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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 29, 2019 0
How to Lock Your Facebook Profile - Tech Teacher Debashree

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile
How to Lock Your Facebook Profile

Have you ever felt the need to lock Facebook profile? Do you want any unwanted person to peek into your profile? Do not you see all that you do not know, all of your unknown things?Surely, no, no. You must make sure you have the highest privacy of your Facebook account. And among these important privacy is to lock the profile. Locking the profile means locking your privacy, keeping yourself safe.

Privacy protection on social media like Facebook, especially Facebook, is now equally important for everyone. Because, most of the people have been privyasi leak through social media in present day. So, keeping your privacy private, that is, you need to keep Facebook ID locked in order to prevent it from being shared with you.
Friends, when you are doing what you are doing, how you are living, and what you are enjoying. But do all the people need to tell? Everyone is your friend, everyone is well wisher? Is there no one who can be in danger of knowing all your personal information? Especially, when you know where, where, what is your public or secret enemy?

Surely it will not be pleasant for you, nor will there be any glad tidings. So, you do not have to let everyone enter your profile. Simply put a gate on your Facebook profile, lock it for unwanted guests. By doing so, your account will be private, as well as being safe from hacking. As an additional payment, you can find out 8 easy ways to keep Facebook account safe and secure from hackers. Now let's start the real work, know how to lock the profile.
How To Keep Facebook Profile Locked
Only two simple steps can be locked by following your Facebook ID and can be secured.

1. Profile Picture Protection
2. Friends Only Post
1. Profile Picture Protection: If your profile picture is protected, those who are not your friends will only see a small preview of your picture. But they will not be able to share, can not share or even comment.

That's why you have to turn on your profile picture guard.

Enter your profile.
Click on profile picture.
Now click on the option
Then click on the click on Profile Picture Gardens
Now after clicking on the save, you are finished.
This is the way to get profile picture care from the computer, which is briefly described. To find out more detailed ways and to know how to turn it on from a mobile phone, go to the pre-published article on how to activate the Facebook profile picture guard.

Hopefully, after reading the text, you have put your profile on the picture guard. Now let's go to Step 2

2. Friends Only Post: Every day you are posting something and everyone sees it. Because, by default, your post may be open for the public. Now close this to the public, just open it for friends.

Click on the drop-down arrow above the right side.
facebook dropdown menu

From the drop-down menu, click Settings.
facebook settings

Click on the Privacy text from the left hand side menu
facebook privacy
Who can see your future posts? Click Edit to the right of the text.
facebook post edit
Select the friend from the public.
facebook post public
Well, your Facebook profile has been locked through these two steps. Now you will not get any personal information from anyone other than your friends. Can not see your pictures, see the post. Like, comment or share. Whenever a stranger goes to your profile, you will see the text - This profile is locked. You're safe now, so, happy facebooking.

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Monday, 27 May 2019

What do you learn to start outsourcing? - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 27, 2019 0
What do you learn to start outsourcing? - Tech Teacher Debashree
What do you learn to start outsourcing
What do you learn to start outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the best career of the current time. The main advantage of outsourcing is earning a lot less time. If you have only a little skill, you can be a successful freelancer. Today you will be told how to write your name on outsourcing. Let's start ...

# Whatever it takes:
  1. Computer / laptop,
  2. Internet Connection / Modem,
  3. Some work skills,
  4. Enough time

If there are roughly 4 things, then anyone who is outsourcing can get the hole. Think about what you have. Everyone has numbers 1.2 and 4 but the number 3 can not be the same. That's why you need to be self-sufficient.

If you can be sure of the above 4 things, let's go ahead and forward. . .

Now open an account at any of the Marketplace. To work, Cake Market has been featured on the Previous Post. Whenever you open an account, you should fill in your personal address, email, phone number, etc. correctly. After opening the account, go to your profile and create a CV. You have to mention that you are skilled in any work and how much you rate You can also link your website there. The profile cove is as beautiful and attractive as possible to get more work. So try to attract as much as possible profiles. Prepare the profile so that the client can trust you after seeing your profile.

When the profile is finished, go to the site and look around a little bit. Do not bid for the first few days of opening the account. You can take a look at the different features of the site for the first 4 to 4 days. Check out the site's rules, opportunities and so on. It will be convenient to work later on.

Then start bid slowly. It's a little late to get to work in the first place. It can take 15-20 days. So be patient with patience. When you finish the first 2-3 tasks you will not have to look back. Then the client will search for you.

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Sunday, 26 May 2019

For the 3 reasons you must learn video editing - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 26, 2019 0
For the 3 reasons you must learn video editing - Tech Teacher Debashree

For the 3 reasons you must learn video editing
For the 3 reasons you must learn video editing

Video recording is very easy now because mobile devices have advanced camera facilities. But editing the video has not been so easy yet. Actually, learning video editing is somewhat complicated.
To avoid trouble, if you think that there is no need to edit, you will upload videos directly, but do the wrong. Actually, there are some important reasons why you should learn video editing.

Video responds quickly
The picture where thousands of people speak in the human heart, the video can be able to talk about it. The video can respond quickly to the emotions and feelings of anyone. It can make people laugh easily, can cry, even in anger.

How your recorded video will respond to others' heart, it will depend on your editing technique. You can present a simple video by presenting it with extraordinarily and capturing, feeling good about people, feeling of love.

Income from YouTube
People from outside of the country have made huge amount of money before making videos of various videos. There is such a person From YouTube, every month earns 9.33 million taka. There are many more such people in our other countries, including India, in other countries, whose YouTube Income will give you the eye on your forehead.

Young people of our country are also making interesting videos from YouTube. Surely, there are numerous Bengali channels on YouTube now. Beginning with the latest news, lots of YouTube channels have been developed in Bangla on fan video, education, paranormal, and even space.

You can also open the channel on YouTube by learning video editing. Like others, upload videos and start earning views. Learning Editing can start with any of the top 10 Idea videos for YouTube.

Video Important Marketing Tool
With the right technique and editing secret you can easily give any message to anyone. It may be a warning message, an advance message of your up-to-date event. There is very little Powerful Marketing Tool like matching video with matching music.

People just do not watch promotional videos on TV, watching computers, laptops, tabs and mobile videos. Of course, small companies are not dependent on TV for the promotion and promotion of their products. Instead, promoting promotional videos with professional video editors, YouTube, Facebook, and many others.

If you can make good quality video editing, you can create and produce product marketing videos from different companies. Not only that, you can get high salaries in different advertising houses, you can build great careers.
Learning video editing is not something difficult
It is not difficult to learn video editing due to the technological advances and easy access to the software. You can learn video editing by yourself at home. For this, you will need a good video editing laptop that will give you the opportunity to learn editing in your own time. You will also need the best quality video editing software. If you have these two things, then there is no point in learning video editing for you if you are in the square.

Last word
Video editing is now a lot of respectable careers. If you can be a good quality video editor, there will be no shortage of work for you, and you can earn from different mediums too. So, apply lazy time, do not waste any reason, learn video editing.

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

There are 7 types of logos - what logo does your company need? - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 25, 2019 0
There are 7 types of logos - what logo does your company need? - Tech Teacher Debashree

There are 7 types of logos - what logo does your company need

Logo is a company's brand identity. Starting with a shoe, the rocket company has a logo. The size of a large size company depends on the size of a very small size logo. A beautiful design logo enables you to sell and trade your business. Therefore, to give companies, organizations or businesses strong and brand identity, there must be a logo to be mandatory.
There are different types of logos. Each type of logo has different features and usage utility. Different types of businesses have to use different types of logos. Before designing the logo, it is important to select the right logo type.

How many types of logo and what
There are usually 7 types of logos. Each type of logo has different levels and benefits. Therefore, in today's writing, we will discuss various types of logo features and in some cases what logos will be used.

Word Mark
Many people say Word Mark is the logo type. By looking at the name, I hope you understand what the definition of such logo can be. Word Mark logo is usually based on typography. That means the name of the company or the name of the brand is in the text.

Since only the text is used in this type of logo, so the style of the text is limited to changes in colors, colors, etc. Such as: Google, Ebay, Coca Cola etc.

When Word Mark Logo should be used:

If your company is new, you can use these types of logos.
If your company's name is small, then you can use these types of logos.
If the name is your brand, then customers have the advantage to remember. This is generally applicable to photographers.
When Word Mark Logo should not be used:

If the name of the company is taller then it is best not to use such logo.
If you do not want to update the logo gradually. Fonts usually follow trends. In the 1980s, bubble or spinning fonts were popular. As we have seen in the Coca-Colore logo. But now the Minimal font logo is quite popular.
Letter mark
Letter mark is commonly known as monogram logo. This type of logo is the first letter or abbreviation of the company's name. As we look at McDonald's, HBO, HP, CNN, BBC etc.

McDonalds has made the logo with its company's first letter M. On the other hand, CNN or the BBC created the logo using only the first letter, avoiding their massive company name. And this type of logo is called letter mark logo.

Although the Letter Mark logo is typographic-based, here only the company's first letter or short form is named. It is important to be careful about creating such a logo.

When the Letter Mark logo should be used:

If you want to use company name and visual identity together but your company name is longer. It is more logical to use these types of logos.
If your company or organization is such that the short name is more common.
When the Letter Mark logo should not be used:

If your company is new then it is best not to use such logo. If you want to do it alone, you can give full name to the bottom of the logo at the beginning.
Emblem logo is designed together by adding text and icons or symbols. These types of logos are usually one of the examples of traditional logos. The brand logo is used in schools, colleges, universities, organizations and government agencies as well. Since the Middle Ages, this type of logo has been circulated.

When should the logo be used:

If your company is a traditional or custom based company.
These types of logos can be used for coffee shops, food or beverage based companies.
When the logo should not be used:

First of all, you have to keep in mind that these types of logos can not be understood from a distance such as billboards.
Your company name will remain unclear at the time of the website where the logo size will be reduced.
The type of logo that is composed in combination with cartoon, color blossom or quiz is called the Mascotos logo. The Mascotos logo is usually based on illustration. The KFC logo is the best example of the Mascototes logo.
When to use the Mascotos logo:

If your company has the purpose of attracting children or cultural customers.
If your company is friendly, sweet, enjoyable, funny, but you should use these type of logo.
When the logo should not be used:

If there are serious or important companies, then this type of logo should be avoided.
ABSTRACT logo generally represents the company's idea, quality. Abstract logo is shaped or based on images. It could be a picture of apple, birds or flowers. This type of logo is designed to blend colors and unique styles.
When the abstraction logo should be used:

You want to use images in your logo but want to give a very serious massage.
In fact if you want to be different from others.
When the abstraction logo should not be used:

It is very difficult to design such logo in the current competitive era. So you should first understand what kind of feeling you want to give to customers.
Logo symbol
Icon based logos are commonly called symbols / brands / portrait logos. Select specific icons for your company, which can easily identify your company.
When to use when the logo symbol should be used:

You can use this type of logo if you want to differentiate your brand.

When logo symbol should not be used:

It is important to avoid this type of logo in the Traditional Company.
Combination Mark
Not everything in the world is black. You do not have a chance to select just one type of logo. There may be situations where mixing up some of the logos may be necessary. This type of logo is called Combination Mark.
When the Combination Mark logo should be used:

If your company is versatile, unique, you can choose these types of logos.
When the Combination Mark logo should not be used:

Minimal and easy simple design purposes should be avoided.

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Mobile app development is a brilliant career - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 23, 2019 0
Mobile app development is a brilliant career   - Tech Teacher Debashree

Mobile app development is a brilliant career!
Mobile app development is a brilliant career!

1. What is Mobile App Development?
Originally, we are commonly referred to as mobile apps, for the software used for mobile handsets. And the method of creating it is Mobile App Development.

2. How many mobile app development is happening in the world? And all of them can be developed on the same flat platform or environment?
The two popular mobile operating systems in the world are Android and iOS mobile respectively, which we call as iphone. And for the sake of both these mobile apps are being developed. To create an app for each of these platforms, different programming languages ??have to be used. For example, switches for iOS or Objective C, Android requires Java language. To create such apps, you have to live in different environments. For example, an Android app is required to create an iOS app and Android studio for Android apps. Both of them use their own platform programming language, using the created apps as a native app.
3. Native applications have been explored, but without localization, is the development of mobile applications not possible?
Yes In addition to the application, you can create another application. In which we call the development of cross-platform applications. Generally a cross-platform application is created using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS. This is called hybrid application. Hybrid is basically responsive as a framework, such as Native, False Native JavaScript, and then the pavement framework is created with Google's darts.

4. What is the difference between hybrid apps and native apps?
Hybrid application frameworks will give you a great advantage even when you do not have much difference, and when you develop an application development platform, it supports all platforms simultaneously. And it will save both your time and money. And so hybrid applications are becoming very popular now.

5. What is the power of a mobile application developer?
To be an application developer, you have to study computer science, not subject. The subject is a bit easier for them. However, anyone can be an application developer. Full development of web development technical work. So, firstly, there should be a good idea about computer science with basic knowledge. Then the application development will be well learned. After learning app development, the main design is the design of your application. What is the creation of an application, its clear idea If you have an idea about algorithm, data structure, database then you can create great applications. There should be creative mindset, strong will, attention to work, sincerity and patience. Those who want to create an application in the Play Store, they should be able to create an application on any topic. In this case, there is a need to know all the relevant topics. If you want to prepare for the clients, you will have to work carefully with them and study them.

6. Suppose I learned the best. Where and how do I work?
In a word, opportunity to get jobs in different software and web development companies. Currently, every software and web development company has a mobile application version of their software and website or web-based software. Currently the demand for mobile applications has increased. According to a statistic, the number of mobile phone users in the country is 15 million and the number of Internet users is more than 7 million. Of these, 95 percent of internet users use mobile internet. Smartphone users use at least one application on average. Using the application, spend more than two hours a day. Smartphone users spend 86 percent of their time using smartphones. So if a developer application is developed and uploaded to the Play Store, then it can earn great without doing any work. If you can create a popular app, you do not have to do anything else for the rest of your life. Does that mean any?  For those who want to get app development for their career, the future is also a great way for those who want to sit in their pockets for the future. Because a passive income can easily be made from mobile applications. According to Market Research Institute, according to Gartner, currently the mobile apps market is around $ 50 billion. By 2020, it would be approximately $ 54.8 billion. It is possible to bring India up to 10% of the market value, but it is possible to make India a better country.

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Monday, 20 May 2019

Easy Tips for Getting Fiverr Marketplace? - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 20, 2019 0
Easy Tips for Getting Fiverr Marketplace?  - Tech Teacher Debashree
Easy Tips for Getting Fiverr Marketplace?

Fiverr is a marketplace that has many types of work. It is available in almost all types of fiverr work online. This marketplace has many clients. But working here in a new situation is a great deal. It is possible to get work faster if working in compliance with some rules to get quick work in a new situation here.

1 / profile: First, set up your account's profile. Write down what you write about yourself or your qualifications so that someone can be attracted. But of course, keep in mind that always give the right information in the profile settings, do not give any wrong information. It's harmful for your account. Of course, add your skills.

2 / Serving prize: Since working in a new situation is a little difficult, so at the first stage the prize is less good. It will help you get to work quickly. Extra Delivery Search and Extra Job Prize will all be limited to Limited as we get new work faster.

3 / Gig DESCRIPTION: Write a good post about the service you want to give to your gig. Write about the services you want to give to this gig. Write the post very beautifully so that it can attract others. You must give the gig description very well. Because, seeing this, a client will be attracted to work for you.

                         Watch the video

4 / Gig search tags: Search tags are very important a topic. A person can search your gig by searching through. You can use 5 search tags in one gig. The search tag must give gig relativity. In other words, you will find some words in the search tag that if you search for a buyer, then find your gigabyte.
And  Gig will definitely give the title and if you can try to use keywords in titles.

5 / Photo and Video: Gig must upload the work of gig relative work. Best of all, if you upload one video to Gig. This will give you more importance of the client and the trust will be more.

6 / Social Media: After a gig publication there are many gigs in your relation there. So to keep your gig in front of the clients and to bring Gagi on the fast page, you have to do social media marketing.

To publish Gig link in social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc. As a result, the visitor of Gig will increase, the clicks will increase, the impressions will increase, which will increase your fiber and increase your work. As a result, your gigabyte will be on the fast page. This will be very easy to get your client.

Because the clients choose most people from the fast page. So to get quick work, social media marketing is the most needed.

7 / Buyer Requests:  There are many clients who do not have the time to offer work to many people by gig, and they work to buy a buyer for quick work. If you have a buyer request request, you can go to your profile and go to the buyer request option. However, do not send SMS to any buyer request without your gig related services.
If you have a Gig related buyer request, you will offer them an offer. The SMS replays will be done in such a way that the buyer can tell you that he has done his job and he can do it. Replay a pretty nice one so that the buyer is attracted to you. However, you will have to be active more time to get a buyer's request.

Especially the buyer's request is available at RAE. But there is no specific time to get a buyer's request. Anytime you have to be active, you also need to be active.

By following all the rules, you will get a good result and you can build a good career with the Marketplace. However, after gig is complete, social media marketing and buyer request will help you get the most out of work. If you can do these two jobs, you will get a job very quickly.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Some effective ways to increase smartphone battery backup - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 15, 2019 0
Some effective ways to increase smartphone battery backup - Tech Teacher Debashree
Some effective ways to increase smartphone battery backup

General method *

1) Do not keep your Android device WiFi / Bluetooth / 3G / 4G / 5G / GPS connectivity for free without needing it. WiFi / Blutooth, 3G / 4G / 5G GPS has plenty of battery usage.
2) If your device supports Auto Brightness, then it is good to keep Auto Auto. If you do not have Auto Brightness, then manually set up is available.. By setting the brightness according to the data below, we have seen significant changes in battery backup.
During the day
Inside the house: 30-40%
Outside the house: 50-70%
Street: 90-100%
At night
Inside the house: 05-30%
Outside the house: 15-40%
Street: 20-40%

In total, try to use time-wise brightness without using excessive brightness. It will be as good as your eyesight, battery backup will increase many times.
3) It is best not to use the live wallpaper, because it is a good battery. You can use it to attract the attention of friends in a special way, but after coming to your own, set the normal wallpaper. According to some, using black-colored wallpaper can provide better results.

4) by using a sensor If you want to stop any apps that work, just do not minimize completely. In ice cream sandwiches and the next Android versions, you can easily close the app by pressing the Home button to swipe left to the right. Use a good Task Manager for other versions.

5) Do not use more than one antivirus or battery saver apps. Juice Defender apps have a lot of work as battery saver. From the Google Play Store.
 It can be collected free

6) For runtime management rooted device users can use the Greenify app. By doing this unwanted, unnecessary apps can not run on your device's background, so the battery will increase too. This app can also be downloaded from the Play Store for free.
Many of the tactics we have been asked to follow so far. Now let's look at some advanced strategies.

*** Advanced methods ***

Strategies apply only to Li-ion batteries. in Li-ion batteries nowadays almost all phones are used . Many people can disagree with these procedures. But we got good results in this method from the Internet and our experience. Hope you will also benefit from this.

Do not allow the battery to drain easily below 15-20%, so that if the battery is 15-20%, then charge it without delay.
while charging do not call the phone  If you are not forced to do so .
Try to charge the charge continuously. Keep in mind that at a charge of charging at least 35% of the charge is at once. And if you can not do it all there is nothing.

Do not charge a second after charging the battery 100%. Unplug it immediately after charging 100%. Remember, do not sleep by phone at night and never sleep.
Do not charge your phone frequently. If the charge is above 50% then there is no need to charge for unnecessary charges. It will be given a charge after going down 35-30% .

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 08, 2019 0
How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home - Tech Teacher Debashree
How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home
How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home

How to find online jobs? Nowadays, this is a good question because it is the prime time of modern technology. Looking for online work through internet then it's really great for you and really great for your family and friends. In that regard, you will find important and useful information about work at online jobs and home. That post will help some well-educated and fresh college boys and girls start online careers on the right and well-known network. Some new questions come in every new mind. Many popular freelancing sites are creating a platform for everyone, if you have some skills, you must earn a lot online. Some really important things that can help you a lot during the process, now check them out

How to find online jobs? What kind of work can I do to earn some money through the Internet? How much income can you earn in a day or a month? How do you get money? All answers are very easy to answer and online reading are very important for them. Your skills are important for writing online skills, creative or articles, SEO, link building, blog comment, backlinking, web designing Adobe PhotoShop, PHP, Java, SMS, and so on. If you have this skill then you can earn some great income from the world's best and 100% trusted website. Income depends on you, you can get work from high-level freelancer and lower class. Depends on your work.
Generally a freelancer can earn up to 300 to 3000+ dollars a month, which can now work online or at your private office online for 8 hours a day. Achievements, Philosophers, Fiber Worldwide online income websites that provide great opportunities for all freelancers who are searching online for online revenue. On online income issues, we can not ignore the importance of Elance and because they are giving a great opportunity for experienced and fresh candidates to earn as soon as possible. On this day many fake companies are also working in the division which is really bad.

You must read the first review and comments about what you are looking to prevent from Internet scams. Now many companies target the young generation through Facebook, which is the best social networking website in the world. I will not recommend any other advertisement to click or share the website for online income. The most popular websites are UpWork, Elance and Freelancer. We can also believe in and because they are working hard to make employees online easier. Once you have rented from the best websites in the world, you can earn a good amount on a regular basis. If a person wants to earn through Google AdSense, then create an amazing blog with huge traffic and then apply for Google Adsnese account.

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Some simple tips to find out niche - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 08, 2019 0
Some simple tips to find out niche - Tech Teacher Debashree
Some simple tips to find out niche
Some simple tips to find out niche

While looking for a standard suit, you have to keep some things in mind-
Make sure that you have a product or service in the background that you select.

When looking for Niche, keep in mind that it does not conflict with any brand such as. Because if you target a band or a direct band of the band, then there will be a possibility of a lawsuit, you will never be able to put that brand's site on top. For example: "Google TV" If you go directly to "Google TV" to affiliate, you will never be able to reach the Google TV official web site at the top of the search engines. If there is any false information about it then the Google TV authority may also sued you.

So do not always try to find a caution in the main category to find those main category subcategories. Soon you will find your well-liked knees.The best thing to do is to work out the things you have in mind, or the things you like to do.After greed, it is not okay to select a nose that makes it difficult for you to become more difficult. Such as medicine, treatment, legal issue, military etc.
Keyword Keys and Keyword Types:

Keyword is a type of word that we search for in Google, Bing or other search engines. Suppose you are searching Google for "Survival Knife", then "Survival Knife" is a keyword. And researching these keywords is the key to choosing keywords and keywords. Keyword Research is a keyword research.

To create a net site on Affiliate Marketing, you will first need to find a profitable (profit generator) Niche or sector. You have to find out that you have a good product where there is a good product and that the product market demand is also good.

Before starting keyword research, we will know the difference in the keyword, if there is no difference in the keyword, then the potential of your keyword research will be very much possible.

Different experts have differentiated and sorted keywords. Although there is a difference between them, we will share the keywords for Affiliate Marketing in 3 parts.

1) Informative keywords
(2) Action or listening keywords
(3) Long Tail Keyword

▶ (1) Informative keyword:

The keywords that people want to know about some keywords are those keywords which are called incommutive keywords.
Eg- what is good helth
Here the visitor (traffic) wants to know about Dhaka's weather. He did not search for something to buy. So in the case of affiliate marketing, you must avoid these informative keywords. If you are blogging on Informative keywords, its management tool will be Google Adsense. I am giving some examples to understand informative keywords better, if you think and think well, then hopefully your ideas about this informative keyword will be cleared.

How To Loose Weight
How To Loose Weight Healthy
Loose Weight on Food Diet
Weight Loss Videos for Womens
Best Weight Loss Programs

Since we will do keyword research for affiliate marketing, we will not learn much about informative keywords. We'll do more than basing keywords.
2) Action / Byeing Keyword:

We will call these keywords as our Action or Bying Keyword by targeting keywords that are usually purchased by keywords, taking services, getting information about different things before buying, reviews of specific products, etc. The meaning of the action keyword is that those keywords whose last purpose is to buy a product or accept a service. The example of a living keyword is given-
Such as iPhone 5 Fast Shipping
Looking at the keyword "iPhone 5 Fast Shipping" here it is clear that the person who is searching for this keyword must have a credit card, and buy a mentally prepared iPhone 5 phone set. He just wants to make sure that he can reach the phone quickly. That means they are searching for those who are selling iPhone 5 phones through fast shipping. So if someone is blogging about this keyword and can be on the search page of search engine, then this site is much more likely to be a product cell.

There is less search volumes in action or living keywords, the mote hides the original mine!
Each Niche has a Bying or Action Keyword. There is no rule to show the bidding keyword, this keyword or action keyword may be different depending on the keyword. But if you think a little more or you question yourself, then the answer comes out. For example, you want to buy iPhone 5, but there is not enough money to buy this phone in your pocket. Then you may find a discount to buy this phone or else you will find the second hand set. Then you can be the iPhone 5's bidding or action keyword-

iPhone 5 Discount
iPhone 5 Coupons
2nd Hand iPhone 5
Cheap iPhone 5

There are some cheat sheets of the living keywords. If you follow these, you will be able to find bayan or action keyword. But remember this thing - there is no formula for baking keywords, it is wise to get out of the ordinary senses.
3) Long Tail Keyword:

Long Tail Keyword is the keyword that gives 3 or more word bundles here, you can see that keywords of 3 words or more words in keywords are called Long Tail Keywords.
The main reason for using long-tail keywords is that its SEO compatibility comparison is relatively low. And the shortcomings of the short keywords are much more competitive than the SEO compatibility.

Long-term keywords are used in prominent demographic targets rather than public audiences. In other words, they are more specific and often less competitive than general word terms. That is why they provide short-term and long-term benefits.

As they are very specific, so they will still be able to promote high-ranking posts in search results for popular topics compared to popular ones, even though the ground is still on top of the head. Plus, they may transmit highly qualified traffic which could probably lead to leads and customers.

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