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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

What is Freelancing? How to earn money by doing Freelancing?Tech Teacher Debashree

October 23, 2018 0
What is Freelancing? How to earn money by doing Freelancing?Tech Teacher Debashree

In a word, freelancing is the freedom to work independently outside traditional service. For example, someone who took business as a profession, they are businessmen, those who are employed are job seekers, and those who earn livelihood by fisheries are fishermen, just like freelancing is a profession. And those who are freelancing are called freelancers. They need their own talent and expertise.This is an online home based  job  .You can work  from any place,any time.It is a freedom work.There is no Boss,no argument  but satisfaction by doing work.

Freelancing job.

Another word is outsourcing that is related to freelancing.This is  Internet system, different organizations carry out different types of work from someone outside their organization. And  who are outsourcing are called outsourcers or buyer. Generally they are a freelancer client.You will get work from different market site.If you don't like any client's order or  behavior.
You can cancel his order.There are different  works like Digital Marketing,Data Entry,GraphicDesign,Writing,Video,Animation,Programming,Business etc.You can choose the catagory as you choice.A freelancer is a self employed person who offers service to clients and  clients give  order them as they needed.You have to knowlege of computer software and  Internet.As it is an independent profession, so if you choose it as a career, you want to do it, whenever you want. You can do work from small to big companies or a person sitting at home. And you do not need any academic certificate but you have to have proper knowledge  and skills in any computer program. it depends on your performance. There are  many freelancers who are leaving from their higher traditional job and they feel that by freelancing they will earn a lot more and succeed.People of any level can come to this profession. There is no  age  limitations. Anyone, including students, teachers, businessmen, housewives, can work as a freelancer Or those who are trying for jobs can also choose this profession. A freelancer, maybe a 50 year old man  or a 20 year old housewife.

  Among the most popular work are:

Web Development:

Web Design, Creating Website, Creating Web Based Software, Website Maintenance etc.

Graphics Design: 

 Website design, Photo Editing, Logo design,etc.

Computer programming: 

Web programming 

Internet Marketing / Internet Marketing: 

Internet-based marketing activities, such as marketing on social networking websites.

Writing and translation:

News notifications, short stories, adult stories, and Articles, website content, translation from one language to another 


Those who  are doing internet-based public relations as well as  writing and writing in various national and foreign newspapers.

Customer Service: 

To provide important support mean telephone, e-mail and social media through the information provided to customers of local and foreign companies.

Virtual Assistant :

Performing data entry work on various companies.

Where to get work?

There are hundred of freelance marketplaces where this type of work is available. They can  get  jobs by making their own portfolio. If there is good experience  in working, long-term independent jobs are also available in different companies.

What is needed to start freelancing?

  • A laptop or desktop computer.
  • Internet connection
  • Knowlege of English.
  • Desire to work, patience and try.
  • Practice after learning
  • You have to communicate in English. Moreover, your typing speed is also good.

The best market places are


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Sunday, 21 October 2018

What is you Tube? How to Earn Money from You Tube? - Tech Teacher Debashree

October 21, 2018 0
What is you Tube? How to Earn Money from You Tube? - Tech Teacher Debashree

At present You tube is the most popular website to earn  money.You can take it as a profession.It is the room of videos.Creating video is a very interesting work.If you have knowlege of video shoot and editting ,Then it is the perfect work for you.You do not need computer to be you tuber.

you tube .Earn money from you tube

You can make video by android mobile and there is many video editting apps to edit tube  is a video sharing service where viewers can watch,like and comment and They can share with friends and upload their own videos.Users can watch and search anything as they like.You can create your own video channel and earn money.

people  know that money can  made from YouTube, but not everyone is aware of that method. Most of the people have a  lot of questions about how to create an account or how to earn money, or how the money will come to your bank account. 
I have earning money from YouTube . At first you have to create a Gmail account With your proper name, age and phone number.Then you have to Log in to YouTube with this account. There you will find 'Create Channel'. Create your own channel and add a good profile picture and cover photo.  upload any video you create on your own camera. now  50 percent of your work is ready.  You have to 'Monetize' your video to make money. Click on the video manager of you tube, and click on the channel-  where you will get the monetization.  you will have to activate your account from here.YouTube's new rule is that your channel must have at least one thousand subscribers, and all the videos in your channel for the last 365 days will have a total of four thousand hours of watch time.

So, this time YouTube users will have to work more. Regular video needs to be uploaded. The video must be uploaded  in the proper rules.  If your subscriber and watchtime are appropriate, youtube will watch your channel manually and if they understand that your channel is correct in all respects, then your channel will be turned on.

So, If you take wrong path  to increase the number of views of the video or the number of subscribers ,it will harmful for your channel. Be patient, upload video properly, follow the rules, you can earn from YouTube as soon as possible. If you create videos  from any other movie or TV,   in your video, then YouTube can block you instantly and you never have to open AdSense account in your own name in the future. If you do copy another video or audio   you can not earn  from it. Remember, youtube will not accept any other song or your own song.

The main source of income from YouTube is viewer. The more viewer the video gets, the more money it earns. However, it is possible to earn  1 to 5 dollars per thousand in every 1000 views.It takes two to three days to get your AdSense application appraised. Once you become provoked, your income starts. Unless your income level is $ 100 You will not receive the money.  You will get a letter from google. you  have to give your bank account details such as bank name, account holder name, swift code etc. with a code number. Your bank account must  the name and address associated with the name of your Gmail account, otherwise you will not receive this money. 

YouTube is a popular medium where people share their own videos. So First if you open the YouTube channel to earn lac money, then you will be disappointed. You have to  patient to get money from YouTube. It may be two years or more to get your first money and  If you can give at least 10 thousand views per day, you will not have to work any more.
Be cautious about the time when you are making a YouTube video :
To be successful on YouTube, there is no alternative to good content. Again, it should not be considered only the quality of the content, it is to be considered equally the content type. So, to create quality content for YouTube, you have to be careful about some things. While having good cameras, editing software, and a skilled team, you have to be time-consuming.
There are a lot of details about how to make good videos for YouTube. In today's article, we will discuss some important things about making video. Despite having expensive cameras, updated editing software, and a skilled team, many of them have many misconceptions about this. So today, there are some details that will help improve the quality of your YouTube content.

1. Determine the desired audience

Before creating a new video for uploading to YouTube, you should know well who you are making the video for. That is, who are your target audiences. Always create videos by judging the emotional status of your intended audience and audience. Always create your own style and style in creating new content. If you give a whole new gift to the visitors who have already been accustomed to your published video, they may not accept it. You can also lose the subscriber if you deviate from your orbit. Always remember that people have subscribed to your channel for viewing specific types of content.
Suppose, you create educational content. So your subscribers subscribe to your channel to learn new topics. They always hope that you will be constantly presenting new subjects. But suddenly if you publish a new music video on this channel one day, your audience will be confused. Even if you publish several consecutive music videos, the number of subscribers will start decreasing gradually.
The question is, do people who want to train in different subjects, never listen to music? Surely listen But they did not come to listen to the songs on your channel. They subscribe to another channel to listen to the songs. They just want to gain knowledge from your channel. Whenever you start uploading a music video to an educational YouTube channel, your visitors will start frustrated and start looking for any educational channel from your channel. So, regardless of the quality of the content, in no way can it deviate from its orbit.
2. Keep visitors:

YouTube has become much smarter than ever before. Before a video was successfully captured in view of the view, now it has been added instead of View Watch Time. At the end of 2017, YouTube made extensive changes to their algorithm. Getting more watch times than most views gives content makers more importance to YouTube. That means, instead of 15 people in a 15 minute video view, instead of two minutes, a person sees the entire video, but that is more important.
So make videos more important to the viewer rather than being more attractive to the view, so that the video's watchtime is high. A promising way to seduce the viewer to watching a complete video is to reduce the unnecessary parts of the video and present the appropriate content. Also to avoid unnecessary speech at the beginning of the video and at the end.3. Use good equipment
The basicity of the content is as important as the quality of the content is equally important. Now the technology has improved a lot. Everyone has many advanced technologies, software, and devices. At this time, if you use low quality software and cameras to make youtube videos, but fail to attract others attention.
You always have to be updated more than your audience. So try to create videos using content that is important as video content, and with the same importance. The techniques of camera, light, editing, and even video shooting are very important. Training and advice on these issues is available on YouTube. Even the YouTube authorities themselves also offer advice and training videos on this. You can get YouTube related training by visiting the YouTube Creators Channel.Regardless of the above-mentioned issues, the video quality will be better than before and it will be successful to keep the audience. Although training does not end there. The better you learn, the better you will be in front of you.

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Friday, 19 October 2018

What is Blog? How do you work as a blogger?Tech Teacher Debashree

October 19, 2018 0
What is Blog? How do you work as a blogger?Tech Teacher Debashree

Blog is an online work that you  can do at home using computer and Internet connection and earn unlimited money.Blog is like a book.If you have the knowlege of creative writing,Blog is for you.You can share your knowlege or experience or something special topics that is important to  viewers, .It is actually online book,that read by visitors.Blogger means writter,who writes blog.You can write blog on any topics like Business,sports,travelling,news,life,style,food,cooking,relationship,story,Education ete. You can earn hung money by creating e-commerce website,affiliate marketing website,event blogging,auto blogging etc.

Blog Tutorial

The beginning of blogging may be seem a little hard. If the reader  attracte on your writing ,then will come back . The blogger has to think about what the reader wants. If the answer to this question is in his blog, his blog gets more acceptability. The purpose of writing articles is to solve the questions that are made in the reader's mind.
  • The writing is very useful :

The first thing that your article is very useful for the reader. The reader will then come to the blog to read your writing. The goal of your writing is to not only  income but also Readers' needs,  desires, wishes, and dreams will write to you.
  •   Writing interesting titles :

Headline  is the next step after choosing  the topic. Headline is the most important word in your article, which refracts the whole article. So you have to pay attention to the headline. After writing the article, you can redefine it if you want. Most readers will see the headline news feed in your article. It can be on the homepage of the blog, maybe on Facebook home page or Google Plus . If the title is not attractive, then you will lost the reader immediately. So there is no alternative to writing a very visually challenged headline.
  • The writing is straightforward :

Your writing must be easy . Suppose you like a  good topic, for writing, wrote a nice headline. The reader decides to read your article from your topic and headline. However, after the start of the study, if the article is full of  irrelevant words at the beginning of the article then the reader can make two decisions. If he does not read the text, he will go away in another article or paragraphs of the article, and he will come out of it .There is not much time for him to read an article. It is important to follow some important aspects. For example, sub headline or sub-title, small para, using quotes block if quotes are made, easy to use bold, Italian, list item, images, graphical resources.
  • Kindly write in the Common Sense compliance type :

Your article will have to maintain simplicity. When the reader decides to read the article, you should be careful ,so that the reader is not  disappointed.  So the text should be presented very simply. Common senses should be used to write in writing. Non-pragmatics will make the article complicated, so the text should be centered around the main content.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Best online work to earn unlimited money

October 18, 2018 0
Best online work to earn unlimited money

You can  earn unlimited money by doing the following works .Nowdays working online has become very important.Nowdays people want to work at home,they are not interested to work go out or go to the office.

 unlimited money from internet online job

  • Blogging:
Blogging is a website that can be shared with people on the internet by continuously   writing on a particular  topic. The websites that publish these articles are called blogs. In general, those who do not know about blogs and web sites,  they do not find any difference between them. A blog is a website where you can write something  and someone else can read that and comment on that article.  Blogs is easy from the word press.You may be new to the blogging world So the question is simple to come.On blog you can write about all the country's politics,economy,education,literature,

comedy,story,lifestyle,sports,entertainment etc,even you can express your personal feelings in this blog.Why do people write blog without any reason? For profit or love.  writing on this blog will help two purposes. You can become famous blogger by writing this blog and what to say about the joy of creation, you can understand yourself when your blog is printed.

  • Word Press :
In a word, WordPress is a CMS or content management system.WordPress is a special online tool based on PHP and MySQL, which can be used to create a website.WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a powerful content management system based on PHP and MySQL.

Wordpress's has bright future. To be a good designer  you have to  learn HTML, CSS. Then  you learn PHP and MySQL, to be a  web developers .  web developer is very demanded or can earn money by writing any topic   using WordPress site. Currently the most discussed topics are freelancing. In the  freelancing market, there is a good quality web developer. You can easily take yourself to a place as a good  freelancer.  the future of WordPress is important and promising from all.You can make e commerce website.
  • You Tube :
YouTube is a platform where you can make money by making videos, First you have to open a Gmail account and then you will have to open a YouTube channel on the YouTube website where you can make money by uploading  videos on your favorite subject, There are some rules in YouTube ,to earn money you have to fullfill the rules. To turn on monitization you need 1000 subscribers, and 4000 hours of Watch Time.The topic that you will create a video that must be unique.Copying a video of someone will be copyrighted. So when you make a video, then you have to have your own thoughts and own creativity.

  • Affiliate Marketing:
In a word, you will be doing marketing of a company's product , and if you have sell a product by your marketing, then the company will give you a  commission, which is basically affiliate marketing.At first the income will be less than the action.If you started working in Affiliate Marketing for six months,Your income could be 150 to 350 dollars,  one year later the income will be above $ 1000.  This good income will depend on your labour, your  hard work make you rich.

  • Facebook page & Facebook Group :
We waste time by chatting on Facebook. But do you know that Facebook does not just waste time, but also open the way to earn money. you can earn 5 to 9 thousand rupees per month.But let's know how to earn on Facebook.
    1. Facebook is the best social networking site in the  world here with lots of people .you can earn money by creating a page . If your page members come near 1,50,00 0 , many sites or blog owners will contact you for sharing their site links.
      2. Different online marketing companies such as Flipkart, Amazon etc. you can share referrals links to products on Facebook. If someone buy something from your link, you will get commission from the company.
        3. If you have many pages, you can sell them. Many administrators want to buy at a good price. But be careful because many people do not take money before taking it.
        • SEO :

        In a word,SEO means  Search Engine Optimization. Most of people  search Google to find the information they need. Then Google  show  on its search results of many sites in a page,  Whose site  appears first is because it has been SEO.  SEO is used to display a website  at the first of the search. Visitors  increase when your website is in the first  search.  If your visitor increases ,then your income will increase. Suppose someone is looking for a training center for the Digital 
        marketing course. Then he might write to Google's best training center for digital marketing. If you do seo of your website on the topic of digital marketing,Your site will be appear at the first page upper. This is the excellence of SEO.
        • Social Media Marketing :
        With the help of various websites online that can promote their website, products or services, they are called Social Media Marketing . The sites that are helping this marketing are called social media marketing media. There are various media means for promotion of your website, products, services or any topic, in which Central Social Media Marketing is a very easy and effective method where it is possible to run web site campaigns very easily. The main aim of social media marketing is to fulfill their marketing goals by promoting their own promotions in targeted social media on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pintrest and many more.
        • Graphic Design :
         What is a graphic design or a graphic designer? There are many doubts  about this. Someone thinks that  for  business, designing a logo is a graphic designer's work, or editing photos or photos in Illustrator is actually a graphic design. Many people think that creating magazines, newspapers or online banners is a graphic design. Yes, these are all graphic design works, but the graphic design expands more extensive.look around Many things can be seen! You Start your day with a brush paste from the toothpaste tube, start from there, go to the office and shop signboards around the street, different size rooms, headlines, chair tables, equipment or even outside the restaurant , Menus, vouchers, everything is covered with beautifully designed dishes. Where's the design? And for whom is this design, for whom and why? This design is a unique way of managing human life that create by graphic designer.

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