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Thursday, 7 March 2019

How to write best articals to make viral website? -Tech Teacher Debashree

March 07, 2019 0
How to write best articals to make viral  website? -Tech Teacher Debashree
What do you think is meant by content marketing? Just the article? blog post? With writing, start my online life. One time, content marketing meant only to understand the article, just like you. However, if you are posting my previous post, you may start to understand that content marketing means not just articles or blogs. More than that.
How to write best articals to make viral  website
How to write best articals to make viral  website?

If you focus more on content marketing, then you have two main tasks:

  • Start your site / blog
  • Started writing

Your task is to make the site extraordinary with the new extraordinary content. After doing this work, you will see new visitors coming to your site, target visitors increase, conversion rates and SEO are doing much better. However, the main problem you will face in this case is that the next article will write on a title, which will force your visitor to come to your site the next time. My article will try to see some of those articles, which will help you to get new traffic.

One type of content is very useful for a type of product, brand or blog. There are no words that you will have to use all those things that will be discussed in this chapter. Use the plan that's perfect for you.

Do not fear:
When you get the latest content, do not worry about going to the problem. You may always like to stay in Safe Mode, but if you are always safe, then you can do it. Now much of the popularity of YouTube marketing in our country. When you think of the video, "I do not have a good camera, no software, then how do I work". If a brother has a smart phone with his hands, then start with that. Small tasks will teach you to think, if there is a better thing, then the water could work in the same way.

Any one of the following plan seemed good to you. What to do this time? Your first assignment will be to schedule a schedule. If you start working without a plan, then the chances of getting good results will decrease and you will miss the real fun of that plan.

It does not matter what content will do well, depending on many parts, how good your article idea is. So, before writing the article, get a good idea, start writing later.

So let's get started ...

This word is very familiar to you. Increase the amount of infographics from any type of content, get more views. The biggest thing is that your visitor infographics love infographics from any type of content. There is no attachment for infographics to be used for visualization of information. Infographic works better than any content in social media. Infographic is the best option for viral in social media. Now you can wake the question in your mind

How to make?
If you have a graphic designer around you, you can make it. If you are looking for a little more in the online marketplace then you will get good quality infographic designer specialties. If you have enough budget in your pocket then you can take help of this site.

Now, at what time do you think my infographic should be spelled? There is nothing to worry about. You can use Infographics anywhere. There are no restrictions or rules. Can be used to publish any statistics, data, results, research.

The cost to make infographics can be a bit more.
There is no such thing that will make the infographic and it will become viral. Once someone gets his fun, he will always try to make Infographic. So, you have to create something that is really worth sharing.
Infographic means only that you will not only keep data but it is not. For this you can use GIF. I think it is much better to use GIF than to publish it through photos.
Mimi has an amazing tool for me to think. The main reason is that spelling is very straightforward. May be viral. The biggest thing is to laugh and laugh at you. There is no scope to bother you.

How to make it?
You do not have to be a graphic designer to make mimi. Mimi generator and Quick Mimi can easily make the mimi.Mimi is not the best option for your blog but there is no comparison between social media.
Sometimes, it may be a good way to mm to reveal your fan mood information
Mimi works well for any reason. You can use MiMi as your Niche anyway.
I think many times, do not use anything extra. Use it a little bit while using it. Any kind of misuse can stand for you tomorrow.
This video can be of different types. If you want to write articles in the article, you can post it in the form of video. Works much better than writing a video. Because there are two different things to hear from someone and to see what happens in front of them. The things that happen in front of you will be remembered for a long time. If you can make good quality videos, then there are a lot of benefits.

How to make it:
Before you can make any kind of video, you need to write a script. The video means that there must be a moving picture there, but not so. Its main purpose is to publish the words that you want to say.
After the video is made, publish it on YouTube or Vimeo. If you search on Google, you will see YouTube's video show. So, YouTube plays a very important role in Google's popularity. So, your video will play a very important role in SEO.
If you try to make a good quality video then your budget will be good. But you can try it on a small scale for spellings, but if you contact a video specialist then it will be a little expensive.
But do not ever make the video big enough. Perfect for two - three minutes a video.
The guide is a bit bigger content. We can call it the epic of the blog post. The guide will be bigger than the length, style, and expression of any blog post.

How to write?
If you go to write a guide then you need a good writer, designer, and an idea. Writers need to know how to write a written form. And the designer's work will be interesting. And ideas will be something that your visitors are looking for all the time. If you wish, you can publish your guide in PDF form.

You can use the guide to collect mail addresses. When someone wants to download your guide, you can tell him to "register to download guide."
If you can write a good quality guide, you will get benefits for a long time without any extra work. So, be sure to take a little time while writing the guide. If you can not make a good quality presentation, then the original purpose will go to the water.

Book Reviews:
A book review is written on any one book. After reading the book, you need to feel good, bad, and do something better. Discuss this topic.

How to write?
It depends on how the reviews will be written to you. But when you write, keep in mind that the issues are:

Writing a start: in 1-5 sentences
The author's identity is in 1-5 sentences
Special points: Point to the special points in the book: 1-3 in sentences
Those who did not like the rose: after reading the book, you did not like the things that you liked: 1-5 in sentences.
You can give advice to those who read your reviews to read the book: 1-3 in sentences
Do not forget to mention that the book can be found in the end.
This type of review works very well if your visitor is a little less educated
If you can write a review on a new publication or a few days later, you will get better results. And if you can take the author's interview in some way then the consequence is to go past the reproach.
This is different from the article we usually post. You try to write an article to write a good quality research base article. If you are working on Nix, then you will be able to get out of that work. After that your opinion

How to write?
The first thing to do is find your current hot topic. If your nose gets any change, try to write it down. When you write about a popular topic, the search engines and shares will get the best of both.

Whenever it does not happen, every day will start talking about something else.
Try all the time to stay normal. Your opinion should not be the cause of others' anger, it becomes.
Always write your own words clearly. You do not have the jargon in your logic.
Product Review:
Product reviews work just like book reviews. If you can write a good quality review on your own, then everyone will start thinking you are a guru. If you take a little time with your knees, then there will be a lot of reviews, such as product, software, and service. The thing you need to do is share your experience.

How to do?
Introduce the product first
The product's producer
Write about the product
The thing that's liked
Which did not like
If you have a suggestion
Any link can be found in the link
Try to give a product while keeping product reviews while giving product reviews.

How to write articals:
Most Popular Content on How to Articles How to Articles work much better on Long Tail Searches.

How to write:
Talk about the problem
Say solutions
Say every step of the solution well
Enter the essence
And finally conclusion
Writing articles about those problems faced every day, trying to find them
As you can write clearly, the visitor will appreciate your article. You can use diagrams, videos, and pictures to make the article better.
Link page:
Link Page is a page where links to good quality articles are good for you online. Such resource pages play a very important role in SEO.

How to do?
The job is very simple. The work will be like a link round up. The month's best article is a link and the title of the article is linked to the hyper link. Finish the job
You can give a little specification if you can add links.
The book is a long content that can be done in different formats such as PDF. You can have the option to download free books, in return only subscribe with the mail address. Books are a lot of work from general articles, because a book is the best option for sharing your knowledge.

How to write?
Whenever you think that you write a book, make sure that the amount of the content in a book contains the same amount of content and the quality is accompanied. 10 thousand words are perfect for a book.
You can share the book chapters Gul in a small sub heading. It will be useful to understand what will happen.
Of course, take time to give a good title. How much of your book will be reader? It depends on many titles, depending on the title.
Manoos Design
You can have an HTML version of the PDF version.
Case Study
A case study will tell how much your product or service benefits the consumers.

How to write?
Write a summary and the results may be
That's why the customer started taking your service and how successful it was
What was your solution? Of course, this step by step-by-step discusses that the acceptability of the reader increases.
At the end, a conclusion and a link for anyone who wants to take that service
If you do not think of writing the case study, you are writing this article just for marketing
Publish like a compliment. But, the story will be a success story
Podcast content is still very popular as And above all, you do not have to work hard to make it. There are many people around you who listen to podcasts like listening to music.

How to do?
A good quality microphone and a little technical knowledge. You can follow this guide.
You can keep a voyage version of your publishing content through podcast.
Make a list of your niece leaders. Try to contact them regularly. If you get a good taste then you can take an interview. If you can take a Leader's interview in any way, there will be a lot to increase the acceptability of your product, site, service, and there will be no new talk about the increase in the visitor. And the biggest thing is that the interview will be completely unacquainted - who does not have you, only you have it.

How to do?
The first thing that will take the interview is to invite them and get a time schedule. After finishing this task you will need to decide how to take the interview
Introducing the person whose interview is introduced to everyone
After giving any kind of questions, give him a good reply
The questions are solved in such a way that you can reach a final conclusion.
Thanks a lot, and a link to where it takes to take such a service
This way you can keep the interview
Research and Data:
If you have acceptable data with your writing, then give your writing a different acceptance. You are the best way to get data analyzers' visitor to share with others. Writing a research base article is not straightforward, and Visitor + Google very well knows how to work hard to repay this. People will not be afraid to share your writing, which shows no data without data.

How to write?
Of course you have to research. If you give good time for research then you will get what your title should be.
Express the data beautifully. Your data may be number, percentage, and other which will increase your credibility to the visitor
Well if you do research you may have to spend the money a lot.
You can keep an infographic of the data. Infographics with text, attract more attention from the visitor.
For so long I have been trying to introduce you to many Gul Tools. Now your job is to try to use all the tools that are perfect for you. The more you can use the better, the more likely your site is viral.

And if you have any plan, question and advice on your own, then please comment.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Facebook for beginners - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 06, 2019 0
Facebook for beginners  - Tech Teacher Debashree
Currently Facebook is a very popular social networking site. Although we know many things about Facebook, there are many ideas about many things. Those who do not have any idea about these things hope this post will be useful.
Anyone on Facebook can register. Go to for this. Now fill in the form Sign Up and click on the Sign Up button and enter the password of Security Check and click on the Sign Up button to open the Facebook account. After this, you will need to confirm the e-mail address by clicking the link on the Facebook link found in the email.

Facebook for beginners - Facebook Tutorial

Mobile Facebook:
Facebook fans can also use Facebook on their GPRS enabled mobile phone. For this reason will be able to enter by email and password normally. In addition to its email address, the mobile number can be opened on Facebook using the account. For this, from, Need an account? Click here to sign up using your book here and enter the mobile number with name, country code, sign up with powwords. Next, activate the account with the PIN number of the SMS received from Facebook. If you want to use this account on a computer, you will need to log in with the mobile number and password in place of the email when you login.
Mobile account confirmation:
When you add friends or other security check dialog, it is quite annoying. Sick of these? Click on Verify your account link, then Confirm Your Phone dialog box will appear. Enter your mobile number and click on Confirm button. Then you will receive a message containing code from Facebook, click on the Confirm button and enter the code. After the diameter and the Security Check dialog will not come.

Facebook interface in Bengali:
Recently, the Bengali language has been added to the list of Facebook languages. Earlier, the Bangla interface could be seen by applications. Currently, Facebook will be seen in both the Bangla interface.
Method 1) Login to Facebook, go to Accounts Settings. After going to the Language tab, if you select Bangla in the Primary Language section, then Facebook will be converted into Bangla in a while.
Method 2) Go to address and click on the Allow button to add the application. Select your language from dropdown, select Bengali, in a while, all the interfaces of Facebook will be in Bengali.

Invite friends:
Click Invite Friends from Friends to invite friends via email. To send an email to friends, click on the invite button. If you want to get the email address of friends from your email, by clicking on Import Email Addresses or by clicking on the email log in, the user will click the Find Friends button, then all the mail addresses in the mail will be available. Now select the email addresses that you want to invite and click on Add to Invite button to come to the To: Also, from Friend Menu to Find Friends or at the Home Page, click Add as Friend to invite the person from the right suggestion. You can also invite by searching by name or email address.

Accepting the invitation:
If someone invites you, it can be seen on request at the right of the home page. Here are friend requests, group invitations, suggestions etc. You can accept an invitation from the Confirm Request page by clicking on any one.

Group creation and joining:
Click the group icon in the statusbar or go to address. Now click on the desired group and click Join this Group and add group membership? You can join the group by clicking Join from the dialog. And go out of Grow by clicking on Leave Group and Remove group membership? You must click Remove from the dialog. If you want to create a group of your own, click the + Create a new Group button from the group page and follow the next step.
Add or change more email:
Facebook is registered by email and subsequently to log in to Facebook via that email. But you can change the email address or add more email address if you want. Login to Facebook, go to Accounts Settings. Now click on "Change Email" on the new email: Enter a new email address and click on Add New Email button and click on the Confirm button to enter Facebook's current password in the Change Email box. Confirmation mail will be added to the newly added mail, clicking on the link link will confirm the email address. The newly added email will remain the default. More mail addresses can be added in this way. To delete the previous mail, go to Accounts Settings. Now click on the change in the email that you want to delete, click the Remove link on the right and click on the Facebook password and click Confirm button. The previous mail from the diameter will be deleted from Facebook.

Tagged friends in Facebook picture:
Facebook is currently the most popular social site. Here videos and photos can be shared as well as friends can be tagged in these pictures. If a group picture wants to tag different friends, then upload the image and click on the image to display. Click on the tag This photo below, click on the photo of the friend who wants to tag the box and the box and the right window will appear. If the friend you want to tag, select the friend if you have a friend, and if not, then type any name or tag: the name of the friend and click on the Tag button. In this way, you can tag your favorite friends. Finish the tag by clicking Done Tagging at the end.
The pictures that you have tagged will appear on your friend's photo. If you want to tag yourself or others in another's photo album. Likewise, the notes and videos can be tagged in the video.

User name set:
Recently Facebook users have the opportunity to set the user name. For this reason, go to and set the preferred user name. If you set the manikcsbd name, your Facebook address will be where the profile ID is displayed first.

Preventing yourself from search:
When you search by email address or by name on Facebook, you can view and invite profiles. If you want you can refrain yourself from this search and if you want to be able to search friends and friends of friends only. Go to Settings from Privacy Settings. Now click Search and select who can find you on Facebook in the Search Visibility section. And select what information you want to search in Search Result Content. Uncheck to Public Search Listing if you do not want to appear from other search engines.

You can block a certain friend or unwanted person to prevent him from seeing your profile or other information. Go to Settings from Privacy Settings. Now type the name of the block people in the text box and click on the block button. Now click on Block Person on the right of the search for which you want to block. This way you can block multiple people. If you block someone, you will not be able to find anywhere, as long as you have the affection but it will end. If you want to unblock, click on the Remove link from the Block List.
In the friend box of certain friends opens:

You can determine who your Facebook profile will look for, how many friends will be seen in your friend box or who will see them. By default, 6 friends are sporadically displayed. To determine it, click on your picture to go to profile. Now click on the left side friends's pencil. Define how many friends want to show from the show's dropdown. Always show these friends: Add your friends' names below. From now on, diamonds will always show you friends in your friend's friends. If the number of determined friends is less then the rest will be sporadically separated from other friends.
Close Facebook Account:
If you delete the Facebook account, then from the Settings tab, click on Account Settings. Then click the Deactivate link of Deactivate Account, then Confirm Facebook Account Deactivation page will appear. Here's why you want to close the account and click the Deactivate button and the Facebook account will be closed. However, if you want to activate the account again in the future, logging in to normal Facebook will allow you to reactivate your account by clicking on the Reactivate Mail.

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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

14 online business ideas without investing - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 05, 2019 0
14 online business ideas without investing - Tech Teacher Debashree
In this era of information technology, there is no point in living unemployed living in the hope of getting a job. What to do? Business? Do not need capital? No, there is a computer and internet connection in this online era, without capital, you can enter the business today. Let's take a look at 14 online business ideas.

online business ideas without investing
Online business ideas without investing

1. SEO Consultant: Are you experienced in search engine optimization? That means know about search engine optimization; But there is no chance to work anywhere. Do not sit in the hope of getting the company started online and advise about SEO. There will be many organizations who are waiting for your advice. You will find work on different freelance sites. If you do not go straight to Google search.

2. Business training: There may be a good idea about your business. But due to lack of money, one can not establish an institution according to his dream. There is no reason to waste your experience sitting there.
Find many online people who want to start a new business. Visit LinkedIn, where you can write business related articles. By there you will find many clients there. With the help of their advice, you can absorb your talents and experiences. There are also two-way income.

3. Specialised retailer: In keeping with the world, online products have become very popular in Bangladesh. Now there is a special shop or supermarket in all major cities of the country. Many of them are small organizations that are willing to start their business online and start their business. By contracting one of those organizations, you can start an online shop with their cargo. Retailer Shopar at home.

4. Social media consultant: In this era of information technology, social sites have achieved great excellence. The solution to all the problems of life is becoming like Facebook. In addition to the ever new features, there is a growing use of social sites that can be used for criminal offenses. If you are aware of the use of social sites, safety and friend-follower tricks, you may become a social media consultant. Many people and organizations can get the job done by doing so.

5. Web Design: The most discussed business of the current time. Now a small organization needs to think that they have a website. If you know web design then there is no point in sitting. Post your portfolio to freelance sites. Put a link to a sample website. Please consider the cost-effective consideration of the market. Who are you to stop?

6. Writing Application Form / Cover Letter: Surprisingly, many educated people do not know how to write a job application beautifully. But a nice acceptable application or cover letter can make a difference to others in the service sector. If you have experience on this, you can search for clients on LinkedIn or Social Sites. There is no doubt that the client will receive it.

7. Task Manager / Assistant: If you have good organizing skills then you are eligible for this business. Can you solve the online problems quickly? However, you can use this skill as a personal assistant or online task manager. Companies like TaskRabbit or Zirtual find people like you in return for money. On these sites, you can perform the role of Assistant in various activities including Data Research, Virtual Assistant.

8. Professional freelancers: Freelancing means we usually understand leisure activities. But over time the ideas have changed. Now, many unemployed young people are taking Freelancing as their main occupation. You can also work part-time if you want. Do not sit unemployed, join today's freelancing sites.

9. Online marketing: If you are used to writing product reviews on sites like Amazon, then close it now. Why do you do any product marketing because of free? There are many companies like Ward of Mouth who will pay you for promoting their products online. If you have a lot of followers or social accounts, then Sona Sohaga. Get engaged in today's work.

10. E-Book Writer: If you have good writing skills, language skills, and typing speed, you can be an e-book writer effortlessly. This is a very easy task. The demand for e-books is increasing so much that publishers are stumbling to find eBook writers. You can easily find such customers online.

11. Providing technical support: There are many small companies with no IT specialist. If there is a technical problem, then the people are called out. You can start using this opportunity to sit online and provide technical advice. They will tell you when the problem is over and you will get the solution in the house. What do you want?
12. Virtual shipment: Even if you are curious to hear it, you do it yourself in the bank or financial institution. If you own a website, you can handle transactions such as Google Checkout. Different brands will find you to organize their online invoices. Bring your website to your website by copying the details of product pictures from their site. Then take the exchange of certain financial contracts to sell products.
13. Handicraft Dealers: In the Automated Machine Period, the handicrafts have not been reduced. But due to lack of publicity this ancient industry can not stand high. You can contract with an organization. Their products will sell you online. You can deliver products through a courier to your customers with a specific service charge.

14. App Developer: In the era of smartphones, the app racket People are now comfortable to work in a smartphone app rather than browsing the site on a computer. So different organizations are now interested in app development. If you know better about coding, then read App Developing. Can deal with different organizations. Other software developers also want online developers. First create an interesting app by yourself and show it as a sample and claim a reasonable fee. Sure to get your work done.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

Guest Posting - What is Guest Posting, Why and How to Do? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 04, 2019 0
Guest Posting - What is Guest Posting, Why and How to Do? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Off-page SEO is the most widely discussed and most difficult thing to say about guest posting or guest blogging. The guest blogging is one of the seaf, Powerful and Quality Link Building. However, due to the increase in the SEO Competition day by day, many of these factors are difficult, costly, and difficult due to English Communication weakness. Trying to share with you a little bit of your experience, so that you may have the interest to try at least once.

Guest Posting  - What is Guest Posting, Why and How to Do
What is Guest Posting ?Why and How to Do?

What is guest blogging?
Simply put, guest blogging or guest posting means, writing an article in the guest's site. You wrote an article for someone's site and in exchange you were benefited. Maybe by building your business / personal brand value or by building links for your site.In the case of Affiliate Nitesh, we basically do guest blogging to get backlink. Brand does not look, Link to More Link! 

Question: Where are the pub sites?

Interested in posting a guest post, the owner of the site keeps the page with the posting of guests. Where there is contact info and detailed information.You can easily find sites from Google using some specific search terms.Another question may arise: Why would another guest post on his site?
It is a good way to get unique content on the freelancer freely. Due to your article the content of its site will increase, the site's authority and it will benefit from its business direction. Many times many people want money as well as the article. His profit again!

How to do
To discuss the discussion, we discussed in three steps.

1. Email Collection:
Those who have some familiarity with guest blogging, are aware of this. As already mentioned, the interested site owners offer detailed processor and contact info to post their guests on their site. And, some search terms can easily be found by the sites of the sites.

Such as

Your Keyword "write for us"

Your Keyword "become a contributor"

Your Keyword "become a guest writer"

Your Keyword "guest post guidelines"

Your Keyword "contribute to our site"


inurl: guest-post-guidelines Your Keyword

inurl: guest-posts Your Keyword

inurl: write-for-us Your Keyword

Here are some of the things that are most commonly used. If you find it outside of Google, you will get it or at the end of the post, with resources. You will also find there.

In the above search terms, type your keywords in the Keyword section of your keyword. Try to write Broad Keyword, not quite specific. And try to eliminate the banning intimate keyword.

For example, if your niche is the Baby Stroller 

The search term will be: baby stroller "write for us", baby care "write for us", baby funny ideas "write for us"

Now come the next step,

These are the search terms that you can note in your Excel Sheet from the sites searched

1. Url

2. The name of the person who has been contacted to contact the site owner / contact info

3. Email

4. Subject line (often says, when sending a mail, to write something in the subject of the subject such as "I Want To Write For You")
2. Mail sent:
Another important thing of guest posting is the issue of sending this mail.
Many do not receive any expected response from the net, by sending a copied email template from a friend. Forgive me, forgive me! L

If everyone sends the same message by writing the same message, then it goes to the spamming stage. For this reason, try to keep this one thing unique. And as normal as possible, intermingling will save the value of your values.

Keep in mind the issue of professionalism. It is important not to request him to give him a link, rather he should be aware of your professional position.

3. Negotiations:
The response rate of guest blogging is really very low. It's also decreasing day by day. 10% and I think it's a matter of luck in some cases. Mail replies will come from many. Among them, someone will just write unique article, many will ask for money. And the whole thing depends on the condition of the site and your interest.

Negotiate, open your mind and talk. Once you reply to the mail, do not go to that mail and spam box. Inbox will go! 

Avoid sending huge emails by writing inaccurate English and Hajizabi. Explain what you do not want in a little bit.

Before taking a guest post / link, the subject of the site to be noticed

Many people see issues related to DA, PA and other issues. I do not think this is something very urgent. Whether the site is natural to see, the site owner is running the site for the purpose, by checking some real traffic (at least 300-500 +) and backlink profiles, you can get an idea about a site.

Some more things
1. For posting guests, only those who seek niss reliance - I want to emo this emo. It is very difficult. Because, no one is making a relieving site for me. Broad nix and if it is, you can also take it.

2. Many times you will receive a reply reply, I have 10 more sites. You do not have to link to all types. Before thinking of getting the water to get the cloud, it may also be thought that they may have no matter PBN or negative.

3. Some sites are asked to contact the contact form directly. In this case, contact your message in contact message.

4. Some sites are asked to submit articles directly. Can also do this. For this reason, write down two or three articles and submit an article if you find a site.

5. Be aware of the anchor text while taking the link. This could cause huge damage to your site.
Read this article on Angkor Text.

Also, the article written on the Experimental domain has something to say about the matrix of the site, which can be helpful to understand what a site is good or bad. You can read it from here.

6. Many people are also interested in linking from analyzing content. In that case, if you can convince a webmaster, then the site's other matrices are correct. Unless the relationship builds up, seeking link from the exposing content is incompatible.

7. There are many fan bloggers, if you have money, do not link. It's just bad luck!
That day did not make a 100 dollar link. 

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