor to 'wipe data / factory reset' and press home to select it.
Now another screen will come in for sure. Remove the cursor and bring 'yes' and again select the home button.

Finally, the key features of your mobile phone must be rebooted.

Hard-Reset Side Effects

All apps installed on internal memory will be lost.
The saved contacts in the phone memory will be deleted.
You will need to install the apps you need again.

However, all data on external or SD card will remain.

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Friday, 14 December 2018

Call Forward to Another Number without your permission?How do I call waiting / forward / divert / holding,call divert?

December 14, 2018 0
Call Forward to Another Number without your permission?How do I call waiting / forward / divert / holding,call divert?
How do you know that your phone number is forwarded to someone else's number?Suppose  you have given your phone to someone or someone has taken your phone for a while, So maybe he has forwarded his number to your phone's settings so that he can get all your information. To know You have to dial *#62#. This number will be dialed, dialing will be a message only. If there is someone else's number in the message, then understand that someone has forwarded your phone number to their number.
To watch Video  please  Click Below

Call Waiting / Forward / Divert / Holding:

Call Waiting / Call Holding:
Do you want to talk two calls at the same time? This is not a problem!
Another person can call you when you are talking to one. You can find out through call waiting services. You will hear a tone for the second incoming call. On the other hand, hold the call (1st) through call holding service, you can speak in the second incoming call or you can call someone else. In this case, without holding any call you can hold one and talk to another person.
You can turn call waiting on or off with most phone menus. Alternatively, you can use the following code.

To turn call waiting and call holder, press * 43 # and dial.

To stop call waiting and call holding, press # 43 # and dial
To know if call waiting and call holdings are on or off, press # 43 # and dial.
There is no charge for this service. But to know how call waiting works on your mobile phone, please read your mobile phone manual.

Call diverting / call forwarding:

Talking to new calls may not always be easy. Suppose, if you are busy in a call, you can not talk to another call, or you do not want to be bothered in any call, in that case you can send the calls to your voice mail or to another number.

In case of call forwarding, postpaid and prepaid customers of Robi can divert their incoming calls to any number of Bangladesh including any other Robi or BTCL number. (International number can not be diverted.

How to divert your call to voice mail or Robi number?

You can use one or more call divert options. To turn on or deactivate call divert from your handset, press the key (button) below:
How to disable the option of activating the divert option to check status
UNREACHABLE * * 62 * Diverat number # by typing # # 62 # by typing * # 6 # by typing send
Type BUSY * * 67 * Direct Type # and type # # 67 # by typing * # 67 # by typing
NO REPLY * * 61 * Type the divert number # and send it # # 61 # by typing * # 61 # by typing
ALL CALLS * 21 * Type Direct Dial # # and type # # 21 # by typing * # 21 # by typing
You can cancel all the divert calls by ## 002 #.

Please read the mobile phone manual about how the divert option works on your mobile phone.

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