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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 08, 2019 0
How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home - Tech Teacher Debashree
How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home
How to Find Online Jobs! Work at home

How to find online jobs? Nowadays, this is a good question because it is the prime time of modern technology. Looking for online work through internet then it's really great for you and really great for your family and friends. In that regard, you will find important and useful information about work at online jobs and home. That post will help some well-educated and fresh college boys and girls start online careers on the right and well-known network. Some new questions come in every new mind. Many popular freelancing sites are creating a platform for everyone, if you have some skills, you must earn a lot online. Some really important things that can help you a lot during the process, now check them out

How to find online jobs? What kind of work can I do to earn some money through the Internet? How much income can you earn in a day or a month? How do you get money? All answers are very easy to answer and online reading are very important for them. Your skills are important for writing online skills, creative or articles, SEO, link building, blog comment, backlinking, web designing Adobe PhotoShop, PHP, Java, SMS, and so on. If you have this skill then you can earn some great income from the world's best and 100% trusted website. Income depends on you, you can get work from high-level freelancer and lower class. Depends on your work.
Generally a freelancer can earn up to 300 to 3000+ dollars a month, which can now work online or at your private office online for 8 hours a day. Achievements, Philosophers, Fiber Worldwide online income websites that provide great opportunities for all freelancers who are searching online for online revenue. On online income issues, we can not ignore the importance of Elance and because they are giving a great opportunity for experienced and fresh candidates to earn as soon as possible. On this day many fake companies are also working in the division which is really bad.

You must read the first review and comments about what you are looking to prevent from Internet scams. Now many companies target the young generation through Facebook, which is the best social networking website in the world. I will not recommend any other advertisement to click or share the website for online income. The most popular websites are UpWork, Elance and Freelancer. We can also believe in and because they are working hard to make employees online easier. Once you have rented from the best websites in the world, you can earn a good amount on a regular basis. If a person wants to earn through Google AdSense, then create an amazing blog with huge traffic and then apply for Google Adsnese account.

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Some simple tips to find out niche - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 08, 2019 0
Some simple tips to find out niche - Tech Teacher Debashree
Some simple tips to find out niche
Some simple tips to find out niche

While looking for a standard suit, you have to keep some things in mind-
Make sure that you have a product or service in the background that you select.

When looking for Niche, keep in mind that it does not conflict with any brand such as. Because if you target a band or a direct band of the band, then there will be a possibility of a lawsuit, you will never be able to put that brand's site on top. For example: "Google TV" If you go directly to "Google TV" to affiliate, you will never be able to reach the Google TV official web site at the top of the search engines. If there is any false information about it then the Google TV authority may also sued you.

So do not always try to find a caution in the main category to find those main category subcategories. Soon you will find your well-liked knees.The best thing to do is to work out the things you have in mind, or the things you like to do.After greed, it is not okay to select a nose that makes it difficult for you to become more difficult. Such as medicine, treatment, legal issue, military etc.
Keyword Keys and Keyword Types:

Keyword is a type of word that we search for in Google, Bing or other search engines. Suppose you are searching Google for "Survival Knife", then "Survival Knife" is a keyword. And researching these keywords is the key to choosing keywords and keywords. Keyword Research is a keyword research.

To create a net site on Affiliate Marketing, you will first need to find a profitable (profit generator) Niche or sector. You have to find out that you have a good product where there is a good product and that the product market demand is also good.

Before starting keyword research, we will know the difference in the keyword, if there is no difference in the keyword, then the potential of your keyword research will be very much possible.

Different experts have differentiated and sorted keywords. Although there is a difference between them, we will share the keywords for Affiliate Marketing in 3 parts.

1) Informative keywords
(2) Action or listening keywords
(3) Long Tail Keyword

▶ (1) Informative keyword:

The keywords that people want to know about some keywords are those keywords which are called incommutive keywords.
Eg- what is good helth
Here the visitor (traffic) wants to know about Dhaka's weather. He did not search for something to buy. So in the case of affiliate marketing, you must avoid these informative keywords. If you are blogging on Informative keywords, its management tool will be Google Adsense. I am giving some examples to understand informative keywords better, if you think and think well, then hopefully your ideas about this informative keyword will be cleared.

How To Loose Weight
How To Loose Weight Healthy
Loose Weight on Food Diet
Weight Loss Videos for Womens
Best Weight Loss Programs

Since we will do keyword research for affiliate marketing, we will not learn much about informative keywords. We'll do more than basing keywords.
2) Action / Byeing Keyword:

We will call these keywords as our Action or Bying Keyword by targeting keywords that are usually purchased by keywords, taking services, getting information about different things before buying, reviews of specific products, etc. The meaning of the action keyword is that those keywords whose last purpose is to buy a product or accept a service. The example of a living keyword is given-
Such as iPhone 5 Fast Shipping
Looking at the keyword "iPhone 5 Fast Shipping" here it is clear that the person who is searching for this keyword must have a credit card, and buy a mentally prepared iPhone 5 phone set. He just wants to make sure that he can reach the phone quickly. That means they are searching for those who are selling iPhone 5 phones through fast shipping. So if someone is blogging about this keyword and can be on the search page of search engine, then this site is much more likely to be a product cell.

There is less search volumes in action or living keywords, the mote hides the original mine!
Each Niche has a Bying or Action Keyword. There is no rule to show the bidding keyword, this keyword or action keyword may be different depending on the keyword. But if you think a little more or you question yourself, then the answer comes out. For example, you want to buy iPhone 5, but there is not enough money to buy this phone in your pocket. Then you may find a discount to buy this phone or else you will find the second hand set. Then you can be the iPhone 5's bidding or action keyword-

iPhone 5 Discount
iPhone 5 Coupons
2nd Hand iPhone 5
Cheap iPhone 5

There are some cheat sheets of the living keywords. If you follow these, you will be able to find bayan or action keyword. But remember this thing - there is no formula for baking keywords, it is wise to get out of the ordinary senses.
3) Long Tail Keyword:

Long Tail Keyword is the keyword that gives 3 or more word bundles here, you can see that keywords of 3 words or more words in keywords are called Long Tail Keywords.
The main reason for using long-tail keywords is that its SEO compatibility comparison is relatively low. And the shortcomings of the short keywords are much more competitive than the SEO compatibility.

Long-term keywords are used in prominent demographic targets rather than public audiences. In other words, they are more specific and often less competitive than general word terms. That is why they provide short-term and long-term benefits.

As they are very specific, so they will still be able to promote high-ranking posts in search results for popular topics compared to popular ones, even though the ground is still on top of the head. Plus, they may transmit highly qualified traffic which could probably lead to leads and customers.

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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Easy way to earn from email marketing - Tech Teacher Debashree

May 04, 2019 0
Easy way to earn from email marketing - Tech Teacher Debashree

Easy way to earn from email marketing
Easy way to earn from email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and important tool for marketing. Email marketing is a technique that is very easy to promote products to many customers in a short time. Email marketing plays an important role in developing business and building a close relationship with the customer. For this reason, many organizations are interested in e-mail marketing for the promotion of their products or services. Organizations or many of them are personally taking different tasks from others for earning from e-mail marketing.
Email marketing allows you to grow your business and reach specific customers. In the modern age, everyone uses email. As a result, contact with the customer is good. Basically a central part of the business marketing strategy of each business should be email marketing.

Income from email marketing:
The best way to earn money from email marketing is to create a psd email template, create email templates with HTML and CSS, convert PDF to HTML, create e-mail templates and sell e-mail contents in various marketplaces. But to earn all these earnings, there will be enough skill to learn from anywhere. So easy to earn from e-mail marketing is to create an email list and discuss how to earn by affiliation.
What is email marketing?

Definition of e-mail marketing is the promotion of goods or services to a specific customer through email.

Why do:

  • To sell
  • Be bound to the customer
  • To subscribe the customer
  • Generate Lead Generation
  • To retain customer
  • To achieve loyalty

Why email marketing is effective:
Due to the spread of spam filters, there is no reason to believe that spam email spreads as before.
Can be reached to the customer at certain times.
Other types of promotions, such as websites, social media etc. can not get promotions, but the email will reach the customer's inbox.
Facility to target certain customers:
It is easy to keep regular and many things are automatically.
Suitable for any type and size business.
Relatively cheap.
In a very short period of time, the sales volume increases and the results are fast.
Income list by creating email list
For website:
The popup form should be kept on the website. For this, you can use the WordPress Lightbox Pop-up plugin.
You must keep the subscribe form on the website. In this case you can use Mailchimp.
If you do not have a website:
In this case, in the social media, commenting on different posts, posting forums and landing page, the email submission form should be kept in the affiliate campaign. You can use Dreamweaver for landing page.
As long as your list is going to be bigger. On the one hand, you can make affiliate marketing by email, on the other hand, it can be sold by selling in the marketplace like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr.

Affiliate via email marketing:
1. First of all decide on any type of email or send an email. Such as:

New services: Business know-how about changing new products, services or businesses.
Update: Make sure to update any part of the business.
Event: A special day is a part of your business.
Co-Marketing: If you are connected to a marketer, then you are advised to start a service.
CONFIRMATION: Customer completes a subject.
Greetings or welcome or thank: When a subscriber subscribes, takes a service or send an offer.
Time Offer: Offer for a specific period.
Excluded Cart: The buyer was interested in buying, but did not complete the purchase for any reason. Used to remind them.
Video or Tutorial: Video or Online Tutorials on Your Product.
Next, determine the frequency of the page and what message it should be.
3. Designate pages for sending emails in email, if not, you can customize them by changing the template. In order to sort, must be sorted for both computer and mobile. But remember (1) there will be different design templates for each topic discussed.

4. Your generated email is ready to send. During the transmission, be aware that the customer will not be bothered after sending the email after the automatic.

5. If you do not improve your business by sending an email, analyze the tasks and look at what kind of email the customer is sending.

Remember the things that-

  • Target specific customers
  • Keep an eye on achieving goals in each promotion
  • Never do spam
  • Do not send unsolicited emails
  • Collect new email
  • Design elegant e-mails

If you accept email marketing for marketing and continuously send messages to your customers, income from email marketing will increase your business. Keep in mind that it does not just send messages and sell products, it's a long-term relationship with the customer. So this is a powerful tool to reach the goal.

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Sunday, 28 April 2019

For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer! - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 28, 2019 0
For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer! - Tech Teacher Debashree
For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer!
For some of the reasons that you can never be successful freelancer

Dear reader! Many people think I might underestimate others by seeing the title of my tune. If you have such thoughts about my post title then the remaining ones are not for you. I'm basically writing posts for those who see something good before their eyes but can not own them. Or can not understand how they can actually establish themselves as a successful freelancer.

There are some things you can do to help you fulfill your dreams of becoming a freelancer. See, because of the things I neglect here, you do not have to do more than just look at yourself, and if you can, make those things positive yourself. Then maybe you will not have to look back. So let's not see the reasons why you can not be a successful freelancer due to the reasons-
Persistence degradation:
The origin of the freelancer! This quality is not within you. You can not be perseverant or never tried Think of one thing, you might think, "I'll be successful either" or "I'll be the same as that brother, that'll be," if you see all other successful freelancers earning through freelancing. There are many things to see, this is true in many cases. But only what you want to do is because you do not shout because it does not make any sense. Your success will never come. Because the brother you want to be like a brother is a lot of persuasive but what are you doing? You do not need to do more if you want success or to succeed! Just need to "intensify" your choice about your choice! Once you start perseverance. Thank you, your success will see the hand of cataracts!
Those who are not perseverant can never assess the time. Because when you start perseverance, you have to think a lot about time. Many people who have come to freelance with this thought that "money flies in the sky" are seen. In fact- Eeto money fly! What! Do not you believe? Once in Freelance sites, millions of dollars are posted daily. Of which 50% of the work is completed and the remainder were canceled due to lack of staff. You never believe in it because you do not have time to visit these sites. Because you're busy with timelessness !!!
3. Unexpectedly running behind the money:
Come again "take the money in the sky". At present, there are some freelancers in our country. Those who do not really know the meaning of "freelance" or "freelancing". Let's say a little brief for them.
What is outsourcing or phrilling?
Outsourcing or freelancing is the most serious foundation of the economic driving force in many countries of the world including Bangladesh. Especially for youths who want to run their pocket expenses as well as study. One time they got involved in this profession in such a way that their future income becomes a permanent way of progress.
Outsourcing and Freelancing We both understand the same thing. They differ from fundamentally, I am briefly saying their fundamental differences. Outsourcing means bringing out any work or information from external media or sending your own work or information to others. In this case, only freelancing can not be called outsourcing alone. Any topic can be associated with it. In this case, the work of local / country is not known as outsourcing.

And freelancing means, means to work freely or independently. In this case, freelancers are said to be neither collective nor ever, nor can they ever be. Freelancers work with everyone from abroad to complete independence in their own country. Nobody can interrupt or obstruct him. But yes, in this case, if someone does not work on his / her own efforts, then he or she can not be called free or independent freelancer. In this case, it is good to say that the freelance is covered under the full registration and the bureaucratic work is made to make a small amount from the freelance company.

See you work you know it will work, but it's okay. However, if you are silent, will anyone know you? Will you work? If you want to make money, you will need to know your quality. Need to prove that you do best! If you do not do this way, you will just leave behind the money, the money will not be filled by freelance money.
Absence of learning to work:
The newcomers most respected in this matter. Many people ask, "Brother, what is the easiest job? That does not have to learn anything ". Phrilansim who says that is not for them! Because, if you want to earn income even by doing simple writing, you need to know how to write a job or write how much beauty you can write, buyer will pick you up from everybody! Many people say, brother I want to learn graphics or web design but where to learn, I do not know who to learn. For them, the Creator has not sent you blindly, is not it? You can at least browse / run the net. Do not Google then you are looking for that matter. If you are looking for web design tutorial, then enter the keyword "Free Web Design Tutorials" or "Free Web Design Video Tutorials". I'm 100% sure you can get your desired object. Remember one thing, you can now find things in Bangla in 2012, but there were not a few years ago in Bangla. Those who are successful today, but at one time you were just like them. They are today's successful personality by making a lot of battles from this huge field on the Internet. If you do not like them or do not, will you try to find yourself? If you do not get it, then take it. Use your thoughts and intellectual strength. Otherwise, you can not find anything from your own time!
Start freelancing from wrong ideas:
What is the wrong idea of ​​freelancing, it may not be said at this time. Writing above is "Outsourcing or Freelancing What?" If you understand this fact well then nobody will mislead you. Even then, suppose you came to freelancing yourself by seeing those who were frustrated at freelancing. But, you did not know exactly what your brother or sister did in the service of the freelancer. And because of knowing your name, some Koolangars will take the opportunity to grab your valuable time, labor, and money in the present society. Actually, I have seen many people now seeing that some people invest their money by selling their property and they are worthless jobs. Once you were thinking or looking, you got to see the success of the brother or sister next to you and asked to freelancing. It may be that he has invested money to learn the job but not getting the job. 🙂

Tune's main discussion ends here! See your way again. If you have any one of the above five reasons, you will never be successful freelancer. Do you find any similarity for yourself with the above ones? If you have found a match and dreams are successful, then you are walking in the wrong way!

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

What is Google Admob? How to earn? How much money can you earn? - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 24, 2019 0
What is Google Admob? How to earn? How much money can you earn? - Tech Teacher Debashree

What is Google Admob How to earn How much money can you earn
What is Google Admob?
 How to earn?
 How much money can you earn ?

Android App Development is one of the most popular topics. There has been a lot of response to app development at all levels of public and private sectors in the country. Many of the interested in technology are at risk. However, without knowing all things, many people are leaving the job frustrating because of the middle.
For this reason, before developing the app, it will also know its marketing aspect. Otherwise, long working hard work can be futile. If it is not promoted, income will not be done. It is discussed in this tutorial on how to get good income from an app.

After developing the app, developers are worried about how to customize it. Google Adsense is quite popular among Bangladeshi web designers. That's the mobile version of Google Adsense.

Developers will be able to easily earn from the app by installing AdMob in Android apps.

Two types of add-ons are the most popular Banner Add and Interactive Add-ons Take everyone's attention. The banner ads appear on the screen of the application. The size of which is usually more than 320 * 50 banners used.

On the other hand, interstitial add apps come from one page to another page or to the fullscreen when leaving the app. These add-ons can be made in different sizes of devices.

Such as:
- 320 * 50 Mobile Leaderboard
- 468 * 60 banner
- 480 × 320 Smartphone Interstitial
- 768 * 1024 tablet interstitial

After setting an ad in a developer app, ads are shown when the user is connected to the internet. The ad is shown based on several parameters. For example, what is the content of the app, where the app user lives, the company's advertising in those places, the user searches Google.

Once the add-set is set it will be able to set the view count from the developer admin console panel. Normally a view count is between 30 and 60 seconds.

That is, if the user sees the 2 minute add-on and the developer sets a view every 30 seconds, then the total view will be four in two minutes. Thus Google will pay developers according to every 1000 views.

Google has paid up to $ 10 to $ 10 in locations per 1000 views. For example, if a user performs 1000 views in Bangladesh and a Canadian user sees the same amount - then Google pays 3/3 times more for Canada's 1000 views. If the views are considered Google Invalidade, then you can not make any payments.

Geographic location is a matter of urgency. It is also important to develop an app for people in a place.

In addition, advertisements are paid on click. If the user clicks on the advertisement, then developer can get 0-10 cents to 10/20 dollars. However, if the developer himself clicks, then the account is likely to be banned. Google tracks these behaviors, so take precautions.

Generally, Bangladesh has to carry out verification by administering Admab.

Money can be withdrawn after verification. If you give bank information with SwiftCode in the admin account, then the money goes straight to the bank. However, some banks want invoices and payment history while withdrawing money, which release the money when deposited.

In order to withdraw money, the minimum stay in the account is 100 dollars. If there is more than $ 100 in any month, then the money is sent to the bank between next 22 to 24 of the next month. For the British pound, the minimum payment is 60 pounds. If someone earns $ 200 in the month of February, Google will send Google to his bank on March 22 through 24. In Bangladesh, payments are made by printing print out of payment, payment invoice and payment history.

Admob's add-ons and apps on Windows Phone are also using developers.

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Monday, 22 April 2019

What is Google AdSense and its use? - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 22, 2019 0
What is Google AdSense and its use? - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is Google AdSense and its use?
What is Google AdSense and its use?

With the term AdSense, we are more familiar to each other. Many people think a question is really what can earn from Adsense? The answer is, yes you can earn income from AdSense. Due to the lack of proper guideline, many people are unable to work in AdSense.Google adsense is one of the ways to earn online. Everyone likes it because of ad size and design. Google also paid the money earned from Google AdSense very loyally. Because of this Google AdSense is the top of all.

Let's not know first what is AdSense?
Before earning from Google Adsense, let's not know anything about AdSense. Everyone knows that Google Adsense is an Internet-based advertising agency, which Google itself is operating. Google earns several companies by displaying advertisements on their websites in exchange for the money they have. Google Adsense earns 68 paisa of the money earned by the publishers and the other 32 percent of the money themselves. Google Adsense usually displays advertisements on various types of text, images and video formats. Per-Click and Per-Impression calculate the amount paid to the publishers in all these advertisements. Hope you understand what AdSense is.

How does Google AdSense work?
There is a large section of Google AdSense and a team of developers, who are working to get it to a good position every day. Google usually collects all the information and cookies on a site first. Then display advertisements by dividing on content through special podging and javascript. These advertisements give publishers the opportunity to earn two ways. For some websites only those who open the site and view advertisements and click on an advertisement on some websites, rate-based payments. However, there are different ads and click rates based on the ranking of each blog / website. Also, the ad click rate is different according to the size and type of ad.

How to start Google Adsense? How to earn?
Google Adsense, a digital marketing system that started 14 years ago, has become an acceptable topic for many of our countries since the beginning. Nothing has changed over time. Now the acceptance of Bengali language has increased to many internet users. The issue has caught the attention of Google AdSense authorities. In view of this, Google Adsense has changed its previous policy last year and allowed the Bengali language website to work well with Google Adsense ads. Those who are working on Google AdSense, those who are interested in this, are more interested in both these issues than ever before. * The article is published as a Computer Diversion cover report.
Google Adsense is working on a large part of our country or those who work online with the help of a computer and internet line, they are involved in earning foreign currency earnings. Google Adsense, a digital marketing system that started 14 years ago, has been an acceptable topic to many of our people since the beginning. Among the policies of Google AdSense, one of the policies was quite restrictive for our country's Google AdSense earners. It is not able to work in Google Adsense by creating a website in Bangla. The Google Adsense Authority of the siege used to make clear that Google Adsense does not understand the Bengali language. So they do not even support Bengali language. Nevertheless, those who worked well were working in a website or blog in English. Nothing has changed over time. Now the acceptance of Bengali language has increased to many internet users. Google AdSense caught the attention of the matter His retrospective Google AdSense last year changed its previous policy and allowed the Bengali language website to work well with Google Adsense advertising. Those who are working on Google AdSense, those who are interested in this, both of them are increasingly more than ever before. With the importance of time, we prepared the cover report for those who are now very interested in Google Adsense.
Why Google AdSense:
Google AdSense is a digital marketing method known around the world. Marketing is done online through advertising online. It can be easily trusted in this marketing method. If you have a website you can earn through Google Adsense. Google Adsense does not have to start work by paying a certain amount of money to Google AdSense. Actually Google AdSense is a web application that Google has created. Through this application, digital marketing is effective in a special way.
How to earn in Google Adsense?

Google Adsense will determine how much you earn by advertising Google Adsense on your website in CPC or Cost Per Click Method. If you click on the ads placed on the webpage in this method, then the specific amount of dollars or cents will come to your account. However, if you get a click on the ad, how much money will you get, depending on the CTR or the click thru rate of your web page. Now let's go to an example to make the whole thing easy. Take a look at your web page, you get a Google Adsense advertisement ad and get it. Now your click thro rate is 1% because every day the page is viewed 400 times and 4 clicks in the ad. It earns 25 cents per click. Your income is 1 dollar. Here you will get more than 255 clicks per click, when your page will be seen more than 4 clicks on advertising every time 400 views per day or the click through rate will increase by 1%. As you see, if you see that page goes up 4000 times every day, you will earn 10 dollars per day because of 40 clicks on the advertisement. Similarly, if the page is seen 40,000 times daily and gets 400 clicks on the ad every day, you will earn 100 dollars a day. Lastly, if your CTR or click thro rate is 1% correct, if the number of page views increases and the number of clicks on the ads increases in the same ratio, then your daily earnings will increase.

Now let's give you a more interesting information. You think, visitors to your web page are coming good every day and showing interest. But Google Adsense is not interested in clicking on the ads to be placed on the page. So earning Google Adsense is really a difficult thing for you. No, you do not have to worry. Google AdSense has made arrangements here. You can now earn CPM i.e. Cost Per Impression Method. If you are interested in viewing this web page 1000 times every day 1000 pages are visited only, then you can earn $ 1 without clicking on any type of ad. Thus, you will earn 30 dollars in the month. And if the visitor is 40,000, then you can earn $ 100 per month for $ 120 a month.
Get paid Google AdSense

The money earned through Google AdSense will be credited to your Google AdSense account. You will be able to see it when you go to that account. However, this earnings will come to you in Bangladesh via check or in your bank account. When the amount of money earned through Google AdSense becomes $ 10 or more, you will be able to bring it into your country's bank account. There is nothing to fear of excess. The matter is very simple. In the Google Adsense Account, you will have to give your bank's bank name and bank account number in My Option. Then order willdro. The money will come to your bank account within 15 days of the order.

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What is Android?How to download Android apps? - Tech Teacher Debashree

April 22, 2019 0
What is Android?How to download Android apps?  - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is Android ?How to download Android apps
What is Android ?How to download Android apps?

Android is a kind of operating system designed for smartphones. In this operating system, Middleware (middleware is used for easy communication between multiple applications) and some built-in applications.
It is to be remembered that, without any operating system, no application software (writing software, photography, etc.) can be used as a software application for everyday purposes. Application software is based on the operating system. An application software is based on specific operating systems. But nowadays, application software is created in such a way that it has the best operating system.
A desktop or a laptop computer, such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux operating system, similar to smart mobile phone (smartphone) Android operating system. Google brings this Android operating system to the market. Some other smartphones operating systems, Nokia Symbian, Apple's iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone etc.

Android Apps :
We use different software on computer. The software that we do with practical work. Application software is built according to each separate operating system platform. For example, software created for Windows will not work on Mac or Linux operating system. Similarly, the software for iPhone will not run on Android. Android phone or Android operating system software, games, widgets or apps are Android applications or short Android apps.
How to download Android apps?

There are many Android apps download links coming to Google for "Search for Android Apps". But downloading apps from all the places and installing it on your phone can be a lot of trouble, even if your smartphone can be dead (damaged) for life. So knowing that you do not download apps from any website or link, it is better to install directly from Google Play. To download Android free apps, you need to first Gmail or GoogleLog-in. After that go to Google dot com and select Google Play. From there select the category and click the Top Free button. Only those apps can be downloaded for free. However, this can be downloaded from Android phones only. It's not just download, apps will be installed directly on your phone.
How to install Android apps from a computer?

First take the Internet connection and computer internet connection to your phone. It is compulsory for both to have internet connection. There may be internet connection via mobile network or Wi-Fi on the phone. However, it is good to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi zone).
After that you have to log in to Gmail or Google from your phone. Do not exit when you are logged in (or not if you do not have to do any other work on the phone).
After that, Gmail or Google will need to log in with the computer. It is noteworthy that you have to log in to the computer with the same account that you logged into the phone with Google or Gmail account.
From the browser that has logged into Google from the browser, enter from that browser and click on the play.
Select the category here and click on Top Free. At the time you click on the app that you like, the text of the green box will be installed. Click the install button to see the window that appears below the device will be written - Phone. By clicking Confirm / Install button, the text will be "Congratulations! 'The name of the app is' Will be installed on your diva sune'. If you want to 'OK' here then you will see apps installed on your phone after a few moments.
Here's a point to note that if your selected apps are not running on your phone or those apps do not support your Android version, but when you select apps, then "This app is incompatible with your device" below the install button. You can see the text.
By installing apps in such a way, your phone's battery will save a bit and your internet browsing costs will be saved.

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