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Monday, 18 November 2019

YouTube monetization - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 18, 2019 0
 YouTube monetization - Tech Teacher Debashree
All information on YouTube monetization - Tech Teacher Debashree
 YouTube monetization -
Tech Teacher Debashree

As we all know about YouTube, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing social platform. Where there are billions of videos and thousands of new videos are being added every minute. Google's YouTube is most popular for easy uploading, sharing and viewing videos from all over the world.

Videos are shared on YouTube for thousands of reasons. Many are using the hobby, some to help others, many are using YouTube for official work and many have taken to YouTube as their own career. In fact, they have taken more seriously than any other job or business, they are giving regular videos on various topics or niches, and many are making billions of income.

This is how many of us have heard about how money can be earned from YouTube but not exactly how it works or how this total mechanism works. Let's find out today - What and how does YouTube Monetization work?
Simply put, YouTube videos play different types of ads before, after, and in the middle. The advertiser advertises on YouTube with the money, they are called an advertiser or advertiser. Depending on the content of the video (publisher or content creator) in which the ad is displayed (publisher or content creator), the ad (publisher or content creator) is credited to the account based on various factors like bid rate, viewer's country, number of clicks on the video etc. It is initially credited to the YouTube account and submitted to the Google Adsense account at the end of the month. From there, the publisher ie the YouTube channel owner's bank account money is deposited.

In a nutshell, the only way you can earn by showing ads on your YouTube videos is through YouTube Monetization.
This topic is involved in many things so I am writing this article as a small paragraph to help you understand.

What do I need to do to get YouTube Monetisation?
You need to create a channel before you can receive YouTube monetization. If you don't have a channel yet, check out "How to Create a YouTube Channel"

And if you have a YouTube channel, then some conditions must be met before applying for monetization. Here you can see if your YouTube channel meets the conditions, then you can apply for monetization - New Condition of the Monetization Application Once these conditions are met, some basic information should be checked again, such as the channel logo, Channel Cover Photo, About section and more.

Remember, YouTube now manually reviews each channel for monetization. If Shiva is right, that is, if they are within the rules and regulations and the quality of the content is good, the advertiser is friendly then you will get quick monetization.
How many videos must be uploaded to get monetization?
How many videos in a channel can monetization get the right answer is difficult. However, channels that provide videos on a regular basis get faster monetization. This does not mean that you are regularly referred to with one video after 6 months; as a best practice, giving a minimum of two videos a week or monthly can be called regular video upload. There are many channels that have 20/4 video but no video has the same view. In all these cases, YouTube assumes that your video does not have that much value or does not have the same effect. In some cases, videos of many channels rank very late, this does not mean that it is not like YouTube.

Usually one channel has at least 20/4 videos and other conditions can be applied for monetization. Many people think that the condition is full-blown with 1/4 of the video, so I apply. As I said earlier, YouTube now reviews every channel manually, and in those cases who do reviews, in many cases, it is unclear what category the channel actually belongs to. Because there are many of us who give that kind of video to one channel. Therefore, in order to make YouTube easily understand the category of your video, one must first try to create a specific category of video. For example - if there is a channel for such a funny video it does not have the reviews provided. On the cooking channel so that there is no video on how to install a software, etc.

  •  What is YouTube's relationship with Subscriber?
  •  How to do a monetization application?
  •  How to enable monetization on a video?
  •  How long will I get the money after monetization on?
  •  How do I get YouTube Monetisation money at the bank?
  •  How long does it take to get money from YouTube to the bank?
  •  Which bank is easy to bring money from YouTube?
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Monday, 17 June 2019

What is the importance of YouTube marketing? How to be successful on YouTube marketing or video marketing?Tech Teacher Debashree

June 17, 2019 0
What is the importance of YouTube marketing? How to be successful on YouTube marketing or video marketing?Tech Teacher Debashree
What is the importance of YouTube marketing How to be successful on YouTube marketing or video marketing
What is the importance of YouTube marketing ?
How to be successful on YouTube marketing or video marketing

Youtube marketing is the most popular in the social media world. Because now people like to watch more news than the news they like to wear. Basically this is why YouTube is so much more important now. You may have used Facebook for a long time. But in the meantime, as long as the time passes on Facebook, it is more than passing through YouTube. Because if you are entertained or through any other, you at one time have more news from Facebook. But now the time is short. The time you are using Facebook for news or entertainment nowadays, you get very good news or entertainment from YouTube.

What is the importance of YouTube?
The importance of YouTube is infinite. Which you might not be able to say. Because once people read the news, but time has changed, people have changed and. So now anyone likes to watch the news from the news publisher. Before a decade, people used so much television that their entertainment or news was the only medium. But now people do not want to waste time watching television in the house. They understand the importance of time now. People can now easily see news from anywhere in any country on YouTube. That's the most important of YouTube. You may have been sitting or staying in front of television for entertainment, or had to stay for hours. But now you can see when you want it.

Youtube is your biggest guide. Because you can learn what you want from YouTube. You can be your best teacher on YouTube. Because of what you learned from your educational institution, you may not learn from the full 100% YouTube. But you get a big guide line. What you want to learn, what you want to learn, everything you can learn on this YouTube So YouTube can undoubtedly be the biggest teacher to you.

What is the importance of YouTube marketing?
The most important and effective marketing of the current time is YouTube Marketing. Because YouTube is currently the most popular. YouTube is the location of YouTube all over the world. That means Google's location is one and the location of YouTube is two. But at one time Facebook's position was two. But Facebook could not retain their position. Youtube has been behind Facebook. So you understand how important YouTube is at present. And YouTube marketing is even more important. Because if you want to increase your product sales by marketing on YouTube. Then it is possible. Because people now use so much YouTube that if you're marketing your product cell is bound to be. You can increase your product sales by two times by doing marketing on YouTube. Youtube users number around the world So your marketing will be effective.
Some tips for uploading YouTube marketing videos
Generally, many of us upload videos to YouTube. But very few people know that there are many obstacles to uploading videos on YouTube. You can not make any video up to It does not recognize you on YouTube Let's learn some tips on uploading to YouTube. It is very important to know what your marketing might be.

Do not upload others' videos to your YouTube channel. It will never support youtube.

Can not make up the copied video Because when you upload videos to YouTube, that video becomes indexed on YouTube, and the next time you post a YouTube video on YouTube. Then the robot held it immediately. There is a possibility of eating your channel bans.
No type of pornography or video supports YouTube. Zodiac Tolerance on Youtube Video So avoid this thing completely for your video marketing.
Define your video description as it contains in the video. Do not give inappropriate, unnecessary, unwanted statements.
Never use tags in the description of your video. Only using this tag can cause your channel to bite. So you must remember this fact.
Your video's thumbnail image must be interesting. Match your video title with. Because you gave a title but the image was another one. You will not get any feedback on this.
How to be successful on YouTube marketing or video marketing?
Ask who does not want to be successful. But how many people are successful? In reality, success depends on your hard work, your honesty, your devotion, your will. The more power you can, the more successful you are. Likewise, depending on your willingness to succeed by doing marketing on YouTube. Let's know how you can succeed in video marketing.

It will be nice and attractive to make the video you want for marketing. Because you made trouble with the video, but it was not very good. You will not get a good feedback on this.

You must be SEO when the video is made. Many of us upload videos to YouTube, but do not do SEO. It's a mistake for us. Because if you do not do SEO on this video that you are uploading on YouTube, then never look at the search first. So you have to do SEO for your video marketing.
Share to all types of social media. Share your uploaded videos to all the types of social media you have on account. Because if you share all the social media in your uploaded video, if you share it then your video marketing will be very good. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Imgure, Reddit, StumbleUpon, VK, Google Plus, Pintaste, LinkedIn, Yahoo Share your video in all these social media.
Give more shares to Facebook Group Because you can get many views from Facebook group. If your video is good then you will get a lot of views from Facebook Group.
Google Plus has more share days. This will be most effective for you. Because Google Plus lets you post any video as soon as Google Plus indexes your video. So when someone else searches on Google, the first time you upload the video shows.
If you follow these rules, you can easily become successful on YouTube. But once you upload the video, the view of your video will not come along. You have to wait some time. If you have the will, you will succeed.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Learn the important topics of YouTube video marketing-Tech Teacher Debashree

February 26, 2019 0
Learn the important topics of YouTube video marketing-Tech Teacher Debashree
Marketing through online means we generally think that top social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are mostly used. But again, true online marketers also use some more useful tools. Meanwhile, the video has been described as a more effective medium. In this case we can easily say that YouTube is the universal one.
Online is the most popular YouTube can now say that watching the video is one of the super-duper media for online marketing. Many of them are using it very well for their marketing purposes. The online marketplace also has a huge demand.

YouTube video marketing

The most popular marketplace in Odesse-Ilans also has many work hours and fixed prize based projects on video marketing. Starting from $ 5, you can say that there is also a thousand dollars of this outsourcing marketplace.
Your patience and plan can easily get you the success of video marketing. You can achieve a successful career, you can be a freelancer experienced and skilled in this sector, and it is well-believed that experienced young people in freelancing outsourcing work.
What is Video Marketing?
As a video marketing field, you can say that the picture is the most valuable word. And that's why the picture has a big role in the campaign. And if that image is the video then you can get quicker customer attention towards your product.
We usually say that the advertisement of any product using video is video marketing. And popular public video sharing social media like YouTube can easily be used as one of the most effective online marketing tools.

Why Video Marketing Is Important?
1. You do not have the patience to read the article. And today, marketing is usually targeted at those buyers. This allows you to get a good idea about the product by watching the video without reading the user easily. It is very easy to draw many customers' attention together. And through this we can increase the campaign work.
2. By watching videos, customers can easily know about the appropriate attributes of the product. Users are no longer interested in product quality because of watching videos through video marketing. As a result, the demand for video marketing on various marketplaces is now extensive.
3. Generally, you may have to pay a little more money when you create a video, but using mobile devices is very easy to do and we can publish the videos we have created for free on YouTube. As a result, new entrepreneurs can run their products very easily.
4. As a result of video marketing, there is a great impact on Google search engine.
5. Marketplaces can also be seen that freelancers can easily get this job because the competition for video marketing work is relatively low.
Precautions to upload your video to YouTube:
1. You should not upload another video on your camera, and you should not upload it as your video.
2. Upload a video that no one can claim to claim. Please refrain from copying videos. This will ruin your reputation and customers will start a negative idea for you. And if another person demands it then there will be a copyright issue. It must be noted that.
3. Try video quality to do better and sound quality will be much stronger or better.
4. Good quality video and bitrate, frames, resolutions etc. should be good.
5. Special attention: Avoid uploading obscene and pornography videos.
6. Before creating the video, keep in mind that the use of language should be simple and obvious. It is easy for ordinary users to understand it.
To get a visitor to a YouTube video you must target the search engine. Because most visitors come from this search engine. And that's why you have to give proper video titles, discriptions, and video tags.
There must be a video title that is attractive, so that the customer's eye can easily be clamped. The title of the video will be so that visitors can understand the title and see what the video has.
Your site's URL will be at the beginning of the discovery. Then you have to give a narrative description of the video.
Keep in mind that despite not being a visitor through this disc, it is true that Google and YouTube spread the search. It should be between 250-300 words.
Provide tags:
You can tell a much more effective tool for tagging Google. And this tag is just as important on youtube. For the tagged tag, there is a great chance to easily move the first page on top of any competative video.

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Monday, 18 February 2019

How to Viral Your Youtube Video - Video Ranking and Traffic Formula - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 18, 2019 0
How to Viral Your Youtube Video - Video Ranking and Traffic Formula - Tech Teacher Debashree
Many people are busy  this time with YouTube, many are visiting this blog that blog - how to channel your video viral. I know there are many who are known as the master of YouTube; I have nothing to do with them - yet I tried to write this article - do not forget to tell me how it is written.

Video Ranking and Traffic Formula

Seeing many tutorials in many places, opening up a channel, doing video up, but not getting the intended visitor, this is what you are talking about, whose tutorial you started working with him. Actually he has no guilt, he has taught you rightly; You have done something wrong somewhere, or did not do the things shown.
Come to the words of the work without increasing the talk. Your video must be viral - what do you have to do for it? Some of the most common tasks - which you have seen in many tutorials, are what we will do today - but in a different way-

* Take care of these 2 points -

  • Which is the right time to channel up the video?
  • How to use tags in the video?

1. To make the video viral, share the video as many social sites as possible. Do a tune on your blog with it.

2. Under the tune you have on your blog, there are many options to share, open an account in all - then share them.
3. Video should not be made, take care of the video. Use a good video editing software for video editing as much as possible.
4. Make video content, fan, engage, or other informative subject, in which your video is more likely to be viral.
5. Never make videos about controversial topics.
6. Add your logo or your web site information to your video.
7. Of course, using good cameras and editing equipment, if you do not want to buy them, then take a professional cooperation.
8. Keep the video's resolution as high as possible - your viewers can see your video clearer.
9. Try making series videos, your visitor will be waiting for your next video.
10. Ask your visitor for feedback, ask them to tweet and like them. There are many visitors, they do not want to say these things.
11. Do not use any music that you do not like in the video. And remember that title is very important for your content.
12. Tag in accordance with keywords, it will help people to find your video.
13. Publish your blog, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter with all the links in your articles by linking to your video in the form of articles.
14. Add an email subscribe to the blog that you are tuning the video to in the blog - ask your visitor to subscribe - then a notification will be sent to him as soon as the new video is up.
15. Join your video related communities on Google Plus. And keep tuning your link in it.
16. Create a script for the video that will be made in the video, it will be easy to make the video during the time of video creation.
17. Do not make videos about this mentality, make people video in such a way that information will be given to the people.
18. If possible, you can play live video with your webcam, by which people can see your office or home - with you will also see. This will lead to a faithfulness in them; The next day, it will be on their heads that the boy will show us a new funny video today.

Find out how to rank YouTube videos - YouTube Video Marketing:

If you want to get a website or specific page in Google's search result, search engine optimization is the same, just like YouTube Video Optimization is required to bring a video to YouTube search results first. In many cases, after a few months of publishing a new video, it is a top-of-the-line Google search result, but it is going to be lost very quickly, due to the lack of just the opt-out optimization.

I do not know very well about YouTube video optimization, I'm studying for my own work, and I'm sharing some of them there for everyone. Hope you enjoy it. Any advice will be accepted with respect.

YouTube Video Optimization Tips:

The following facts will be useful only when your video can be valued. The video should be beautiful and informative.

Both the "On page Optimization" and "Offpage Optimization" have the importance to bring you to the YouTube video rank.

On page Optimization:

1. Relative Keywords: Just like keywords in a website, there will be some relevant keywords in a video which is most important! Relative keyword videos are always displayed on top of YouTube Search. It is important to mention the most reliant keyword among the first 50 words of the video description.

2. Video Title: The most targeted keyword in the title of the video. Visitor can not be misled by misleading titles in any way! The title must start with the title and it will be very interesting to see that this is the right video. For a series of videos, the title of each video titles should be mentioned in the serial number, in which the previous and next serial video will be shown on YouTube's suggested videos.

3. Video tags: Relative keywords must be filled in the video tag so that YouTube can understand what the video is. YouTube will show your video to the viewer when viewing these tags.

4. Video Decryption: You must write the description of YouTube video very well. Generally, 300+ word-of-speech YouTube promotes. The description should be unique and arranged where the information about the video will be available. It is good to mention 4 times key word in description.

5. Thumbnails :Thumbnail The first impersonation of a video is created. Video uploading and processing, YouTube automatically suggests thumbnails with 3 snapshots from the video, but always emphasizes custom thumbnails for youtube rank.

6. Video Transcript: Transcript has the importance of ranking the video. The best way to create video transcript is by using keywords.

7. Channel Authority: YouTube Channel Authority plays a role in video ranking. As channel authorization, linkage with video view, engagement increases, subscribers and website and social media pages.

Basically these are on-page optimization for YouTube video ranking.
Let's know what to do with off-page optimization:

1. High Retention View: How many people watched your video, and how many times it looked, it is very important. High retention view basically means looking at at least 50% -60% of the video's total length.

2. Video comments: Comment to increase video rank and channel authority is very important! There is a lot of positive comments in a good video, which means the video of the video is important. Thanks to a good comment or an engagement by answering some questions, it is important for the rank to increase the rank. Do not go to comment again because you can understand YouTube spam comments.

3. Subscribers: If you like the video, you will subscribe to the next video or update that will not only be popular with Google but also Google.

4. Facts: One of the key factors in the video rank is how many people got the video upside down and added the "Watch Later" to the list.

5. Thumb Upgrade / Downs or Likes / Dieselike: Video Rank Based on Video Like or Digital If someone chooses a video, the thumb will be up and if the annoying thumbs down. It also displays video quality and reliability of the video to the visitor.

6. Backlinks: Inbound links are considered as YouTube bankclinks. Relative backlinks are useful for youtube video ranking.

7. Social shares and embeds: In the YouTube video rank, embedded video shares and blog posts embedded in social media have much more importance.

These are some of the off-page optimization tasks for the YouTube video ranking.

Do not forget to do some work:

* Do not download any other video and download it. Or do not publish copyrighted videos.

* After uploading the video on YouTube, you should avoid snooping on the time of logging in to the same account. There are chances of channel ban eating!

* Like with the YouTube view, one particular aspect of Like / Digileck is confirmed. 
Do not forget to try to do it yourself. If you do these, YouTube can ban the whole channel.

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Creative Ideas for Making Youtube Videos - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 14, 2019 0
Creative Ideas for Making Youtube Videos  - Tech Teacher Debashree
Eight Creative Ideas for Making Youtube Videos -There are eight creative ideas for YouTube videos for those who want to take YouTube professionally.Ideally, we create all the Idea videos that are usually composed within tutorials, prank video or other videos. Again the novelists first thought that making videos could be quite labor-intensive and difficult ... ...... (Do not say anything else, edit thousands of videos on other people, it's hard work to leave YouTube)
So what can I do?
Just imagine what you can do better. Dance, songs, pictures, microcontrolling, cooking, cosmetics, bike stunts, or daily movies, news, sports updates. You must be interested in something in these things. You can choose and make video on it.
Creative Ideas

Can you ask, what is the profit?
Brother! That came one thing back and forth. If you are interested in setting up your channel, then definitely the video creation will be good. No need to upload videos every day. Upload one or two months of good video a week. Do SEO There will be no shortage of subscribers after six months.
Now let's talk about the work. From my perspective you will present eight different video creation ideas for new and experienced YouTube users. And the funny thing is that the video record Enbele does not require any cost, except for a smart phone and video editing software, to work with these ideas. How much more videos will they see in high CPC?
So let's get started ... ..
Video on Origami type - Origami, meaning not only a piece of paper, but just folded it and made it like birds, boats, flowers. You can also create lots of creative videos on how to make things worthwhile by using the deletion items (plastic bottles, old pen, carton cartons, drop boxes).
You can make videos on domestic work - such as book inventory, how to clean granite mirrors, cooks, stitching, garden care, videos can be made on these topics. Many people find these things on YouTube That means you get a good amount of subscribe.
Painting - Painting does not mean to paint pictures. Paintings are huge issues. If you can draw good, then you can upload your own made video on your YouTube channel, 3D painting, Illusion paint, formal paint. If these videos are presented with creative and easy steps, this could be your original work and income field.
Microcontrolling Video - I'm attracted to things. One group of robots, circuits, electronics should be made to the group. Videos can be made by presenting them in simple language with projects made from their own or others' ideas. (I will not even subscribe to anyone). Moreover, you can keep some videos on the channel such as a damaged remote, torch, calculator, and how to fix the required electronics accessories. You can also get a flood share.
You can become teachers - you can play piano, gitara, tabla. Or you can dance a lot better. Now use your mobile phone. Our Bangladeshi is not yet a channel in YouTube where piano, gitara, dance or music is taught. You can start even if you can Get a good response.
You can do some video on sports - maybe you can ride a lot of bikes or play good cricket, football. You can share various types of cricket like good short-game strategies, good soccer games, bicycling stunts, on your channel. There are many lack of Bengali videos like this.
You can present yourself well - on that day there was a talk with a brother on Facebook that he could be better. Maybe there can not be luck. You may also have that talent. By beautifully recording video on your mobile, you can present some recent events in some interesting situations. If you can help friends. Keep in mind that people often go to YouTube for entertainment. If you can highlight some of the logic through this kind of entertainment channel, then the subscriber will increase. Moreover, if you can represent yourself better then you can give easy and fluent solutions to some awkward problems of textbooks in your video. Such as Pythagoras' theorem, Newton's toothbrush suggestion solution, mathematical problem solving problems. And of course, do not forget to do SEO after uploading the video.
The new update can be a channel idea - how useful this idea does not know. But I saw it in some foreign channels. Their job is to present them with the latest events, accidents, important highlighting games, through their channels. You can also apply. But stay away from copying the video. Present yourself. Do not copy directly.
Think a little different. You will not see the lack of Video Creation ID. Maybe you have a lot better idea idea than me.
After all, I reminded those two words again
Refrain from copying
There is no alternative to SEO.

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Video Making Idea - The strategy to earn from video - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 14, 2019 0
Video Making Idea - The strategy to earn from video - Tech Teacher Debashree
All of us have already learned how to earn online from YouTube. I have not been going on that day because many posts have been posted on this.Already you have joined your YouTube channel as a partner to earn and maybe even add Adsense. But the results are the same. There are no views in your video. Your fire has stopped. Why not be?
Have you made a video thinking about something extravagant? As everyone is doing, you are doing it with everyone. The results will be zero. Let's think about making some creative videos.

Video Making Idea ,video plan

Various strategies for making creative video:
Capture interesting moments of marriage - you can capture wedding scenes in wedding. Marriage means many memories. Many excellent scenes will be come in front of you. The scenes you can hold on your hands mobile. Think of adding something creative to your video to earn from video content.
Shoot the beautiful video with the bride and groom. Marriage is a beautiful background of great emotion and family bonding. Songs, dance, laughter, and tears are not there in today's marriage. Many children also come to the wedding, capture their smiles.
Will you spend too much money to make such a video? There are so many interesting scenes in the Bengali wedding. If you are devoted, then you will catch in your hands the most beautiful moments. Such video views will definitely be available.

My suggestion: they will do whatever they want to do in the hands of childhood. You just bring out the scenes from them.Capture dangerous moments - Unfortunately, true people are very interested in watching videos. Have you heard of the fire? What is the political movement? Hijackers have been caught? Many of these scenes are in demand. At the moment, these videos spread all over the shares.
My suggestion: If anyone is in danger then rescue him first. It's not always good to be commercial. There is no point in making humanity absolutely commercial.
College moments in the college or university - You can keep a camera in your pocket secretly in a crowd of friends. You can take a completely natural look. They may not be able to create such scenes when they say to friends. Besides, if you find someone like you in your friends, you can create a variety of conscious short films. Not very difficult. Courage and see Triye. In addition, there are various events and competitions in school colleges. You can also catch them.
My suggestion: Publish those who have captured the video with their suggestions. If you have any objection, delete the video.

Record video songs - There are many small artists who know good songs around you but they never get the chance to come to the media. Find them. You will get many beggars who will fascinate you. Why late Let's work with them.
My suggestion: you will earn income with their videos, so give them some money.

Create ads - There are many organizations around you who do not have the ability to advertise. Promoting domestic products on the other hand, on the other hand, you also earn. You will get many such scenes sitting in the tea shop in front of your neighborhood. You can capture hawker's product selling scenes. You can also create videos about the quality of different products. There are many products we use everyday that we can create videos. For example, create a video on furniture designed in fashionable design shops.
My suggestion: Promote more than native products.

Travelogue - have you traveled somewhere? Keep the video camera on. Show people's views so that they are interested in travel. Ask your video what preparations should be made in these places. Be aware of those areas where there is no insecurity. Please also specify which time is best for travel.
My suggestion: There are many beautiful lakes, fountains, hills in our country around us. Create videos with them.

Home Maid - Nowadays there are many viewers of Home Mide Video. You can create videos about fun food preparation, videos that are going to send children to school, or videos of birthdays or birthday party events.
My suggestion: When you create a video with a recipe, you can get many viewers.

This is the picture of the video making process in various events. To get rid of the video, the viewer has to increase and the title is also very important.

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Friday, 25 January 2019

How to add videos to a playlist on you tube?How to use End Screen to increase your you tube viewers and subscriber?How to Delete / Remove End Screens on YouTube Channel?How to hide your you tube channel subscriber? - Tech Teacher Debashree

January 25, 2019 0
How to add videos to a playlist on you tube?How to use End Screen to increase your you tube viewers and subscriber?How to Delete / Remove End Screens on YouTube Channel?How to hide your you tube channel subscriber? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How to add videos to a playlist on you tube?
It takes just a few minutes to open a new YouTube channel. But it takes a few years to make this channel successful. However, this time and success depends largely on the content and quality of the video.Since it's totally free, so many people start displaying all their hobbies and creativity when they open a channel on YouTube. They think that a variety of creative videos will make their channel successful.However, they do not know that the channel does not become a special category when uploading different types of content in the same channel. Thereby, the success does not come very fast. So understand that content type is very important for success on YouTube. As well as increasing the number of subscribers required. As the number of subscribers increases, the video views will increase in proportionally.
Every minute, more than 400 hours of video are uploading to YouTube.In such a competition,  achieving fame on this platform is very difficult.But are you making any mistake? What would be like if you leave all the competition behind and become popular on YouTube?

If you  want to get popularity on YouTube is to see how many subscribers you have . You will have as many subscribers as possible, to achieve a consistent view of your videos.

Many of those who upload videos to YouTube, do not adopt any strategy to increase their subscription. But the strategy is here! If you can create strategies for increasing subscribers, then you can be like those companies who are making success in YouTube.If your channel supply a specific idea, then those who think deeply about it or those working on it will be your channel's subscribe. In this way, whensoever you will post a new video, they will learn something new about their interests - so they will be able to know more about the topics they are encouraged about.

For example, think about all your Facebook marketing issues and help your target businessmen. If a businessman wants to learn about Facebook marketing and subscribes to your channel, they can get immediate updates of your post on Facebook marketing. This gives them the opportunity to work harder than others.
Playlist is an important subject of YouTube.You  should add videos to a playlist after uploading them to your you tube channel.Playlists are a grate way to get viewers and watch more of your other  videos.When viewers will watch more videos on your YouTube channel, it increases watch time. Increased time leads to higher rankings and higher rankings generates more views and subscribers.
Follow the steps to add videos to a playlist on You Tube channel :

  • First go to your you tube channel
  • Then click on playlist tab
  • Then click on edit option
  • Then click on add videos 
  • Next select your you tube tab
  • Then select the video which you want to add
  • Then Click on add video
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How to use End Screen to increase your you tube viewers and subscriber?
End screen is an excellent feature of YouTube. By promoting your videos and channels,the end screen can help you to get more subscriber and viewers . You can add your liked video / playlist link  and subscribe button,at the end of each video.  Hope you will get  benefit from this excellent feature of YouTube.  You can use YouTube Endscreen feature  in desktop and mobile .
Follow the steps to use the end screen on the youtube screen-

  • First go to your you tube channel
  • Then click on edit option that is beside The video which you want to add end screen
  • Then choose end screen & annotation option
  • Then click on Add element
  • Then select  the video or playlist or subscriber button or type promote channel URL
  • Then click on save button

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How to Delete / Remove End Screens on YouTube Channel?

Some times we need to delete all the videos of end screen  .If you want to remove or delete end screen  videos,then follow the process -
  • First you have to go to the YouTube channel
  • Then click on edit option beside The video which you want to remove end screen
  • Then choose end screen & annotation option
  • Then click on edit option of the video that you want to remove
  • Then click on remove icon  and ok
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How to hide your you tube channel subscriber?

In youtube the main rule  for monitization ad sense account  is Subscribers and watch time .Most of the people do not want to show his channel's subscriber count.So he want to hide it.If you  do not  know how to hide subscriber of your channel.Follow the steps...

  • First you have to open the YouTube channel
  •  then click on the channel option on the left
  •  then an option named Advance comes under channel, then click on it .
  •  Then  you will see there is an option named "Subscriber Count" and then select the second option'Do not display the number of people subscribed to my channel'
  • Then click on save.

 Now you will see your Subscribers  but nobody will not be able to see your subscribers.

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