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Monday, 26 November 2018

How to create an email ID?How to change your email password? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 26, 2018 0
How to create an email ID?How to change your email password? - Tech Teacher Debashree

1) How to create an email ID ?

To do any kind of work on computer or mobile, or to use any apps, Email ID must open. without Gmail ID, we can not access computers or mobile.Opening the email ID is not a difficult task, once you show it, then you will be able to open it when needed. In the previous article, I did the Gmail service as an email service provider. Today we will see how to create a Gmail ID.

  • The first step in opening Gmail ID is

Going on, you will see a page like this below. Click to create Create Account from there.

Gmail create

  • The second step:

Now the page below will open a page. Give your first name and last part of your name. Give your email address what you want to do. If your name is Mr. Potato, then try it first, if you have not received that address before, you will get it. And if someone's name is already registered in that name then "Someone already has that username" Try another? "You can see this message. Then try to add a number or something special to your name. If you see the same message again, then try something more. If you do not see any other message, good luck, it is worthwhile to create your email address.
How to create gmail id

  • Now give a strong password for your email, which nobody else can think of. The more difficult the password will be, the more secure your email ID will be. But it is not good to give a password that you forget yourself.
  • Now give your date of birth, gender and phone numbers. Then you are currently using email id to say, if you have one, then the day. But we assume that this is your first email id, so leave this room empty.
  • Then you will be asked to write a captcha code, if you want to write it, and if you do not want to tick the check box above it. It can, however, send a code to your mobile for verification, or may not. Then, by ticking the Terms and Privacy Policy, click on the Next step.Make your e-mail id in the box. In the next article I will explain how to send an email, answer emails and how to forward email.
To watch video click below

2)How to change your email password?

Sometimes it is necessary to change our email password.Suppose Someone knows your important email password but  you do not want to show him your important email, so you have the only way to change the password. so I will show you how to do it step by step.

This tutorial is for those who can not change the Gmail password. I think that it will be useful to you.

Step-1 First enter your Gmail  with the current password.

Step-2 After signing in, click the Settings Button  and click on red spot  of the Settings .

Step-3  After going to Settings, click on Accounts and Import. Then click Change Password from Change account settings.

Step-4 Click the sign in again by entering the password that you signed in with the Gmail password

Step-5 Type  New Password and Confirm new password, click on Change Password with your new password.

Your new password will be setup. Now sign out of your Gmail account and sign in with your new password. If this tutorial comes to your work, then my efforts will be good. 

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How to Open Youtube Channel and Earn From Youtube Channel?How to delete your you tube channel? -Tech Teacher Debashree

November 26, 2018 0
How to Open Youtube Channel and Earn From Youtube Channel?How to delete your you tube channel? -Tech Teacher Debashree
YouTube channel can be a great way to show yourself .Here I will discuss how to create a youtube channel.Follow the steps:
  • First you need to create a YouTube channel through Gmail ID. 
  • Your YouTube channel will be created when you sign up via Gmail ID on
  • Then click on My Channel from the left-hand option and you can see your channel. 
  • You can see another option named Video Manager on your channel name and Click on it. 
  • Now you can see many options after clicking on the channel option on the left. You will have to verify the partner with the mobile number from the partner in your name. Partner can not monetize your videos if not verified.
How to make a you tube channel?

There are a lot of channels on the main menu, which allows customization of a variety of special skills or be able to without any hassle. Adding new bulletins to the channel will not change much in its appearance. Like Facebook status, the bulletin is to inform subscribers about any updates or changes to the YouTube channel. When the new video is uploaded, it will automatically be communicated via the news feed to the subscribers. Next there is the Settings tab. There is no such thing as to have a title for your channel. But the headline will be the benefit of the subscribers.

Who is going to be more popular with your channel and more popular than the ten popular channels?

Share videos in various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc Create backlink for your video. Keep in mind that YouTube Video Publishing is a kind of blogging. So you have to make some backlinks in order to get a good position on YouTube, Google and other search engines. Just create links to your topic based site.

Become Video Blogger :

Video uploads on YouTube are similar to blogging. Through this you can convey your message to the people of the world.

How to earn income:

If you can make popular videos or your channel is popular, you can get an offer from YouTube's AdSense Partnership. But first of all upload your video. Once uploaded, you can see the monetized options at the bottom of the video. Here, with the sign of Monetize with ads option, your video will now show different ads from Google. But do not upload any kind of copied videos. Then your YouTube monitization will be disable.


Now you have to apply for google adsense through youtube channel. With this AdSense you will lift the dollar. Now again click on the Monetization option from the left side Channel option and enable Monetization from the Enable Monetization button on the right. Then there will be another option named How Will Payaid. Next click on the AdSense account and clicking on an associate Gmail login ID and the request will go to all the information required to set up AdSense. Now within 2 to 3 days, Adsense Approv Mail will be in your inbox.

Increase income:

Youtube-earning - After uploading a new video, the video must be described below. So you can easily get the idea about your video on YouTube. This will give the video to the visitor according to YouTube's scheduled topic.

Share videos on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter Create backlink for your video. Video publishing is a kind of blogging on YouTube to remember. Therefore, there must be some backlinks in order to be in good position in YouTube, Google and other search engines. Just create links to your topic related sites. Follow people who are doing your job or working like you. Keep in mind that the increase in the number of channels means that your income increases.

Sells channels:

Youtube-earning- If you own a good name or a good keyword channel, then sell it and earn a one-time income. 

How to delete your you tube channel?

 you tube delete

Sometimes we need to delete additional you tube channel.So  if you want to delete your you tube channel then follow these steps to -

  • First you have to do sign in youtube channel which channel you want to delete.
  • Then Go to account setting.
  • Next click the Advanced button.
  • Then click 'Delete my content".
  • Finally Select the boxes for  confirm to delete your channel

To watch the video  Click Here

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Sunday, 25 November 2018

What is word press?How to earn money from Word press? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 25, 2018 0
What is word press?How to earn money from Word press? - Tech Teacher Debashree

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). Simply put, the website content management system. Content is the content of the website. Images, text, and all the information you have seen on a website are the content. Content Management is the only way to manage them. 

Wordpress is such a content management system. Not only this, WordPress is the world's number one CMS. The popularity of the website is at its peak. If you learn, you will be able to get your confidence and strength. This time, understand how important this flame is.

Why do we learn :

If you want to build an online carrier, then why not work in any sector, if you have your WordPress flame it's a huge plus point for you. Moreover, if you want to create a website, then there is no alternative to learning WordPress at the current market. And if you want to it as a career , then learning English is a must for you. If you want to create a simple website with a hobby, you can still learn WordPress. There are thousands of themes available in Redeem at which allows you to create and maintain a website.

Suitable for:

Those who want to make curiosity, who are looking at any website, they are doing well in this sector.Interest is needed for every job. Who are interested in computer coding they can do  Programming in word press theme development. Those who do not like coding, they are not good at this sector.

How the demand for the market:

Today most of the demand is WordPress. There is no doubt about it. Most of the websites created every day in the world are made only with WordPress. So I do not think there is a need to describe it separately.

How are the chances of income:

According to the International Standard, you can earn up to $ 200 USD to $ 2000 by creating a website of average quality. But in most cases it is between $ 500 and $ 500. You will take a maximum of 3 days to finish the work of a website of average quality. It can be said that if you know WordPress, you only earn 3 dollars a month, earning $ 600 or $ 50,000 is not very difficult. It's good to know that I just spoke about average. But a good quality WordPress expert earns an average of $ 2,000 per month. Besides, sometimes you can work on resolving the problem, which may take you only 15 minutes, but your income will be 30-100 dollars. This is a very interesting thing. But the matter is that you have to be an expert. This sector is not possible to earn any job.

So let's learn what to do if you need to learn:

You must first learn HTML and CSS first. I repeat, learn HTML and CSS before. After that you come to learn WordPress. Otherwise you will get in trouble. Click here to learn HTML and CSS. Keep in mind that WordPress is under web development and HTML and CSS is under web designing. Well, after that you will need basic PHP skills. PHP is another very popular and powerful free web programming language. In many cases it is very difficult for many new students to learn PHP. So you do not need to know core PHP. Know your basic Syntax. And when you're advanced, you have to learn a more language that is JavaScript. It's very fun to have a language. The last thing is that you have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP. It is also possible to work with PHP Basic Knowledge. When you are advanced, you must learn Java script, Query these languages. When you are an expert to work, you will be able to enjoy all the languages.

 You must take good proficiency in English. Because all you have to do in English. But if it is not very good, but when practicing, English gradually comes to the dimension. English is not so difficult.

To  create a website we used word press or blog.Word press is  the best site that make a beautiful and powerful website and use different plugins and excellent themes.

word press tutorial

Seriously it's really the best site.Most popular bloggers,music sites,noted companies,celebrities are using word press to create excellent site. You can build websites on E-commerce ,business,news,music,etc with the help of word press.To create website with word press you have to buy domain and hosting.Domain is the name of your site or your URL,example following usefull domains are  quite popular


You can buy one of these domains.Hosting is the business of house, that serving or maintaing files for one or more websites.The most popular hosting are

  • Godaddy
  • bluehost
  • ipage
  • Hostinger
  • HostGator

To buy instant wordpress theme to match your existing website design click here

Niche Website Templates  Click Here
To buy wordpress Themes Click here

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Saturday, 24 November 2018

How to open Whats App on computer?How to send contact number on Whats App? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 24, 2018 0
How to open Whats App on computer?How to send contact number on Whats App? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Whats App is the medium of social media. It can chat with whom, talk about it. And to do this, you have to open this account. It is used more on smartphones.Whatsapp is a Social Network You can share video, audio, record, location etc with this.You can use a phone number with a handset normally using a number. But if you want to use multiple numbers using multiple numbers, Parallel Space-Multi Accounts can be done by installing this app.
Generally we use whats App on Android Mobile. Sometimes we have to share or send important file or image or document from computer to other,that is why we have to open whats app on computer.

whats app on laptop or pc

To open WhatsApp on the computer, follow the steps below

  •  First you have to open google crome
  •  Then type' web whats' in the search box 
  • Then you will find a list 
  • Then select the first option and you will find a bar code image
  •    Then you have to open WhatsApp on the mobile
  •   Then there are three dot marks on the right side. when touching there will be a drop down list
  • Then select whats app web
  • Then with the mobile the computer has to scan the barcode, 
  • then WhatsApp will open on the computer
  • Next you will see an attachment marked on the bottom right
  • From there you can send anyone any file,any music or video etc
To watch the video ,follow the link

How to send contact number or photo by Whats App?

Sometimes  we need to send photos to someone or send contact numbers or any documents, but we can send them via WhatsApp.

send contact number by Whats App

To send contact or photo etc follow the steps

  • First you have to go Whats App.
  • Then go to chat option and whom you want to send contact or photo or document select the person 
  • Next click on attach icon
  • Then select contact or photo or document which you want to send.
  • Then touch on ' send ' icon.
To watch The video,click below

If you follow these tips below, your Whatsapp will be safe and you will not have to face any problems in the future.

Do not click on unknown links:

  • The biggest problem of WhatsApp is that many links are sent daily.

  • Sometimes it is said that you will get a lottery and if you are asked to recharge it will be recharged on your phone. In fact these are all false.

  • Free, kindly spread the message for the sake of their work.

  • Your phone may be hacked on this link.

Do not join the strangers group:

  • The number of WhatsApp group is increasing day by day jump jump. And the unnecessary messages and media of those groups can harm your mobile phone and your privacy.

  • It is not uncommon for WhatsApp group to have suffered legal complications due to the spread of rumors.
  • So do not join the unnecessary, unknown-unknown group.
  • Change the settings of WhatsApp:
  • There are some wonderful settings in WhatsApp that many of us do not know about. You will be much safer if these settings change slightly.

  • For this first go to WhatsApp Settings. Go to Account at From there to Privacy (see pictures above).
  • There are two options to change profile photo and about- Make these My Contacts
  • That means, only those who will save you numbers on your phone will see your profile picture and your About section.
  • That's a great deal.
  • Whenever we receive new images and videos via Whats App, it gets updated directly to the phone's gallery. As a result, anyone who sees them in the gallery can see them. You can hide Whats app image and video files from the phone's Galley, without any software.

First you will need to go to the media folder of your What app (folder on the SD card> Whats app> Media). Now you will find the folder named Whats app Images, Whats App Video, and then rewrite it with the dot (for example - .Whats App Images and .Whats App Video). Now go to the phone's gallery and the folders disappear. To restore the gallery again, it will be necessary to rename the folder and remove the dot.

Due to joining many groups in Whats app, notification comes after a few seconds and it is frustrating. However, you can stop notification of any group for a specific period of time as per your wish.

First, enter the group> Menu> Mute> select a specific time now and click on the Show Notifications option and click OK .

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What is app ?How to install any app on android mobile? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 24, 2018 0
What is app ?How to install any app on android mobile? - Tech Teacher Debashree

Although the word'App' is not new, but for a few years, especially since the start of the smartphone, the app did not hear the word or understand it, it could be difficult to find anyone. In today's modern tech era, there is an app for every subject,  Most people think that the app is for mobile .So there is such a great deal, maybe you did not know before reading this article. I will discuss various topics such as what the app?

The word "app" is actually the abbreviation of the word "application" and of course it is a software that can run on different platforms. So understand that apps and software are the same thing, but today's modern type of software or computer programs are called apps. It can be of many types, it can be running on mobile, running on a computer, and also can run any electronic device. Some applications can run in the web browser, some applications can be offline, and some applications can continue online. However, the app is generally considered to be a type of lightweight software, which means that it is not considered to be a powerful software. And this is why the app term can be heard especially with smartphones or with the web, and in terms of computer term, people use the software term.

Apps are basically of three types - desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications. If you talk about the desktop application, you can understand that this type of application is full form software, that means these programs are very strong, many resources are demanded from the system and direct hardware access to work. Desktop programs are specially designed for large screens and programs are useful for access by using the mouse and keyboards.

On the other hand, if we talk about mobile applications, they are usually lightweight and easy to use, there is absolutely no complex subject. And mobile applications are not as powerful as desktop applications. Mobile app icons are usually designed to be big, especially when they can work on the touch screen.

Finally, if they talk about web applications, they are often power-packed like desktop applications, but there is a down side that can not be used by web applications on the internet connection, because they do not have any computer or mobile install, installed on a cloud computer or on a web server, So the internet is definitely necessary to access. If an application is mixed with both web and desktop, then it will be called hybrid applications.

Hybrid apps can be used on the offline computer and offline, it works with resources from your machine, but whenever you come online, these apps start working from the cloud.To download any app, you have an official site as your operating system. There is a Google Play or Amazon store to download an app on Android phones, and there are many more third-party websites, from which to download the app. App Store for Apple Devices But the matter is different for the computer. In this case, more than unauthorized sources. Although Windows has created a new store for the desktop, but most of the software will be able to find you from an unofficial website.

We download various types of apps from online by mobile, such as music editing ,to edit photos , play games, to edit the video,google map,social media apps  etc.

Install app

To download any app on android mobile follow the steps

  • First you have to make an Email  Id.
  • Next you have to open Play Store .
  • Then go to search option in the drop down  list and type the name of app,which you want to install.
  • Next you will get a list .
  • Then you Select the app and press  install button
  • Wait sometimes 
  • After installing click  OK button
  • Now you will see the app on mobile screen.

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What is Affiliate Marketing? How to earn money from it?How to earn money by sharing Amazon product's link on Facebook Page? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 24, 2018 0
What is Affiliate Marketing? How to earn money from it?How to earn money by sharing Amazon product's link on Facebook Page? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting company's products .You can make money with zero invesment.It gives you passive income.You can make money while you sleep.

Affliate marketing

You have to promote other  company products. If people buy your products then you will get commission. Amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing in the world.Anyone can create profile and generate a affiliate link to amazon products.If someone buy any product through your link,then you will get a  commission.You earn from it even ,when you are not online at times.You have the chance to work at home,no need to go out everyday.You can post affiliate link on fb page or blog or any social media .Affiliate Marketing is a very profitable online business but most new affiliates fail to make any significant income.This is basically due to inexperience, lack of focus and false belief that web traffic and money will somehow appear in magical.
Before any business requires affiliate marketing both hard work and knowledge you will see profits.This is a process of selling some others company or products.  For every sale started by a link from your site, you earn a percentage.With affiliate marketing.,there are 4 parties connected .such as Merchants or advertiser, Networks, Publishers, and Customers.Merchants  come to networks to promote their products.Networks is an important  media that connect merchants and publisher.  when merchants approve publishers applications, they provide unique links, banner. Most usefull  Affiliate Networks are Amazon associate, Sharesales,  Clickbank, etc.
Publishers promote the product by Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, link building among the customers. Customers get information from publishers about the products. and refer to sale by publishers. Finally, when customers buy a product from merchants . publisher will get a commission .
At resent  a popular medium of product selling is online. That means the product sells through the website and the websites that have this facility are called e-commerce websites. The e-commerce website is completely different from other general websites. The main point of the e-commerce website is to present products, product purchases, payments, or activities that run in a store, so be on the website. Now people are busy with their work, e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular due to various reasons for outdoor jam traffic.

How to earn money by sharing Amazon product's link on Facebook Page?

Facebook is a popular socialmedia. Today  everyone can use Facebook to make only  profile but she/he does not know how to earn money from facebook.If you have a facebook page and  
You make unic video or share affiliate product's link on page and increase viewers.then you can earn money.You have to create on amazon associate program.If you  want to get a commission from Amazon, you need to create a profile in the Amazon Associate's program.after creating a profile you will get a link that shares on Facebook page and If any visitor click on your link and buy any product from Amazon then you will get commission.

Email marketing at an affordale price  Click here

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

How to earn money from Facebook Page or Facebook group? Tech Teacher Debashree

November 03, 2018 0
How to earn money from Facebook Page or Facebook group? Tech Teacher Debashree

Facebook is a popular social media site.Now days everyone use facebook to can earn money by creating fb page for free if the page has enough number of fans.You can create fb page on any tropic like business,music,news,fashion,sell any products etc.

What is facebook page?earn money from facebook

If you want to use fb page, first  you have to create a facebook profile.You can earn money by sharing affiliate marketing products on page or making videos on page.You can use page for your personal business.They allow to publish content and receive comments and feedback from fans and customers.Sharing photos and updates keeps your page fresh for visitors.You can use page insights to track how many people you are reaching.You can sell your page if you have enough number of members.At present,social networking site is the source of income  . If you have 1 lac followers,then you can sell your page by 50000 rupee or more.There is the benefit of commenting or posted on Facebook page or group .  Now many people create Facebook pages and  facebook group . You can also if you want.  Now you have to earn a lot of money from Facebook. This post will tell you 4 easy ways.

Instant Article:
To earn money easily from Facebook ,You can using instant article. Those who have good writing skill can create  a Facebook page.  It's an active choice. The page gives Facebook the opportunity to earn money. Facebook has come with a quick article to read the news "Instant Article" It gives a thunderbolt sign with the news that the headline or link only gets a click on the thunderstorm on Facebook.When you post a post on your website as an instant article, users will not have to spend an MB to read it in new tabs or browsers. But yes, Facebook instant articles can only be seen by smartphone users.
The world's largest media has already been linked to Facebook's instant article feature.
In fact, Facebook has introduced this feature to keep users on their social media platforms more time, to fast site access (loading time), news sites to get more Facebook, to capture advertisers' target PEOPLE and to share revenue with website owners.If the income is $ 100, it will come to your bank account.  As a result, earning money from Facebook is now being given extra money by operating office and paying staff.

Purchase of pages:

Facebook does not support this process ,that You have to create a page and you will have to sell it to an organization.. However, there is still a demand for it. 1,000 like pages are seen starting from 1000 rupees. Many people buy their pages and promote themselves.  Creating pages on Facebook is very easy. To create a Facebook page, click on the link from its own Facebook user ( Then you will get 2 options like Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. If you want to open pages for business, click on the first page and open the page with the name of your choice on the next page. You must add the necessary information on the page. Pages must be updated regularly. The post which people see most, they have to pay. 
Links to your pages can be shared, affiliate can earn. You can also take money for different brand posts. Remember, this is your business. Facebook is upgrading its algorithm. Now the era of the video. The video gives importance to the video. Try to do video based pages. Starting a service called Facebook Watch In future, Facebook can earn from the video. There are also opportunities to earn from Facebook Live.

Shop on facebook:

There are many things you can do to open shop on Facebook. Many people are now selling Facebook Live clothes, jewelry or cosmetics. Other products will be sold in the future. It's called a F-Commerce. Sell ​​essentials from clothing, food, cosmetics to Facebook Shops.

Write a post to Facebook. Make sure to order it. Business will not be late to accumulate. Business will be as much as you like on the page or there will be more activity.


Do you write good content? Or good graphics work? Your Facebook page can be a big advertisement. Facebook's great platform for promoting those who work in Fever or Upwar. Here people can take orders by showing job.

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