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Monday, 4 November 2019

How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 04, 2019 0
How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree
How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree
How to create backlinks or link building - Tech Teacher Debashree

There are many links building work available in Marketplace. Link building or backlinking is very important in the steps of off-page SEO.Backlink means getting a link to your site from one site. Suppose you have a web site and you put the link to that site on another site. Then you get a backlink to your site from the site where you provided the link to your site. If your site is A and the site you link to your site is B, then as a backlinking, you get a backlink from the site B. That is, we can say in one word that 'the incoming link we receive from our own site to another site is called backlink'.

Why this backlink?
When I remember the backlink, I remember the big leaders of our country, I was surprised to hear about it.

Manpower is the biggest ball. Suppose you have a lot of money, but if you can't find any people to work with, is it worth the money? By the way, an influential leader is also of no value at all. Notice that he always wants a lot of people. Because the higher the manpower, the greater the impact of his power will be. If he goes to work, he will be able to maximize his influence. He will backlink to the search engine as a power full man in the forest and so on. Increase the backlink to increase the importance and acceptability of a site. There is no alternative. A backlink is a vote for you. Search engines are always looking for a backlink to a site. The importance of backlinks.
Link building or back link can be created in different ways.

Ex: Blog Comment, Forum Posting, Guest Blogging, etc.

What is Do follow Backlink?

Do follow backlinks are a simple HTML link. Through which the link will directly refer to your site and the blog or post will support this link. The most powerful link is the Do follow Backlink. Depending on what kind of blog you get Do follow backlinks from, you will get a rank. For example, I am presenting a Duflo backlink to a site through a link to a simple HTML source code. / "Target =" _ blank "rel =" dofollow "> Google Website </a>

What is a no-follow backlink?

No-follow backlinks are the types of links that allow websites to search / crawl / index their published backlinks. However, you can get some visitors. Popular sites in the world use nofollow backlinks such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and so on. Nofollow backlinks are associated with the rel = "nofollow" code which prevents search engines from indexing. For example, I am presenting a nofollow backlink to a site through a link to a simple HTML source code.
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Google website </a>

No matter how you backlink, the mail address will be required when you open the Unlimited Email Address.

 Whatever you do, you may need a new mail address. So we need to find a mail opening system that can open mail easily.

Where do I get that mail?

This link can easily open mail without any kind of mobile verification. All you have to do is pay a security inquiry and answer.

Blog comment is commenting on a site that can be commented on. For those who work with SEO, blog comment is a part of off-page SEO. This is an acceptable way to create backlinks. You can create backlinks for your site by commenting on the content of your other blogs in conjunction with the content of your site. You can easily create a connection with another site through blog comment and increase the number of backlinks to your site.

How to find a good blog for blog commenting?

  • The first thing you need to do is find a good quality blog. Good quality blog to say:
  • Must be active blog.
  • Must be popular.
  • Some good quality writers should be there.
  • The page rank of the blog has to be good.
  • If Do follow is, well, good. However, if you have the above qualities you can do noflo.

You will search Google and find blogs. In this case you can use these commands for easy searching.
site: .com inurl: blog "niche" "leave a comment"
"Add comment" Your Keywords
"Post comment" Your Keywords
“Write comment” Your Keywords
Your keywords "leave a comment" / "leave comment"

If the above system seems difficult then you can use the following tool

2500+ do-follow comment enable bloglist
Now you find your desired category or topic or topic related to Nice, but whether these are high quality PhDs? How do you know? The following tool will help you with this.

Domain Authority & Page Authority Cheaker-

With this you can collect the site according to your needs and start commenting. But how to comment? Remember the tips below.

In this case you can use this tool:

What is the way to comment easily?

You will find that many of you have already commented there. You can rewrite some of their comments and post them.

What tool do you comment with?

How to easily comment?
You must have a gravatar account
Please do like shit comment (hello, thanks, keep posting, nice, visit my blog etc.)
Give your thoughts on the post that must be related with the post.

If you do these three points correctly enough damn sure your comment should be approved easily.

Readymade Auto Comment Approval Site: Besides, you can use some sites that make Auto Approved. Visit this link at
2.Profile Backlink (Very Easy Method - It's very easy, those who are weak in English can)

For those of us who want to do link building in freelancing, profile backlinks are an important factor. A profile is backlinking, registering on a specific site and going to its own profile settings and entering the URL of the website. This is an easy way to get instant backlinks to a high PR site. Well, no matter what job you get on the freelancing site, you need to create a backlink to the high PR site. Bayer did not mention any specific method for creating backlinks, such as comments on blogs, postings on forums, etc. You will be able to do this in less time by creating a profile backlink.

The following is a list of 5 sites that can be created on the profile backlinks. Remember, the process of creating backlinks to one site is the same. On a site you may get a direct link to the site, some will have the Add Link button, some will have to enter the URL of the site in the About Me field. After all, this is the only way to give your site a URL. 


You can use this tool to find out their PA & DA.

You can find many if you search on Google. Profile Back Link After creating the backlink, save the link in the appropriate location for the link to be delivered to the buyer. In this case, Excel Sheet is more efficient. See a sample format

Backlink Generator Tool: 

There are 3 backlinks available through this tool. I got 5
About a thousand links can be created with this tool. However, that positive link is dead. Only those that will be sucked or written will count. Copy those succesful links into Excel. So on average we got 5 links from this tool With this tool you will get 5 Edu & Gov backlinks in seconds. I got 5.
This tool gives about 5 like but it is difficult to copy. Then I got 5
This tool provides about 5 like follow links. Those are good quality then I got 5

Let's index these links.

How to index?

Search Google.

How to submit work?

 After backlinking you will see that all the links will be good or some will be error links. Eliminate those links. Then, submit them to Excel and then submit them.

2.Forum Posting: -

Step 1: Posting a forum is to sign up for the required information by going to various forum sites and sharing the link to your site there. This will be the back link to your site. 

Step 2: To get the site required for forum posting, enter the link below and search for your topic related keywords.
Here are some High Quality forum sites :

Step 3: Create a backlink with the correct information and store the link in the right place for the buyer.

3. Guest blogging: -
Step 1: Wear this post to get detailed ideas about guest blogging - Watch the video below to get the necessary ideas on

Step 2: Once you have the necessary ideas, start working.
Guest Blog Site List -
Links to some of the Best Guest Blogging Site Listings -

Step 3: After creating the back link, preserve the link in the right place for the Bayer #. Some of the essential tools for backlinks: 

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Friday, 1 November 2019

How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 01, 2019 0
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree

In most cases, a visitor is visiting your blog from various media including search engine, but that visitor is going to blog after seeing a post.Following a few tricks, you can position your blog for more time by increasing the Page Views on the blog by showing other blog posts to a reader on your blog. If you do this, a blog will be of great importance to search engine.

When a visitor leaves a blog shortly after seeing a post on the blog, the search engine captures the quality of your blog, so the visitor is not staying on your blog for long. And for those who use Google AdSense on blogs, increasing Page Views is an important factor. The higher the Pageviews on your blog, the higher the revenue of AdSense.How to Increase Page Views of Blogs?
When you write unique and quality content on the blog, you do not have to ask anyone to visit the blog. The content of your blog will bring a lot of visitors and page views from the search engine. Below are some of the key points to increase Page Impression and Visitors.

Quality Content:
I always advise everyone to write unique content on the blog. Because the simple and main means of getting a visitor to the blog is the quality of unique content. When you share new unique content on your blog, this content will bring you a visa on your blog. And when visitors read your blog posts and get quality articles, they will visit your blog again. Copying content from another's blog and using it on your blog will not in any way succeed.

Posted in Permalink:
When you write a post, you can create a permalink in the Anchor Text format. This allows the visitor to easily read the previous posts while reading your post. As a result, your blog's Page Views will grow.

Adding Popular Posts:
Popular Posts are another important way to keep readers on your blog. When visitors enter one of your blog posts from the search engine, they will only want to visit your popular posts. You can add it to the sidebar of your blog.

Related Posts:
Be sure to add it below your blog post. When a reader of your blog reads a post, the browser will automatically select such posts and show related posts. As a result, the reader may also like these posts. That's why it's also an important way to keep readers engaged on your blog.

 Adding Random Posts:
There are some visitors who visit your blog daily. So they would be bothered to see a post like this. If you add Random Posts Widget, it will show your blog posts messy. This will help readers get more ideas about your blog post.

Navigation Menu bar:
Regardless of your blog / website, you should definitely add a Menu Bar. Adds a Label link to your blog's main content in Manubar. This will make it easier for visitors to understand what the content of your blog is. As a result, your blog's Page Views will continue to grow.

 Homepage post summary:
This is an easy way to get home page views of any blog. Give the summary of the posts on your blog's home page without giving it a whole lot and you can add the rest of the Read More button. This will increase the page view of the blog.

Improving Blog Load Time:
If your blog is too slow then you will not get any visitor and Page View on the blog. Because if the blog takes too long to take Load, visitors will feel annoyed and leave your blog.

 Add Search Box:
You must add a nice search box to the blog. Because when the reader is searching for something you like on your blog, he or she wants to search all posts without searching. In this case, if you do not have a search box on your blog, he will get upset.

Social Media Share and Participate in the Forum:

As you post new posts, you will definitely share the post on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also share the link to your post by answering the question on any other good forum on your blog. This will increase the visits to your blog from those sites.

Clean Background and beautiful fonts:
Avoid using black backgrounds and opaque fonts on the blog. You will use a Color Background and Font so that the content readers of the blog can easily view and read. In the case of Bangla blog, the font problem can be fixed by posting a fix, so that the reader can easily solve the font problem.

Do not use low quality ads wherever you want the blog in the hope of earning more. This will make readers feel annoyed and may contradict their interests. Using the right size ads in certain places will increase your income and readers will not be bothered.

Lastly: If you follow all the above posts well then your blog visits and page views will increase. And for those who are using Google Adsense ads, increasing Page Impression on their blogs means increasing revenue. However, the source of everything is the content of the blog. The blog must have good quality unique content. Copied content cannot be used in any way.

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Friday, 28 June 2019

What is website flipping? how to make money from website flipping?Tech Teacher Debashree

June 28, 2019 0
What is  website flipping? how to make money from website flipping?Tech Teacher Debashree
What is the website flipping, how to make money from website flipping
What is  website flipping, how to make money from website flipping

Many people are unfamiliar with the words flipping the website. But many people earning thousands of dollars through this online. To flipping the website you will have to invest money and labor. But there is no reason to be afraid. It's like a lot of domain parking. In other words, there is another great way to buy and sell domain names.
You can earn money through add or affiliate marketing. Websites can be generated in many ways from flipping.

Website flipping
Many have already been interested in knowing about website flipping for title, role or any other reason. In today's writing, we will discuss the idea of website flipping and how to make money from website flipping.
What is the website flipping
Fliping is basically repaired or redistributed after purchasing a product, after which it is sold at a higher price. It is a very old method of business. Flipping the website works this same process here.

                                                           Watch The Video

To say a little easier, website flipping is like a real estate business. In real estate business such as buying a house in the house and selling it at a higher price. Website Filling also works similar to this. You can only do the whole thing online at home. And so it is called virtual real estate.

In the case of purchasing a house, people try to buy a flat or house ready without worry. Similar to the website You just have to keep in mind what types of websites are more demanding. In this case, you can monitor website flipping websites. Usually, the demand for blogs, news and affiliate websites is very high.
The steps to flipping the website

Purchase: In this case, you can purchase the website you want. Or you can create a website by buying domain and hosting. In this case you must find the appropriate website. This is the most important step and most people make mistakes in this place. Many people are not aware of the demanding market in the market. So the first step is quite important.

Made or adapted: If you are buying a red website, then you got rid of some trouble. However, this step is much more than your job. Increasing the traffic of the website will now be your main target. Interestingly, if you increase traffic in this area, adding Google AdSense or any other add-ons can earn money without selling the website. So the SEO and website will emphasize the increase in content.

Sell: You have to sell the website at the last step. In order to sell the website, it must be evaluated by market research. You can keep an eye on website flipping websites to find the right value.
How to make a profit from website flipping
The two main advantages of website flipping are:

Investing in low capital can earn a lot of money and earn the entire job online at home.
Even if you can not sell the website, using Google AdSense or any other add-ons, you can earn money by making money and affiliate marketing.
Now let us know about the income of a website:

Site Type: Blog
Site launched: August - September 2013
Third Party Income: Amazon Associates
Total Profit: $ 10,479
Last word
This was a brief written on website flipping today. You can start work if you want. Further information on flipping websites will be available on our website, which will be very useful for your work.

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Sunday, 10 March 2019

What are backlinks and why are they important? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 10, 2019 0
What are backlinks and why are they important? - Tech Teacher Debashree
A rich man is rich because of his money . Now if you tell him to give me some money I'll be beggar. The money here is the backlink and the big money is coming to Google's search rank.If you want to build a new web site and want to rank that site, backlinks are needed. From backlinks, you can not just get a visitor, but instead Google crawls your site and helps you rank the site. When you backlink your site with a good page rank site Google thinks your site is good.

What are backlinks
What are backlinks and why are they important?

Now let's say backlink what?
Backlink is a link to your website that is located in another website and is expected to provide traffic to your website via that link. You can also take backlinks as an incoming and outgoing relationship. Having a link to your site on another site, and then linking to another's website in your site. Establishing relationships with each other, and this relationship is as good as the better. You can expect to rank as fast as the site has the higher Quality Backlink in your web site.
Backlinks are usually two types:

  • · Do Follow Backlinks
  • · No Follow Backlinks

How to do quality backlinks: Always try to back up quality Quality 1 quality backlink is a lot better than today's bad thousand backlinks. Therefore, the site's Rank Rank Minimam 7/8 backlink with it, but your site must be backlink with similar sites. And definitely try Do Follow Backlinks, either by commenting or by invitation post author. If you can publish your own written post on a good site, you will find many visitors from there, such as:

Go to all those sites and you can write a nice post and keep your web site's URL.Of course, between the backlinks. The site's backlink is very important but sadly, these sites can not be commented on these sites, especially in Bangladesh. That is why this expensive backlink is not possible. So you. Gov: You can do a little trick to backlink with the site. You write a post about the subject matter and place links in the same way:

Required web of  Education and Governance Site:

I hope the matter has been understood that although the incoming backlinks are not there but the outgoing backlinks have become.Lastly, without making thousands of backlinks, make a few quality flower backlinks and write good posting. Be patient and work with patience. Success will come.Let us talk about dofollow so we'll come to dofollow work.
Dofollow backlinks can be built in a number of ways. And depending on the website where you will create a backlink for your website. The link will not only be for the website but also for the post of your website, the Facebook profile for youtube video can be backlink and it is important. Say the medium. For example: Give your profile information on any website It is a backlink to link your website to the time that it is a backlink to many websites to give a link to your website, it is a backlink and the best backlink is to post on another's website and bring traffic to your website from there. If you can visit the website, then your website will rank on Google.
How much backlinks will you come to Google's search rank?
If you want to know, you can use the aref tool. Through this, you can learn how much backlinks your opponents and where the backlinks have been created.

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Friday, 8 March 2019

Why do you start online proficiency with Content Writing? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 08, 2019 0
Why do you start online proficiency with Content Writing? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Online professions as an established sector. There are some elite professions in online professionals. The Content Writers' Proficiency is captured in elite categories. From the income side they also shared in Qatar. So, writing content as a profession is a lucrative proposition. The biggest thing is that you do not have to spend long time learning Content Writing. In less time, you can learn the matter.

 Content Writing
Why do you start online proficiency with Content Writing?

One of the reasons for the popularity of content writers is that content is required for almost all types of content. Blogging, why do you go to affiliate? You will need content. So the demand for content writers in the freelance / outsourcing sector So, the importance of the content is not saying. If you do not write good quality content, then you have to hunt the content. There is no alternative.

If you are a web developer, you still need your content. Suppose to sell templates or themes, on various market places (eg themeforest). You have to write about the theme. You need your content to do theme marketing. If you need SEO, you need good enough content. In essence, because of the need for writing and writing in every case, the demand of content writers is a little more than the other. However, you must attain professional quality qualification. Otherwise, you can not stick to this campaign. Although the competition is less in this sector, you have to be qualified. There is no alternative.

Content writing refers to English content writing. Most of our people are weak in English So, the quality content is less comparable. If you are a quality professional, you can be a professional content writer, lack of work and a problem making career.

If you are working as a content writer. There are several potential sectors for you. All the discussions are discussed in a few of these:
Currently the most discussed profession of blogging in the online world. It is also honorable. It is possible to change whole life through blogging. It is also possible to influence the society through this profession. And bloggers are not able to say that they are able to earn well. In short, blogging is the way to express your opinion through a web site. You have to publish content regularly. This content will attract visitors to your site or blog. Regularly publishing a large number of content, you will find a lot of visitors. However, the content must be good and unique. Good content mainly comes with visitor. Many visitors are able to earn from your blog with various add-ons. The most popular add-on program is Google Adsense. It's basically an add campaign from Google. After getting approval from Google, you can add add-ons to the blog. When $ 100, you can pick it up. Let's calculate an estimate. Publish content every day in 3 months or 90 days. If these 90 content is Friendly and SEO Friendly, then they are able to bring 1000 Visitors to your blog. If 10% of 1000 visitors enter the ad displayed on your site, you will get 100 add-ons. If every kilicle gets a minimum of $ 10 then 100 dollars per day with 100 clicks. Now at 10 dollars a day, the month is 300 dollars. The amount of 300 dollars in Bangladeshi money is not very low. If there are 2000 visitors, the income will be doubled. If you can work for two consecutive years, the figure of your Arnig will stand, which is a good income in Bangladesh's context.
Market Places:
Many are earning well based on market place work only. There are many entrepreneurs and companies based on this worldwide. In our country, the number of such entrepreneurs and companies is not low. Many popular market places such as oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Fiverrr have created a career as many content writers.
You can give time to teach a year's work. So hopefully, you can start with a minimum of 10 dollars. If you write two content a day, then your Arn is $ 20. The amount is not low. With the increased efficiency and experience, your demand will increase. Increase your earnings too. If you can earn this amount after 2 years, then it is good in Bangladesh's context.

Job Facilities:
The number of freelance-outsourcing companies in our country is also increasing. Lack of adequate skilled people in companies If you wish, you can also hire those companies. The salary is well paid. You can start at a minimum of Rs 25000. Experiences can be even more. If you have been working for two years, you get a job in the company for a monthly salary of 25000 rupees, in the context of Bangladesh, do you think this less? Never Rather, you can go far further by utilizing this skill. Just start. As the experience grows, your demand increases around. As well as your income graph

Who does not know affiliate marketing? In short, affiliate marketing means promoting third-party products. That's why you have to create a web site. Then promote the company's products. Then write content on the product. This content will present product information in the online world. And through this, third-party products will be sold. You receive a part of this sale as commission. Affiliate marketing can create a career in Amazon with the most popular affiliate sites. Amazon gives 4-5% commission. Suppose you have a web site on hand watch. On average, every hand clock value is 80 dollars. You sold 5 hand watches in the day. Then the hand watches of $ 400 a day was sold. That means the sale of $ 12,000 a month. This $ 5000 is $ 600 or $ 600. This is just an example. It is a matter of fact that if affiliate marketers do not write content themselves, then the content is written by the writer. Your chance is there. Can work with the market with the marketers. Or as a freelancer you can write them. In that case you need to know about product reviews. Must have hands on sales pages and promotional content.

Many of our country are making a lot of money through affiliate marketing. Maybe you will be surprised to hear that the amount of money in the million houses of the month Anyway, the name of the top 10 affiliate programs was given below

  • LinkShare
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associates
  • Google Affiliate Network
  • ClixGalore
  • ClickBank
  • MaxBounty
To buy best theme click here

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