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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID! Tech Teacher Debashree

June 27, 2019 0
Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID! Tech Teacher Debashree
Do Two-Step Verification on facebook, Hacker can not hack your ID

What is a Two-Step Verification? (What is Two Step Verification):

Two-Step Verification Is A Secure System At The Second Level Here this system provides the highest security for the user's account. This facility offers many sites, including Gmail, Facebook, and more secure accounts.

How Does Two-Step Verification System Work?

Already, it is a two-step verification system, when an account owner signs his or her password with the password, then the user will send the code to the email or mobile number, then you will be able to log in. As a result, anyone else can access your Facebook or Gmail or other site by supporting this system without knowing it, because they can not log in as soon as they try to log in to your phone and no one will be able to login to you. This way you can increase ID security. Two-step verification system will be sent to the email or phone code, but it may be used on other sites, but it may be seen more than the code.
First go to Facebook and go to Settings & Privacy and then click on Security and Login.

Then see there is a text called Use two-factor authentication. Then click on Set Up.

Now look at a phone number in your room, give your phone number in that room. (If you want passwords then continue with your ID pass). After entering the phone number, 6 digit one conform code can be added to your number. Conform with Code.

Diameter is your job. Now log out of your ID and log in. As soon as you log in, a code will come in your number and you will have to continue with this code. If you want to save the device, then you will not have to enter any code to login to that browser. However, when logging in again on any other browser or any other phone, you will have to log in with the same code as before.

SPECIAL_Warning: Do not mistake the number that will trigger the login promo option, and do not remove the number from Facebook ID. But if you do not go to another code in the same code, then do not go to the code when you login from another browser. If you do not enter the code, you can not access Facebook. If you want to remove the number then you will close the login request option.

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Monday, 3 June 2019

What is Facebook Marketing? Why and How do Facebook Marketing? Tech Teacher Debashree

June 03, 2019 0
What is Facebook Marketing? Why and How do Facebook Marketing? Tech Teacher Debashree

What is Facebook Marketing?
 Why and How do Facebook Marketing?

The world's most popular social network is Facebook. At present, the world's mother is very popular in every country. Facebook marketing through Facebook use to promote any company, product or service. You can do marketing yourself or by a Facebook marketer. The Facebook advertisements that are given in simple terms are called Facebook marketing. Any kind of advertising can be made through Facebook. These types of ads are usually sponsored posts of various products in your Facebook Newsfeed and the picture or offer of various products comes on the right side of your Facebook and these are called Facebook ads.
Why Do Facebook Marketing?
Facebook history and present we all know. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. In 2004, Facebook started its first journey. After the start of the journey, Facebook did not have to look back. Facebook's monthly active use of the survey of 2016 is 1.86 billion. The number of Facebook users per day is 1.15 billion. Number of users using Facebook on Facebook 1.74 The number of photos uploaded daily on Facebook is 300 million. Visitors' Everywhere Time Sprint on Facebook for 20 Minutes 5,10,000 comments, 2,93,000 statuses and 1,36,000 images are uploaded every minute. Facebook has created 16 million local business pages. 42% of businessmen think Facebook is the main tool in their business. About 50% of users between 18-24 years of user wake up can use Facebook or they may wake up when they come to Facebook. One report says that Facebook usage increases by 17% per year and it continues to increase.
Just think, in 2017, Facebook's active user is 186 crore, there are user accounts of HotSpe's user, 50 million Twitter users, 28 million 40 million, and you will not be marketing on Facebook. Where you can find such a lot of customers for advertising. Facebook's other communications device is 60 million of Instagram's user.

Now let's see if you can get the benefit of marketing on Facebook without analog marketing.
Facebook advertisements are more important than banners, cyberboards, billboards, festoons, paper, radio, or TV advertising - it is more likely to result in lower costs.  you can make the highest level of marketing Through Facebook. With Facebook Marketing, you will be able to check your marketing results immediately and if you need to stop running your ads then you can advertise in new ways. You can review your results by Facebook Marketing. Facebook advertising advertising is very low.Almost all people are connected to each other so you can easily get your message delivered to others Currently due to the wide spread of social media, especially Facebook. Online presence is being done for public, private or small startups, so for all, the campaign is very important for business success at this time. The biggest reason for your Facebook advertising may be the possibility of more promotion at lesser time. Whether you are the proprietor of a small business or a large corporation, Facebook is a valuable marketing medium to increase customer exposure and increase your business expansion, where you send all your messages from all levels to all the old people.  There is no alternative way to Facebook marketing for creating a brand.
How to do Facebook Marketing ?
 So far we have discussed the details of Facebook marketing, so we will discuss briefly about how we can do marketing and we will discuss this in detail. I've divided Facebook Marketing into 2 categories. The first can be used without a paid or independent second pay or marketer.

Marketing without individual or paid?

When you start marketing on Facebook itself, it is called independent marketing. You can do this from your own Facebook account. This is an important issue because if you want to do marketing yourself then your account must be Standard. In social media, people do not want to believe in strangers easily, and if they do not believe, then people will not express their desire to listen to anything or anything. You have to stay and share different types of articles or videos, so you will have a contact with them. In this way you will be able to become a believer through regular contact post comments. Now let's talk about how to make a standard account for Facebook marketing.

Here you must first create a good Facebook profile. Prepare an account with a beautiful profile picture on Facebook with all the information. Make profiles with no false information. To create a good quality account, your account needs to be sorted. Try to make yourself special then you can easily make yourself trustworthy to everyone. Now you have to be careful about adding friends. If you do not add a friend who is also a marketer, then it will be seen that the marketing you are doing is not coming in any way. So you have to be careful about adding friends. Now you have to get back to the real work. You will have to make everyone acceptable, and that goal will make you familiar with regular post, comment, etc. Create and post different types of post content over time. Funny cartoon, stay active by post sharing. Try writing bad things about the topic you want to do in marketing, this will create a good profile. Try to express yourself efficiently in this matter, people will want to help you and you will get better support during your marketing. Try to answer all questions and your transparency will be made. Try to open the group to discuss this, create your own group at the center of the discussion, so that you can do your marketing here as well. You have to be tactical to promote any topic and you have to do marketing using that technique. Avoid direct marketing, this will create a good attitude towards you. Helping your marketing strategy in different groups or beginners.
You can also make paid marketing, help you with different marketers or you can make yourself and paid marketing. Paid Marketing is a great marketing startup, here you will have many ideas about marketing to be successful. Besides, due to the problem of the dollar system in our country, it is not possible to get paid marketing. So if you do not have a MasterCard and do not have much expertise then contact the Marketing Agency. Stay with us Very soon we will be able to give details on how to do paid marketing with the solution of MasterCard.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 29, 2019 0
How to Lock Your Facebook Profile - Tech Teacher Debashree

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile
How to Lock Your Facebook Profile

Have you ever felt the need to lock Facebook profile? Do you want any unwanted person to peek into your profile? Do not you see all that you do not know, all of your unknown things?Surely, no, no. You must make sure you have the highest privacy of your Facebook account. And among these important privacy is to lock the profile. Locking the profile means locking your privacy, keeping yourself safe.

Privacy protection on social media like Facebook, especially Facebook, is now equally important for everyone. Because, most of the people have been privyasi leak through social media in present day. So, keeping your privacy private, that is, you need to keep Facebook ID locked in order to prevent it from being shared with you.
Friends, when you are doing what you are doing, how you are living, and what you are enjoying. But do all the people need to tell? Everyone is your friend, everyone is well wisher? Is there no one who can be in danger of knowing all your personal information? Especially, when you know where, where, what is your public or secret enemy?

Surely it will not be pleasant for you, nor will there be any glad tidings. So, you do not have to let everyone enter your profile. Simply put a gate on your Facebook profile, lock it for unwanted guests. By doing so, your account will be private, as well as being safe from hacking. As an additional payment, you can find out 8 easy ways to keep Facebook account safe and secure from hackers. Now let's start the real work, know how to lock the profile.
How To Keep Facebook Profile Locked
Only two simple steps can be locked by following your Facebook ID and can be secured.

1. Profile Picture Protection
2. Friends Only Post
1. Profile Picture Protection: If your profile picture is protected, those who are not your friends will only see a small preview of your picture. But they will not be able to share, can not share or even comment.

That's why you have to turn on your profile picture guard.

Enter your profile.
Click on profile picture.
Now click on the option
Then click on the click on Profile Picture Gardens
Now after clicking on the save, you are finished.
This is the way to get profile picture care from the computer, which is briefly described. To find out more detailed ways and to know how to turn it on from a mobile phone, go to the pre-published article on how to activate the Facebook profile picture guard.

Hopefully, after reading the text, you have put your profile on the picture guard. Now let's go to Step 2

2. Friends Only Post: Every day you are posting something and everyone sees it. Because, by default, your post may be open for the public. Now close this to the public, just open it for friends.

Click on the drop-down arrow above the right side.
facebook dropdown menu

From the drop-down menu, click Settings.
facebook settings

Click on the Privacy text from the left hand side menu
facebook privacy
Who can see your future posts? Click Edit to the right of the text.
facebook post edit
Select the friend from the public.
facebook post public
Well, your Facebook profile has been locked through these two steps. Now you will not get any personal information from anyone other than your friends. Can not see your pictures, see the post. Like, comment or share. Whenever a stranger goes to your profile, you will see the text - This profile is locked. You're safe now, so, happy facebooking.

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

What is Facebook Ads? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 21, 2019 0
What is Facebook Ads? - Tech Teacher Debashree

What is Facebook Ads
What is Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Ads?
In a word, Facebook is advertising, sending or promoting your product or service through Facebook to your current and potential target customers. That is, Facebook ads are promoting any business, product or any kind of service campaign on Facebook. Generally, you can see that sponsored posts of various products come to your Facebook wallet or Newsfeed, and when you get photos or offers of various products on your right side of your Facebook or Newsfeed, you see that these are Facebook ads.

Why is advertising on Facebook important?
Today, Facebook ads are becoming more and more popular due to banners, cyberboards, billboards, or TV ads because they are more likely to result in lower costs. Because of the widespread expansion of social media, especially Facebook, almost all people are connected to each other, so there has been a change in marketing strategy. Online presence and campaign for public, private or small startup organizations is very important for business success at this time. Advertising or advertising tend to be increasing day by day because Facebook has been selling a lot of products in the low cost to promote the product to the desired person.
Facebook, like newspapers, TVs, radio and other media, is a medium that allows you to reach your ad to millions of people in the moment by advertising your company / page / website / product.

Why do advertising on Facebook?
In Bangladesh, opportunities like other advanced countries have increased, even today a few years ago people did not have much mobile phones. At present, at least one mobile phone is found in the hands of the poor. Nowadays many people understand the meaning of internet that Facebook. Thinks Facebook is the Internet The subject may seem ridiculous to the winners. But this is the truth.
And now there are many people who spend 10 rupees on paper and do not read the news, because the age has changed, now in just a minute, if you enter Facebook, then all the newspapers of Bangladesh get together, and the easiest way to communicate, and access to Facebook is very easy. You can contact all the friends. If you do not do any work or at least check it for at least 1 time.

And our traditional custom is added in the paper, which is not possible to reach people of a particular class or age.

You will surely want to add when you add.

When you advertise your business / product, you should definitely target that specific person.

It sure becomes a lot of your attention.

And it's just possible on Facebook. Category can be shared on Facebook according to the profession, language, interest, etc. of all.

So that you can deliver your ad to your specific customers.

So you can deliver your ad to millions of people in the moment by advertising your company / page / website / product.
01. Like Facebook page to grow

0. Many people will be involved with your page by increasing the like

03. If you post any post, users will be able to see it

04. Many users will download applications when they advertise the application

05. Many users will participate in the event when the event is advertised

06. Visitors or readers will increase the website if you advertise any news.

What you need to do to add to Facebook:

1. Title to enter will be 25 characters with spaces

2. Whatever you write in body, there will be 90 characters with spaces

3. The image must be 600 × 225 pixel

4. You can offer up to 6 images for the page's add

5. You have to say Location, Age, Gender (target audience)

You can take any package mentioned above for promoting your pages.

How Facebook Charges
Facebook basically charges three ways

1. Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM): Based on the 1,000 impressions of your ad, Facebook charges one.

2. Cost Per 1000 People Reached: Based on the fact that every 1000 people have seen the ad in your advertisement, Facebook charges one

3. Cost Per Click (CPC): Facebook charges a charge based on how many people are clicking on your ad or how many likes are coming in.
You do not have a card. How to Boost?
It's important to have a card for Facebook Boost. But there are many formalities to get cards and use of time. I do not have peonier cards. But using the gift card, I am boasting on my page. If you do not have a card, you can use another card. But it is not safe at all. If you want to safely boost, use your card, or use gift card.

To get wordpress wiz ebook guide Click here

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Facebook for beginners - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 06, 2019 0
Facebook for beginners  - Tech Teacher Debashree
Currently Facebook is a very popular social networking site. Although we know many things about Facebook, there are many ideas about many things. Those who do not have any idea about these things hope this post will be useful.
Anyone on Facebook can register. Go to for this. Now fill in the form Sign Up and click on the Sign Up button and enter the password of Security Check and click on the Sign Up button to open the Facebook account. After this, you will need to confirm the e-mail address by clicking the link on the Facebook link found in the email.

Facebook for beginners - Facebook Tutorial

Mobile Facebook:
Facebook fans can also use Facebook on their GPRS enabled mobile phone. For this reason will be able to enter by email and password normally. In addition to its email address, the mobile number can be opened on Facebook using the account. For this, from, Need an account? Click here to sign up using your book here and enter the mobile number with name, country code, sign up with powwords. Next, activate the account with the PIN number of the SMS received from Facebook. If you want to use this account on a computer, you will need to log in with the mobile number and password in place of the email when you login.
Mobile account confirmation:
When you add friends or other security check dialog, it is quite annoying. Sick of these? Click on Verify your account link, then Confirm Your Phone dialog box will appear. Enter your mobile number and click on Confirm button. Then you will receive a message containing code from Facebook, click on the Confirm button and enter the code. After the diameter and the Security Check dialog will not come.

Facebook interface in Bengali:
Recently, the Bengali language has been added to the list of Facebook languages. Earlier, the Bangla interface could be seen by applications. Currently, Facebook will be seen in both the Bangla interface.
Method 1) Login to Facebook, go to Accounts Settings. After going to the Language tab, if you select Bangla in the Primary Language section, then Facebook will be converted into Bangla in a while.
Method 2) Go to address and click on the Allow button to add the application. Select your language from dropdown, select Bengali, in a while, all the interfaces of Facebook will be in Bengali.

Invite friends:
Click Invite Friends from Friends to invite friends via email. To send an email to friends, click on the invite button. If you want to get the email address of friends from your email, by clicking on Import Email Addresses or by clicking on the email log in, the user will click the Find Friends button, then all the mail addresses in the mail will be available. Now select the email addresses that you want to invite and click on Add to Invite button to come to the To: Also, from Friend Menu to Find Friends or at the Home Page, click Add as Friend to invite the person from the right suggestion. You can also invite by searching by name or email address.

Accepting the invitation:
If someone invites you, it can be seen on request at the right of the home page. Here are friend requests, group invitations, suggestions etc. You can accept an invitation from the Confirm Request page by clicking on any one.

Group creation and joining:
Click the group icon in the statusbar or go to address. Now click on the desired group and click Join this Group and add group membership? You can join the group by clicking Join from the dialog. And go out of Grow by clicking on Leave Group and Remove group membership? You must click Remove from the dialog. If you want to create a group of your own, click the + Create a new Group button from the group page and follow the next step.
Add or change more email:
Facebook is registered by email and subsequently to log in to Facebook via that email. But you can change the email address or add more email address if you want. Login to Facebook, go to Accounts Settings. Now click on "Change Email" on the new email: Enter a new email address and click on Add New Email button and click on the Confirm button to enter Facebook's current password in the Change Email box. Confirmation mail will be added to the newly added mail, clicking on the link link will confirm the email address. The newly added email will remain the default. More mail addresses can be added in this way. To delete the previous mail, go to Accounts Settings. Now click on the change in the email that you want to delete, click the Remove link on the right and click on the Facebook password and click Confirm button. The previous mail from the diameter will be deleted from Facebook.

Tagged friends in Facebook picture:
Facebook is currently the most popular social site. Here videos and photos can be shared as well as friends can be tagged in these pictures. If a group picture wants to tag different friends, then upload the image and click on the image to display. Click on the tag This photo below, click on the photo of the friend who wants to tag the box and the box and the right window will appear. If the friend you want to tag, select the friend if you have a friend, and if not, then type any name or tag: the name of the friend and click on the Tag button. In this way, you can tag your favorite friends. Finish the tag by clicking Done Tagging at the end.
The pictures that you have tagged will appear on your friend's photo. If you want to tag yourself or others in another's photo album. Likewise, the notes and videos can be tagged in the video.

User name set:
Recently Facebook users have the opportunity to set the user name. For this reason, go to and set the preferred user name. If you set the manikcsbd name, your Facebook address will be where the profile ID is displayed first.

Preventing yourself from search:
When you search by email address or by name on Facebook, you can view and invite profiles. If you want you can refrain yourself from this search and if you want to be able to search friends and friends of friends only. Go to Settings from Privacy Settings. Now click Search and select who can find you on Facebook in the Search Visibility section. And select what information you want to search in Search Result Content. Uncheck to Public Search Listing if you do not want to appear from other search engines.

You can block a certain friend or unwanted person to prevent him from seeing your profile or other information. Go to Settings from Privacy Settings. Now type the name of the block people in the text box and click on the block button. Now click on Block Person on the right of the search for which you want to block. This way you can block multiple people. If you block someone, you will not be able to find anywhere, as long as you have the affection but it will end. If you want to unblock, click on the Remove link from the Block List.
In the friend box of certain friends opens:

You can determine who your Facebook profile will look for, how many friends will be seen in your friend box or who will see them. By default, 6 friends are sporadically displayed. To determine it, click on your picture to go to profile. Now click on the left side friends's pencil. Define how many friends want to show from the show's dropdown. Always show these friends: Add your friends' names below. From now on, diamonds will always show you friends in your friend's friends. If the number of determined friends is less then the rest will be sporadically separated from other friends.
Close Facebook Account:
If you delete the Facebook account, then from the Settings tab, click on Account Settings. Then click the Deactivate link of Deactivate Account, then Confirm Facebook Account Deactivation page will appear. Here's why you want to close the account and click the Deactivate button and the Facebook account will be closed. However, if you want to activate the account again in the future, logging in to normal Facebook will allow you to reactivate your account by clicking on the Reactivate Mail.

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Earn Money from Facebook Creator? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 29, 2018 0
Earn Money from Facebook Creator? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Facebook creator is the new  feature of facebook. You can  show your talent and earn money by making video.This is really an excellent chance for video making lovers, basically for you tuber.

Facebook Creator

You have to make minimum 3 minutes video and 10000 views to start for monitisation. It is just like you tube and You will get same money like you tube.You need your creativity to make videos.Follow the steps below to use facebook for creator.
Follow the steps

  • First you have to create a facebook profile.
  •  Then  create a  facebook page.
  • Then go to and sign up.
  • Then fill up all information and click on submit button.
  • Then go to play store and install 'facebook creator 'app on your android phone.
  • Then After sign in facebook  on mobile you have to click  on continue as(facebook profile name) 
  • Then click  on get started.
  •  Then select the facebook page that you created and keep on making video.

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To watch the video click below

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

How to earn money from Facebook Page or Facebook group? Tech Teacher Debashree

November 03, 2018 0
How to earn money from Facebook Page or Facebook group? Tech Teacher Debashree

Facebook is a popular social media site.Now days everyone use facebook to can earn money by creating fb page for free if the page has enough number of fans.You can create fb page on any tropic like business,music,news,fashion,sell any products etc.

What is facebook page?earn money from facebook

If you want to use fb page, first  you have to create a facebook profile.You can earn money by sharing affiliate marketing products on page or making videos on page.You can use page for your personal business.They allow to publish content and receive comments and feedback from fans and customers.Sharing photos and updates keeps your page fresh for visitors.You can use page insights to track how many people you are reaching.You can sell your page if you have enough number of members.At present,social networking site is the source of income  . If you have 1 lac followers,then you can sell your page by 50000 rupee or more.There is the benefit of commenting or posted on Facebook page or group .  Now many people create Facebook pages and  facebook group . You can also if you want.  Now you have to earn a lot of money from Facebook. This post will tell you 4 easy ways.

Instant Article:
To earn money easily from Facebook ,You can using instant article. Those who have good writing skill can create  a Facebook page.  It's an active choice. The page gives Facebook the opportunity to earn money. Facebook has come with a quick article to read the news "Instant Article" It gives a thunderbolt sign with the news that the headline or link only gets a click on the thunderstorm on Facebook.When you post a post on your website as an instant article, users will not have to spend an MB to read it in new tabs or browsers. But yes, Facebook instant articles can only be seen by smartphone users.
The world's largest media has already been linked to Facebook's instant article feature.
In fact, Facebook has introduced this feature to keep users on their social media platforms more time, to fast site access (loading time), news sites to get more Facebook, to capture advertisers' target PEOPLE and to share revenue with website owners.If the income is $ 100, it will come to your bank account.  As a result, earning money from Facebook is now being given extra money by operating office and paying staff.

Purchase of pages:

Facebook does not support this process ,that You have to create a page and you will have to sell it to an organization.. However, there is still a demand for it. 1,000 like pages are seen starting from 1000 rupees. Many people buy their pages and promote themselves.  Creating pages on Facebook is very easy. To create a Facebook page, click on the link from its own Facebook user ( Then you will get 2 options like Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. If you want to open pages for business, click on the first page and open the page with the name of your choice on the next page. You must add the necessary information on the page. Pages must be updated regularly. The post which people see most, they have to pay. 
Links to your pages can be shared, affiliate can earn. You can also take money for different brand posts. Remember, this is your business. Facebook is upgrading its algorithm. Now the era of the video. The video gives importance to the video. Try to do video based pages. Starting a service called Facebook Watch In future, Facebook can earn from the video. There are also opportunities to earn from Facebook Live.

Shop on facebook:

There are many things you can do to open shop on Facebook. Many people are now selling Facebook Live clothes, jewelry or cosmetics. Other products will be sold in the future. It's called a F-Commerce. Sell ​​essentials from clothing, food, cosmetics to Facebook Shops.

Write a post to Facebook. Make sure to order it. Business will not be late to accumulate. Business will be as much as you like on the page or there will be more activity.


Do you write good content? Or good graphics work? Your Facebook page can be a big advertisement. Facebook's great platform for promoting those who work in Fever or Upwar. Here people can take orders by showing job.

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