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Friday, 1 November 2019

How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 01, 2019 0
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree

In most cases, a visitor is visiting your blog from various media including search engine, but that visitor is going to blog after seeing a post.Following a few tricks, you can position your blog for more time by increasing the Page Views on the blog by showing other blog posts to a reader on your blog. If you do this, a blog will be of great importance to search engine.

When a visitor leaves a blog shortly after seeing a post on the blog, the search engine captures the quality of your blog, so the visitor is not staying on your blog for long. And for those who use Google AdSense on blogs, increasing Page Views is an important factor. The higher the Pageviews on your blog, the higher the revenue of AdSense.How to Increase Page Views of Blogs?
When you write unique and quality content on the blog, you do not have to ask anyone to visit the blog. The content of your blog will bring a lot of visitors and page views from the search engine. Below are some of the key points to increase Page Impression and Visitors.

Quality Content:
I always advise everyone to write unique content on the blog. Because the simple and main means of getting a visitor to the blog is the quality of unique content. When you share new unique content on your blog, this content will bring you a visa on your blog. And when visitors read your blog posts and get quality articles, they will visit your blog again. Copying content from another's blog and using it on your blog will not in any way succeed.

Posted in Permalink:
When you write a post, you can create a permalink in the Anchor Text format. This allows the visitor to easily read the previous posts while reading your post. As a result, your blog's Page Views will grow.

Adding Popular Posts:
Popular Posts are another important way to keep readers on your blog. When visitors enter one of your blog posts from the search engine, they will only want to visit your popular posts. You can add it to the sidebar of your blog.

Related Posts:
Be sure to add it below your blog post. When a reader of your blog reads a post, the browser will automatically select such posts and show related posts. As a result, the reader may also like these posts. That's why it's also an important way to keep readers engaged on your blog.

 Adding Random Posts:
There are some visitors who visit your blog daily. So they would be bothered to see a post like this. If you add Random Posts Widget, it will show your blog posts messy. This will help readers get more ideas about your blog post.

Navigation Menu bar:
Regardless of your blog / website, you should definitely add a Menu Bar. Adds a Label link to your blog's main content in Manubar. This will make it easier for visitors to understand what the content of your blog is. As a result, your blog's Page Views will continue to grow.

 Homepage post summary:
This is an easy way to get home page views of any blog. Give the summary of the posts on your blog's home page without giving it a whole lot and you can add the rest of the Read More button. This will increase the page view of the blog.

Improving Blog Load Time:
If your blog is too slow then you will not get any visitor and Page View on the blog. Because if the blog takes too long to take Load, visitors will feel annoyed and leave your blog.

 Add Search Box:
You must add a nice search box to the blog. Because when the reader is searching for something you like on your blog, he or she wants to search all posts without searching. In this case, if you do not have a search box on your blog, he will get upset.

Social Media Share and Participate in the Forum:

As you post new posts, you will definitely share the post on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also share the link to your post by answering the question on any other good forum on your blog. This will increase the visits to your blog from those sites.

Clean Background and beautiful fonts:
Avoid using black backgrounds and opaque fonts on the blog. You will use a Color Background and Font so that the content readers of the blog can easily view and read. In the case of Bangla blog, the font problem can be fixed by posting a fix, so that the reader can easily solve the font problem.

Do not use low quality ads wherever you want the blog in the hope of earning more. This will make readers feel annoyed and may contradict their interests. Using the right size ads in certain places will increase your income and readers will not be bothered.

Lastly: If you follow all the above posts well then your blog visits and page views will increase. And for those who are using Google Adsense ads, increasing Page Impression on their blogs means increasing revenue. However, the source of everything is the content of the blog. The blog must have good quality unique content. Copied content cannot be used in any way.

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Saturday, 2 March 2019

What Is Organic SEO? The Importance of Organic SEO? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 02, 2019 0
What Is Organic SEO? The Importance of Organic SEO? - Tech Teacher Debashree
What Is Organic SEO?
Without any kind of payment, which comes to the first page of the Search Engine Result, the Organic SEO
This is the best and trusted way to get good rankings.
Whenever you search for something written on Google or any other search engine, the links that appear on the bottom of Ads are Organic Result, these are the first to come by Google or other search engines.Traffic available on this system is called Organic Traffic.It's based on every search engine's Algorithm.

Organic SEO
What Is Organic SEO? The Importance of Organic SEO? - Tech Teacher Debashree

The Importance of Organic SEO?
Organic SEO has great importance. Because Organic SEO will give you many traffic for a long time. And increase your site's identity.

1. Organic SEO will provide quality traffic to your site.

2. Sales and marketing are generated by Organic SEO.

3. Fidelity is achieved through Organic SEO.

4. Organic SEO will increase your business's brand value.
Now let's take a look at the types of Organic SEO.

How Many Types of Organic SEO?
Two Types of Organic SEO Such as

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is the work inside a WebSite which allows you to come to a search engine near WebSite.There are lots of things in it. I'll talk about the things that are consistent.
What is Off-Page SEO?
Off-Page SEO is a system that works out of WebSite.
Off-Page SEO's main point is to spread your site's link between different Websites.We will also discuss this in detail. So we need to know it well.

Significant issues of Organic SEO
It is extremely important for us to know that there are a few significant issues of Organic SEO.

1. Keyword:
To get the results of Organic SEO, we must definitely off-class the keywords. Otherwise your site will not be rank.

2. Site url:
Your site's URL must be given to us. Because the search engine does not understand well if the niche is not related.

3. Backlink:
Your site will have to take backlinks from the good site for the best rank. There will be no work if backlink is not good. So your site will take good link backlink to good high-end site.

4. Your site's age:
In this case, if you do not do anything then the matter is very important. The search engine gives him more headship than the age.

5. Regular updates:
If you update your site regularly, then the search engine will take care of your site. The search engine then thinks that you are very careful about your site. So you'll be posting on the rules.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

SEO - The Top 10 Tools for Keyword Research,Some important topics in keyword research: - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 12, 2019 0
SEO - The Top 10 Tools for Keyword Research,Some important topics in keyword research: - Tech Teacher Debashree
Only those who are working in the SEO sector will be able to say that the importance of keyword research for SEO. But the only thing I want to say is that if you can not do a proper keyword research you will have to do a lot to reach your desired goal, but if you can research your keywords properly, you can easily reach your desired goal.

To tune into how to properly keyword for those who are completely new about Keyword Research. Today's post is for those who have ideas about Keyword Research, and you see the title of the tune and understand what I will write about. Yes you know that I will share the best 10 free keyword research tools for keyword research.

Keyword Research.seo

1) Google Adwords Tool:
Do not think there is a need to say something about the Google AdWords Tool. Because everyone knows about it and every Webmaster is the preferred tool.

Links to the Google AdWords Tool:
2) SEM Rush:
After the Google AdWords tool, we will suggest SEM Sush. This suggests your keyword related search.

Link to SEM Rush:

3) Spyfu:
Spyfu is one of the webmaster's favorite tools. With this tool you can search your keywords in two ways. It will show you high rank keywords as well as all the information related to the web site.

Link to Spyfu :

4) Woorank Website Review Tool:
Through the Woorank Website Review tool, you can get all the information you need with your competitors' keywords, backlinks.

Links to the Woorank Website Review toolbar
5) Keyword Spy:
Keyword Spy is a tool of many things for web masters.

Keyword Spy After searching keywords, you can also consult your selected keyword competitors as well as the results. Keyword Spy lets you compile data from Adwords, Yahoo and Bing.

Link to Keyword Spy :
6) Keyword Discovery:
After searching your keyword in Keyword Discovery, keywords will be evaluated for 100 keywords. This tool will collect data from 100 search engines.

Link to Keyword Discovery:

7) Google Trends:
Google Trends is one of the largest handy tools.

With this tool you will find details of your keyword as day, week and monthly.

Google Trends official link :

8) Word Stream Keyword Tool:
With the Word Stream Keyword tool, you will search the search volumes, franchises and keywords of your search keywords.

Official Stream of Word Stream Keyword Tool :

9) SEO Quake:
SEO Quake is a tool in Mozilla Firefox.

This allows you to know all the information related to your keyword competitor's site age, page rank, back link.

SEO Quake Download Link :

10) Soovle:
Soovle is a beautiful, free and very fast site.

This site will collect data from all the search engines.

Soovle's Link :

Hopefully the newcomers will be able to use it.

Some important topics in keyword research:
One of the most important tasks that SEO has done is Keyword Research. Keyword Research is known as the soul of SEO. Because when you begain working with SEO, you need to start working on a particular keyword. If you are wrong to select that keyword, then your entire SEO work may be in vain. So doing keyword research is a good keyword to work on. Keyword Research can be used to research keywords using a variety of tools.

1. Target Setting:
The first condition of keyword research is to set the right goal. Why do you want to research keywords, what are you wanting to get from keywords etc. The biggest mistake in keyword research is to get more traffic. You should not aim to bring more traffic. Because traffic came but the sales did not increase, then this traffic has no value. Again, there are a lot more competition for keywords that have more traffic for more traffic.
Keyword research can be targeted in 5 categories
1. Can be ranked easily.
2. Sale.
3. Receive several things from the sale funnel.
4. Add-ons and Add Impressions
5. Inform customers about sites, services or products.

Once you can set a specific goal, you can easily understand what kind of keywords are needed and you can create content and marketing strategies based on them. You can select different keywords for this and work to increase direct sales.
The first two categories related to direct sales. Related to the next two consumers. So decide the keywords according to your needs.
2. Money phrase:
In case of keyword research, it is important to use different types of words or phrases. Some of them have keywords that are called Money Phrase That is, "cheap widgets", "10% discount", "where to buy widgets" etc.
It is important to select keywords for money phrases or to use keywords with a money phrase, because they increase sales. Not only for sale, but also for Adsense websites, you should also use the phrase phrase keyword. Because if you visit Adi, you can earn good on AdSense. In addition, there are more CPCs in keywords with a money phrase. The biggest problem of money phrases is that they are very competitive and difficult to rank.

The top 5 phrases are keyword phrases like this
1. Comparative word or phrase with the compatitor
2. Standard phrase
3. Product reviews and rating phrases.
4. The coupon code reads.
5. Search for sale
Apart from these, there are many more money phrases that you can get through online research.
3. Importance of Non-Money Phrase Keyword:
Although the money phrases will help to grow your cell directly, we can not use the phrase phrases many times. Because its competition is much more. In that case we have to work with a non-money phrase. Working with non-manual phrases, you can rank easily by making the website known to the public and increasing the popularity of the website. Whose latest results will increase sales. If you can also rank with a non-money phrase, it will help in ranking your money phrases. In a variety of ways, you can use a non-money phrase as a keyword or key word. For example, long tail keywords can easily be used to rank the website using non-money phrases. This will play a significant role in your money phrase keyword ranking.
It is possible to rank relatively easily using different synonyms. Which are included in non-money frames.
If you  have any questions, please comment.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

What is SEO?Why do not you get the job after learning SEO? - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 05, 2019 0
What is SEO?Why do not you get the job after learning SEO? - Tech Teacher Debashree
We hear many types of income from the online world. SEO is one of its What is SEO first? Why do not you get the job after learning SEO? Know it....Many times people are afraid of the name of SEO but today. Many people are not able to work even after learning. Today you have a system of SEO that allows you to earn $ 1000 a month. SEO and a work between freelancing work. Whose needs are in the world.

What is SEO?
SEO is Search Engine Optimization By which a site can be brought to the first page of the search engine.It is easy to say SEO in terms of language that any wave or keyword can be brought to the first page of the search engine through SEO.Now maybe you think that what's important to bring to the first page?
Of course it is important. Because, when you search for something on Google; But if there is a website for the first page, then do not go to the second page.Because, the solution to your problem is on the first page. So you do not have to go to the second page.
So all the website owners want their website to stay on the first page of the search engine. Now, any website can not come to the first page of the Search Engine. Search engines have some rules for this.

These are the works done by the website that search engines bring their website to the first page. Come to understand.Through an example it can be better understood. Suppose you go to Google and write Best Cat Food 2018Now Google will show you 10 results on the first page that have SEO of the website.

important of seo?

Why is SEO important?
SEO is very important today If I tell you more, then I can say that you understand it well.Type You have a cat food wavyite. From where you sell cottage food online.Now, if you write thousands of words about cats, but nobody knows. Then there is no benefit to him.Wavesite excluded. Type your shop in Gulshan. You sell there cats for so many days.
What do you do to make more of your sales?
You may want to increase your store's contacts in different places of the market, such as liplets, banners, etc.This is offline Marketing. In the same way, SEO is on-line marketing. Who can say that you are digital marketing?

There is no alternative to online marketing on line. You have to do this for business.If you do not know well, then nobody will know your website. And if you do not know, you will not have business. So SEO and emergency.

What are the types of SEO?
Various WaveSite SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Who shared in different ways. I am just saying that SEO is mainly of 2 types.

Such as

1: Paid SEO

2: Organic SEO

What is Paid SEO?
Paid SEO is also coming to the search engine's first page with the search engine money. If you go to Google and enter the best hosting site 2018 you will see many ads coming. All of them have come to Google for the first time with the money. These are called Pain SEO.

What Is Organic SEO?
Organic SEO too has many types of work to come to Google's first page. We are going to learn Organic SEO in this series of UIT Real Estate. So stay with them regularly.

Organic SEO is again two types. Such as

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off-page SEO

 What is On-Page SEO?
On-Page SEO is what's done inside the WaveSite to come to the first page of search engines. All of these tasks are called On-Page SEO together.

What to do on-Page SEO

Permalink Structure
Title Optimization
Use of visual media post
Regular Content
External linking
Keyword Dropping
Loading Speed
Enable Social Share
Internal linking
Power Word
User Bookmarking

What is Off-Page SEO?
Off-Page SEO is what's done outside of the WaveSite for the first page of search engines. All this work is called Off-Page SEO.

What to do with off-Page SEO

Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Forum Engagement
Blog Commenting
Q & A
Image Sharing
Video Sharing
Article Submission
Web 2.0
Press Release
Link Exchange
Guest Posting
Paid Campaingn
Keyword Research
Hastage Using
Social Sharing Management Tools
Reviews Web Backlink
Google Webmaster
Google Analytics
Social Media Marketing

SEO can be further divided into 3 categories.

Such as

White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Gray Hat SEO

What is white hat seo?

White Hat SEO is all that is called Search Engine. Everything we read above is done in White Hat SEO. This is the first time on the search engine's search engine search engine ranking site will look good.

 What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is all that Search Engine does not look good. Simply put, search engine fakyi do various works, the first page is called black hat seo. But once the search engine can catch your fakki, your site will not be ranked again. So keep this thing in mind.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO is an alternative of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. There are 2 kinds of work done here. This will not be a problem if you do this. But still do not want to do it. We need to take care of this issue.

We will be happy to search Search Engine by doing White Hat SEO and come to the first page. Only then would it be good for our site.

If you can learn these things well, then who will stop you? I will continuously teach all the things here. So keep regular eyes.

Why do not you get the job after learning SEO?

Now let's not know why you are not getting the job?In the world of SEO and online world you will not have to sit for one day if you work.The real thing is that we can not work well. Seeing a few videos from Youtube, I think we can work.Before claiming that the real thing can work, you have to have the Qualitity to work with the minimum 5th high-positive positive keyword on Google's first page.Only then can you say that you can work but do not get the job done.If you still say that I can work then go to one of the markerplace and give the challenge to the buyer that you deposit my money.

I will rank the keyword in rank so many days. If you can not afford the payment. See who is going to stop you If you do not believe that, then you do not have to say.

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