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Friday, 1 November 2019

How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree

November 01, 2019 0
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How To Increase Page View And Traffic Of The Blog? - Tech Teacher Debashree

In most cases, a visitor is visiting your blog from various media including search engine, but that visitor is going to blog after seeing a post.Following a few tricks, you can position your blog for more time by increasing the Page Views on the blog by showing other blog posts to a reader on your blog. If you do this, a blog will be of great importance to search engine.

When a visitor leaves a blog shortly after seeing a post on the blog, the search engine captures the quality of your blog, so the visitor is not staying on your blog for long. And for those who use Google AdSense on blogs, increasing Page Views is an important factor. The higher the Pageviews on your blog, the higher the revenue of AdSense.How to Increase Page Views of Blogs?
When you write unique and quality content on the blog, you do not have to ask anyone to visit the blog. The content of your blog will bring a lot of visitors and page views from the search engine. Below are some of the key points to increase Page Impression and Visitors.

Quality Content:
I always advise everyone to write unique content on the blog. Because the simple and main means of getting a visitor to the blog is the quality of unique content. When you share new unique content on your blog, this content will bring you a visa on your blog. And when visitors read your blog posts and get quality articles, they will visit your blog again. Copying content from another's blog and using it on your blog will not in any way succeed.

Posted in Permalink:
When you write a post, you can create a permalink in the Anchor Text format. This allows the visitor to easily read the previous posts while reading your post. As a result, your blog's Page Views will grow.

Adding Popular Posts:
Popular Posts are another important way to keep readers on your blog. When visitors enter one of your blog posts from the search engine, they will only want to visit your popular posts. You can add it to the sidebar of your blog.

Related Posts:
Be sure to add it below your blog post. When a reader of your blog reads a post, the browser will automatically select such posts and show related posts. As a result, the reader may also like these posts. That's why it's also an important way to keep readers engaged on your blog.

 Adding Random Posts:
There are some visitors who visit your blog daily. So they would be bothered to see a post like this. If you add Random Posts Widget, it will show your blog posts messy. This will help readers get more ideas about your blog post.

Navigation Menu bar:
Regardless of your blog / website, you should definitely add a Menu Bar. Adds a Label link to your blog's main content in Manubar. This will make it easier for visitors to understand what the content of your blog is. As a result, your blog's Page Views will continue to grow.

 Homepage post summary:
This is an easy way to get home page views of any blog. Give the summary of the posts on your blog's home page without giving it a whole lot and you can add the rest of the Read More button. This will increase the page view of the blog.

Improving Blog Load Time:
If your blog is too slow then you will not get any visitor and Page View on the blog. Because if the blog takes too long to take Load, visitors will feel annoyed and leave your blog.

 Add Search Box:
You must add a nice search box to the blog. Because when the reader is searching for something you like on your blog, he or she wants to search all posts without searching. In this case, if you do not have a search box on your blog, he will get upset.

Social Media Share and Participate in the Forum:

As you post new posts, you will definitely share the post on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also share the link to your post by answering the question on any other good forum on your blog. This will increase the visits to your blog from those sites.

Clean Background and beautiful fonts:
Avoid using black backgrounds and opaque fonts on the blog. You will use a Color Background and Font so that the content readers of the blog can easily view and read. In the case of Bangla blog, the font problem can be fixed by posting a fix, so that the reader can easily solve the font problem.

Do not use low quality ads wherever you want the blog in the hope of earning more. This will make readers feel annoyed and may contradict their interests. Using the right size ads in certain places will increase your income and readers will not be bothered.

Lastly: If you follow all the above posts well then your blog visits and page views will increase. And for those who are using Google Adsense ads, increasing Page Impression on their blogs means increasing revenue. However, the source of everything is the content of the blog. The blog must have good quality unique content. Copied content cannot be used in any way.

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Friday, 25 October 2019

I will make a professional business page on Facebook - Tech Teacher Debashree

October 25, 2019 0
I will make a professional business page on Facebook - Tech Teacher Debashree
I will make a professional business page on Facebook - Tech Teacher Debashree
Freelancer Debashree

I'm a Digital Marketer and SEO Expert.I know all the tricks of this job.I can promote any business in the world.I can run a campaign by targeting a particular place or persons.I have professional skill of Facebook Marketing,You Tube Marketing,Google Top Ranking, Graphic Design,Web Content Create ,Web Research,and others related job .I have done internships on live projects and gained work experience.


My Portfolio
Digital Marketing

I will make a professional business page on Facebook - Tech Teacher Debashree
I will make a professional business page on Facebook - Tech Teacher Debashree

Welcome to my Facebook Business Page create Gig :
The Facebook business page is very important for any business. It can help to reach your business the first position in the online sector. You can make a business Facebook page by identifying your website, product, service, etc. You can find the right customers and visitors through the FB Business Page.

  • Create a Facebook Business Page or an FB Fan Page
  • Business related attractive Banner & Logo
  • Add product with picture,Title,Price & Description
  • Add Social Media Tabs
  • Creating an online store and e-commerce (for Shopify 
  • users only)
  • Set up facebook analysis
  • Website Integration
  • Tab Settings
  • Add Direction & Maps Settings
  • Facebook Page Marketing
  • Set up business related templates
  • Add Google Map to your address


Delivery on time

High quality service

100% Satisfaction 

Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited Revision

Note: The buyer will have to provide his / her personal 
/ commercial information, email, social media links for 
this concert.
If you have any questions about the information provided above, feel free to contact me.

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Contact me on Whats App No +918906288270
My Facebook Business page:



I can do Video Editing.I have a you tube channel.To watch click here
RD Tech Channel
My YouTube Channel RD Tech Channel

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My Created Thumnail

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  1. Fiverr
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  4. People Per Hour

Contact on My Whats App No : +918906288270

Thanks for visit my website

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

How to send a suitable buyer request? Tech Teacher Debashree

October 23, 2019 0
How to send a suitable buyer request?  Tech Teacher Debashree
How to send a suitable buyer request?  Tech Teacher Debashree
How to send a suitable buyer request?  Tech Teacher Debashree

1) Choose the right offer: Only send requests in the request for the request and the subject matter for which you are fully scaled.

2) Take your time to read the description : Many people send offers without fully understanding everything! Avoid it completely.
All you have to do is take the time to read the complete request from Bayer. First, understand what Buyer is asking for, then you will be able to do the job 5% correctly. You can then click on "send offer".

3) Keep your description clear, concise and to the point : Your offer must be written professionally.
 "Hello SIR / MADAM"
"Good morning / evening / other greetings"
"How are you?"
Avoid such unprofessional and irrelevant writing.

4) Copy pasted request to Everyone : There are many new people who have made a specific message ready, copy and paste the same message to your category if you get a request.
Are you a member of that group? So avoid it today. That way it is never possible to get an order, because different clients will want different things, how will the same thing be sent to everyone !? Yes, you can send a few things together, but if you think about sending the same ready-made item to everyone, then you lose the hope of getting the order.

You are sending a Buyer request, not Eid wishes, that everyone will copy and paste the same thing.

5) Short and Sweet : Always try to write offers as briefly as possible. Because you get lots of requests in addition to that, all the requests are a lot of trouble to read, so it is much more likely to avoid extra large requests.
Therefore, always keep in mind that the offer does not become too big of a subscription requirement.

6) Proper Pricing : Please do not send chicken purchase offer to the person who has come up with a budget to buy a cow! Remember, most clients want good quality, not low price.
If you think you have not yet been able to work at higher prices - so to make it work in this situation, make it low price, then quickly close the Fiber tab and go to YouTube / Google and focus on increasing your skill. Will definitely come back to Fiverr when able to work at a reasonable price.

7) Include the keyword : Buyer should use the keywords properly used in the offer. Bayer can understand that you are well aware of what he wants and that you understand all his requirements properly.

8) Proofread offers : Before submitting an offer, take a look at everything else like a test account, no mistakes.

9) Others : Sending a proper buy request cannot be learned suddenly in one day, after many experiments you will gradually understand how to send a suitable offer. So follow the above rules, be patient, send a regular request.
Many people who sit down to give their jobs to Skilled, patiently keep trying - you'll get it.

Watch Video about Buyer Request

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Monday, 30 September 2019

How to be success in fiverr ? - Tech Teacher Debashree

September 30, 2019 0
How to be success in fiverr ? - Tech Teacher Debashree
How to be success in fiverr  - Tech Teacher Debashree
How to be success in fiverr  - Tech Teacher Debashree

Success in Fiverr:

How do you order in Fiber?

1. You need to have a skill so that you can do the best job that Bayer gives you.
2. You need to have a Flickr professional portfolio, (many will do this with pre-work and non-professional work, if you don't have to do it).
3. Now select a beautiful 4 word unique name as a username (Those who have an account will not delete the account and change the name).
4. Titles Keep your service Relative A keyword Friendly Give a title short
For example
I will do minimalist logo design
I will do professional party flyer design
5. Now tag the gigs on the first page and do the research. Take a look at the first page of the gig.
6. See the Decryption 20 gig they write in Kiev, you and their like with Idea, don't copy, then bash
7. Price less than the first
8. Gig Requirement Serializes all the queries you need to relate your service to serial 1,2
1 .logo name
2. Slogan
About your business
Write down whatever you want or need
9. The most important thing is the gig image
The more interesting it is, the more likely you are to get an order
Tips to number 5 will say another day if you do them right and you can create your Flickr portfolio and share it in groups.
If you do the right thing, and if you use that number correctly, I hope to hear your success story over the next 6 months.

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Saturday, 28 September 2019

What is CPA Marketing?How does CPA marketing work? - Tech Teacher Debashree

September 28, 2019 0
What is CPA Marketing?How does CPA marketing work? - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is CPA MarketingHow does CPA marketing work - Tech Teacher Debashree
What is CPA Marketing ?How does CPA marketing work - Tech Teacher Debashree

What is CPA Marketing?
CPA marketing is the full meaning of Cost Per Action. One of the most important part of affiliate marketing is CPA marketing. It's a new advertising model that offers payments based on some work. C. P. A. (CPA) marketing is a type of affiliate marketing whereby small tasks such as email submit, zip code submit, download, share, registration on a site, etc. can be earned. That is why it is called cost per action which means that commission is available only if any action is full. With CPA marketing, on average, each lead earns $ 5 to $ 5. Therefore, CPA marketing can easily earn a few times more revenue than traditional advertising payment models. CPA marketing without much research can only make good income from the beginning of the rules. CPA Marketing is one of the simplest ways of earning online. Because, there is no product sale here. The commission will be available in exchange for generating leads for the company. Simply put, bring a customer to a company's product for sale. The company will pay as many customers as the company will pay. Even if he does not buy the customer product, the company will pay the commission.

What does action mean?

  • Buy any offer

  • Downloading games or something

  • Sign up for a site

  • Open an account for a game online

  • Download the game

  • Provide email id

  • Subscribe

  • Even giving your post code on a site is an action.

How does CPA marketing work?

There is no investment for CPA marketing. Commission will be paid to create leads only by marketing the company. For example, if someone completes a form through you, the company will pay you a certain amount of commission to complete the form. Or if you download a game from my company or create an account to play the game, you get a commission. And that is why CPA marketing is the most popular and easy to earn medium.

Some of the topics discussed in CPA Marketing


Through various CPA networksAdvertisers advertise products or services. He may be a retailer, online retailer or merchant.

Publisher or Marketer

Publisher promotes a product or service for the Commission. Simply put, you are the publisher or marketer.

PPL (Pay-Per-Lead)

Simply put, you will be paid for each lead. Well, you selected a CPA offer and promoted it on your site, one of them entered the advertorizer site through the link and registered a lead. You will be paid a commission for this one lead.
CPA Network

In the case of network selection, a little calculation needs to be made. The following are three of the best CPA networks currently available:

Adwork Media



What is required to do CPA marketing:

A website is a must have. Create your own web site using the free domain.

CPA marketing requires pay-per-click ideas.

Kiki offers are available in CPA Marketing:

Pay Per Lead - These offers are basically signup, email submit, etc.

Pay Per Download - These offers are mainly software, game downloads etc
Pay Per Sale - These products are basically the product that contains the product when the product is sold. Such as: health, insurance, etc.

CPA Marketing Network to Earn

The following is a list of the sites on which the CPA Network can be found:

  • Peerfly.Com

  • MaxBounty.Com

  • CpaLead.Com

  • CpaGrip.Com

  • JvZoo.Com

  • MatoMy.Com

  • AdworkMedia.Com

  • Convert2Media.Com

  • ClickBooth.Com

If you go to these sites above, there are two options

One is the Advertiser

The other is the publisher

Then click on the publisher to sign up page, you will have to account with the correct information.

Since we are marketing to others' products, we are publishers. And if we were marketing with our own product, we would be advertising. We have no products of our own, so we will work for others' product sales.
First you have to select the nish, any nish can be worked on. Nish means matter. Select the topic of marketing that will be selected. And this is the only thing called online in this language. Select a niche whose demand is currently sky-kissed. Some of the more demanding things like this are:

  • Make money or earn online

  • Food or food

  • Travel and transportation, Travel agencies

  • Mobile Apps

  • Different software

  • Education

  • Home Based Business

  • Health

  • Information and technology

The demand for these niches mentioned above will never go up in the market. The reason is, as money is a niche and the demand for money will always be equal to the people, so it is a super hot niche.

Then suppose food, as long as people live, will have their demand for food. The current Prithvi is the age of information technology, so many people will want to know about information and technology or want to work, in the sense that it is also a hot night. There are also many niches in Prithvi. Selecting a niche can be done by analyzing it and starting it.

How to Promote Offers:

  •  Through various social media

  • Through email marketing

  • By placing banner ad on the web site.

  •  Creates landing pages, etc.

  • CPA Marketing  Success Method

Both free and paid methods can be used to promote offers at CPA Marketing. However, if the free method does not work overnight, then the continuation of the work will continue. And working with paid method is more likely to suck.

Free Marketing Method:

3) Blog Writing

You can get a Blogger account by going to with a Gmail account. Then there will be free marketing by writing a blog on the offer or product that our Nish relates to marketing.

2) SAO

Free marketing can be done through SEO with our offer.

3) Facebook Free Marketing

You need to create some Facebook IDs and create group pages with the name associated with the offer. Then there will be a friend request on Facebook with the product of the country where the product will be worked. You have to try to talk to them, they have to invite you to the group page. We need to do whatever it takes to know who is interested in what we have to offer. There are many groups that can be found by searching on Facebook with the name Relate Offer. Members of these groups will have to make a friend request. And all these members are laser targeted traffic who may be interested in our offer.

3) Forum

Marketing can be done through a forum. The forum is similar to what we discuss in the comments.

3) YouTube

Video marketing can also be done by uploading videos to YouTube.

4) We can generate traffic through email marketing.

Paid Marketing Method:

We will do the above, but with those tasks we will add extras so that our income can be increased and we will get feedback very soon.


We will boost or promote our post on Facebook. And our post will be about the offer. So that the traffic will read our post and submit the fast page or submit their mail. That's why we have to pay for Facebook, if we want, we can boost the minimum of $ 5 and boost.

Advise on our offer on a website related to Nish. And with this add-on traffic will be generated.
Moreover, video marketing on YouTube can also generate leads. In that case you need to add the YouTube video that will be invested.

How can CPA marketing be started?

CPA marketing offers are made through promotions, landing pages or websites. Step-by-step CPA marketing is done in the following way:

Step 1: Select Nish and Offer

 First of all, select Nish. There are many offers and many marketplaces to choose from which can be easily selected by visiting the site given below.

The website can know the details of any marketplace and how to pay for some offers. Health Nash has been selected from here. If you enter the search box in the search box, then here you will show all the health related top offers. You have to click on the offer that you like from the list. After clicking on the offer, the details will show. After knowing the details of the offer, if it seems that the offer can be dealt with then you should check the offer's full landing page Because if the landing page is not standard then the lead will come down.

Step 2: Join the Marketplace

Nish and the offer was selected. This time you have to join the marketplace. The offer that is selected in the marketplace of the offer will have to join the marketplace. Zoning requirements of one market place are one of a kind. But for those who want to do simple CPA marketing, they should initially join such marketplaces. You have to check through how we want to join the marketplace. Then we have to select the selected Nish relate offer from the preferred marketplace.

Step 3: Promote a preferred offer

Nish Select, Marketplace Select and Offer Select Complete this time the offer has to be promoted. CPA marketing offers can be promoted in two ways:

3) Landing Page

2) Website

3) Landing Page

If we promote the offer directly through our offer landing page, we will not have email listings. Why do we collect email? Suppose we have now promoted a Health Related Offer, and the email list that we have at the time of promoting this offer, then if we promote any other Health related offer then we can easily get the lead using this email list.

2) Website

Developing a website with a domain hosting the selected Nish relate to our Nish relate article and link to the preferred offer can be brought to our article using the link.

Watch the video about CPA Marketing:

First you need to know where to find the list of CPA Marketplace. Many CPA Marketplace information can be found by visiting the site. Affing is a review site. Information and reviews of many CPA marketplaces can be found here. Registration can be done on any CPA Marketplace with good reviews and ratings from this site. Registration processes are almost the same across all CPA networks. First of all you need to open a network. We will open this network of G4Offers. Here we have to register as Publisher / Affiliate when we go to work. We are going to work here as a marketer and here we will register as a publisher. Click to register as a publisher is asking me how I really want to earn money from this site. Here we will give General Affiliate Sign Up. That means I'm working as an affiliate to earn money. Here you have to provide the information you want in the form. Based on this form, the account will have to approve or reject. They have to convention very well here. You need to enter the website address in your website. How Long Have You Been Been An Affiliate's Room How To Work In Affiliate Marketing Regardless of whether or not you work in the Affiliate Marketplace, the statement must be written that "I've been working more than 2 years in affiliate marketing. At this time I'm working on JVZoo and Clickbank and I'm selling affiliate products at Make Money Online and Helath Niche. "

The next field shows how much is the paid advertising budget per month. Here we can give $ 5 / $. Then you want to know how the revenue comes every month. I mean how am I earning money? I will write the truth here. However, CPA does not want to approve a Marketplace account if there is no income. Then I ask if I work in an affiliate marketplace right now. Here is the name of the affiliate marketplace name: JVZoo / CJ / Clickbank / WarriorPlus etc. After that What Vericals / Niches Are You Interested: Ask if you are interested in working on a niche. Here we have to write down the niche we want to work with. Such as Make Money Online / Health / Travel etc. What traffic sources do you plan to use: Here's what kind of traffic to send. Here they are considering paying sources. Here I can write PPC, PPV and Email traffic.

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