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Friday, 1 March 2019

What is domain and hosting? - Tech Teacher Debashree

March 01, 2019 0
What is domain and hosting? - Tech Teacher Debashree
 domain and hosting tutorial

Domains and Hosting in the Technical World is an important issue. Today we will talk about domains and hosting. Hope to be able to clearly explain the matter.
What is domain?
In simple words, the name of a website is domain. Domain name is very similar to people's name. The difference between domain name and man's name is that people's names are not unique, that is, one name is more than one person. But the domain name is not completely unique, ie, a domain is not the second in the world, you can see the mobile number as an example, for example, the phone number of your phone number is not exactly the same. Domain is the address of a website. Through which the user can find your website.
You need to give a name to your website if you want to create website. And the name of the website is called domain. The name through which the name of your website people can find domain Like we can find facebook on Google wants to find out more about us by The name that your website will visit with a website is the domain of your website. The domain is not the only one with .com, but different types of websites use different types of domain people. Everyone uses .com for business or general use. However, for different types of websites, people use different domain extensions such as .org for the organization, .net for the networking site (, and many more types of domain are used for information sites.

The domain above is called premium domain. If you use these on your website, you have to buy it with the money. Generally, the value of such domains is between 800-2000 rupees for one year.

Let's know a little more about the domain?
Domain name must have at least 3 characters and can have up to 63 characters. Only English letters, 0 to 9 numbers and "-" (hyphen) domain names can be used inside.

Top level domains: .com, .net, .org, .info etc. Domains are called top level domains. (To buy these domains)

Free domain:,, .tk,, etc. The domain is called free domain. (These domains are freely available)

What is hosting?
Many know what the domain is but do not know what hosting is. If you buy a domain then you buy a name for your website. Your website should be kept in a PC that will be 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Hosting companies offer the convenience of keeping your website on a PC that is always open. Hosting companies offer this service in exchange for monthly or annual money. Different companies offer hosting at different prices. If you want to take hosting , different companies will have to pay a different type of price. You have to buy the amount of points you can buy from your PC. And the place you buy for your website is hosting. If you want you can keep your website in your home PC but your home computer is running 24 hours 365 days? If you put the website on your PC, your visitors will not be able to see your website without having to shut down your computer or internet connection. The PC that you host on your website will always have to be turned on. Your visitor will be able to see your website when the hosted PC is open.

The hosting companies in the world, including the hosting company of Bangladesh, sell different types of hosting. Such as: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server etc. You need to buy the hosting space according to your needs.Many of those who do not know think domain hosting is the same thing. Or buy one tie 2 tie. Not a domain of one thing and hosting another thing. 2 tie you have to buy, with a different amount of money. But usually those who sells the hosting, they sell domains and sell them. If you want, you can buy 2 tie from the same provider. You can also buy it from a different company. But I will tell you the domain and the hosting you buy from the same company will benefit from your maintenance.

Now you can buy a domain and your job is finished. But not, if you buy a domain you must buy a hosting for it. You bought a domain that means you bought a place on the internet, now your domain should be kept 24/7 online. This requires your hosting company. The website is one of the most popular and easy to promote information.  Simply put, the website is the way to present your information to others - it can be text or multimedia (such as photos, audio or video). The web developer's work of nicely enhancing them on the website. And your website is known for being able to see others as web hosting.

If your website is compared to your  office building, its information or content will be its furniture. Developing websites can be compared to building the house with it. In that case, website hosting can be compared to buying a place for your office building and building a house in that place. Only then will the visitors have the opportunity to use the website. The hosting of that site is the place where a website will be located. We see that any web site is made up of some text and multimedia (Picture / Video). This site is owned by the site or BIT is hosting the site.

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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Pre-Preparation and Budget Planning - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 28, 2019 0
Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Pre-Preparation and Budget Planning - Tech Teacher Debashree
Before creating a niche site, you have a lot to keep in mind. From initial selection to keyword selection, keyword research, keyword finishing, site design, content management, site graphic and info graphics, publishing sites, ranking by link building etc. Let's talk about how to prepare a budget site from the start of the pre-preparation and budget plan!
Niche Selection: 
Niche Selection is the first step to make a niche site. With a selection of niche selection, the start of a small market is started. It is very easy to make niche selection. You will need to create a much more sid keyword list during Niche Selection. Otherwise, you can become depressed if you can not find the keyword. Because, as long as the competition of the niche site is going to increase. So you have to be patient with low quality competition.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research: 
Keyword Research is the next step in Niche Selection. Until you find the desired keywords, you will have to go back to the key keyword research from one of the key keywords.The tools you can take during keyword research are: Google Keyword Planner,,, and Long Tail Pro. The first four tools can be used for free. You have to apply some techniques for this. But Long Tail Pro Minimam will subscribe to you for one month. You need 27 dollars for a month. Many people use Keyword Revealer as an alternative. But in my opinion there is no alternative to Long Tail Pro. 
To get Keyword software: Click Here
Essential SEO Tools:
Visitor is the main target for earning through NetSite site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the many ways to get visitors to the site. For the primary level SEO, we rely on free tools. There are many limitations between free tools. For example, Google Keyword Planner can not be used as before. Those who are using Google Keyword Planner may know. Even if the keyword planer closes their search volume view, we can find search volumes with its alternative tools. For example, with KWfinder, Keyword Keg, it is possible to find search volumes. If you try to understand a little bit of intelligence, free premium tools can be used in the freeze. But if you do not get the full premium facility, you can do a lot like doing a lot of work. For example, if you want SEMRush you can use the same amount as a premium. There is no comparison of SEMrush to get long-tail keywords, keyword search volumes, and keyword ideas. But do not buy one of the premium tools (majestic, ahrefs) at once. They also have a very low cost system. You can take all the necessary tools from for one month while processing one month for 1 month. For this, enough of your budget is $ 27.
Domains and Hosting:
My best recommendation for domain and hosting is and (if budget is low). But have read many nasty reviews of the namecheap. I personally used both namecheap and bluehost. Both of them seem good to me. But the site loading speed is slightly lower than the namecheap compared to the bluehost. Enough to have your budget namechaep ($ 23) for the first year and bluehost ($ 36 for the discount offer). But since the second year the domain charge is one, the hosting charge will increase.
And if you want local hosting, I think the best service provider at lowest price The most notable aspect of their services is the CloudFlare Integrate with Hosting, which will reduce site load time with auto CDN service for your site.
WordPress Themes and Plugins:
Generally we use Ready-made CMS WordPress to create Niss site. There are many good ways to use free WordPress themes. I used free themes in some of my projects. Actually the theme is not a factor. If you want you can start your niche project with free theme. I will list some free and paid themes in the original tutorial. If someone needs emergency, then I can knock on Facebook.
While the theme is available on free, our Nikos site offers some plugins that are premium and extremely expensive. Such as:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In this case, your cost may be more than $ 200. If someone is unable to buy these plugins for money, then please contact me and I will freely pay you on the condition.
To buy theme: Click here
Design and Graphics:
Increase the use of other visual content and graphics. Eg Lego Design, Banner Infographics etc. For lego design, you can buy gig for $ 5 from or by providing a local service. There are some sites for infographics where you can create your infograph on the free. Infographics play a vital role and it is also the biggest shareholder. Backlinks are also available through this. Then you need to embed the video as needed. This will make your site more noticeable. Next, we will create a complete tutorial on graphics designs for Niss site.
Article Writing:
One of the biggest resources of a niche site is the standard article. Visitors are interested in buying a product based on the article's article. So the article on your site must be quality and unique (copy paste free).
Article Writing is the most expensive in the making of Niche site. If you can write your own article then your cost will be very low. But it is better to write an article in the initial stage. Your cost for articles ranges from 200 to 400 dollars. The amount of expenditure depends on the selection of writers.
Social media marketing :
Social media marketing is one of the ways to bring visitors to the site and increase site trust flow. Notable social media is Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, pinterest, YouTube, tumbler Social media can be used for free. Using some techniques, you can get many visitors from social media if you want to visit your site.
A site based on search engine ranking is based on 65 percent of the quality link building. The more backlinks your site will be, the more you will be seen as a powerful site on the eyes of Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Link building:
Generally there are 3 types of link bidding methods. White hat, gray hat and black hat. Whitehall is the building method building website. Gray can also link building links. But do not go to the Blackhawk Link building in the initial stages. There may be some cost to write content for link building. If you write content yourself, then it will not cost too much. Among the link building methods you'll need to do is: Web 2.0 Link Building, Forum Posting, Directory Submissions. Besides, blog can also comment. After this guest posting. You can keep some budget for guest posting. In that case you can keep the maximum budget of 100 to 150 dollars. Although a lot more for you as new There are many sites where guest can be posted to free. That's why you have to keep an eye on your ears and keep an eye on all sides.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Learn the important topics of YouTube video marketing-Tech Teacher Debashree

February 26, 2019 0
Learn the important topics of YouTube video marketing-Tech Teacher Debashree
Marketing through online means we generally think that top social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are mostly used. But again, true online marketers also use some more useful tools. Meanwhile, the video has been described as a more effective medium. In this case we can easily say that YouTube is the universal one.
Online is the most popular YouTube can now say that watching the video is one of the super-duper media for online marketing. Many of them are using it very well for their marketing purposes. The online marketplace also has a huge demand.

YouTube video marketing

The most popular marketplace in Odesse-Ilans also has many work hours and fixed prize based projects on video marketing. Starting from $ 5, you can say that there is also a thousand dollars of this outsourcing marketplace.
Your patience and plan can easily get you the success of video marketing. You can achieve a successful career, you can be a freelancer experienced and skilled in this sector, and it is well-believed that experienced young people in freelancing outsourcing work.
What is Video Marketing?
As a video marketing field, you can say that the picture is the most valuable word. And that's why the picture has a big role in the campaign. And if that image is the video then you can get quicker customer attention towards your product.
We usually say that the advertisement of any product using video is video marketing. And popular public video sharing social media like YouTube can easily be used as one of the most effective online marketing tools.

Why Video Marketing Is Important?
1. You do not have the patience to read the article. And today, marketing is usually targeted at those buyers. This allows you to get a good idea about the product by watching the video without reading the user easily. It is very easy to draw many customers' attention together. And through this we can increase the campaign work.
2. By watching videos, customers can easily know about the appropriate attributes of the product. Users are no longer interested in product quality because of watching videos through video marketing. As a result, the demand for video marketing on various marketplaces is now extensive.
3. Generally, you may have to pay a little more money when you create a video, but using mobile devices is very easy to do and we can publish the videos we have created for free on YouTube. As a result, new entrepreneurs can run their products very easily.
4. As a result of video marketing, there is a great impact on Google search engine.
5. Marketplaces can also be seen that freelancers can easily get this job because the competition for video marketing work is relatively low.
Precautions to upload your video to YouTube:
1. You should not upload another video on your camera, and you should not upload it as your video.
2. Upload a video that no one can claim to claim. Please refrain from copying videos. This will ruin your reputation and customers will start a negative idea for you. And if another person demands it then there will be a copyright issue. It must be noted that.
3. Try video quality to do better and sound quality will be much stronger or better.
4. Good quality video and bitrate, frames, resolutions etc. should be good.
5. Special attention: Avoid uploading obscene and pornography videos.
6. Before creating the video, keep in mind that the use of language should be simple and obvious. It is easy for ordinary users to understand it.
To get a visitor to a YouTube video you must target the search engine. Because most visitors come from this search engine. And that's why you have to give proper video titles, discriptions, and video tags.
There must be a video title that is attractive, so that the customer's eye can easily be clamped. The title of the video will be so that visitors can understand the title and see what the video has.
Your site's URL will be at the beginning of the discovery. Then you have to give a narrative description of the video.
Keep in mind that despite not being a visitor through this disc, it is true that Google and YouTube spread the search. It should be between 250-300 words.
Provide tags:
You can tell a much more effective tool for tagging Google. And this tag is just as important on youtube. For the tagged tag, there is a great chance to easily move the first page on top of any competative video.

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Monday, 25 February 2019

How to Create the account of Amazon Associate programe? --Tech Teacher Debashree

February 25, 2019 0
How to Create the account of Amazon Associate programe? --Tech Teacher Debashree

To join the Amazon Associate, you will need to visit the following link:
Here you have to click on the Join button. Enter your e-mail address in the place next to my e-mail address is: I am a new customer Click the radio button. Next page
My name is: Give your name here.
My e-mail address is: Enter your email address.
Type it again: Enter your email address again.
Enter your password in Enter a new password.
Type it again: Enter your password again.
Then click on the Create Account button below.

Amazon Associate programe

Next page:
Your Account Information:
Give your name in place of Payee Name, of course, after paying your bank, National ID card, payer's master card.
And the rest of the rooms must be filled with the correct information.
Then click on the Next button.
What is the name of your website? Name your web site.
Enter the URL of your website, what is the URL of the website (s) you will use to send traffic to Amazon?
Do your website (s) about?
Which of the topics is the best of your website (s)? Enter the category of your website.
What kind of items do you want to do on your website (s)? Give the product type what you would like to do, but if you want all the ticks.
What type of site is your website (s)? First of all, Blog in Second, Content or Niche Website.
How do you drive traffic for your blog(s)? Give it all tics.
How else do you monetize your website (s)? Give me the site of Amazon Associate in the same way I monetize my site.
Give your website in any language that is made in English language. For example: html, wordpress etc.
How many visitors visit your website (s) get per month? Specify how many visitors come to your website this month. Give it to 5,001 to 50,000.
What is your main reason for joining the Amazon Associates Program? To monetize my site.
How did you hear about us? Give Online Search at
Keep the captcha in the room.
Then click the Next button.
Next page
Enter Telephone Number, give your mobile number with +88, and click the call me now button.
Below you will see a four digit zip code, and a call will come to your mobile. After receiving the call, when you are asked to press the four digit pin code on mobile, press the digit pin code on mobile.
Go to the web site again.
Click the Associates Program Operating Agreement button to agree to the terms and conditions.
Then click the Finish button.
Next page
How to Set up Payment Information
Enter your Payment and Tax Information If you have a Payoneer Master Card, click on the Now button. Or click the Button .
Next page
Your Payment Method
Please click on the sentence "United States Based Associates Only" .
Name the Payoneer Master Card US Bank in place of Bank Name.
Enter your name according to Payor's Master Card at Bank Account Holder Name.
Checking at Bank Account Type.
Enter Bank Account Number in the Bank Account Number.
Routing Number / ABA Number at Routing Number / ABA Number.
Submit and Continue with Tax Information button.
What is Tracking ID and How to Cteate a New One
What is Tracking ID: Tracking ID allows you to track your cell phone.
Suppose you have two web sites, one of the other's Jewelry category product from an Amazon Associate. In that case you will need your Tracking ID. Track two separate category products separately. So you need two tracking IDs to track two products.
How to Create Tracking ID
Visit Amazon Associate's home page. Click on Tracking ID manage from the top left menu. Here you can see your Tracking IDs. To create a new Tracking ID, click Add Tracking ID. Find a unique name in the Find a tracking ID box. Then click the Search button. If you find the name you want, click the Continue button. The next step will be to discuss the job of tracking ID.
How to Find the Affiliate Link of Any Product:
First you login to your Amazon Associate. Then find your selected product from There are several ways to find product, such as search in the search box or according to category.
From the left side of the bar there
Link to this page: For direct links.
Add To Widget: Widget To Create
Add to a Store: Store to create.
Share: Facebook / Twitter to share.
When we click on Link to this page, a pop-up page will appear, select from there where you can track your tracking ID through the Signed in as home.
Click Text and Image to add Text and Image.
To Text Only, click Text Only.
Just click Image Only if you want to Image Only.
Customize Link with the following Customize Link: Customize your mind and create links to fit your site. You can see preview in the Live Preview home.
You can copy and paste HTML code from Get HTML Code For This Product Link below.
What to Cheek Earning Report
You could go to see the reports.

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Sunday, 24 February 2019

What is Amazon Niche Site( A to Z Guideline) - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 24, 2019 0
What is Amazon Niche Site( A to Z Guideline) - Tech Teacher Debashree

There are many tutorials on how to start a niche site,how to rank, how to start earning.There is a wide, wide spread. But here I will just give a summary.If you keep it in your head, you can easily understand the whole process. And this is very important.I will say very briefly, at a few levels.

 Planning and Decision Decline:
You're planning to earn a living by making a niche site. See the market at the beginning of this process. The market means the Amazon site. There are thousands of product types. See from them and decide which product to work with. Fix it.
Keep in mind when choosing a product: Is this product related product and tools national? If you see the review of the product that is selected, what kind of demand is there in the market?
Amazon Niche Site

Sort keywords:
This is the most important thing. It is all wrong to make a mistake in the selection of the keywords, all of the losses. So carefully pick keywords. Usually, selecting keywords in this process is profitable, it can be ranked easily:

Product Name / Keyword + Review
Product Name / Keyword + Reviews
Best + Product Name / Keyword
Cheap + Product Name / Keyword

You can use Google AdWords, LongTail Pro Platinum Tools, to pick keywords. 
 Domain and hosting:
If the keywords are final, then buy domain and hosting. This will increase the domain's age. If the domain is old, the better. Keep in mind when buying a domain: Your keywords should not be same to you. It's called an Exact match domain. There is a chance to eat Google Penalty. Parsial match domain is good. That is, something that matches your keywords partly. You can take a look at this tutorial for hosting and free domains for $ 1 a year.
 Content Writing:
If you can write content yourself then it is very good. If you can not, you can take it from the content provider. In that case, please give the order in advance. Generally, the following content for Niche site will be:

  • A main article / biding guide: 2-3 thousand words
  • Review Article: 10-15, each 800-1200 words
  • Informative article: 7-10, each 500-100 words

Sufficiently enough of these few articles.
 Niche site design:
There is no need to sweat over the design of Niche site design. The more lightweight the site is, the better. Content is more important than design. Use the free themes and plugins instead of using design, paid theme, paid plugin at the beginning. Time and money will both survive.
Take the WordPress theme from the default theme or WordPress directory.
Plugin list: The following plugins will take your-
1. All in One SEO Pack
2. Google XML Sitemap
3. Jetpack by

If you want to install many more plugins. But unnecessary
 On page seo:
If you can set up your content well enough to accept different tags then you will not have to worry about On page SEO. And the All in One SEO Pack plugin has been set up very well.
 Off page SEO:
Here's a lot of work You need your maximum one month to do the above tasks. And offsets will take you 3-6 months to work. If you do well then maybe it will be less. What to do? A lot of things But that's how I can rank the site faster by doing less work -

    A. Social Share: Share your site at 15-20 social networks. Do the homepage more. Inner pages are less.
    B. Social Profile: Create 15-20 social site profiles where your site can be linked.
    C. Social bookmark: This is also important.
    D Conscious and Ansar Site: Use the sites like Yahoo Ansar and Kora

You will also do a lot of other things like this. But most importantly: blog comment and guest blogging And if you have the Investibility Invitation PBN.

Blog commenting: 5-10 blog comments everyday with different anchor text and links to your snooze site. Of course, the relayed blog.

Guest Post: Find out your Kniss / Keyword related valued site, who can post a guest post. Submit at least 8-10 guest posts per month with your site's link.

If you do this, then within roughly 1 month, your keyword will appear on Google's page 2 or 3. In the next 2/3 months, the first page will come if not the Google hold on the sandbox. That is the possibility of starting your income within 4/5 months of starting.

 Passive income:
Usually when a site is ranked, there is no such work for that site. Income is automatic. And the joke is just the same.

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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Why do you start online proficiency with Content Writing? - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 23, 2019 0
Why do you start online proficiency with Content Writing? - Tech Teacher Debashree
Online professions as an established sector. There are some elite professions in online professionals. The Content Writers' Proficiency is captured in elite categories. From the income side they also shared in Qatar. So, writing content as a profession is a lucrative proposition. The biggest thing is that you do not have to spend long time learning Content Writing. In less time, you can learn the matter. One of the reasons for the popularity of content writers is that content is required for almost all types of content. Blogging, why do you go to affiliate?

Content Writing

You will need content. So the demand for content writers in the freelance / outsourcing sector So, the importance of the content is not saying. If you do not write good quality content, then you have to hunt the content. There is no alternative. If you are a web developer, you still need your content. Suppose to sell templates or themes, on various market places (eg themeforest). You have to write about the theme. You need your content to do theme marketing. If you need SEO, you need good enough content. In essence, because of the need for writing and writing in every case, the demand of content writers is a little more than the other. However, you must attain professional quality qualification. Otherwise, you can not stick to this campaign.
Although the competition is less in this sector, you have to be qualified. There is no alternative. Content writing refers to English content writing. Most of our people are weak in English So, the quality content is less comparable. If you are a quality professional, you can be a professional content writer, lack of work and a problem making career. If you are working as a content writer. There are several potential sectors for you. 
All the discussions are discussed in a few of these: Blogging: Currently the most discussed profession of blogging in the online world. It is also honorable. It is possible to change whole life through blogging. It is also possible to influence the society through this profession. And bloggers are not able to say that they are able to earn well. In short, blogging is the way to express your opinion through a web site. You have to publish content regularly. This content will attract visitors to your site or blog. Regularly publishing a large number of content, you will find a lot of visitors. 
However, the content must be good and unique. Good content mainly comes with visitor. Many visitors are able to earn from your blog with various add-ons. The most popular add-on program is Google Adsense. It's basically an add campaign from Google. After getting approval from Google, you can add add-ons to the blog. When $ 100, you can pick it up. Let's calculate an estimate. Publish content every day in 3 months or 90 days. If these 90 content is Friendly and SEO Friendly, then they are able to bring 1000 Visitors to your blog. If 10% of 1000 visitors enter the ad displayed on your site, you will get 100 add-ons. If every kilicle gets a minimum of $ 10 then 100 dollars per day with 100 clicks. Now at 10 dollars a day, the month is 300 dollars. The amount of 300 dollars in Bangladeshi money is not very low. If there are 2000 visitors, the income will be doubled. If you can work for two consecutive years, the figure of your Arnig will stand, which is a good income in Bangladesh's context. Market Places: Many are earning well based on market place work only. There are many entrepreneurs and companies based on this worldwide. In our country, the number of such entrepreneurs and companies is not low. Many popular market places such as oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Fiverrr have created a career as many content writers.
You can give time to teach a year's work. So hopefully, you can start with a minimum of 10 dollars. If you write two content a day, then your Arn is $ 20. The amount is not low. With the increased efficiency and experience, your demand will increase. Increase your earnings too. If you can earn this amount after 2 years, then it is good in Bangladesh's context.
Job Facilities:
The number of freelance-outsourcing companies in our country is also increasing. Lack of adequate skilled people in companies If you wish, you can also hire those companies. The salary is well paid. You can start at a minimum of Rs 25000. Experiences can be even more. If you have been working for two years, you get a job in the company for a monthly salary of 25000 rupees, in the context of Bangladesh, do you think this less? Never Rather, you can go far further by utilizing this skill. Just start. As the experience grows, your demand increases around. As well as your income graph.
Affiliate Marketing:
Who does not know affiliate marketing? In short, affiliate marketing means promoting third-party products. That's why you have to create a web site. Then promote the company's products. Then write content on the product. This content will present product information in the online world. And through this, third-party products will be sold. You receive a part of this sale as commission. Affiliate marketing can create a career in Amazon with the most popular affiliate sites. Amazon gives 4-5% commission. Suppose you have a web site on hand watch. On average, every hand clock value is 80 dollars. You sold 5 hand watches in the day. Then the hand watches of $ 400 a day was sold. That means the sale of $ 12,000 a month. This $ 5000 is $ 600 or $ 600. This is just an example. It is a matter of fact that if affiliate marketers do not write content themselves, then the content is written by the writer. Your chance is there. Can work with the market with the marketers. Or as a freelancer you can write them. In that case you need to know about product reviews. Must have hands on sales pages and promotional content.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Answers to some questions related to Google Adsense - Tech Teacher Debashree

February 20, 2019 0
Answers to some questions related to Google Adsense - Tech Teacher Debashree
We hear a few common questions about Google Adsense. Today I will answer the questions and solve some problems. So let's get started.
What should be the size or size of Google Adsense ads?
Placement of advertisement on the website is really the main thing. However, it is found that 336 * 280 and 300 * 250 are the most effective. Adjustments in this size are compatible with most screens and rates are fairly good.
What is the best placements in Google AdSense?
It completely depends on the layout of your website. If you want to get more clicks on the ad, you must place the ad in the most important places on the website. We found that the ads on top of the post content are the most available clicks.
We are firmly saying that it should not be done. Because it is not approved by Google Terms of Service. If you violate their policies, Google authorities may ban you from their AdSense program.


Can I click on my Google Adsense ads?
There are many new developers who are clicking themselves on their AdSense ads and have been tempted to click on other members of the family with friends and friends. Please do not do this work. Because Google's algorithm is smart enough and very strong. For this reason they can easily capture that you are clicking on your own ads. As a result, you can get banned from their AdSense program.
What is Google AdSense Page RPM?

Replication of RPM is Revenue per Mille. This means that the number of dollars per page page views will be calculated only on the click of an advertisement on a blog or website. This estimate is mainly divided by the total number of ads viewed by the number of clicks per page (CPC) multiplied by the total number of ads. That's why RPMs are not equal to everyone.

Blogger or YouTube Adsense account can be used for WordPress?

Yes, it can be done. If you use Google Adsense on Google-managed platforms such as YouTube, Blogger, then the type of account change can be easily used in WordPress. In this case, you have to fill in an application form that you want to monetize the site, with the URL link Google AdSense.

For this reason, log in to your AdSense account and click on the 'Other Products' option under 'My Ads'. Now you have to complete the application by clicking on the 'Upgrade Now' button.

What is the CTR in Google Adsense?

CTR is full of Click Through Rate. It is different for different websites. Your ad clicks will depend on a number of factors, such as the topic of your website, the type of your visitor, the ad placement on your site, and more. It is very difficult to set an ideal CTR for Google AdSense, because you do not have access to click rates on other websites like your own site.

If your site does not get a good CTR, then Google AdSense built-in tools will start showing you different messages. To maximize revenue, you can follow the Optimization Guide shown within the Google AdSense Dashboard.Google AdSense payment is made once per month. After one month your income is being credited, then your total income is calculated at the beginning of next month and they are shown on your 'Transactions' page. 
If you do not have a payment hold, you will be issued a payment by the 21st of the month. Remember that when you get the payment, depending on the exact time, depending on the type of payment you choose.

There are several methods for payment. For example - Direct electronic transfer, wire transfer, check, Western Union, and there are several more payment methods.

Why Google AdSense rejects application?
If your website does not meet the AdSense program policy or their terms, then Google AdSense can cancel your application.

What is the need to get approval for Google Adsense?

There are few things to get Google AdSense approved. 
The website and all its contents must be Adsense programe policies And it must be conditional.
The website should be at least 6 months old.
Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Note: Even if your application meets all the above conditions, Google AdSense reserves the right to cancel your application at any time.

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